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Enough justice have been served

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The annual recap of the previous year! Some of my top highlights both band related and in my life 2014.

Happy new year!



1. Fragile Immortality ALBUM
So after almost a year of recording and mixing it was finally released in January 2014. I’m most certain that it will always remain a very important album in our unguided carrier and it’s also the one I’m personally most proud of in my own carrier. As it appears by the fan base it’s probably a 50/50 of whatever you prefer “Hell Frost” over “Fragile Immortality”. We may or may not listened to the feedback given hehe. But in the end, the sophomore album, will always be the one we had a more of a mutual effort as a band to write, record and archive. It always feels better to release something where everyone was involved and put their personal touch on the sound. We will certainly apply more of that on the third album and that have already begun on the “Fallen Angels” EP, as you already heard. Also the release fest of “Fragile Immortality” was such a great event with friends and fans, where the entire unguided family just came together and had a smashing night in Stockholm! Overall; the album have done well and we are super happy over the strong support of the album. THANK YOU!!!


The Unguided - Fragile Immortality

The Unguided TV - Release fest


2. Summer Breeze
Festival season sure was great over all, with gigs like; With Full Force, Getaway Rock and Summer Breeze. But Summer Breeze sure took the grand slam of all gigs we’ve worked through the past 4 years. Despite the early slot on a Thursday, you still gave us immense support and we had such a brilliant time. There’s no doubt, that this gig, was a really important show in our carrier. All the happy fans, bands and old friends we meet that day meant the world for us. Hope to see you back there in 2016! 

Summer Breeze

The Unguided TV - Summer Breeze

Before gig photo 

3. Eye of The Thylacine MV
We decided somewhere outside Berlin, on or way to one of the German gigs (which I think was With Full Force,) that we all wanted to do a second video to the album. Later on everyone agreed to the fact that “Eye of The Thylacine” deserved a music video. It’s in the amazing unguidedmobile all important decisions like these are made. Since we didn’t have any video budget left from the album, it was clear that we had to finance it ourselves. That’s when we called for the fans aid and arranged for the “Nightmareland”-shirt auction. Which basically financed half of the video budget! So happy that you guys could chip in, to make this amazing video a reality. Seeing the strong message of the lyrics, we wanted a very special filming location and luckily the good people of the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg allowed us to use their premises. Once again 11Frames Productions was hired to shoulder the hard work of the production. Flawless work as always! And probably our best video up to date.

"Eye of The Thylacine" music video


Just got ready for shooting

José and Roland doing some shots 

4. Fallen Angels EP
Our last laugh 2014 was the Fallen Angels EP released in December! Around September, we collected all the material we had for the upcoming album and we selected two songs to be featured on the EP. One song was a bit braver when it comes to our sound and the other a more classic, but both blatantly two very good pieces! This rendered the songs; “Judgment” (originally written by Richard Schill, which states one of his first song writing contributions in The Unguided), and “Mercy”, which is a bit more classic composed. For this endeavor we also tried a new studio in Studio Haga with Christian Svedin. We had a great experience and hope we can collaborate a bit more in the future. As it appears, you really enjoyed the result and we can’t wait for you to hear more material for the upcoming album. Despite the release hurdle were the songs were mixed up (which have been cleared in most places by now,) it was successful! The tracks will appear as bonus songs on the album, with a new mix and possible some other new features. The bundles are still obtainable for a short period of time, so check them out here if you haven’t already.


Putting down some guitars

Almost finished production!

5. Tour De l’immortalité
The mini tour 2014 was good fun and even took us to Finland where we haven’t played with The Unguided before. It was cool to play the new material live and even if the tour ended up with a dislocated kneecap at the final show, we had a great time during the shows and hope to see you next time around!


Tour De l’immortalité

Helsinki show

The Unguided TV - Finland special

The “Defector DCXVI” lyric video was released 2014 as well. This is of course something worth an honorable mention as well.

Defector DCXVI lyric video


1. Vacation
Our 5 week vacation was the best vacation yet! Just 5 weeks of chilling and relaxing and the usual vicious Swedish weather was for once very reliable and just stunning sunshine those weeks.

