Hold fast the reigns of your senses

More than two months, since I last wrote anything here. It does not mean I’ve been slacking. It means I’ve been extremely busy; with basically everything. As always; I know you can forgive me, especially with a new The Unguided EP coming out hehe. And certainly that’s one of the biggest time voids, in what have actually kept me busy. Time consuming matters that; recording and planning for a new release. However! There’s still one card, yet to be played from the unguided camp. Something I think you’ll get more information about, this week.

The Unguided - Fallen Angels

So; “Fallen Angels” EP, featuring two brand new tracks; “Judgment” and “Mercy”. What to expect from this? Quite a lot actually! As for the sound, we’ve tried a brand new studio (for us) in; “Studio Haga”, with producer Christian Svedin at the helm. We’ve been comfort zoning it up with our favorite studios previously, during the recording sessions. But here we wanted to try something entirely new, were we recorded everything at the same place. So that’s what happened. We spent a weekend and a day to put everything down and then Christian went all out on the mix. I think you’ll find it particularly interesting! Another big change is that “Judgment” is a big song writing collaboration between Richard Schill and Roger. Richard provided the song and then they produced it up a bit together, to have it slightly more in line towards our sound, but even with that said; we are definitely in on uncharted ground as far as the unguided sound go. You’ll however find “Mecy” a bit more classic. Very classic, I’d suggest. Both turned out to be great songs and I can’t wait for you to hear them! I even went back to condenser mic for my vocals on this one, unlike “Hell Frost” and “Fragile Immortality” were Shure SM7 were used, so both Roland and I are singing through a Peluso 22 47 LE, which sounded really great! Very adventures move, don’t you think? Hehe.

GREEN pre-order bundle

Lyric-wise it sort of picks up around where I left you at “Fragile Immortality” in “Oblivion”. Don’t want to give away too much, to leave some room for speculations. But what you see on the artwork is The Defector (yes, the character from Defector DCXVI,) sitting in the middle and his two advisors Judgment (under the Horus statue,) and Mercy (respectively under the Anubis statue.) Their different mindsets can possible be understood by just examine their names, but you’ll get to know more about them reading the lyrics. The lyrics will be featured on our “releases” section of our official site (which got a heavy facelift recently, were we added a lot of additional information,) once the songs have been released December 22.

"Inherit The Earth" tattoo at Nelson Rivera

This 7” vinyl release will be strictly limited to a couple of hundred copies. So it’s quite a collectable item. The digital versions will however be available from December 22 and onwards. There will be no CD version of the EP. There’s 3 bundles to choose between at our official web shop (the bundles are exclusive for our own web shop.) We got the GREEN, RED and BLUE release, all of which include the vinyl among other fun items; GREEN bundle being the definitive Rolls-Royce. Keep in mind, we always need your support and we are working tirelessly on the upcoming album, but we too have our limitations. The amount of EPs we manage to sell, will provide the platform for us to stand on, working towards the goal of finishing and releasing the next album 2015. So once again, if you care for what we do, your support is greatly welcome and will be, as always, rewarded.

Showing support and abbs!

Speaking of support. The “Nightmareland” t-shirt auction we had; went super well and we collected a nice budget for that upcoming video endeavor. We’d like to humbly thank the 18 people that entered this auction battle, which was, at times, really intense. We have a surprise coming up for those 18 lucky winners, so have a look out at your mailboxes during this month. Once again, on behalf of the band; thank you!

A few of the unguided supporters!

If you are following The Unguided TV on YouTube, there’s been quite some updates lately as well. We had Metal Frenzy clip up for around a month, and we also updated with Roland’s crazy lunch guitar showdowns. Be sure to check them out!

The Unguided TV - Unguided Frenzy

The Unguided TV - Dream Theater Cover

The Unguided TV - Granted SOLO

I made a collaboration with my old “Faithful Darkness” colleague “Judas”. He’s not in Faithful Darkness anymore either, but is working fiercely on a new project called “Before Dying”. Some cool stuff there! Their EP is out via Spotify / iTunes / Amazon and this bonus track here includes guest vocals from myself, Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil,) Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane,) Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Stephen Phlatt (Collibus.) Worth checking out for sure!

Before Dying - Anger Reduction

I’ve been to two gigs lately in the category old school punk! I’m dragging away my buddy Magnus, to all sorts of weird metal stuff, so he figured he wanted to show me where he came from musically, for a change. So we checked out both legendary GBH and Stiff Little Fingers. Two really cool gigs, which I enjoyed greatly!

GBH @ Debaser Strand

Stiff Little Fingers @ Debaser Medis

Halloween we once again spent in Stockholm at the annual “Nocturnal Halloween Ball”. I think the theme from last year, were I dressed up as another artist worked well. So I gave that a shot this year as well. I tried Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Well if you imagine Doyle not being on the gym for a couple of year, I guess we are closer to the result, but you still get the idea! Haha. It was a good evening however!

Doyle and Copycat

My scare buddies

If you see these guys on the metro, run! They will drink your beer.

The fifth Teletubbie; Kinky-Winky

And we thought we looked scary!? Ella killed it!

But just before Halloween celebrations we spent a night at the spa Yasuragi. Which got this Japanese atmosphere going. We went all out on that! Such a nice and relaxing time. Can’t wait to go back!

Welcome to Japan!

So many choices.

Sitting shower.

Hai Sensai!

Meditate over this, I will.

Ready to get all SPAified.

Beer and chicken legs.

When in Rome...

You know that stuff about us getting two horses? Well, scratch that. We now have a total amount of three(!!!) Icelandic horses. Two foals and one 6 years old. Yes that escalated VERY quickly. But I do think they are beautiful and powerful beings. But it’s unfortunate that I soon have to rob a bank to maintain them hehe. When Ella is in the stables, I grasp the opportunity to go out and run, to get that stupid knee of mine, into shape. When I hit my first 10 km after the accident, I will celebrate with champagne! It’s going well.

Here's our new one; "Stolt". 

She's a bit skeptical at times.

But she does follow well, when we dance.

Icelandic powerhouse!

She's even nice when a total mess of a rider, like myself, jump up on her.

This is a ceiling cat, doing ceiling cat things.

We also visited our foal "Gullan" in Hudiksvall. She turned to a goat since last time we saw her! 
Oh yeah, more horses. We went to that Sweden International Horse Show held in Friends Arena. There were a lot of horses and horse people. But there were also beer, which suited me good.

the expectations went through the roof. 

Horse handbrake turn

Flying horse


Icelandic horse

I was not the only rocker in house. Here's Mia from Crucified Barbara!


Garde Républicaine, check it out on YouTube

Man, Horses and Machines!

Now to the most exciting part! GAMING!!! Yes, there’s been some of that as well. As far as World of Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor goes, I’m as of now level 100 and I’ve started to gear up. I think a lot of you will agree on the fact, this have been one of the best expansions (so far,) of World of Warcraft and I absolutely loved the experience from 90 -> 100. I hold my thumbs the endgame will be as exciting! Oh, a week into the expansion I also got a pair of fangs for my rogue. Thank you; Nelli, Gustav and Clemens for helping out with that long endeavour!

Level 100 in Nagrand

Fangs of The Father

Golad and Tiriosh

Ella and I have started to play Diablo III as well. I leveled up a Demon Hunter and Ella is playing a Wizard. We both hit 70 a couple of weeks ago and I went back to my Barbarian again (prefered it over Demon Hunter.) Currently we are taking on; Torment IV, but think we can advance to V soon enough hehe. She got to try all Blizzard games, and Diablo III was the one she enjoyed the best, so that’s what rolled with. I’ve also tried some Hearthstone last on-call week I had, when I was bored at the hotel and it was entertaining enough, sure. A lot of nostalgia since I used to play “Magic: The Gathering” when I was younger. I also got to try that beta of “Heroes of the storm”, I never tried that LOL bullshit or DOTA, so I can’t compare. But I think it was fun! Will try it when it comes out. I have also eyed out that Shoot ‘Em up; Team-Fortress-Blizzard-version, or what it’s called, I’ll definitely try that.  Still haven't tried "Destiny", can you recommend it? Anyway; there's a whole heap of fun things coming up! Guess there won’t be an album 3 after all……! :D Oh, we’ll see Hobbit 3 on Wednesday, and did anyone check that wicked Terminator: Genesys trailer? AND Star Wars 7? AND JURASSIC WORLD? It’s great to be alive at this point in history! Hehe.

Start of an "Iceheart Fragment" tattoo on Mike Whitwell

Here’s some random pictures from my life since we last met! Have fun.

FFA tearing it up in Nynäshamn on my last on-call week.

The first snow...

Look at this happy girl instead!

Spent some time at Roger's place during recording, here's his cat!

Karaoke last weekend...

Song of the day: Mose Giganticus – The left path


Into everlasting time and a never declining day

Much have happened since we last spoke! I’ve for example been crippled, by a gymnastic endeavor on the last gig, which “conveniently” dislodged my right kneecap. Lucky me it was the last gig of the tour! Rehab is going slow but forward. There’s been an election fiasco in Sweden, which is worrying. 4 years to ransack your life and do a better choice next time… There’s obviously grand plans for The Unguided in 2015, new album and everything. We are figuring out the details in this moment. There’s a couple of secrets up our sleeves as well, which I almost can’t bite my tongue about… BUT I MUST BE STRONG! This blog will remain in 2014 however and give you a picture update on what our summer festivals was like!

The Unguided at Summer Breeze 2014 Photo by: Tom Antes

Before that however; I just want to mention the ongoing auction of the 18 “Nightmareland” shirts. There’s 10 left from LARGE to XXL and the current one and more information you’ll find under this link or at our Facebook. Check it out!

Nightmareland antique

Takashi won one auction!

Filip as well! 

Getaway Rock Festival was the second festival for us this summer.  We had an early but great show! Saw a lot of wicked bands and met lovely fans. One of the best (if not THE best,) festival in Sweden for sure!

Arriving in Gävle
Getting stage ready

Photo by: Tottie
Skid Row


Mighty label colleagues

Brother and sister!


Blues (Öyster) Pills

Dimmu Borgir


The week after Getaway Rock, we ventured down to Germany to do a show at Summer Breeze. This could easily been the best show we’ve done up to date! We had such an amazing time and I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but Germany does feel like a second home for us. Thank you Summer Breeze and all fans for that immortal day! Hopefully see you in 2016 hehe.

Waiting on the boat, like a Swede

Daddynapped Sällström!


Right before the show

Nice dance floor

Drummer view

Scary tank is scary

Fucking up them SM58s

Rich angry, Rich smash! Photo by: Dorien Goetschalckx

Label mates in Delain

7 years of friendship with this Tom guy! Maybe you remember him from here?


De Lainguided


Arch Enemy

West coast unite!


Just one of the best live bands there is!

Children of Bodom. This was one nice nostalgic trip!

Thanks for all the help Tom!!!

On our way back to Sweden we hit Metal Frenzy with our friends in Caliban. Which was also a nice experience.

Cute dawg at the hotel! 

THE Nick Barker hitched a ride with us. 



Some fine gentlemen


Typical German citizen

Drum engineering

Roland Vai

Rehearsal before show


The final show of Tour de Immortalité was scheduled at the funfair Gröna Lund, in my hometown; Stockholm. I blatantly decided to give my all at that show… and fucked up my knee. Hope you appreciated the effort! It was both fun & fair(?) I had a couple of weeks at the sick-list and worked from home two weeks, before I could burn the crouches and get up on my feet properly again. I’ve lost 5kg, which I guess is mostly muscles… and the doctor does claim I can skip leg day with good conscious for a while. Regarding the incident and the continuation of the show, I owe that strength to the fans; your spirit certainly carried me through those last 3 songs. Even if I have to admit I was in agonizing pain haha. Thanks for that, and thanks for the great gig. I SHALL WALK AGAIN!

Richy boy

Brother from the same mother

Black Beta 58! Interesting

Cool stage!


Photo by: Crank It Up

My parents-in-law was to have their first The Unguided show

...only to see their daughter's boyfriend wreck his knee on stage

Kent made me do it!

Got this thing from the doctor

Something good came out of me being grounded at home however and that is that I’ve found some time to edit a couple of episodes of The Unguided TV. All of which you can view here: 







There’s been extra much love from the fans recently with a lot of people tattooing the unguided crest! We are so blessed with your support.

Logan Watkins

Martin Kennedy

(Unguided Entity? Please write name in comment.) 

Ella’s Icelandic horse interest have been taking an unexpected turn. From going to a couple of competitions in Sweden. We now own, not one but TWO; Icelandic horse foals and have 5 acres fenced and ready to receive them in January next year. Now that was a fast development! But I’m all good with it and she’s super happy of course. We’ve been visiting them both already. One in Motala and the other one south of Kristianstad in Skåne.

