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This is more of a Q&A entry but still want to mention a few things before we go into those juicy questions!

The Unguided - The Worst Day (Revisited)

First song of the upcoming The Unguided album “Lust and Loathing” is now out in the shape of a lyric video. If that one won’t make you pre-order the beast of an album. Nothing will! Check out the 3 bundles here.

Short snippet from the upcoming music video included!

Adrenaline Cruise 2016 with Amaranthe, The Unguided and Smash Into Pieces is closing it with big elk steps. Don’t miss the first show of the band 2016 at 8-9/1 (tickets here) and same goes with the Örebro gig during the evening of 9/1 (tickets here). 

Mental Issues - Smoke & Mirrors

Someone might have seen the Stockholm band Mental Issues when they were opening for us during “Fragile Immortality” at two occasions in Stockholm? Well; they are now topical with a music video just and asked if I could lend them my pretty face (on the condition that it was covered). The result was released just yesterday. Check it out here above!

Here’s the Q&A, have a wicked Xmas everyone!!!

Send your questions to:

Q: Do you know what happened to Deathaction? Did they break up? Their website is down and “The Diaries” was taken off from Spotify/iTunes/Amazon. They're still on Facebook and Twitter but they don't respond to any messages.
No idea what Sergey and the guys are up to, sorry. Doesn’t look like any news since 2014, so might be on hold as you are saying. I knew he said he was stopping with music at one point, but not sure whatever that was true or not. Good people that! Maybe you can try to ask Sergey directly here.

Q: So I have been listening to you guys since the first Sonic Syndicate album and was psyched to see this project come about when people started to leave SS. I have “kicked in” whenever you guys do kick starters/crowdfunding. Do you have any advice to a new artist? I have been doing music for years but finally recorded something with one of my friends where the quality was there for us to release. I mean we are up on ITunes, Amazon and others but right now we can’t play shows as I am in the military and deployed. So we have been doing our best to advertise online. We recorded this while I was deployed. My friend home in the states and me in the Middle East doing the vox. The band is Isolated Antagonist. If you get a chance check us out...
Hi there soldier! Cool to hear you are a longtime fan and that you’ve supported us during some of our crowdfunding sessions. Really nice of you being able to chip in. The band is grateful and so should the fans be! It’s because of people like you; music videos to “Betrayer of The Code” and “Eye of The Thylacine” was made possible for example.

I checked your band out on Spotify, and I do think it’s cool, whilst not entirely being of my own musical preferences. What I would suggest for a new band is to spend some money on proper studio recordings, or especially to get it mixed in a good quality studio. Because if the sound/demo is not up to today’s standards, people/labels will not bother anyway. Far too many up and coming bands do their recordings at home and let’s face it, even if they think it’s decent sounding, it’s still miles away from a mix in a proper studio. So throw your pride to the side here and just invest some money in that. Also, ask yourself; are we bringing something new and fresh to the market? And even if you don’t, do you have any aspect, nevertheless, that will be attractive to the crowds? I think this is often forgotten in new constellations and what people do is more trying to copy already existing concepts. It’s hard to impossible, to be original, but at least try to have something unique and own. I’d suggest to sit down with your friend and discuss this first and foremost, and maybe have a couple of friends, that like this kind of music, to weigh in, since in a band, you might not be as objective as you should, to your own material or concept. Food for thought! Other than that, keep up the good work bro. 

Q: I'm a big fan of your group and I love your music very much. You are really awesome and I hope that you will be very successful. My whole family likes your music and you're one of the best groups in the world!!! ;D
Dude! That’s one awesome family. May your bloodline have many descendants with equally good taste!