Summer 2014

Some of this on the balcony

Stockholm <3 

2. Norway trip
We made an amazing 1000 km trip straight west from Stockholm all the way to the Norwegian west coast and the island of Stord. We have a very good friend who have moved from Sweden to Stord, and last summer was a great opportunity to finally visit her. The trip itself was half of the enjoyment with the amazing scenery of Norway, but we also had a great time in Stord which was a lovely island. Side note is that we had to change breaks on the car after this amazing 2000 km ride…


Young riders


Our BFF Mickis and her llamas 

3. Sandhamn hattrick
Third summer in a row in the Stockholm archipelago and the island of Sandhamn. As always we had an excellent time and weather. You can bet your ass on we will be back next summer as well! 

Back again Sandhamn!


Sunset at "Fläskberget"

We kind of lived here 

4. KentFest
I turned 30 last year as well, nothing to brag about getting older, but one of my gifts (besides a Playstation 4, wee!) was tickets to the band; Kent’s festival in Stockholm. Kent is one of my favorite bands and the show was amazing. 25k people singing along to the best songs of all their albums. Great and powerful evening!



Sunset over Gärdet

5. Behemoth
One of the big surprises of 2014. I never was much of a Behemoth fan, but after listening to their new album once, I just needed to see this monster live. In Stockholm at Tyrol by the end of February they had a show with Cradle of Filth, which turned out to be one of the best lives shows I’ve ever seen. I also had a second chance at Summer Breeze to see their show and it’s just impossible to top it. Perfection!



O Father O Satan O Sun!


show at Dalhalla was great, Nocturnal Halloween Ball third year in a row & Yasuragi SPA weekend was also great memories of 2014.

Scorpions @ Dalhalla

Nocturnal Halloween Ball 2014

Also, most of you know, I have this “Song of the day” posts on my official Facebook every day, and now it’s all compiled in an huge Spotify playlist, subscribe to the 2014 version of it here (and check out the complete 2012-2014 playlist here.) Going to be a great year ahead of us with the new album recording. I’m eager to dive head forward into 2015!


Hold fast the reigns of your senses

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More than two months, since I last wrote anything here. It does not mean I’ve been slacking. It means I’ve been extremely busy; with basically everything. As always; I know you can forgive me, especially with a new The Unguided EP coming out hehe. And certainly that’s one of the biggest time voids, in what have actually kept me busy. Time consuming matters that; recording and planning for a new release. However! There’s still one card, yet to be played from the unguided camp. Something I think you’ll get more information about, this week.

So; “Fallen Angels” EP, featuring two brand new tracks; “Judgment” and “Mercy”. What to expect from this? Quite a lot actually! As for the sound, we’ve tried a brand new studio (for us) in; “Studio Haga”, with producer Christian Svedin at the helm. We’ve been comfort zoning it up with our favorite studios previously, during the recording sessions. But here we wanted to try something entirely new, were we recorded everything at the same place. So that’s what happened. We spent a weekend and a day to put everything down and then Christian went all out on the mix. I think you’ll find it particularly interesting! Another big change is that “Judgment” is a big song writing collaboration between Richard Schill and Roger. Richard provided the song and then they produced it up a bit together, to have it slightly more in line towards our sound, but even with that said; we are definitely in on uncharted ground as far as the unguided sound go. You’ll however find “Mecy” a bit more classic. Very classic, I’d suggest. Both turned out to be great songs and I can’t wait for you to hear them! I even went back to condenser mic for my vocals on this one, unlike “Hell Frost” and “Fragile Immortality” were Shure SM7 were used, so both Roland and I are singing through a Peluso 22 47 LE, which sounded really great! Very adventures move, don’t you think? Hehe.

Lyric-wise it sort of picks up around where I left you at “Fragile Immortality” in “Oblivion”. Don’t want to give away too much, to leave some room for speculations. But what you see on the artwork is The Defector (yes, the character from Defector DCXVI,) sitting in the middle and his two advisors Judgment (under the Horus statue,) and Mercy (respectively under the Anubis statue.) Their different mindsets can possible be understood by just examine their names, but you’ll get to know more about them reading the lyrics. The lyrics will be featured on our “releases” section of our official site (which got a heavy facelift recently, were we added a lot of additional information,) once the songs have been released December 22.

