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And in your troubled eyes I see

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New The Unguided EP invaZion to be released December 21 (if the world is still here!?) is now available for pre-order at our official web store here (Pack I) and here (Pack II).

invaZion Pack II available here

The songs featured on this EP are entitled Singularity and Eye Of The Thylacine. Singularity is as said before a direct follow up to Where The Frost Rose Withers and very tied to the invaZion cover artwork. Eye Of The Thylacine is thematically dealing with the machines perspective of the events happening in this unguided world.  I guess the answers will come once you read the lyrics to both of these songs. The none-mechanical characters on the illustration are supposed to portray the 616 army. Same characters as the Nightmareland artwork as a matter of fact, but instead of making them more in numbers, I and Kuang said we portray the growth by making them look more evolved. Let’s face it; you are slightly more than 616 fans nowadays hehe. But by evolving the characters to the next level we could make them look more powerful and still keep the number down. Low in quantity, high on quality, that was the idea! The original ideas with these machines, the 616 are waging war against, are a subjective take on the music business. This EP is connected with the second album of a trilogy. A trilogy with bearing story that imbues and runs through all three albums.  The organic vs. mechanic battle, felt like a good metaphor to lock in how the business is looking today. I’ve also reintroduced the fallen angels in these coming songs and they will have a key role in the coming two albums. Hell Frost was just the awakening, now it’s time to get down to business.

The Unguided - invaZion (Artwork by: Kuang Hong)

Other than overlooking the new release, we’re trying to deflect the wintery hell frost best we can!

Ice Climbers

Winter diet

Yesterday we lit this candle, for everything that's fucking unfair in the world... R.I.P. Jennifer. You are now in a place where cancer has no hold of you. Even if we that's still roaming on the ground, will miss that smile, I’m sure there will be a multitude of angels that will appreciate it as much as we have. You will be missed. Please say "Hi!" to Robert if you see him, he's probably in the electronic department or music store up there <3 

This one is for the fighter Jennifer and her strong family

Song of the day: Apoptygma berzerk – in this togheter


You made it to this point

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It have been more than a week since I last wrote here! The main reason being; that I spent my entire last week on-call at my job. Meaning; I’ve been in Nynäshamn for a week. And pretty much been busy with everything else, save for the blog! So I’ll try to wrap up what I’ve been up to.

Before I forget! Please vote for The Unguided to play at Metaltown 2013 here.

Option 1: Vote for TU, Option 2: Stop breathing...

So, I and Ella had a guest two weekends ago in the she-dog, Strega! A magnificent Cane Corso. We both actually grew up with dogs. But at the moment, it doesn’t fit our busy schedules, to get a dog ourselves. So we were lucky to borrow one from the Hamberg family, over that weekend. And she was the nicest dog ever! Even if people we met, took big detours around us to avoid being attacked(?) by this wonderful little creature. Silly humans!


Two dogs?

Ella Vs. Strega


I'm-the-hungriest-dog-in-the-world face

I found a new parking spot while walking the dog

We made a visit to Drottningholm Palace

Exhausted dog

The entire last week I spent on-call as said. Even if I have an apartment in Nynäshamn, I’ve spent my entire weekend in the hearth of the Petersohn/Sundqvist family. They have been super nice to me and it really feels like a second home! I’ve mostly been up to all sorts of mischief with their two youngsters. A lot of Mario Kart and ping-pong tournaments hehe. The week just flew by in a blink of an eye! I’ve also met this gentlemen Robin in Ascend yesterday, who might be (if possible) and even bigger game enthusiast than myself. He got a very impressive collection of classic games.


Father and son

Nynäshamn is actually pretty nice!

Alvin went mayhem on this huge rock

And cleaved it in two!

Loving the stillness here

When I got home I had received a couple of new cool stuff. The Invasion shirt which basically sold out in no time! And also a new winter jacket. I know its Canada goose and you guys might think that’s fucking disgusting. Truth be told me and Ella bought similar jackets just to do that… disgust people. So they can point and yell:
and then we make an evil grin while they get smited by the mighty lords of the void and instantly vaporize. Sort of.

New EP on the way!

New jacket

Song of the day: Gojira – Vacuity


I will never be the son of man

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Big cogs are turning in the unguided machinery! The upcoming extended play is on the way and with it two steaming fresh tracks. A mind boggling question we’ve got from you guys, a couple of times now are; how this exquisite new release will be distributed? We’re not working with any label, at this point in time as you know. Meaning the EP will only be obtainable via our official web shop and live shows. It will both be an option with solely the EP, plus one bigger package with some other fun items in the usual manner. To celebrate these exciting times we’ve also made a t-shirt design to bridge the gap between Hell Frost and the coming EP/ALBUM era.  The Invasion shirt can be purchased already at the official web shop! The design is made by Helen over at


The invasion has begun...

The Invasion shirt available here

Also don’t forget to vote for The Unguided to play at Metaltown 2013 here.


This weekend I and Ella have a guest in our family. The Cane Corso dog Strega! Since we both are too busy to have a dog fulltime. The Hamberg family, who are running a Cane Corso kennel, was generous enough to let us lend one of their wonderful dogs to us, over the weekend! Visit their website and read more about this lovely and very characteristic breed of dogs.

Strega Della Nerezza (Witch Of Darkness)

Two wonderful little witches!

Kitchen towel casuallities

Since the dog now is resting from a long walk, I’ll relax a bit with my barbarian in Diablo III!

The riddle... of steel

Song of the day: Sparzanza – The Fallen Ones