"Gullan", this is one of our babies 

Another one we checked out in Motala, but it was already sold

Ikaros and Ella

Lord of the ring stuff

Father and daughter putting up that horse fence

Some shit labor

But she's happy anyway!

Adventure in Skåne

Found the herd

Horses everywhere

The horse whisperer herself

Dude... proximity warning
So here's our other one! "Fjant". 
Say hello to mommy!

Since I’ve been pretty immobile lately (Fragile Immobility,) it means I’ve spent more time in Azeroth and Sanctuary than usual. And I’m of course really looking forward to “Warlords of Draenor” which is due next month. I got that Alar bird that everyone is on about some weeks ago, lucky me! And I’m currently making progress towards a pair of fangs (with a lot of help from Nelli and her boyfriend, thank you!) which is the last rogue legendary I’m missing. Will hit stage 2 in maybe 2-3 weeks. In Diablo III I’m having a really good time with greater rift and the latest patch! Also starting with some Torment V in normal rift (Paragon lvl 200.) I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m working that leapquake spec like a professional. Missing 2-3 BIS items for leapquake, but once I get that, I’ll look into that hot Raekor + furious charge build. Good times! As for my PS4, I still have “Lords of Shadow” to finish before I check out “Watchdog”. Also bought “Destiny” now, but the same fact applies there. I finished “Devil May Cry 4” some weeks ago, and I can’t believe it’s from 2008. Looks so good and was super fun! Cool ending as well. That’s all for now folks!

Bird is the word

Sundown in Kagghamra

Annual Malux dinner with work

Hipsters at Peter & Olga's crayfish party

Kuang Hong sent this postcard. He's a great friend with a big heart!

Watched hockey in Globen. DIF Vs. LIF

Heavy garde!

Got some new shirts from both 2K2BT and Sullen Clothing! THANK YOU!!!

Song of the day: Scar symmetry - Cryonic harvest


You're smiling as you bite the hand that feeds

Even if the summer isn’t officially over; it does feel like it for me. But this is not solely a bad thing! 2014 have been my best vacation up to date, and it’s been five weeks filled with both adventures and relaxation to the limit. Various factors of which all undeniable; have contributed to the recharging of, what was before the summer, pretty drained batteries.


With Full Force 2014 Photo by: Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Now it’s time to head face forward into upcoming projects and I’d say first priority is; The Unguided album número tres! The grand finale of the trilogy and all the necessary planning, writing and recording that comes with that. Making the autumn and winter of 2014 a highly interesting time scope. This does however mean we’ll take a little break from playing shows. So after the Stockholm gig tomorrow at Gröna Lund, there’s no live plans and we are not actively looking to get anything booked either and chances are that we will not be back on stage until summer 2015. If nothing spectacular shows up I suppose! You never really know with us, we are so awfully unguided…


The Unguided 2014 Photo by: Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

We have however this summer worked our way through a couple of festivals. I will not cover them all in this entry, since this will be big enough with the current documentation of the summer vacation, but fear not! Whatever I miss this time around, will be featured in the next entry.

With Full Force 2014, Photo by: Wolford Photography

With Full Force was the first festival for us 2014. One festival I do hold dear to my heart, as we did a crazy gig there with Sonic Syndicate back in 2007 and I’d like to remember that show being one of the first big festival shows for us in Germany, of many to come. With Full Force was a familiar sight, with a lot of old friends and friendly faces; which I haven’t had the opportunity to bump into for a while. That’s the cool thing with festivals! You run into the people you’ve been out touring with, both bands and crews and there’s just a warm camaraderie imbuing the whole event. As well as the audience and the fans were great! Unfortunately we had to cut “Phoenix Down” out since we had some technical issues initially and got on late. We were optimistic we could make it, but unfortunately there was just 2 minutes left after; “Eye of The Thylacine”, so we abruptly made the call to cut “Phoenix Down” and end the set. This was entirely our fault and we hope we can make it up for you next time we return to Germany!

Back at German soil!

Free WiFi!!!

Keep them teeth clean in Berlin

Never-ending drum drudgery

Tune das scheiße nach unten!

Solid line-up on main stage

Getting ready for stage!

Show is on!
Roger doing the Captain Morgan pose

Our home between 10:00 - 18:00!

Crew working hard...

Howard Jones and his Devil You Know

We Butter The Bread With Buttermilk

"No blood on stage", better not get hurt making the rock thang!

Amon Amarth

Rob Zombie

First weekend of our vacation, Ella and I made a trip to north of Sweden. Our destination was Wången (close to Östersund) which is in the province of Jämtland. And the mission was to watch horsies. And not just any kind of horses! These ones are special ones all the way from Island. Which Ella is particularly fond of. Something that’s not hard to understand, as they indeed are beautiful creatures. Being a big lover of animals myself, I do obviously understand her passion. Anyhow; the annual Swedish championship of Icelandic horses was held in Wången this weekend. First time I was on such championship 2 years ago, I had no idea what to look for during the event, to be fair it only appeared to me; as a bunch of horses running around in circles doing the same thing. But now when I got a bit more insight in what to look for, I find it more interesting and I actually had a good time. Apparently our family is getting extended with two of these foal fellows, so might as well get used to it haha. Actually, there’s not much things that makes Ella happy the way those horses do, and those smiles of her put butterflies in my belly, so I obviously support her whole-heartedly! Also she supports me and my little hobby band in the exact same way, so it feels great that we both have some sort of hobby which we both can be delighted for. I’m looking forward to see those foals of ours, grow up and win championships as Ella will kick major ass, in this lost and found interest of hers.

Spent the night in Östersund

Horse crazy in the rain

I liked this one, black is metal!

300 km/h with 1 horsepower

Black metal horse winning over the other n00b

Happy girl!

Another field trip we had during the summer was to watch Scorpions at the venue Dalhalla. We might not be the biggest Scorpions fans in the world, even if we do think they have a couple of really great songs, but we were particularly curious at that very special venue, which is located in an old limestone quarry. I also think Klaus have a very special voice, which was cool to experience live! The show was indeed wicked. The venue was stunning and the band did a great job even if the audience (including myself,) was a bit mellow at times. I’m not too sure about that whole sitting audience thing. Feels like people are watching a movie rather than being at a rock show.

Entrance to Dalhalla

Don't sing, don't rain, don't drink, don't drink again, don't iPhone, 
don't guns / knives, don't morningstar, don't syringe, don't breifcase,
don't camera, don't smoke. Bah, no fun left!


Rudolf Schenker

Little Klaus!


Iron Maiden it up

One hell of a voice!

Sitting audience :E

There is no summer without our annual Sandhamn trip. 2014 was no exception! Third year in a row now and it just keeps getting better and better there as the island is getting more familiar to us. This year we basically had an entire beach for ourselves. And I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but the Swedish archipelago is really something! If you have the chance to visit this lovely island, cease it. We’ve had such an extremely relaxing time. No cars, no stress, just peace, friendly people and the sea. We’ll definitely be back next year Sandhamn!


Back in the gnome house

Lovley weather

Watching the moonrise

Fishing by telekinesi

Black cats always give me good luck!

Sunset at "Fläskberget", also pirates

Our very own beach!

Spellbound by the pinewood of Sandhamn

When in Rome...

Before dinner at the Sandhamn inn

The characteristic Sandhamn Sailing Hotel and my hot babe

Some butter in the sunset <3

Leaving back for Stockholm... 

Our final adventure of the vacation was a trip to Norway! Now that was an interesting one. Our destination was the island of Stord, which is located on the west coast of Norway. It was 105 Swedish miles from Stockholm, basically just drive straight west from Stockholm until you hit the Norwegian Sea. Our friend Mickis moved there some time ago and we decided to visit her and her Norwegian boyfriend. I’ve been driving through Norway once before, and it’s just a magical landscape, so instead of flying, we obviously decided we wanted to experience the magic of the Norwegian nature. And to say the scenery is stunning is an understatement. To drive through Norway via the road E135, is just something everyone needs to do and you realize that, when you are driving through the clouds 1500 meters above the sea. We had a really good time in our neighbor country! Couldn’t convince them to join the EU, but still adapted well to the language after a couple of beers. Something I found interesting was that a lot of music played at the clubs was Swedish music and everyone was singing along in Swedish and having fun. That would never happen in Sweden? Like; if there was a Norwegian sung song, Swedish people would just go home. We possibly have much to learn from our brothers in the west! But that tunnel roundabout in Drammen and crazy speed limit cameras, which calculates the speed on how much time you spend in the tunnel, close to Oslo, you can keep those in your own country hehe. Also the guy in the bar that thought Dimmu Borgir was a German band, you need to deport that fellow to Denmark or something…


So it begins!

988,5 km, almost there! Need to go faster through.

Crazy cabins everywhere!

I want that mic for our next music video

"I want to see mountains again Gandalf!"

Ermahgerd sner!

1500m above the sea

Mickis cat "Nunchuck"

Mickis have two Lamas (without hats;) Cusco and Åke
This is how happy Ella gets when she's next to a icelandic horse!

Getting jelly :,)

I mounted this huge draft horse called "Stella"

Rode this fellow like a pro!

This was some kind of dog?


What's Norway without some oil rig action?

Mickis spoiled us with goat cheese

Mickis tearing it up at the karaoke with the ibiza swede

Norweigen special drink

Drunk Swedes

My little black metal girl in the black metal country

This is not green screen 

Going to wrap this up with some fan art and also a vote we had for what you want to hear live from Hell Frost and Fragile Immortality in the Facebook group of “I’m One of The 616”!


Portrait by: Lady Aristes

Tattoo hero: Eugene Plaksa

Results of the vote! Do you agree?

Here’s some other carefully selected vacation pictures, see you tomorrow at the Gröna Lund gig!

No summer without strawberry and ice cream!

Working on our black metal corpse paint before Norway

"Black is the night, metal we fight"

We supported Optimus in his new movie!

Met "I Just Want To Be Cool" in Stockholm, we are big fans!

Birthday party at the west coast of Sweden! Ella and my mother here.
Found old drawings I made, at grandma's place. This one from 1989 when I was 5 years old

The elkhound Atlas after a long walk!

Candle for Strega :,(  

Song of the day: Epica – Never enough



Built broken

Two entries in one month. That’s a rare occasion! I’m just flying on my high now as I just began my 5 week vacation. This will be one vacation to remember indeed, as our schedule is blatantly stuffed with fun events and happenings ALL THE TIME basically. I will of course update you along the road. As some of you have discovered I’ve recently got myself an Instagram. Or well, I’ve been having Instagram just for the sneaky filters, for a couple of years, but now I’ve decided to go public with it, after some peer pressure within the band. Be sure to follow me @lestatharbinger! As I went public with it, you also get access to a few years of more or less private photos, and since it’s too much to go through, I haven’t had time to filter out any inappropriate subjects, so feel free to gorge yourself in that...

The Unguided - Defector DCXVI (Lyric video)


To support our latest album; “Fragile Immortality” and get a bit of a push before the festivals start, Napalm records have done a lyric video for “Defector DCXVI”. Which clearly is a fan favorite, as understood among our current poll going on in the; “I’m one of the 616”, Facebook fan group. Hope you enjoyed what they came up with! We sure love it, and it’s the first lyric video we’ve officially done up to date, which of course feels nice as well.


Angel of Death - Hellboy II, holding the TU symbol, by: Steffen Hemmert 

We are bursting with excitement over the coming months and the lovely festivals. Hopefully we’ll see you guys in the pit! Coming up next is With Full Force.




5/7 - With Full Force Summer Open Air - Löbnitz – GER
7-9/8 - Getaway Rock Festival - Gävle – SWE
14/8 - Summer Breeze Festival - Dinkelsbühl – GER
15/8 - Metal Frenzy Open Air Festival - Gardelegen – GER
25/8 - Gröna Lund - Stockholm – SWE


The Unguided day; June 16, was recently upon us and not only did we release the lyric video for “Defector DCXVI” that day, we did also honor the day with the release of our new “The Unguided cap”! A must have for all the unguided fans, when they check out all the festivals going on this summer. You can find it in our web shop here.


Mockup pic

The real deal! 

Some weeks ago, my compadre; Benjamin and I went to check out the “Deathstars” release party in Stockholm, for their steaming fresh and absolutely wicked album; “The Prefect Cult”! Benajmin is a huge fan and even have Whiplasher tattooed on his arm, as well as appropriate “Deathstars” lyrics to go with it.  I being a longtime fan as well, possibly not as fanatic, but nevertheless still a fan of the band, and was fortune enough to tour and get to know them back in 2009. A tour I do remember as one of the most fun and weirdest tours up to date. The guys in the band are ace people and would be cool if we could do something together in the future. I recommend everyone to check out the album! Here’s some photos from the night.