"Inherit The Earth" tattoo at Nelson Rivera

This 7” vinyl release will be strictly limited to a couple of hundred copies. So it’s quite a collectable item. The digital versions will however be available from December 22 and onwards. There will be no CD version of the EP. There’s 3 bundles to choose between at our official web shop (the bundles are exclusive for our own web shop.) We got the GREEN, RED and BLUE release, all of which include the vinyl among other fun items; GREEN bundle being the definitive Rolls-Royce. Keep in mind, we always need your support and we are working tirelessly on the upcoming album, but we too have our limitations. The amount of EPs we manage to sell, will provide the platform for us to stand on, working towards the goal of finishing and releasing the next album 2015. So once again, if you care for what we do, your support is greatly welcome and will be, as always, rewarded.

Showing support and abbs!

Speaking of support. The “Nightmareland” t-shirt auction we had; went super well and we collected a nice budget for that upcoming video endeavor. We’d like to humbly thank the 18 people that entered this auction battle, which was, at times, really intense. We have a surprise coming up for those 18 lucky winners, so have a look out at your mailboxes during this month. Once again, on behalf of the band; thank you!

A few of the unguided supporters!

If you are following The Unguided TV on YouTube, there’s been quite some updates lately as well. We had Metal Frenzy clip up for around a month, and we also updated with Roland’s crazy lunch guitar showdowns. Be sure to check them out!

The Unguided TV - Unguided Frenzy

The Unguided TV - Dream Theater Cover

The Unguided TV - Granted SOLO

I made a collaboration with my old “Faithful Darkness” colleague “Judas”. He’s not in Faithful Darkness anymore either, but is working fiercely on a new project called “Before Dying”. Some cool stuff there! Their EP is out via Spotify / iTunes / Amazon and this bonus track here includes guest vocals from myself, Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil,) Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane,) Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Stephen Phlatt (Collibus.) Worth checking out for sure!

I’ve been to two gigs lately in the category old school punk! I’m dragging away my buddy Magnus, to all sorts of weird metal stuff, so he figured he wanted to show me where he came from musically, for a change. So we checked out both legendary GBH and Stiff Little Fingers. Two really cool gigs, which I enjoyed greatly!

GBH @ Debaser Strand

Stiff Little Fingers @ Debaser Medis

Halloween we once again spent in Stockholm at the annual “Nocturnal Halloween Ball”. I think the theme from last year, were I dressed up as another artist worked well. So I gave that a shot this year as well. I tried Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Well if you imagine Doyle not being on the gym for a couple of year, I guess we are closer to the result, but you still get the idea! Haha. It was a good evening however!

Doyle and Copycat

My scare buddies

If you see these guys on the metro, run! They will drink your beer.

The fifth Teletubbie; Kinky-Winky

And we thought we looked scary!? Ella killed it!

But just before Halloween celebrations we spent a night at the spa Yasuragi. Which got this Japanese atmosphere going. We went all out on that! Such a nice and relaxing time. Can’t wait to go back!

Welcome to Japan!

So many choices.

Sitting shower.

Hai Sensai!

Meditate over this, I will.

Ready to get all SPAified.

Beer and chicken legs.

When in Rome...

You know that stuff about us getting two horses? Well, scratch that. We now have a total amount of three(!!!) Icelandic horses. Two foals and one 6 years old. Yes that escalated VERY quickly. But I do think they are beautiful and powerful beings. But it’s unfortunate that I soon have to rob a bank to maintain them hehe. When Ella is in the stables, I grasp the opportunity to go out and run, to get that stupid knee of mine, into shape. When I hit my first 10 km after the accident, I will celebrate with champagne! It’s going well.

Here's our new one; "Stolt". 

She's a bit skeptical at times.

But she does follow well, when we dance.

Icelandic powerhouse!

She's even nice when a total mess of a rider, like myself, jump up on her.

This is a ceiling cat, doing ceiling cat things.

We also visited our foal "Gullan" in Hudiksvall. She turned to a goat since last time we saw her! 
Oh yeah, more horses. We went to that Sweden International Horse Show held in Friends Arena. There were a lot of horses and horse people. But there were also beer, which suited me good.

the expectations went through the roof. 