Q: To start off; I want to say that my English is very...special ...sorry. So I just want to know if your group will come to Paris because I know a lot of your fans who want to see you IRL. - From your BIGGEST French fan.
A: French fans! How lovely! Your English is fine (and way better than my French hehe). I know this question was sent in before the horrible events in Paris during November this year. But even with that in mind I do love Paris, and I’d absolutely love to play there again, and especially have the first gig ever with The Unguided in France. But I think there’s things in Europe that needs to be taken care off before putting our fans, ourselves and our crew in danger. Music is fun and The Unguided is a great hobby for us. But we are not eager to risk our lives over it, just to do some statement. I hope the world will recover to its full senses eventually and that everyone do whatever they can to relieve, the ongoing, mad climate.

Q: I've been a big fan of yours since your Eden Fire album with Sonic Syndicate and first off want to say how much I love your music, as your one of the few bands I buy actual albums and merchandise from. A lot of your songs inspire the ideas I am using in a series of books I'm writing, this being said though; I've never had a chance in seeing you live. I was just curious if there was any ideas for you to come to the UK for a chance for your UK fans to see you.
Thanks for the support! Actually I noticed a London gig on a first draft of our upcoming tour, which would be the first UK gig for The Unguided. But in the second draft it was scrapped, so not really sure what happened. I’ll investigate. I’m not too familiar to whatever we have a bit of a following in UK or not, but I for one definitely would think it appropriate with a London gig in connection with the new album!

Q: Ages ago you mentioned that you used to play a lot of “Magic The Gathering”. So here's one for the blog: Give us your full history with Magic! When did you start? From which block? When did you stopped playing if stopped at all? What decks you used to play or still play? Which kind of deck you like to run and stuff. Give me EVERYTHING! I personally have just got into EDH and like the game a lot!
There’s no fooling you! I’m a big fan of MTG, even if I haven’t played it too any serious extent for years and years. I still have a soft spot for it through. Back during our Fallen Angels days as early as 2002-2004, I even named our demo; “Black Lotus”, inspired by MTG. And when I did the artwork for the demo, I kind of replicated the Black Lotus illustration from that particular (legendary) MTG card. I know I fancied black, fairly fast decks, with a bit of “rush” tactics, but a few really heavy cards. My favorite card was Baron Sengir. My time with Magic must have started off with Fourth Edition, because I remember “Ice Age” was fresh on the market. So that was 1995. Then I progressed towards Fifth Edition 1997, which probably was around the time I stopped. If not a few years later. My favorite card from fifth edition was probably “Deflection”. I don’t think I saw much of the Sixth Edition (classic) released in 1999.

Black Lotus origin

Q: I'm from Germany from Aachen. I want to ask you if The Unguided Come to Germany next year (2016)? Maybe near Aachen or Cologne. The last time we saw you was 2013 in Frankfurt.
Once the album is out, I’m sure Germany will definitely get their fair share of The Unguided since that’s undeniably our best market. See you soon!

Q: You guys are amazing and your prior band Sonic Syndicate was great before you guys left and started up The Unguided. You brought back that old sound that the new Sonic Syndicate is missing. My friend; John Morris and I look up to you guys you give us inspiration and we hope to be as good as you guys someday. We are literally starting from nothing! John is still learning guitar and I've played drums for a while, but the sound you bring is so much more unique from example any US band I've heard. Please come play in the US people would love you, your tone is way different than most and with today’s generation it’s hard because over here they listen to a lot of pop/rap but there are still metal-heads in this nation such as myself I'd love to see you guys solo but if you did tour with another band then; The Sorrow, would be amazing they also have never toured in the US (at least not to my knowledge). Anyways just wanted to say keep up what you're doing because there’s not a single song I don’t like from you guys!
It’s an honor! Would be rad to play with the gentlemen in; “The Sorrow”, for an US tour. But the economy to go to US play a couple of show is not really working out for us I’m afraid. To be frank, we’re a small band with small means, we are trying to work Europe as much as we can since it makes sense to travel and play here for us, as we are located in Sweden. This doesn’t rule out US, but the most realistic would be a like a festival gig of some sort, rather than a tour. You’ll have to keep naming us to festivals you enjoy there!