Happiest guy in the world

Nightmare Industries

Whip and Doug from W.A.S.P.(!!!)

A guilty pleasure I’ve been having since around 2005, is the Swedish band Kent. I’m a huge fan and have most of their albums, if not all. I do consider them one of the best Swedish bands ever. But I’ve never seen them live unfortunately, this was something Ella was motivated to solve for my birthday as she got me tickets for their Stockholm festival.


Ready as fuck!

Follow the lemming trail over "Gärdet"

People, people everywhere!

Kent fes...

Go away party pooping "Independance Day" cloud

A lot of "Fjällräven". I don't get it? #SLOWFO

Some beers before the show


That guy knows what's up!

Sundown over "Gärdet"

This is what 25 000 people look like

The unholy number struck (down to the millisecond) at the concert countdown

Kent is on!
Best light show I've seen in my life, and the sky was helping out!
Joakim Berg in his prime

Best show ever

As I mentioned, Ella and I just hit vacation and will be enjoying life at its best, mostly around Sweden. We figured; Sweden is such a beautiful country, so why not check it out to its full extent before you look elsewhere in the world? The grass is not always greener on the other side. Even if the weather in Sweden is not as reliable as for example; on Venus, which got a steady 462 °C all year long, but Sweden is still not too shabby. Well it is and If it’s going to rain the entire summer, we’ll most likely go to Greece or Turkey for a week, just to get some damn sun. I’ve also got some time to try my new PS4, so happy I got it! And I finally got “The Warrior” in Borderlands 2 pinned down and executed Handsome Jack in the most ruthless way. I’m never going to play that game again! THE FRUSTRATION!!! However; that last boss fight, was quite epic, I have to admit. Only reason I killed him with my pea-shooters and low level, was hence of him bugging out for the last couple of percentages. Not attacking, whilst giving me a couple of free shots. Don’t tell anyone! For Diablo III, which is taking up most of my gaming time now, I’m at paragon level ~120 something and just recently tried a bit of Torment IV out. Going with a fire build barb, as most of the gear I was getting was strongly suggesting that, even if I quite enjoyed lightning a bit better. Anyway to all folks; hope to see you during the summer and if not, have a great summer and vacation! 

Playstation 4

Restocked some, not close to Roland's collection...
Got "The Lone Star Flag" from a Texas guy I did a interview with recently

Visited them Cane Corso puppies
Adorable little monsters
Hi there little buddy!
Ella trying to fend off a pack of adult Cane Corso. Good luck! 
She took the escape by a quad bike

The grillmeisters is doing "Kungsängen" unsafe

Swedish midsummer festivities

Food overwhelming

That yellow brick means; no firewater for me! (On-call...)

Ella and her appropriate dressed brother

Moving out of the the Nynäshamn apartment! (Still have our Stockholm one.)

Song of the day: My Collapse – Built broken



Nothing can bring me down

There’s been some good times since we last talked! A handful nice The Unguided shows in Finland, I attended one hell of a grand; Dark Funeral gig, and I finally got my forest rooted mother up to Stockholm (I just needed to turn 30, THAT WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED...) Oh yeah, I turned 30 as well. Go me! I’m as old as the forest I was born in. To share you some The Unguided plans; we’ve just booked a studio to record a few songs later this year. Once again we are going to try something different, just to broaden our horizon. Hope that makes you excited!


"Inception" trailer + MV

Last week we had our first shows ever, with The Unguided, in Finland! Thank you Samu & Rockstone Agency for bringing us over. We had a real blast and can’t wait to come back!



Take care of my babe Sweden!


Cabin buddies at the ferry

Schill bought Fireball!

Cat Von D bought suspect funky "soft" drinks with trippy content

I love my brothers in the band!

Cabin party

Best birthday ever! Thanks guys.

Checking out the dance floor!

Roland bringing his A-game for the occasion

UFO live on stage

Found this lumberjack on the boat, we grow up in the same forest (village.)

Arrived in a rainy Helsinki

The mandatory moomin picture

The Unsocial

UFO HQ in Helsinki

Temppeliaukio Church, biggest cymbal ever, as roof!

Bender gave us 230V from his fucking eye-socket. THANKS PAL!

Ampere overload

Soundcheck at "Gloria"

Roger making those crazy backing vocals

New backdrop in all it's pride

Last minute rehersal


Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Nelly Tatti 

After party at Bar Bäkkäri

KaaosTV interview at McDonalds



Found "Cuts and Stitches" on the way to Tampere

And Ella is a national celebrity in Finland!

Coffee in the sun

New season on the way... wait?

Double bassing it up

New endorsement "Soultone" cymbals

Cat is rocking that merch

Soundcheck in YO-talo

Checking your monitor; this is how you do it. 



Arrived in Oulu

Stage is set, with chairs...

Han Solo still sealed in carbonite...

Backstage Nuclear Nightclub

When in Rome...


Very retro Pizzeria


Flying back to Sweden

Whilst the Super Mario bros take the ferry

We are now moving into festival season and as you’ve probably have noticed we are playing some really great festivals this year! We really hope we’ll see you there so we can high-five and drink some beer.




4-6/7 - With Full Force Summer Open Air - Löbnitz – GER
7-9/8 - Getaway Rock Festival - Gävle – SWE
14-16/8 - Summer Breeze Festival - Dinkelsbühl – GER
15/8 - Metal Frenzy Open Air Festival - Gardelegen – GER
25/8 - Gröna Lund - Stockholm - SWE


If you missed it, here’s The Ungudied TV episode from the “Fragile Immortality” release party last January! Check it out.

Immortal Party


Last month Ella, PDF-Peter and myself attended Dark Funeral´s 20th anniversary at Klubben in Stockholm. Was one brutal show from this legendary band!


Support: Grá

Mighty Dark Funeral

Emperor Magus Caligula

Lord Ahriman

"The Arrival of Satan's Empire"

"My Funeral"

Met those fine gentlemen and gentlewomen

As explained earlier, mom and her entourage made their first visit to Stockholm, since I moved up 2 years ago. YES, 2 years ago. About time, right!?


Rednecks in town!

Grandma rocking the subway

As it was mom's birthday we checked out "ABBA The Museum"


New stage clothes for The Unguided

Liseberg, WTF?

Grandma bringing the thunder at the dance floor

Nice parking asshole!

Mom and I destroying ABBA classics

Roger's new guitar

Told yah!

Yngwie was there

Why make a great tour when I'm 2 years old?

Inheritance patterns

TMNT time in our apartment

My new electrician padawan, here acting as EFC

Nice Stockholm is nice

King spotting at the royal castle

New SL model

Boat ride back to city

"Caution; avalanche and icicle death", in May, 30 Celsius degrees. REALLY?

Fishy dinner

Coffee break

Life is currently really good!!! Everything is falling to place smoothly and I’m really looking forward to this summer’s vacation. As I just got a PS4 this will be one hell of summer, hehe. I’m currently working up those legendries in Diablo III and just began with some Torment II (I know I’m a bit behind in that department…) I’m also almost finished with Borderlands II for PS3, after a lot of frustration, and will move right into Mortal Kombat 9 when I’m done with that.

With great age, comes.... glasses

Second best album this year! "Kent - Tigerdrottningen"

New oranges

Harbinger with "Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury", Gary (No)moore and fucking Rafiki

New leather; Jofama, Jerry 2

This man is a legend and a father

Guest vocals recording for "The Project Hate MCMXCIX" in Audio Sällström 

I know I left Ella here somewhere?

Last couple of days in the Nynäshamn apartment

If you have a clue about maintenance systems, you know this is the reichskanzler's last laugh

Put some tour shirts on ebay. Sold to a guy in Norway, grats!

Song of the day: Mekanism – On the edge



I do it my way, it's the only way I know

May The 4th. What a superior holiday it is, I can sense the force just pouring out, from every pore of my body. There’s a fun Star Wars related coincidence this day! As I was strolling around the internet doing my “thang”´. I came across this remarkable promotional picture from the upcoming album of Ace Frehley (previously from that overrated ploy band, everyone seem to care about... YES, I did just say that, I addressed the white elephant in the room. AND hate is a path to the dark side, so feed me with it, will yah?) As I examined it, I saw similarities (like the "CTRL + C" - "CTRL + V", kind of similarity,) from another well-known star of rock; Vince Neil. In that very picture Ace could basically be the dark haired twin brother of the new sumo version of Vince.

The madness does not end with that however. Previously I’ve always thought another Swedish rock star; Runar Søgaard, was in fact the carbon copy of Vince Neil and to sum it all up Kenny Starfigher could probably be the brother of both. This is quite some clusterfuck we are facing head on here. And it just stinks; “Attack of the clones” all over. Not saying I have anything against either of these fine gentlemen. They are by a landslide more successfully than myself and probably always will be (well save from Runar. I have no idea what he’s up to nowadays. He got his gun license back 1999, so it might actually be clever to know his whereabouts.)

But as I gradually discovered this; a revelation came to mind, and my conclusion is that all of the mentioned above; might actually come from the same planet and be out of the very same species. We have the Spaceman, we have Kenny Starfighter which are both pretty self-explanatory, then Vince Neil is hinting about going to space in Mötley Crüe's; “Don't Go Away Mad” and Runar went on a “Mars Attack”-like rampage in his own garden 1996, targeting every earthly creature he could find. Meaning; these are the lead characters in Disney’s new “Star Wars: Episode VII” motion picture, and it will project their undercover operation here on earth, which have been going on since the hippie 70ies. George Lucas will possibly turn in his grave (read: shrug in a swimming pool of money at Skywalker ranch.) from this fact. Remember where you read it first!

Star Wars: Episode VII - Attack of the clones II


Let’s discuss something less serious. We’ve been covering a few more shows with The Unguided. The gig a couple of weeks ago in Linköping was the end mark of the Swedish leg of Tour De L'mmortalité. We had a great time that weekend, both in Stockholm and Linköping. Overall the seven Swedish shows have been a pleasant experience and we are of course very flattered that you came out and shared the evenings with us! There will be a couple of future endeavors, with the Finnish leg of the tour and also the summer festivals (which we’ll be adding a new one soon enough,) and we’ve also announced the upcoming gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm this coming summer. To go with this, a couple of pictures from Kafé 44 and L’Orient:


Legendary punk venue; Kafé 44 - Stockholm

Cinnamon bun glued to the wall for the extra punk experience

As well as cinnamon buns to go with the soundcheck

L'Orient in Linköping

Sallad & Chips


Electrician needed

Hank & Roger rehearsing whilst Roland is taking his power(chord)nap.

Rille joins in from the left, playing his imaginary drums


On the unguided side of things, we’ve started to think about the third album and the last in the trilogy. We figured; if we think about it hard enough, it might actually materialize itself, but I guess in the end we’ll actually have to enter the studio at some point. We just have some more thinking to do!


TU tattoo on Kai Hauser

As always; I’ve been indulging myself in some live shows. Again; huge thanks goes out to Olof auf Skrikhult, for sneaking me in on the guest list of his glorious events. This time around I got the honor to see two of my childhood hero bands in Gamma Ray and Rhapsody (of Fire,) live! I’ve seen Gamma Ray in Gothenburg back in 2001 and that might actually be the only time I’ve seen them, which is obviously heresy as I own the entire discography. Apparently Olof was the booker for the 2001 gig at Kåren in Gothenburg as well, which was a fun anecdote. Regarding Rhapsody, I do own a couple of albums as well to be fair. Not anything from their later efforts I’m afraid, but everything up to 2004 at least.


Ella and I arrived a bit late to the gigs, since I was driving and she was reading the map. Unfortunatly she was giving the directions to the venue; “Tyrol”, when we in fact were supposed to go to the venue; “Klubben”, which is in the opposite direction of the petite city of Stockholm. A small hurdle which we overcame eventually when I stopped driving mindlessly after erroneous instructions and started to take own initiatives. Oh well, It might have been myself being unclear on the destination. Anyways, when we arrived; Rhapsody (of Fire) was playing and was just about to fire of the song; “Dawn of Victory”. This being my favorite song, sort of made it really convenient. It sounded alright, not enough songs for us to get into it in particular. But I enjoy Fabio’s voice, a bit different from the usual power metal vocalist.