Horse handbrake turn

Flying horse


Icelandic horse

I was not the only rocker in house. Here's Mia from Crucified Barbara!


Garde Républicaine, check it out on YouTube

Man, Horses and Machines!

Now to the most exciting part! GAMING!!! Yes, there’s been some of that as well. As far as World of Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor goes, I’m as of now level 100 and I’ve started to gear up. I think a lot of you will agree on the fact, this have been one of the best expansions (so far,) of World of Warcraft and I absolutely loved the experience from 90 -> 100. I hold my thumbs the endgame will be as exciting! Oh, a week into the expansion I also got a pair of fangs for my rogue. Thank you; Nelli, Gustav and Clemens for helping out with that long endeavour!

Level 100 in Nagrand

Fangs of The Father

Golad and Tiriosh

Ella and I have started to play Diablo III as well. I leveled up a Demon Hunter and Ella is playing a Wizard. We both hit 70 a couple of weeks ago and I went back to my Barbarian again (prefered it over Demon Hunter.) Currently we are taking on; Torment IV, but think we can advance to V soon enough hehe. She got to try all Blizzard games, and Diablo III was the one she enjoyed the best, so that’s what rolled with. I’ve also tried some Hearthstone last on-call week I had, when I was bored at the hotel and it was entertaining enough, sure. A lot of nostalgia since I used to play “Magic: The Gathering” when I was younger. I also got to try that beta of “Heroes of the storm”, I never tried that LOL bullshit or DOTA, so I can’t compare. But I think it was fun! Will try it when it comes out. I have also eyed out that Shoot ‘Em up; Team-Fortress-Blizzard-version, or what it’s called, I’ll definitely try that.  Still haven't tried "Destiny", can you recommend it? Anyway; there's a whole heap of fun things coming up! Guess there won’t be an album 3 after all……! :D Oh, we’ll see Hobbit 3 on Wednesday, and did anyone check that wicked Terminator: Genesys trailer? AND Star Wars 7? AND JURASSIC WORLD? It’s great to be alive at this point in history! Hehe.

Start of an "Iceheart Fragment" tattoo on Mike Whitwell

Here’s some random pictures from my life since we last met! Have fun.

FFA tearing it up in Nynäshamn on my last on-call week.

The first snow...

Look at this happy girl instead!

Spent some time at Roger's place during recording, here's his cat!

Karaoke last weekend...

Song of the day: Mose Giganticus – The left path


Into everlasting time and a never declining day

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Much have happened since we last spoke! I’ve for example been crippled, by a gymnastic endeavor on the last gig, which “conveniently” dislodged my right kneecap. Lucky me it was the last gig of the tour! Rehab is going slow but forward. There’s been an election fiasco in Sweden, which is worrying. 4 years to ransack your life and do a better choice next time… There’s obviously grand plans for The Unguided in 2015, new album and everything. We are figuring out the details in this moment. There’s a couple of secrets up our sleeves as well, which I almost can’t bite my tongue about… BUT I MUST BE STRONG! This blog will remain in 2014 however and give you a picture update on what our summer festivals was like!

The Unguided at Summer Breeze 2014 Photo by: Tom Antes

Before that however; I just want to mention the ongoing auction of the 18 “Nightmareland” shirts. There’s 10 left from LARGE to XXL and the current one and more information you’ll find under this link or at our Facebook. Check it out!

Nightmareland antique

Takashi won one auction!

Filip as well! 

Getaway Rock Festival was the second festival for us this summer.  We had an early but great show! Saw a lot of wicked bands and met lovely fans. One of the best (if not THE best,) festival in Sweden for sure!

Arriving in Gävle
Getting stage ready

Photo by: Tottie
Skid Row


Mighty label colleagues

Brother and sister!


Blues (Öyster) Pills

Dimmu Borgir


The week after Getaway Rock, we ventured down to Germany to do a show at Summer Breeze. This could easily been the best show we’ve done up to date! We had such an amazing time and I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but Germany does feel like a second home for us. Thank you Summer Breeze and all fans for that immortal day! Hopefully see you in 2016 hehe.

Waiting on the boat, like a Swede

Daddynapped Sällström!


