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I've seen the tempest in darkest nights

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The recordings of the new The Unguided album is coming along great and we have nailed vocals for almost 7 songs! Next weekend we’ll start on 3 more songs and then after that we’ll have two weeks off, until we finish vocal recordings with the final 2 songs. I and Roland are basically recording and producing everything ourselves and it’s a very creative and experimental atmosphere in the studio. Mr. Sällström slots in occasionally (to drink beer?) but since he’s very busy with other duties as well (to drink even more beer…); we’re spending most of the time alone. Some of the Roger’s project names for the songs are: Hinkpink, Kreig, Kvantum, Mandelskägg, Häggvert, Power and Räkfrossa. To name a few!  Obviously the songs have been ornamented with their proper titles by now, which will be revealed in time, but he’s one creative sucker when it comes to project names don’t you think? Hehe.

4th album with the SM7!

Sällström drinking beer

Roland laying down some of them brown notes

I've missed the west coast kebab, Falkenbergs Pizzeria <3

Signing shirts on our company meeting

Golden arches weekend diet...

Sällström getting them sound-sausages together, rare footage of him working

End of session "distress rocket"

The rhythm guitars for the album are as of now finished as well, Roger had a visit to Pärlby and Jonas Kjellgren’s studio this week to finish the last 3 songs.

SIR Shred-A-Lot

A married man

To celebrate the 100k views of the Betrayer Of The Code MV, we have released a combined intro video + music video of it now as well. Check it out here:

Betrayer Of The Code: Extended Version

The web shop have been updated with the “invaZion” shirt and as said earlier there’s a sale on old designs. Once the old “Hell Frost” designs sells out, we’ll make a new design out from the theme of the coming album! We’ve also announced a new gig in Trollhättan 24/5-13 at Backstage Rockbar.

invaZion shirt

At Valentine’s Day, I and Ella had a romantic evening at home with shrimps, white wine, roses and a delicious dinner! We had some ambitions to hit the movies, but since I had worked from early morning, I was pretty certain that such event; would merely an expensive sleeping ticket hehe. We had a mutual agreement that to stay sharp at home instead, close to coffee and its precious caffeine was the best option here. I love her with all of my heart <3


<3 <3 <3 

It’s not us being creative in the studio at the moment. You have been extremely creative little wraiths as well! Just look at this:


By Benjamin Clarke

By Isaac Estevez

Stomach tattoo on Matias Diez

The Unguided logo by Rich Slieker

Pathfinder quote on Terryn Fredewell

Song of the day: Stormwarrior – Heading Northe


All the seats are taken in the house that makes the rules

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It was certainly a productive weekend in the studio! I and Roland almost finished all the work we had planned. Almost! We will continue the vocal work on the coming The Unguided album, this coming weekend. It’s still too early to say what this really is going to sound like. There’s a lot of questions from you. Like; if the new material is going to be in the same vein as Hell Frost or not, If the EP songs gives a good idea of the album or not? I’m not sure to be fair. But I know for fact, that one of the songs we did this last weekend; was a bit more experimental. And the other one you will hopefully recognize yourselves in, now when you’re familiar with our sound. But still, these are very exciting times!


Two hairy producers

Roland and Sällström

Roland energizing himself

On our journey from Stockholm to Halmstad, where the studio; Sällström audio is located (and back again.)  I and Ella almost listened to the entire Blind Guardian - A traveler's guide to space and time box set, in a row. That’s 15 CD’s of pure metal legacy right there! What an incredible collection indeed. Even if I’ve heard the songs, the past fifteen years hundreds if not thousands of times already; they are truly timeless and that particular band never ceases to amaze me. We have a huge surprise for you on the coming album. And I’m itching to open my jaws (of death) to tell you all about it already. But I will not hehe.


Lips are sealed, save from cream buns

We’ve announced a couple of new cities to the Command & Conquer Tour 2013:
19/4 KAJSKJULET - Halmstad – SWE (FB event)
18/5 STEAKHOUSE - Söderhamn – SWE (FB event)


C&C Tour 2013 

Also I got this version of The Unguided Crest made by a Dutch fan. I think it’s pretty wicked!


By: Rich Slieker

Also my friend Niklas Bjelvén from RACKARTYGARNA wrote some nice words (in Swedish) in their blog here. Thank you man!


Flying friend

Song of the day: Skyclad – The parliament of fools


Din rädslo äro större än att bliva rovdjursföda

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In my usual manner, I initially will apology, for the fact that I rarely update the blog. But it has its very apparent reason in the constant work on the new The Unguided album. I’m having a lot of fun with the lyrics to the new songs and the creativity is flowing! Currently I have lyrics to 8 out of 12 songs finished (including Singularity and Eye Of The Thylacine.) And this weekend I will travel down to Halmstad and Sällström Audio, to meet up with Roland and start the vocal tracking. There’s still a long journey ahead of us, but instead of rushing the progress, a bit like we did on Hell Frost, we are going to take our time on this one.  A pre-summer release is at this point unrealistic and we’ll simply just have to see when everything is finished. There are some absolutely amazing songs to come and I’m dying to get them out to you!

As said before, some of those songs will be a bit more thematic than the majority of songs you found on Hell Frost. They will directly continue the story of Where The Frost Rose Withers, Singularity and Eye Of The Thylacine. From a temporal point of view; some of them take place after those songs, some before and some right in the between of them really. I don’t think they will be chronological placed out on the album since it more comes down to the flow of the music, when we decide the running order. But I have an ambition to at least get the first and last song right. At this point there are four more songs revolving around that theme and I’m sure there will be a couple of more once the lyrics are entirely complete. What does all this mean then? Well, basically that the majority of the album will be a concept-album.


The Book Of The Unguided

I got a great sketch from a fan the other day. Really skilled with that pen, thanks a lot! For whoever missed it there’s also a sale on Hell Frost related t-shirts in our web shop (save from the actual album shirt.) and also the tour with dEMOTIONAL and Smash Into Pieces, will be receiving a couple of more dates soon. If you are going to the Stockholm or Gothenburg show, please get your tickets and join the events on Facebook.

Sketch by "Chelsea Grin"

Also, I got this baby the other day. Rumors say it’s completely sold out by this time (limited to 8000 copies.) And this is by far the most awesome box set I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I will dig into it this evening!

Blind Guardian - A Traveler's Guide To Space And Time


Last week I was on-call at my job, so had some time to hang out with my buddy Robin in Ascend!  He had invested in a custom made lefty Fender bass guitar. That will certainly make Nils Henric Liljensparre proud.


Lefty powah!

Song of the day: Otyg – Trollslottet