Rhapsody of Fire

Alex & Fabio

Then Gamma Ray enters the stage! 13 years after my last Gamma Ray live experience it was great to see Kai on stage again. Unfortunately he was suffering from bronchitis and was only to sing a couple of songs before guest vocalists was supposed to finish the show. They started with “Avalon”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Tribute to the past” and “I Want Out” and Kai really sounded magnificent to be fair. Really powerful, I guess you could hear a slight struggle in “I Want Out”, but nothing that was bothering me at all. I really wished he would have been able to continue with the rest of the songs, but after those four ones, Fabio entered the stage and they made “Future World” with Fabio singing. A bit of a turn down for me to be honest, since Kai does really have the unique voice that makes Gamma Ray special, this being a Helloween song I guess it’s strange to say something like that, but fact is; Gamma Ray’s live “Future World” version is pretty cool with Mr. Hansen as well. After that we got another two songs from the new record sung by Fabio. As said, this wasn’t really doing the trick for me, but the four first songs made up for it. They sounded really great and I could live on that throughout the whole show. It is what it is, I mean vocals is a sensitive matter. If a guitar breaks, you can just swap it out. But with your voice, that’s a complete different story. I do understand the choices that was made by the band, and I'm super glad they did not cancel, it’s just unfortunate that it happened, and especially that it happened in Sweden haha.


Gamma Ray

Kai Hansen

Gamma Ray of Fire

I wish you fast recovery!

When I had another go on the internet, I found this picture (obviously by mistake) decorating the new album of Jennifer Lopez. Looking upon it, I also recognized that person from somewhere. Heading into the living room I found Ella bashing her new iPad in the table and I realized there she is! I actually think that fact, have struck me a couple of times in the past as well. Save from "skin color", Ella and J Lo does have some similarities in their looks. I decided to go all Photoshop on that and possible get some copyright lawsuit dough.


E La

J Lo (Photo by: Kitty-Carol)

As for the life thing, which is why you are here, right? There’s been some massive watching of movies lately hehe. I guess the one that struck me hardest so far is “Prisoners”. I also checked out that Halo 4 movie, “Forward Unto Dawn”, I found it pretty lame, even if I’m a huge Halo 1 - 3 fan (haven’t played 4.) Just too much kids running around doing stupid shit in the movie. The covenants rocked however! “The Conjuring” didn’t really deserve the good reviews either, even If I enjoyed it. “Gravity” was weird, Sandra Bullock ruined it for me, so clumsy! “The Hangover Part III”, was a bad joke, let that die already. Sorry for being negative, we’ll change that now! I’ve discovered “Little Britain” (very late I know,) but I’m having the time of my life with it. Matt Lucas and David Walliams is some ace comedians, if you have any neat tips on what's worth checking out by them, write a comment please. With my PS3 the "BNK3R" in Boarderlands 2 is giving me head/heartache, but that’s possibly just because I suck at it, I’ll get to it later today and nail him to the ground. I also finished the Battlefield 4 campaign, I let the girl live (no I’m not a racist, just utilizing some feminism,) I found that hard as well (not utilizing feminism, but the game,) once again because I suck, sorry for spoiling the end, but if you haven’t finished the game by now you should get back to Tetris. Oh, it’s been Easter as well. No one cares.

Summer was here, then it vanished again

When you see it you'll shit bricks

Duck, you had one job. Climbing trees is not it, get the fuck down

Easter dinner!

Been to the gym a bit latley, working on the guns

New shades! Ray-Ban Aviator

Song of the day: Pegazus – road warrior



Sentenced to survive

The ongoing The Unguided campaign; “Tour de l’immortalité” hits Stockholm for the second time, today! We figured since the Stockholm gig in March, had age restriction, we wanted to make an all-ages reprise for the youngster squad of the unguided family! Hope to see you at the legendary punk venue Kafé 44 tonight!

By: Steffen Hemmert 


Tomorrow we’ll take on L’Orient in Linköping. First show with The Unguided in Linköping, so that’s really exciting. We had complete mental evenings in Gothenburg at Sticky Fingers and Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to everyone that came out and the venues for taking really good care of us! Special thanks for the never-ending support from the 616 army, for traveling far for our shows!


Here’s some pictures from Sticky fingers:


Sexy drummer

Turn-wall visited us!

Final rehersal

And some from Backstage Rockbar:

Getting stuff done at the Rockbar!

Roland getting ready in his own way.

Clemens Clearwater gave me Blind Guardian wine. THANK YOU!

No way Jose, not getting all that down!

Someone did great PR!

No one cares about your stupid Cat-Dog...

... That's more like it!

Ella, myself and the support act in Stockholm; Mental Issues, have been busy with putting out propaganda in the royal capital of Sweden for tonight’s show. If you live in the city, hope you’ve eyed out some of those fine posters (and didn’t steal them…)


Propaganda squad

We just recently released a “making of” video of “Inception”, might be interesting!

Inspection of Inception

Also our friend Rechyyy, have made a new game montage featuring music from “Fragile Immortality”, be sure to check it out, he’s very talented!


There’s been some great fan support this month as well, especially from Steffen Hemmert who’s blessed us with his amazing art once again!


"Rich" by: Steffen Hemmert

"Roger" by: Steffen Hemmert

New tattoo idea? by: Steffen Hemmert


Great tattoo at Taylor Clayton! 

As for shows, I checked out the Swedish band; Raubtier's tour with a collague some week ago. Good show! With tanks on stage, crazy stuff.





We were given some Russian vodka from our Russian followers during the release party. And of course we had to try this treacherous fire water. Ella and I hosted a “get-together” in our apartment with the most thick-skinned guys we know, to see what we could make out of that “Red Army Vodka”. It was a insane journey through “Pub Anchor” and “Heaven's Gate”, which utterly ended up with two days hangover… Thank you Lilia! 


Add this guy, "Terror", and you are in for quite a ride

Yeah... I turn 30 soon...


On the more healthy side, Ella and I had a great weekend at the mansion of Krusenberg, recently. Just to relax and recharge our batteries, which have been intensely drained of power, the last couple of months. It was a nice mansion just outside Stockholm, were we spent a lot of hours in the sauna and even outdoor bathing in lake; Mälaren. Just what we needed!


Spencer mansion?

In the middle of nowhere


Afternoon tea

Walk by the lake

Wealthy. Well, not after my last mic purchase. 



Beauty and the beast!

Getting ready for dinner


Royal straight flesh

The funeral transport of Charles XII, Sabaton style!

Party like it's 1699! 

Life is treating me good! I’ve been enjoy my fair share of “Diablo III – Reaper of Souls”, and also eagerly been watching the latest two episodes of “Game Of Thrones”. As well as seeing a lot of movies lately, and one of my favorites of the past weeks was “Cloud Atlas”, trippy, but very interesting! See you at the shows the coming weeks!

Malthael was no match for my Barbarian


Waffle day!

Spring is coming

Bad case of gardening or an English garden, not sure.

Balcony breakfast!

Carbocide baking

New Yeti beer. So good!

Song of the day: Iron savior – the omega man



Back against the wall

It’s been a crazy week in the metal world. Let me sum it up! Arch Enemy swap singer (which convenient enough is/was The Agonist front woman, resulting in them getting a new vocalist too,) Metallica belt out a new song live, Avatar releases a new video, Nikki Sixx gets married for the sixx hundred time, Rob Halford claims the new Priest album is finished, Geoff Tate is still Geoff Tate, Sebastian Bach suggests his former band mates is allergic to cash(?), Evanescence singer is a free and independent artist (congrats,) Sabaton releases a new single AND most importantly The Unguided releases “Fragile Immortality” on Spotify!!! Check it out here.


Zardonic support!

We also rocking out the Tour De L’immortalité and is now currently reloading the unguided gun for the coming gigs in Gothenburg, Trollhättan, Stockholm (all ages reprise) and Linköping! We’ve also recently announced three shows in Finland. Which will be the first The Unguided shows in our neighbor country. We are of course really excited over this! You can join the Finnish FB event here.

Unguided for life! Tattoo on Dennis Nyström

I’ve compiled the Russian/Belarus tour we had in September last year into three tour clips. This is of course not any breaking news for the hardcore SixOneSixer, since they have been around some weeks. But for the rest, you can check them out here:



Moscow Mayhem

Minsked Meat

We had a good time at the shows last weekend (Stockholm, Sandviken and Karlstad,) it was nice to rehearse the new set and try some of the new songs. Thank you Linnea for helping out with the merch, and Elin for being such a hardcore fan and friend to the band! Here’s a collection of pictures from the last weekend.


Final rehersal at Harry B James in Stockholm

The never-ending Tetris
Before the show in Sandviken

Leaving for Karlstad
Nöjesfabriken Karlstad, new backdrop looking sexy!

Roland being super excited over the Laphroaig whisky

Speaking of fans, there’s been some really creative fanship going on lately. Some great sketches again from Steffen Hemmert and also Kaung Hong have been busy doing some sketches for the band after seeing the latest video.


Roland Johansson by Steffen Hemmert

Henric Liljesand by Steffen Hemmert

Richard Schill by Steffen Hemmert

Richard Sjunnesson by Kaung Hong

Roland Johansson by Kaung Hong

Roger Sjunnesson by Kaung Hong

Henric Liljesand by Kaung Hong

Richard Schill by Kaung Hong

He also did one of Ella since she's in the video. 

Also check out the latest VFX showreel by 11 Frames Productions, featuring some clips from the “Inception” video:


VFX Showreel

I’ve been able to attend some cool shows myself lately. I got to see Iced Earth at Debaser Medis in Stockholm some week ago. In company with Ella and our new friends Victoria and Elizabeth Drew (all the way from Arizona.) I enjoyed the show of course. I’m a huge Iced Earth fan and have been since “Burnt Offerings”. I however missed some “Horror Show” songs and also I’m one of them that enjoy the Ripper albums and would like to hear some of that material live as well. It was also blasphemous to leave “Anthem” out! Other than that it was a great show indeed. To hear “The Hunter” my all-time favorite song live was awesome. I’ve seen Iced Earth in Quebec with Matthew, back in 2008 during our Nightwish tour and even if Matthew’s vocals are close to my heart, I think Stu made an excellent performance with the songs as well. It must be all the maple syrup that fortifies his vocal chords.


Support: Warbringer

Jon and Stu rocking it

Iced Earth

Anonymous :o

This pic got that certain "STOP BEING A PUSSY"-vibe to it, love it!

I’ve also had a bit of the eureka effect whilst attending the Behemoth / Cradle of Filth show at Tyrol in Stockholm some weeks ago. I’ve of course been very aware of Behemoth for a long time, but never really a fan, and can’t say I’ve spent too much time traveling around in their discography either. However, this latest one; “The Satanist” struck me hard and I just had to get me a piece of their live show to see what the fuzz was all about. And I think somewhere around “Ora pro nobis Lucifer” (which was the second song) I was reborn as a full-fledged fan, and that particular gig might just have been one of the best shows I’ve seen in my entire life. Fresh in mind, Nergal’s recent battle with leukemia where he ended up victorious made the experience even stronger. As I had an uncle battling the very same disease; which in the end, didn’t have the same turn out I’m afraid. When Adam chanted; “It feels so fucking good to be alive!” It sent shivers up and down my spine. No one obviously knows that better than him. After their gig, even if I’ve been a huge Cradle of Filth fan for the longest time, and Dani have been a huge influence to myself, especially during the Midian era. It just wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t fair to go on stage after that very behemoth that blatantly captured every single soul in that venue and left the human vessels breathless. I stayed to see a few songs of Cradle, to honor the titan that they used to be, and then retreated as I was working the day after as well. Such a mind-blowing evening!


My partners in crime this evening

Support: In Solitude


The mighty Nergal

Such an awesome stage show

"It feels so fucking good to be alive!"

Watch out! Skank behind you Dani!

Dani Filth

As for the life thing, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my parallel world I guess, with both Diablo III and World of Warcraft. Enjoying it greatly with a couple of new and old friends and can’t wait for “Reaper of Souls” next week. It feels nice that some of the album stress is dampening off, even if there’s great things to come! I’m of course spending a thought or two on the next album and the last part of the trilogy and I’m generally feeling really creative and inspired.


An Amazon woman, two Arizonian woman and Superman grabbed a coffee

Blue cheese and red wine diet

Tried a new beer; Double bastard, suits me fine

Hotel in Nynäshamn

Song of the day: Arch enemy – war eternal


In the light of the moon we are the storm of the damned

January and February have indeed been interesting months. The new The Unguided album; Fragile Immortality should, at this point, be out everywhere and various reviews are flooding in. And according to them and seeing the selection of favorite songs from the fans it looks like you all have your different favorite songs and opinions, which gladdens me. Since it means we kind of made an album that have a little something for everyone. I think at this point you also have come to understand this is a complex album that won’t settle in your mind during the first couple of spins, and it will show its full potential after a couple of rides.

Album preview


The Unguided - Fragile Immortality

February is also the month we hit 30.000 fans on Facebook. That’s a great little achievement in itself. Some of you have been with us since we merely had a couple of hundred followers back in 2010, but this is slowly becoming a fairly big machine. We are very grateful for that!



This one was popular!

Also all the “Fragile Immortality” packs from the web shop have been shipped since of now and a little bit depending were you live in the world they should show up soon, if they haven’t already. We have also restocked the shop and both versions of the “Fragile Immortality” t-shirt (cover / Syndissiah,) as well as the hoddie will be available soon. Check the official web shop out here. If there’s something you missing, like the vinyl or whatnot, be sure to check Napalm records web shop out here.