Right before the show

Nice dance floor

Drummer view

Scary tank is scary

Fucking up them SM58s

Rich angry, Rich smash! Photo by: Dorien Goetschalckx

Label mates in Delain

7 years of friendship with this Tom guy! Maybe you remember him from here?


De Lainguided


Arch Enemy

West coast unite!


Just one of the best live bands there is!

Children of Bodom. This was one nice nostalgic trip!

Thanks for all the help Tom!!!

On our way back to Sweden we hit Metal Frenzy with our friends in Caliban. Which was also a nice experience.

Cute dawg at the hotel! 

THE Nick Barker hitched a ride with us. 



Some fine gentlemen


Typical German citizen

Drum engineering

Roland Vai

Rehearsal before show


The final show of Tour de Immortalité was scheduled at the funfair Gröna Lund, in my hometown; Stockholm. I blatantly decided to give my all at that show… and fucked up my knee. Hope you appreciated the effort! It was both fun & fair(?) I had a couple of weeks at the sick-list and worked from home two weeks, before I could burn the crouches and get up on my feet properly again. I’ve lost 5kg, which I guess is mostly muscles… and the doctor does claim I can skip leg day with good conscious for a while. Regarding the incident and the continuation of the show, I owe that strength to the fans; your spirit certainly carried me through those last 3 songs. Even if I have to admit I was in agonizing pain haha. Thanks for that, and thanks for the great gig. I SHALL WALK AGAIN!

Richy boy

Brother from the same mother

Black Beta 58! Interesting

Cool stage!


Photo by: Crank It Up

My parents-in-law was to have their first The Unguided show

...only to see their daughter's boyfriend wreck his knee on stage

Kent made me do it!

Got this thing from the doctor

Something good came out of me being grounded at home however and that is that I’ve found some time to edit a couple of episodes of The Unguided TV. All of which you can view here: 







There’s been extra much love from the fans recently with a lot of people tattooing the unguided crest! We are so blessed with your support.

Logan Watkins

Martin Kennedy

(Unguided Entity? Please write name in comment.) 

Ella’s Icelandic horse interest have been taking an unexpected turn. From going to a couple of competitions in Sweden. We now own, not one but TWO; Icelandic horse foals and have 5 acres fenced and ready to receive them in January next year. Now that was a fast development! But I’m all good with it and she’s super happy of course. We’ve been visiting them both already. One in Motala and the other one south of Kristianstad in Skåne.

"Gullan", this is one of our babies 

Another one we checked out in Motala, but it was already sold

Ikaros and Ella

Lord of the ring stuff

Father and daughter putting up that horse fence

Some shit labor

But she's happy anyway!

Adventure in Skåne

Found the herd

Horses everywhere

The horse whisperer herself

Dude... proximity warning
So here's our other one! "Fjant". 
Say hello to mommy!

Since I’ve been pretty immobile lately (Fragile Immobility,) it means I’ve spent more time in Azeroth and Sanctuary than usual. And I’m of course really looking forward to “Warlords of Draenor” which is due next month. I got that Alar bird that everyone is on about some weeks ago, lucky me! And I’m currently making progress towards a pair of fangs (with a lot of help from Nelli and her boyfriend, thank you!) which is the last rogue legendary I’m missing. Will hit stage 2 in maybe 2-3 weeks. In Diablo III I’m having a really good time with greater rift and the latest patch! Also starting with some Torment V in normal rift (Paragon lvl 200.) I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m working that leapquake spec like a professional. Missing 2-3 BIS items for leapquake, but once I get that, I’ll look into that hot Raekor + furious charge build. Good times! As for my PS4, I still have “Lords of Shadow” to finish before I check out “Watchdog”. Also bought “Destiny” now, but the same fact applies there. I finished “Devil May Cry 4” some weeks ago, and I can’t believe it’s from 2008. Looks so good and was super fun! Cool ending as well. That’s all for now folks!

Bird is the word

Sundown in Kagghamra

Annual Malux dinner with work

Hipsters at Peter & Olga's crayfish party

Kuang Hong sent this postcard. He's a great friend with a big heart!

Watched hockey in Globen. DIF Vs. LIF

Heavy garde!

Got some new shirts from both 2K2BT and Sullen Clothing! THANK YOU!!!

Song of the day: Scar symmetry - Cryonic harvest