This is how your collection should look like. Thank you Takashi!

If you are interested in “Fragile Immortality” related wallpapers or the sketches featured in the “Inception” music video, you can find them at our official Facebook here and here.

"Fragile Immortality" wallpaper

Bandpic wallpaper

"Inception" music video sketches by Kuang Hong

During January we also had our album “listening party” for the fans, in total I think we were people from around seven different nationalities and it was just blatantly a very nice and intimate festivity for the inner circle of fans. The band and everyone organizing the event enjoyed it greatly and I think I could spot one or two smiles from our fellow fans as well hehe. We hope we can do it again around the time of the next album! There were the glorious pre-listening of the album, acoustic set, mingle, fires (:E) and a lot of alcohol, meaning; a great evening altogether! Here’s a couple of pictures from the event.

Heading to the venue


Listening party exclusive t-shirt


Packing the goddiebags.

Rehearsing the acoustic set.

Pre-listening party event at the shooting range!

Scream, Aim, Fire

Our booker; Mr. Skrikhult showed us his A-game

Roger blasting away with the Glock 17

This little drummer boi won the whole event, too much BF4!

Listening party in full force, my padawan Rasmus showed up!

Some familiar faces

This dude came all the way from the lowlands of Holland!

Original 616 in the house!

Acoustic mayhem

Photo time

Go drunk you're home!

This might have been the reason, thank you Lilia!

The coming months we will head out on a Swedish weekend tour to support the new album! Behold; TOUR DE L'IMMORTALITÉ! Although we selected a French name, this tour is unfortunately not planned to come to France, but maybe we can change that? Put some pressure on your promoter’s frenchies!

13/3 - Harry B James - Stockholm – SWE
14/3 - Backstage Rockclub - Sandviken - SWE
15/3 - Nöjesfabriken - Karlstad – SWE
28/3 - Sticky Fingers - Gothenburg – SWE
29/3 - Backstage Rockbar - Trollhättan – SWE
17/4 - Kaffé 44 - Stockholm – SWE
18/4 - L´Orient - Linköping – SWE

Tour de l'immortalité


In addition to this, the first couple of summer festivals have been booked as of now, all German hehe.

14-16/08 - Summer Breeze Festival - Dinkelsbühl - GER
14-16/08 - Metal Frenzy Open Air Festival - Gardelegen - GER
04-06/07 - With Full Force Summer Open Air - Löbnitz – GER

Talking about tours! I checked out our touring buddies from last year; “Smash Into Pieces” in Stockholm the other day. Great gig!


Bandit-Peter tearing it up with his buddies as support

Smash Into Pieces

Scofield got sick of breaking out of prisons and started a band!

I’ve also been busy with guest vocals recording for a yet to be revealed project. A bit different song from what I’m used to, but I had a great time belting it out in Audio Sällström!


Darth Sällström

Shure SM7, you know it!


Valentine’s Day yesterday was really relaxing and we spoiled ourselves with whatever Stockholm had to offer. Both Ella and I was off duty from our daily occupations, and woke up to this great picture of us, made by Kaung Hong as a little Valentine’s Day gift. Thank you Hong! During the evening we visited an Italian restaurant in the old town of the city and everything was just great.

RichElla (by: Kuang Hong)


Hand painted.

Straight through the heart! (I stole this Lilia, hope you don't mind hehe)

Another romantic topic is blatantly World of Warcraft, and I’ve been a busy bee getting my filthy rogue hands on that legendary cloak. Save from the grind, that quest line was pretty rad, I enjoyed it greatly. And I would be surprised if this Wrathion; son of Deathwing, wouldn’t play a big role in some upcoming expansion, seeing how it ended. I’ve also had my luck with Illidan and got both warglaives as of now. Which means “Harbinger” now got four of those orange items. As of now I’m done with PVE for a while and is focusing on BG’s and PVP. So if you want to join me for some BG games, it’s “Harbinger” (Horde) on EU server “Outland”. See you in-game!


Harbinger tamed Onyxia as well

Warglaives of Azzinoth

During New Year’s Eve, I had on-call service, so I was glued to Nynäshamn that week. Which means I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my friend and colleagues family. Since I was sober, Ella literally drank for the both of us. Good job gal! haha. Was a great evening however!


Heading out

Board games! I've missed those. 



We also got to see RoboCop the other day and I must say I thought it was pretty awesome. Can’t say I’m a super fan of the classic movies, but this one was really good and it was cool to see Joel Kinnaman in a different role than those “Easy money” movies.


"Your move"

And to conclude this here’s some casual pictures from the last couple of months, enjoy!

Mickis - the Norwegian refugee, was home in Sweden over Xmas!


We had to buy the Xmas gifts ourselves :,( New bed!

New computer!

4 kg protein. I plan to go "Hulk out" on your asses!

Got this great comic strip of Magnus

The winter embraced us for a brief period, but is now gone. 

Song of the day: Powerwolf – sacred & wild


How has it come to this?

Send your questions to: richard@theunguided.com

Q: I have a question Can I use some tracks from The Unguided CD Hell Frost for my next wow warlock pvp Video? I buy the CD on Amazon.
You need to write an agreement with the right holders to the music, in this case Despotz Records. So far we are only writing agreements with YouTube channels having over 50k subscribers since we get so many requests regarding this. Just because you buy the album doesn’t mean you have the right to distribute it and spread it. You buy it for private use, if you want to do anything else with the album, and its songs you need to establish an agreement with the right holders. Please read YouTube’s policies regarding this, don’t get yourself in trouble, it's unnecessary. We’d like to have a more easy view of this, but we’ve been abused so many times in the past, so we simply have a strict policy regarding this, to protect ourselves. Once bitten, twice shy!

Take a nap

Q: Just a quick question. How do you meet people like zardonic for collaborations? He is on the opposite side of the world and different styles of music, but somehow you found each other and came together. What is the process involved in that?
In Zardonic’s case he had worked with Henric before in Cipher System during their first release; “Central tunnel 8”. So, Henric suggested him to make a remix after we recorded Hell Frost, and he was really into our music. Now we’ve done plenty of collaborations together, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! Even if we love writing and playing metal, we are not afraid to broaden our horizon when it comes to remixes or fun collaborations.

Q: Do you play any games?
I have elaborated on this before in the blog, but yes I play games. For now, I’m into World of Warcraft and I guess that’s my “main” game occupation at the moment, Battlefield 4 (PS3), and I played some StarCraft II – Heart of Swarm just recently. Looking forward to the Diablo III expansion, and I’m mostly into Blizzard games.

Can't wait!

Q: Would u like to sing with a "singing voice" and actually do what Roland does now? And if not why don
t u want to?
Not really, well of course it would be cool to be able to sing proper.  Isn’t that something everyone would like to do, to be fair, even if most of us only practice it in the shower? But my singing voice is just not any good and I don’t want to put in the time needed to develop it into anything bearable. What I really enjoy in all this is writing lyrics. The only thing I’ve done the past 12 years is screaming vocals, so I’m just going to stick with that for as long as I can do it. My voice is changing over time as well, which is an interesting journey to undertake. I think with every record we do, it sounds slightly different and that’s something that has been ever-changing since 2002. You can still hear it’s me in the details, but it’s altered enough to not make it sound exactly the same. Besides, I haven't come across a lot of people in the business that sound anything like my own voice, for better or for worse, but I think it’s really fun.      


Q: How long did it take u to become like that guy standing on the stage for like an hour and scream the shit out of your body (Its just AWESOME)?
I’ve been that guy since 2002, as said. I think it took a couple of months to get into it once I decided to roll with the screaming vocals. Once you figure out the technique, it will linger in your spine forever, I suppose. I’ve always had a pretty sustainable voice. When we recorded Eden Fire, for example, I had 10 hour sessions a day, just non-stop recording screams. I’m not sure if I would pull that off today, or if I even wanted to do it since it was a lot of hard work. But nowadays when we are not rehearsing as much, or I get to utilize the technique it in the same extent, I need like a week practice to get into it again before a show day. Also, it’s a bit more frail now when we’re not touring 6 months a year, so I need to take care of my voice in a different way today than I needed in the past. Vocal recovery is really important. If I don’t get the hours of sleep needed, or if I drink a lot of alcohol the day before a show, I definitely feel how it takes its toll on my voice in a different way than it used to in the past.

Q: And last and most important question to me, can u try to do more gigs in the South of Germany like Bavaria or something? :D I know that its a stupid question but if u get the chance please do it! I know quite a lot of people who want to party and rock with u.
We are getting some German festivals booked as of now. Summer Breeze, Metal Frenzy, and With Full Force is already booked, for example, and there’s more to come! We are also looking into doing a shorter tour in Germany and the surrounding countries in 2014, to support our upcoming album, so hopefully there will be some in Bavaria as well!



Q: I surprisingly found the Fallen Angels demos on Spotify! Do you have anything to do with that? I also noticed the new artworks for them, they are incredible beautiful! Who did those, or is it you? I know you have skills as a graphic artists as well, because you did the original artworks for those demos.
We re-released new masters of the three demos on their 10th anniversary last year. Gustavo Sazes did the new versions of the artworks.

Q: I was wondering when you will release more information concerning the band's logo? Seeing as I have it tattooed on my calf it would be cool to know more of the story behind it :) I'm really looking forward to the new album as well and will hopefully see you guys when you come to Germany again.
The story behind it is not going to be revealed on the upcoming album, and not on the album after that. But probably on the fourth one. And if you get that tattooed it better be something good, right? Hehe. Laser treatment is expensive!

Q: What do you think about my friend
s voice and songwriting? Id really appreciate if you take your time to check it out! Find the video here.
Haha, that was pretty creative. Both vocally and visually! I’d totally see that voice in some power metal band. Keep it up!

Save the world

Q: I just need to tell you, holy shit. Inception beats Serenade of Guilt as my favourite song. I guess we'll have to wait for the release to get the lyrics? :/ Epic intro as well.
The lyrics are out, as of this blog entry.


Q: Are you guys coming to the west coast of Norway anytime soon? Like in Haugesund or Bergen? That would've been really great!
Nothing planned at this date, but would be cool! We played both Haugesund and Bergen in 2010 with Sonic Syndicate, and they seemed to be nice cities! We really have to do a show in Norway, but Oslo would be the closest to reality at the moment.

Q: I asked a while back whether or not you guys would be playing Soundwave to which you responded with a promising smiley face. The Unguided weren't on the first announcement, so just wondering what the chances were for you to be on the second announcement. I would absolutely love to see you guys come down here and tear up Australia and I'd be absolutely ecstatic if you did!
We haven’t got anything from Soundwave so far, sorry man.

Q: I have a weird question... Do you understand Danish?
Yeah, but I got an uneasy feeling the Danish people understand Swedish people slightly better than the other way around, except during gigs. Usually when we play in Denmark, I speak English in the segments between the songs. Then the crowd complains and suggests I have to speak in Swedish. So when I do, not a single fucking person understands, so I have to go back to English, hehe. Anyways, Danish is a weird language. Swedish for the win! Hehe.


Q: I am in a small, unsigned band in the USA. We have just formed and have no original material and no drummer yet. We want to cover Denied and use that to find a drummer. We will never play it live, and we will never even attempt to make any profit off of it, nor ever put it on any CD, just YouTube. It is a one-time recording just for fun. No commercial interests involved. We have made other covers too, but this will be the first one with a singer. Would you or anyone else with say in the matter be opposed to it? I can even upload it to my personal YouTube rather that our band's if you are worried about affiliations.
Nothing to worry about as long as it’s a cover. Have fun!

Q: Congrats on the new album - the artwork is insane! I can't wait to feel the dopamine rush from I get when I listen to this new music! So I am sure this question will be asked 1,000 times, but is there going to be any special editions of this album? So far I found Amazon.de has it saying "Special LTD Ed." version, and Amazon UK just has it with the 15 tracks (4 Bonus tracks). Both of these sites have the same product number so I am guessing the UK and DE versions are the same? Will T-Shirt Shop.se have this CD? You're probably writing the blog as I am writing this. Sorry just really excited, can't wait! PS. Is the Deathwalker track the same as the 2012 release or is it :D :D :D updated ?
Initially the first print is the 15 track digipack version. That’s the only version, and there’s no alternative, save from the LP-vinyl (which is also 15 songs.) I have my hopes up for an 11 track jewelcase second print of course. But I guess that’s a bit depending on how it sells. According to Napalm, they rarely do second prints. However, Gustavo has prepared the layout for a jewelcase version, so we’ll see. Our own official web shop will of course have the CD. Deathwalker is not the same as 2012. This one is re-recorded with Hansi Kürsch’s (Blind Guardian) vocals. Also, there’s a complete new mix, plus some other alterations.

Q: I would be very grateful if you listened album of my band. Link here.
Sounds cool, bro! Listened to “Attack dog” and like it! Will examine the album more closely, found a track (Second to Sun – Protoescapist) on Spotify as well, which was cool. No plans with vocals for that?

Q: Would be fun to find references to Love and other Disasters in the third The Unguided album (like "King Of Hearts", "Your Imprisoning", etc). :D By the way, just watched video from the recent live performance of Blodbad, sounds very heavy, just like it should be, good job! Seriously, it's very great and gives a lot of energy. I guess, the new album will be on repeat in my music player for like several months non-stop :) Also recognized that a part of Blodbad was already published before here :D
Nice that you liked the references! We’ll see what happens in the future. “Blodbad” is one of my favorite tracks on “Fragile Immortality” and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the album version. Also, the part from the Facebook video when Roland fucks around with that weird voice is included in the track, he just sings it more melodic and smooth on the studio version. We, however, kept the melody and phrasing of the original “joke”, since it kind of came out quite cool!

King of Hearts? :S

Q: Did you buy your new White FLG in some place or you asked someone to make them for you?? If you bought them...Do you know of any website where I can buy those kind of FLG (Red and White)?? Here in Mexico the only ones I can found are black and I can't find a proper website with those like yours :b
I bought the white gloves at www.rockflame.com and the red ones at PunktShop in Stockholm.

Q: I absolutely love your music and I want to congratulate you to your new song "Inception". It
s definitely f*cking awesome! Now I have two questions; are any gigs planned in Austria? And who is this girl in the Inception music video? I am looking forward to your answer.
No gigs planned in Austria as of now, but since our label is there, it’s not impossible. The girl in the video is my fiancée Ella. Same as the red-haired girl playing Maharet and Mekare in Betrayer of The Code. 

Q: Could you please check my album out? Here's a link.
Checked out the album and it sounds cool. Gives me a bit of a Dope and Manson vibe, to be fair. Keep up the good work!


Q: Did you choose the song Deathwalker for Hansi to sing 'cause you thought his voice would fit better on that track? Or did you ask him in which song he wanted to sing? o:
When we first discussed the collaboration back in 2011 - 2012, the only song that was available to use for the upcoming album was “Deathwalker” (we didn’t have any other new songs at that moment.) And since he would be needing both lyrics and vocal references it was easy for us to choose that song, seeing that we had some plans to release it in 2012, and needed to record vocals for it anyway. Also, since the lyrics of that song was a collaboration between the prolific role-playing game writer; Paul Wade-Williams and myself, it automatically already had a Blind Guardian thematic fantasy feel to it. Meaning; it was kind of natural to choose that song to feature Hansi’s vocals. I think it came out very well, and his charismatic voice sure fits the whole concept for that song!

Q: Yesterday I started to listen to the instrumental versions of the Hell Frost songs and it was very interesting for me, especially Phoenix Down, Iceheart Fragment and Betrayer of the Code. Is there a chance that there will be instrumental versions of the Fragile Immortality songs?
Unfortunately, no. We suggested our label to make the special edition of “Fragile Immortality” a 2-CD release. One with the original songs and one with instrumentals, but it got turned down. Maybe for the next record, who knows?

Who knows?

Q. So... you're going to make a blog about the 7 story related songs and tell us the chronological order of them when the album is out, right?:D (If that info isn't in the album booklet already..,)
The chronological order of the songs is kind of in place already on the album. The songs are “Inception”, “Defector DCXVI”, “Eye of The Thylacine”, “Unguided Entity”, “Carnal Genesis”, “Singularity” and “Oblivion. The info is not in the booklet, only lyrics.

Q. Please check out our video!
Checked it out, but it was not really my cup of tea, I’m afraid. But still, whatever you believe in, keep on going with it! That’s the good thing with taste, it’s very individual.

Song of the day: Bring me the horzion - It never ends


And let my dark wings fortify you

This is a bit late, was first planned for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, but for different reasons I just didn’t find the time. Here you go however! The recap of 2013; some of my top highlights both band related and in my life.


Happy new year!


1. The completion of Fragile Immortality ALBUM
Believe it or not, but somewhere around September 2013 the sophomore “The Unguided” album was completely finished. Recorded, mixed and goddamned mastered! This is by far the longest and most trying album recording I’ve done up to date. Constant tracking and recording reaching over a year (not a significant amount of time compared to Chinese Democracy or that Brian Wilson’s album, but still!) Going ping pong across Sweden over the entire 2013, working on the album like monsters on the weekends and having our normal work duties during the weekdays, sure took its toll. But listening to the album, the actual end result, I’d do it all over again in a blink of an eye. This one is a beast and I’m so proud of what we archived during this trying year. Thank you; my unguided brothers and all the involved studios and personnel, for the excellent effort and salute to the fans for your unbelievable patience! It will all be worth the wait by the end of this month. Seeing our busy lives, I’m surprised we even got this together at all; I’m so impressed and so grateful we got to where we are, and I can assure you; sometimes getting from point A to B is not as easy as it first seams. One thing is certain however; “Fragile Immortality” will blow you away! Pre-order the album here.


Fragile Immortality

Studio Sällström early 2013

Almost finished

2. Inception MV
The music video, that was once again; one hell of an adventure. Not as much people involved as in “Betrayer of The Code”, but still very trying to coordinate. Originally it was supposed to be an 11Frames green screen; “performance only” video, a bit more scaled down with the only concept tying into the album being the location of a post-apocalyptic city. Which was fine of course, originally, but then the single song was supposed to get selected and within the band it was a “tie” between “Unguided Entity” and “Inception”. The chorus in “Inception” was undoubtedly a bit catchier, whilst “Unguided Entity” had more of a complex and challenging composition, which is probably not optimal for a single anyhow (but we’re unguided hehe.) This is however where the “problem” started; the 2 candidates were also 2 out of the 7 concept songs. And I was somewhere hoping that we wouldn’t select one of the concept songs for the single, since the theme is a bit too bombastic to make something proper out from in a MV with a limited budget. Well, not too limited, actually bigger than both PD and BOTC MVs, but still no LOTR budget, if you see what I mean. You never know what single songs will wash up when you record an album, so it’s hard to plan for it, and it’s not really until when you stand with the finished master in hand you are able to decide. However, when the label voted for “Inception” to be the single, we were all convinced and had to deal with it the best way possible. A simple performance video, seeing the lyrical theme, was at this point for me; not an option. So I started my tinkering, how to get around the problem. What in the story, can actually be portrayed in real life acting, and what is just too complicated? Well, the prison scenes were optimal for the acting part, and then the complex scenes, we handled with sketches made by Kuang Hong, which 11Frames animated to make them come alive. This all set for a bit more depth in the video and you get an idea of the lyrics and the story as well. But seeing how much time and effort was put into that extra dimension in the music video, it’s just too much work, and in the future I think we’ll have to go with a bit more scaled down “performance only” video (which a lot of people like as well,) just to make it reasonable. Anyway, I love the final result, gives me goose bumps to see how it makes the concept come alive. 11Frames, the band and Ella did excellent performances! Check out the music video here under and get the single on iTunes here.

The Unguided - Inception


Roland on the set

11Frames Production

3. Russian / Belarus shows

When we started this band back in 2010, with the philosophy we had around the band back then, if anyone would tell use we’re going to Eastern Europe for some shows a couple of years from now. We would probably just laugh at them. Its funny how a “not touring project”, find themselves in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk just a couple of years from when they swore they will not tour with just this “project”. This just states how important the fans are to the development and wellbeing of a band. We wanted to make a couple of albums together since we love making music with each other, and you support us to the extent that we just can’t refuse to find it in our hearts, to get on stage not less than 35 times, in 5 different countries the last couple of three years, with a full band. That’s pretty impressive for a “not touring project” I’d say! I think no one believes in that “project” bullshit anymore, everyone know this is a fully fledged band and there’s none stopping this now. We might not be the most active of bands on the roads, but we try to do whatever is possible, and in 2014 we might just come to your door step and strike that unguided bible right in your fontanel. Put on your helmet when it’s still time! Thank you Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk and everyone involved making just this particular weekend possible.


Unguided arrives in Moscow

Moscow show

The Unguided in Minsk 

4. Command & Conquer TOUR
The spring headline tour with our Swedish brothers in dEMOTIONAL and Smash Into Pieces, was yet another milestone for this band. We had a great time, and hope you, the fans, had a great time as well. It was just a very loving and brotherly arrangement all together. Chris Lemon made this possible and we are eternally grateful, our best of wishes for everyone involved! The future is blinding bright for both Smash Into Pieces and dEMOTIONAL, I just want to say; don’t forget us when you are selling out arenas eventually. We can be your waterboys and shit!

C&C Tour 2013

Tour entourage


Rog & Hank in Halmstad

5. Record Deal with Napalm records
The dark alliance between The Unguided and Napalm Records was certainly one of the highlights of 2013. A negotiation ranging over almost three years, was finally inked (with blood) in Southern Germany during a festival show last summer. Our first mutual dark seed being spawned just a couple of weeks from now and then we can see full on; where this will take us! We are really happy to be working with Napalm Records and they all seem to be really good people. We’d like to believe we have a good concept going here, and they certainly have the muscles to bring it out to metal fans all around the globe. Interesting times to come!

Napalm Records


Signing day in Nordheim

Tour video feat. signing


1. Duet with Hansi Kürsch
There’s been a lot of good things going on in 2013, but there’s far from any of them being as grandiose as having guest vocals on a The Unguided song by my número uno idol; Hansi Kürsch from my favorite band; Blind Guardian! I cannot till this day believe me ears when I listen to that version of “Deathwalker”, and yes, I’ve listened to is probably a million of times. My voice being in the same song as Hansi’s is blatantly a lifetime dream coming true. I try to imagine my reaction, getting hold of this information in the mid 90ies, when I was rocking out to “Tales from the Twilight World” with full force, but my young mind would probably not be able to take it, and result in a fatality of mind exploding origin. This is just unbelievable and I’m so eternally thankful that we got the opportunity, thank you Hansi, thank you with all I got!


Hansi Kürsch

Hansi and I at Tuska Open Air 2011


2. Falkenberg Vacation
Luxury vacation at the best hotel in town, just next to the beach, with the most dearest to me. What a lovely week it was! The original idea was to celebrate our 2 year engagement anniversary in Falkenberg; since it was on that very beach we got engaged. But the hotel was overbooked so it was the wrong week, but still very much the right beach.




Meeting up some old friends

3. Sandhamn Vacation
We’ve made this to a nice tradition since I moved up to Stockholm. The Swedish archipelago is just magnificent! And seeing the Falkenberg hotel was overbooked the anniversary day, we planned this weekend so it hit right on the actual date, very cunning of us. We had a great time of recharging them batteries so they would last all the way into the summer of 2014.


Sundown at Sandhamn

Love birds

4. Fishing Trip
Two friends (and colleagues) and I had a trip down to southern Sweden. To have a little trolling adventure of the coast of Simrishamn, this was undoubtedly a great time and we had great fishing luck the first day; catching 13 salmons in total and some of them weighing in over and around 10 kg. Quite an extraordinary trip!


Trolling master!

On the red baron's boat

Salmon king Magnus

5. The Cabin (in the north)
Magnus and I also had a trip up to North land to get some fishing done and just enjoy the spectacular wildlife of northern Sweden. The fishing God was not smiling upon us the same way as he did in Simrishamn, but we still got a few pikes, and had a great time.



Lunch in the bear tracks


So there you have it! Runner up on the “Life Highlights” was certainly the Nocturnal Halloween Ball, but I had to weigh it to the others and in the end, I went with the current list. I just have to mention however, that the evening was glorious! Also, most of you know, I have this “Song of the day” posts on my official Facebook every day, and now it’s all compiled in an huge playlist, subscribe to the 2013 version of it here (and check out the 2012 playlist here.) Going to be a great year ahead of us with the album release and everything, I’m super stoked to have you all join in on the journey!

Nocturnal Halloween Ball, me to the left. 

Song of the day: The ungudied – inception


Are you stronger on this earth?

Much things coming your way! The most spectacular happening at the moment, might be the Inception music video and single release. Check out the video right here:

The Unguided - Inception

The music video was directed by 11Frames Productions and the 10 sketches in the clip was made by Kuang Hong. You can check all the sketches out here. Here's also some behind the scene pictures that wasn't posted before.

Making the end scene walk


Trying the robot costume

Prisoner scene, same hangar as BOTC performance shots

Human experiment scene

Trying the lazors, pewpew

Here's the lyrics to the song:

"If death is the winner of every war, then it's death that I'll have to become..."


As I readied my time-worn shield
And entered my old crown
I knew what had to be done
(What had to be done)
I was not plucked by the heavens
to be trained as a warrior
I was created knowing only war


If your hearts were really broken
You would all be dead
So even if your souls are crushed 
You must comprehend
That these could be your last days
Time is running short
Follow the song of the Angel cleaver
And let my dark wings fortify you


Fire burns many things, but it cannot touch a shadow
Let them run, let them hide, we will always be close behind
We will always be close behind

Justice will be done
Justice shall be done


The single artwork was also made by Kaung Hong. And is a bit of a revamp of an old artwork concept idea for the song "Jailbreak", which the sci-fi artist; Tom Weighil, began work on, almost 10 years ago. But never finished and sadly it was also never used. Since the motive worked really well with the current story, I decided to breathe new life in it with Kuang Hong's brilliant skills. After all, nostalgia is a welcome guest in our minds every now and then.

Tom Weighil's early sketch / Kuang Hong's finished illustration


There's also bundles to be pre-ordered of the new album! Both our own official web shop and Napalm's shop offers a lot of goodies. From the official shop, you can select between: Pack I, Pack II, Pack III.


Fragile Immortality Pack I - Machine Edition

Fragile Immortality Pack II - Wraith Edition

Fragile Immortality Pack III - Fallen Angel Edition

We've finally decided to make a hoddie (which you can find in pack III) and also a girly shirt, which we haven't had available before. Hope you like the new designs!


Fragile Immortality girly tee

The listening party is just a month away, hope we can meet as much fans as possible during this unique event in Stockholm. Get your tickets here.


Join the Facebook event

There's some other video features recently, check them out here:

Merry Xmas from The Unguided

Headbangers Latinoamerica greeting

I've celebrated Xmas at the west coast of Sweden in the deep woods of my mother's house. Was nice to meet some kindred again, since that's a rare occasion here in Stockholm. Hope everyone had great holiday celebrations!


Walking mom's stupid dog

Lovley Xmas tree

That creature again...

Super nice Xmas gifts!

Lastly some recent pictures from my everyday life.


Russian clock from Lilia. Thank you!

New fav beer; Narwhal (The jedi of the sea.)

3 years anniversary with my babe

Xmas coffee

Xmas shopping in Stockholm

"Headbangers latinoamerica" kitchen recording

Eye surgery :S eww

"Hobbit II - The Desolation of Smaug" at the cinemas

Heaven Shall Burn sweat pants, loving them!

Merry Xmas!!!
Song of the day: The browning - bloodlust


With both your feet on the ground

First everything is veiled in secrecy, there's practically nothing for ages, and then everything just comes at once? Flooding your brains, like a dam being blown with a dusted off; teleforce, straight from Nikola Tesla's very own attic. The questions were many, and still is, but at least there's a couple of answers out there as of now! And hope you've liked what you've discovered so far. Some have analyzed more than others and some people will just have to wait until the actual release to understand the complexity of this coming album. Because it's going to be one hell of a journey for you, I'll assure you that!


The Unguided - Fragile Immortality, photo by: Linus Pettersson

So; "Fragile Immortality", The Unguided's upcoming sophomore album. A contradictory and mysterious name, yet very meaningful. It's delicately tied to the present of this world, the actual story and our own current situation. I'm not really going to dive deeper into the subject, since I want you to walk down the road and explore it yourself eventually.  I will however beg you to support our campaign and pre-order this beast of an album. Obviously we have been bragging about our very dedicated hordes of fans to the label, and this is a golden opportunity for you to once again show your muscles, and allegiance to what we are trying to archive here, together.

"If death is the winner of every war, then it's death that I'll have to become..."

"Fragile Immortality" will be out via Napalm Records at the current dates:
Jan. 31 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Benelux
Feb. 05 - Spain, Sweden, Norway
Feb. 03 - Rest Of Europe
Feb. 11 - USA/Canada

Here are some pre-order solutions for the Fragile Immortality LTD/Digipack CD:
Sweden: Bengans, Sweden Rock SHOP, Ginza
Germany: EMP.
Austria: Napalm Records.


If you are looking to buy the strictly limited THE UNGUIDED - Fragile Immortality/PURPLE 2-LP Gatefold vinyl; this URL is your best friend.


"Inception" music video

Here's a look at the track list of the album:
1. Inception
2. Defector DCXVI
3. Granted
4. Eye Of The Thylacine
5. Unguided Entity
6. Carnal Genesis
7. Enforce
8. Blodbad
9. Only Human
10. Singularity
11. Oblivion
12. Deathwalker (Feat. Hansi Kürsch)*
13. Unguided Entity (Zardonic Remix)*
14. Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix)*
15. When All The Seraphim Cry (Zardonic Feat. The Unguided)*

* = Bonus track on LTD/Digipack CD

Some fans have been really cleaver about this and posted me those pictures. I'll be sure to post the "Hell Frost" version as well since it's kind of a fun thing! Thank you, Козлов Кирилл for sending those in.


"Fragile Immortality" refrences

"Hell Frost" refrences

There's been a lot of questions regarding package solutions (album + t-shirt + poster,) and we did not have it ready for the pre-order launch unfortunately. But both the band and Napalm is working hard to get that up asap. So please be patient!

Exclusive "Listening Party" t-shirt

Regarding the music video and single release of "Inception", the single will be out on December 20th (unfortunately North America have to wait until January 21st,) so that's a nice Xmas gift from us to you as well! About the video, 11Frames Production is working hard to get it ready in time, but since it's a massive production; it just will have to take the time it need! To sate the hunger already now, we've released this trailer of the video:

"The Unguided - Inception" music video trailer

On top of all this, we are dying to see you at our "Listening Party" in Stockholm at 25th of January. You can buy your tickets here and also be sure to join the event here, for more information.

Can't wait for this day to meet you all!

So that's that! We've also recently been having two gigs. Let's start with some pictures from the Falkenberg headline show. It was a glorious event! And it was the first time we ever played the new track "Blodbad". Which the audience seemed to enjoy greatly! Thanks for coming out to support us, and hope we can do this to a nice tradition, in the very hometown of the band. Was also awesome to share the stage with the people we grew up with in A Silent Escape and What Tomorrow Brings, there was so much love! Million of thanks to Rossi the metal titan and his crew for making this evening possible.


Soundcheck! Rille and his "spacebar" presser slave

Our number one fan frontrowing on the soundcheck!

Mr. Johansson

What Tomorrow Brings soundcheck

Mother, tell your children not to walk my way!

Almost show time!

Stage is set

And it's on!

Gentlemen; destroy!

Hold the line


Roger is doing his special moves

Rille bombing those drums

Best fans in the world <3

616 in action

Was an awesome show 

The night before the Falkenberg gig we had a onslaught in Huskvarna as well with our friends in Amaranthe. This was obviously a great evening as well and we had good fun with both old and new fans! Huge thanks to Cat Cooke who was glued to merch duties those two nights. Also bless Dead By April for letting us borrow this wonderful person! And wicked hails to Lilia Krylova, for coming all the way from Russia to attend to those two shows. As well as giving us lovely parcels. Thank you!


Guitar engineering

Happy Roland on soundcheck

Serious Sam

Larry the looner

Unleash the fury

Rechyyy and his friend was here!

Wait for it...

It's on!

Captain Morgan move

Hank the tank and Rollebolle

Cuts & Stiching it up

All hail the true lord

I've been checking out some shows myself just recently. Ella and I got to see Black Sabbath in Stockholm with our friends Magnus and Anna. Was a really good evening, and I can't believe those guys still can hit the stage full-on and make a awesome show! Thanks Anna for the tickets, we will honor your kindness in best way possible!

Some sushi and beer before the show

At Friends Arena

Support band; Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Lost my count, but looked like more people than on The Unguided shows!


Sabbath on stage


Iommi shredding it up

Geezus Christ

We also went to see Soilwork at Fryshuset some weeks ago. By no doubt the best show I've seen 2013, so that was just awesome! If you get the opportunity to check them out during their current tour, cease the chance, since it's just a brutal show!


When you see this guy on shows, you know eveything will work smooth!

Support; Manowar

Support II; Keep of Kalessin


Björn was on fire!

New line-up was wicked

Skull of Gul'dan

And to the life matter! All is well, I had a small toss of stomach illness the last week. But that gave me the chance to finish the campaign in Starcraft II: Heart of Swarm, so no damage done! hehe Great story that. I really enjoyed it. Hope you all have a good time in those stressful Xmas times!

Got a new phone, fuck off Apple haters

Adding some protein to the gym

Sausage party...

Is nice!

3 years anniversary the other day! Love you <3 

Song of the day: Dead by april - As a butterfly


I am the echo of your past

Where were we!? Oh yeah, new album release day. Well, some of you sneaky bastards have already figured some of it out, and I'm not surprised; you know your internet. That's a red thread throughout a lot of our fans. You know your shit! I'm proud to have you cunning minds in our midst. But truth be told; for now, nothing is really official, and we are still waiting for the final word from the label. At this point it's preliminary looking like it could be by the end of January 2014, and that's out ambition as well. But it's not something I'd carve in stone with lightning and release as the 11 commandment, just yet.

With that said; there's nothing that would stop us from having a bit of fun in the meantime, right? We've had music video recordings, band photo shoots and all sort of crazy stuff going since our life auras last crossed each other's paths. We've documented this thoroughly and I'd like to show you a selection of pictures from the events, now in this blog.

Music video - 11 Frames Productions:

As said in the previous blog, we've once again picked 11 Frames Productions (Betrayer of the Code,) to handle the production of our upcoming single music video. For several reason really, but mainly; we're loving the guys behind the cameras and their results with BOTC was just really over all our expectations. This one is however going to be more of a green screen production. There's going to be a lot of elements really, but my biggest excitement for it is; 10 sketches related to the lyrics of the song, that Kuang Hong (Nightmareland/Hell Frost, invaZion) made to be "animated" into the clip. I hope they will help to carry the story of the album and the song and the continuation of what started on Hell Frost. The band itself will be performing in a post apocalyptic city, not too far from what you've already seen in the background of the "invaZion" EP and it will tie in with the story as well. For now, we've haven't seen much of the city, but 11 Frames is working hard to get this ready in time for the upcoming single release.


Rille got new toys!

I think we have to cover the ladder guy with green for him to not show?

Rille doing his magic

2 of the 11 Framses looking busy

Roginator entering the scene

Guitar neck view

Our own pom-pom girls! 

The referee from hell

Roland destorying that guitar

The vocals was so intense, Jose had to sit down for a while

Obviously we had room 616 on the hotel

Preview from the animated city 

Photo shoot - Linus Pettersson:

We've allowed the very talented Linus Pettersson to handle our album photo shoot, and some of you have already seen some sneak peeks from this creative day. We had a great run in the Access: Rock studio located in "Hammarby sjöstad", Stockholm and the result was stunning. Mr. Pettersson really knew what angles to work to make our ugly asses sexy (save from Henric, he's always sexy! hehe)


Unguided arriving dislocated to the studio

Roland and Linus

Henric making "le tigre" while the multitasking MUA is making Roland sexy

Fuck yeah!

Linus explained something really phototechnical and Roland got it... kind of.

Preview of one of the band shots

Rille readying his "blue steel" face

Roger checking out his portrait previews

Roger in the line of fire

The three R's

Some outdoor shots

What now!?

Not much, the calm before the storm you could say! We however have our Huskvarna and Falkenberg shows by the end of this month to look forward to. Be sure to keep yourself updated on www.theunguided.com for the latest tour dates. Also, the Russian tour shirt "Blodbad", is now available in the web shop as well.

Unguided over Falkenberg

Blodbad! And it's not the damn "The Witcher" logo. Fuck off. Some of you will understand, later.

The Nocturnal Halloween Ball:

Last weekend  we celebrated Halloween at an annually ball spectacle, arranged by Nocturnal Agency. Peter, his wife and I was all decked out as three members from Slipknot; Chris, James and Mick. It was good fun! The original plan was for me to be Chris Redfield and Ella to be Jill Valentine. But since we had some complication on getting Ella's costume (well, she mistakenly ordered it to the United Kingdom instead of Sweden for some reason. I'm pretty sure there's no Stockholm in the UK!?) so we had to improvise a bit. Maybe next year!

Peter & Olga, before costumes and before a lot of Jack & Coke

Here's my Halloween costume

Inappropriate Peter!

Before the taxi arrived. The driver was... scared.

Ella entering the catwalk at the fashion show on the event

Female Edward Scissorhands, the winner of best costume of the night!

Slipknot got new members, Hellboy for one!

This could have been a nice couple dinner?

Emelie (from the BOTC MV) and some giant chigger

Ronny, Ragge and Ella!

"Cuts & Stitches" photo shoot:

I guess there's no surprise for many that our crafty bassist does have his own clothing brand called "Cuts & Stitches". He just recently launched leggings in the brands name and Ella was kind enough to help out and lend away her beautiful legs for this occasion. Apparently I got stuck on some pictures as well. Once again; Linus Pettersson's flawless work!


Cuts & Stitches "I Will Never Stop Living" shirt

Preview of a couple picture

High heels and backslick (coming "Hard Riot" album name.) 

One of the finalized photo's from the shoot

World of Warcraft:

Yes, I finally reached level 90 on my rogue; Harbinger, just like a year too late from the release of the new expansion. I'm basically only doing some LFR to check out all the content and I also got my hands on one of the warglaives. Also a couple of years too late.



Coming for the OH, you Illidan scum


Life is running fast, I hope it will not hit rock bottom next year when I turn 30. But I have good faith since Roland claims; that's when life begins. If someone can confirm this, please inbox me.  Here's a collection of pictures from the last months.

Underwent extensive surgery a bit over my ankle, the doctor promised a cool scar

We visited "Strega" the Cane Corso we borrowed some time ago

At texas longhorn, before we hit the cinemas

Two adorable slugs! (Disclaimer: We didn't see this movie, It did not involve enough blood & gore.) 

Ella and Atlas. Atlas is my alter ego when the autumn moon is bright.

Trooper beer...

...makes this dude happy!

Usual sight when I come home from work, promise...

Autumn over Stockholm

We obviously had to capture those glorious colors

Backstage at Bloom's event in Old Town. Here's Terror. Probably not sober.

Thought I'd get all you Germans something to drool about. Here's stupid horses called Elks. 

Waiting for the subway like a Swede.

Winter occupation!

Song of the day: Deep purple - Perfect strangers


A behemoth from another dimension

A lot of you have been curious on our Russian / Belarus trip recently, so I'll go into detail on that, in this blog entry. First off; I'm just going to say that the new album and it's release, is all going as planned and we hope we can nail a release date soon (which I probably have said for a couple of months now!?) The master of the album have just recently been delivered to Napalm Records and two weekends ago we recorded a video for the upcoming single with the guys at 11Frames Productions. This weekend we'll have a photo shoot for the album, with the very talented Linus Pettersson, and after that session, most of the puzzle pieces will be in place, for this MONSTER of an release! hehe.

Promotional video before the shows in Russia / Belarus

Now let's head straight into our east European trip!


Saint Petersburg - Russia, Part I:

Since we have a very thought through logistic placement on all the members in our band we had to fly into Russia from two different locations. Ella and I was going from the Stockholm airport, "Arlanda", while the rest of the guys, which resides on the west coast in our oblong country, was flying from Copenhagen in Denmark. Both of us were to fly into an airport in Moscow. The reason we had to fly into Moscow and not Saint Petersburg directly, was because our touring schedule clashed with another touring schedule; namely the president of united states of team America himself; Barrack Obama. There's a slight possibility he's stalking our band, but most likely he was just interested in the G20 meeting in Saint Petersburg. Whatever intensions he had; it messed with our plans and made it extremely difficult for our band and our little tour enterprise. Nor did he only made us reschedule the flying in, to Russia, he did also make a inconvenient touchdown in Stockholm, Sweden, on his way to this important G20 meeting. And just to be sure he closed the biggest highway in Sweden, and our road to the airport outside of Stockholm. SAFTEY FIRST!... Our flight was leaving 11:50 lunchtime, but since they wouldn't release what hours the roads would be closed (another safety precaution,) Ella and I had to head out Insanely early in the morning. Thank you POTUS! I'm all for you coming and high fiving the prime minister and let the Swedish King and Queen bring you up to speed on the latest Scandinavian gossip, but please check our bands touring schedule first, will you!?


We printed a new shirt for these specific shows; "Blodbad"!

At Arlanda, Aeroflot's office kind of looked closed. 

A mob making sure the president is leaving Sweden,
so order in Stockholm city can be restored...

Didn't see AF1, but I tried to hitchhike with this one.
I was greeted with sniper marks all over my body!

Onwards to Motherland!

Anyways, well in Moscow, we rendezvoused with our Russian promoter and tour-guide, Sergey and his boss. Two very well behaved and likable persons! I got a feeling almost instantly that we were in good hands. The rest of the guys landed slightly later than Ella and I. And once we could fulfill the quota with simple head count on all the members, off we went to St.Petersburg. Sergey made sure to hire Jon Schaffer as our personal driver, since he know I'm a big Iced Earth fan. Very appreciated! Tourist as we was in this country, he also gave Jon a new name, and trained him in acting like he didn't speak English at all, and we had to communicate with the Jon.. sorry; "Yury", via Sergey. Nice scheme there, didn't have to do all that for us man!


Sergey, the boss and Ella drinking black vodka and vodka latte

220 WHAT? B? Bolt?! 220 BOLT!? Mindfuck.

In Russia; unguided guides you!

70 Swedish miles ahead of us to St. Petersburg, obviously we had to make a short dinner stop (and a couple of thousand pee breaks since there was a lot of beer onboard.) Sergey so much wanted to show us the Russina homely fare in full force. So he brought us to a restaurant, which was a bit westernized in is architecture and food taste as well, but we of course went all out on this place! Very nice Russian food indeed.

Two thirsty rockstars drinking vodka on cans

Russian food

We arrived in St. Petersburg early in the morning and went straight into a hotel to get some sleep before get-in and sound check at the venue. It was not until we came to the hotel, I noticed one difference from Sweden in Russia.. oh well? However, when it comes to the showers in Russia, you have to wait 20 minutes for the water to become warm. And in some cases the "hot" and "cold" knob is inverted, so you don't really know. In some rare cases you can put the knob at "hot", and then wait 20 minutes just to release that "cold" is actually "hot", which means you have to wait another 20 minutes for the hot water to reach the shower hose and you can successfully take a shower. A bit frustrating, but I'm sure there's some meaning to all of this, it's just that I had a really hard time to see it, just during this moment.

Our fortress, hotel, building. 

Breakfast, very retro! 

We were happy we didn't stay at this hotel. 

The Narva Gate

This was not the venue. 

Well at the venue, the Club Arctica place was pretty cool actually! Save from the fact that no one spoke English, except Sergey then of course. This worked out well during sound check when Sergey was around, but once he had to attend to other duties. We did sign language to the sound guy from stage for 30 minutes before we gave up and he started to smoke water pipe instead of doing his job. All we wanted was to lower Roland's guitar in the monitors, surely not too much to ask hehe. Anyways, Sergey came back eventually and everything was back in order, just a lengthy sound check.

Club Apktnka!


Still just 220 / 380 V/B(?) in Russia. Interesting!

The Unguided Nations superhero man

Wasn't me!?


After a brief walk in the area outside the venue and dinner. The show was on! And the show was really good actually! We had a awesome time. Very intimate and personal, just the way we like it. We were really happy to see our Russian fans and mingle with them after the show, hope you had a great time as well!

Outside the venue

This reeks of "Spider-Man was here".

Lada power! In Russia they have an exclamation mark on your car
if you are a n00b. I'll vote for that in Sweden as well! 

Concrete buildings. A lot of them. 

Too slow for love and traffic lights!

Dinner! A rare pic of the driver; Jon "Yuri" Schaffer to the right. 

Poo in a bowl. WTF Russia!? 

Apparently this is were they got the ingrediens. 

Support band! Arch Enemy, Russian edition. 

Right before the show!


St.Petersburg rocked \m/

When everything was packed up, we had 70 miles back to Moscow, a impressive 9 hour drive. We suggested it would be good to get it over and done with! So we hit the road with our trusty driver "Yuri" once again.

Moscow - Russia, Part II:

We arrived in Moscow a bit earlier than expected and check in on a hotel straight away to get some quality sleep before get-in and sound check on the venue. Once we were done with that, we headed straight down in the Moscow metro and to a food place, to have a kind of sausage party. To eat one's bodyweight in Russian sausage was a weird but still euphoric feeling. Right after this we walked to the venue since it wasn't far from the foddering.


iPhone 5S behind you Roland, BEHIND YOU!

Moscow metro

Ella ruins a otherwise perfect sausage party :(

ANNETBI EAECB! That means; HELLOVA SHOW in Russia. 

Club Volta was a new venue, and a pretty big and clean place. We liked it a lot! When we arrived here, we bumped into our buddies in Deathaction. The captain of the band; Sergey and the drummer Aleksandr! I haven't seen these guys since they was support for us with Sonic Syndicate during some shows in Russia back in 2010. So it was good to see them again and to hear that they are doing well.


Sergey, drummerboi, I and Deathaction's local guard to the left

I'm an APTNCT!!! This is my APTNICT pass.

Sound check went more smooth here and we also had a video interview with some members in the band.

Blue Man Group again?

Video interview

Support band, Eve In Fall

The show in Moscow was great as well! The audience was crazy as always in Russia and after the show we had a signing with the fans which was really pleasant. Good to see you all! It's really nice to see how dedicated fans we have there in Russia and we hope we can come back soon! Probably with the coming album.

Hitting the stage


The party continued after the show and we had a nice get together with the venue crew, some fans, as well as the promoter/organizer backstage after the show, were we drank Russian vodka and got as much pizza as we could muster!


Pizza and vodka.

Some hours later our ride back to the hotel arrived and we still had some patient fans waiting outside the venue that got their signatures and some photographs. We were heading out early in the morning for the flight to Minsk, so we made the most of the hours left that night.

There was some traffic jam on the ride to the airport the day after and we were a bit afraid that we would miss the flight. Also we had some problems with the check-in. Since on the flight to Russia we had pairs of guitars strapped to each other just to make one package of them instead of several. This was not approved on the flight to Belarus obviously, so we had some logistic issues before we got to check in. But eventually we ended up on the plain to Belarus.


Pimped Lada! WAY TO GO!!!

Some important dude's house

The Derelict, Acheron LV-426 just outside Moscow

And they call me a nerd!? Fucking hill climb bullshit racing game <3

A self-assured airplane.

Minsk - Belarus, Part III:

Well in Belarus, they didn't even check our passports upon our arrival. This was weird since we were to do visas here at the airport as well and to see how super strict it was to get into Russia with the visas it appeared odd. When the promoter heard about this he was very concerned and after that a long wait on the airport was initiated hehe. He said we'd get a lot of problems getting out of the country if we didn't have the paperwork in order when we were to fly out. Which sounded reasonable. Why they didn't check our passports was probably since flying from Russia to Belarus is almost "domestic", or as it is for us Swedes to fly from Sweden to Denmark or something. I don't know, but obviously it wasn't needed.

"R <3 BENAPYCB!" It means; "I love my lawn" in Belarusian. 


After a couple of hours we sorted our group visas and we could finally leave the airport on our car trip to Minsk! Well in central Minsk, we got fed once again and then we went to the venue. Club Re:public, this venue was huge. 1500 capacity! We were like:
- "Guys, you're are aware of the fact this is the first time we're in Minsk?"
But apparently all other venues for metal had closed and this was the only place to utilize. Fine for us! The gear and PA was brutal, and the crew was also very professional.


This guy was on tour as well, and deaf :(



Beer & boys!

After sound check we killed a lot of time in the dressing room since this was a bit off from the city central so wasn't much to see in the area. Roland, Ella and I went to the hotel to get some sleep before the show.

Support band; Nemdis. They were very STRONG! You can tell they 
gymmed it up and shit! 

Me smiling for the first time in the history. 

Roland pimped his guitar with some tar. 

We had a great time during this show! The Minsk fans, maybe wasn't as many as the fans in Moscow, but they were still really loud and absolutely mad. I even think we had two wall of deaths hehe. That's one too many for an old fart like myself! haha, great job everyone, we had a great time.

Right before stage!


Once again after the show we made sure to meet the fans, take photos and get them some autographs. When everything was wrapped up and the venue was closing, we went to the hotel to get some sleep for some sightseeing in Minsk the day after since we had a late flight.


Nice ink! 

Ronnie Schmit, Belarus version and Yuri, the promoter. 

We took the metro into city centre to get some breakfast and then we had a long walk in this beautiful city. Victory square was one of my favorite locations. Really majestic!

In Belarus Minsk, they take the owen on the bike!

Roger infront of some important building


Soviet monument

The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus.
And that flying in front of the building is Rich's jacket. 

Victory Square

Victory Square

Victory Square


After a while the time was nigh to leave for Sweden via Latvia and to get home after this successful first ever shows in Russia and Belarus.


The ride home.


Hi Swedenland!

Just keep in mind that some of this is written with a slice of irony. We love Russia and Belarus, and really appreciate all the work that was done for us during our brief visit. We hope from all of our hearts that we can come back soon and make this a nice tradition!

Song of the day: F.K.Ü - Black hole hell



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