Q: Wow! Is you Richard The Unguided? You best of world! I ‘am ask some questions; talk me is story albums and spoke about previous albums? Are they myths or what? And thank you my name is Abdel Moneim, firstborn of Egypt Cairo and admire you and other teams that I've been previously, even loved him very wonderful voice
nyny, firstborn of Cairo. It’s good to have some fresh tidings from the cradle of vampiric-life in this day and age. I do hope the spirit of Amel is treating you nicely and that Ra is keeping his pesky rays away from your self-igniting flesh. All of the unguided stories are indeed true. It just happened in different ages, universes (or are even yet to come?). May the night be with you my friend! Hetep Hena Ten.


Q: What’s up Richard? I recently ran into your music and I am loving every single track I crossed Can you please tell me what the phrase; "you always sent flies to wounds you should have healed" mean, in the song Eye of the thylacine”? Thanks in advance and greetings from Mexico.
Arriba senior! This sentence in the chorus is really a reprimand to humanity. Especially in the sense of extinct animals. Mankind is usually not bettering himself, when standing at the verge of disaster. And flies are known for carrying diseases, so instead of mending the apparent wounds, which should be the main concern here, they are only doing it worse by; “sending flies to wounds they should have healed” thus adding a chance of having the damage; infected and the possibility of the victim’s wound being fatal is multiplied with whatever big deal of percentage of your choosing. Like the poor Thylacine. Really what we are doing with the planet and global warming right now. +12°C in December, in SWEDEN!? And I’m just sitting here writing blogs, when I should be out there breathing on suffering plants...

Q: I love The Unguided crest. I'm wondering if it has any meaning because a neckless with the crest is currently being made.
I know you are done with the necklace, so this is answered a bit retroactive. Sorry for not getting this information to you in time! Anyway; The Unguided crest, is a symbol of cows and their many stomachs. In the crest there’s actually an accurately portrayed picture of the abomasum. The fourth and final stomach of the cow. We love cows, we think they bring a lot of good to the word. In certain countries and religions they are even viewed as holy. And in ancient computer games, there were entire levels inspired by cattle. I think this tells a lot, and we have a lot to learn about these extraordinary animals.

The Abomasum

Q: In the song Oblivion when you say: "fatal blow them one last kiss" Roland says something I cannot understand exactly what it says? ‏
Roland sings "the fallen angel" at the spot you describe.

Q: It's been a loooong time since I've interrogate you about anything concerning the story of THE BOOK OF THE UNGUIDED (if that's still how you plan to call it xD) But now that the release date is set along with everything that we can get from the pre-orders It's time for another Q&A! I know it's too soon to answer most of the questions so I just hope you can answer a few of them along the way 'till the new album is out :B
I’ll do my best! And it’s still called “The Book of The Unguided”.

Q: How many songs belong to the story?
There’s 5 songs (excluding Judgment & Mercy) on “Lust and Loathing” that revolves around the concept. Which means there will be a total of 15 songs (including Judgment & Mercy) based on “The Book of The Unguded” in the bands custody.

Q: Are these songs in order?
They are! “Enraged” and “Black Eyed Angel” is pretty much happening at the same time, but they are both like follow ups to where; “Oblivion”, left you. “Phobos Grip” is more of a side story I’d say, it’s the sequel to “Unknown Entity” and is dealing with the “Inception”-music video characters and their vendetta. So that particular song might not be chronologically following the timeline, like the rest. “Operation: E.A.E” and the grand finale; "Hate (And Other Triumphs) definitely are however.

Q: Who is the guy on the ENRAGED t-shirt?
That’s the synthetic character from the “Inception”-video and Hong’s “Inception”-sketches. Just without the mask and robe, as he have been heavily battle-scarred from pretty much soccer “heading” a nuke.

Darth Einstein

Q: Is ENRAGED the next single?
“Enraged” might or might not be the next single.

Q: Is the Lyric line "Everyone is haunted by the past, few get the opportunity to change it " from ENRAGED?
No, that line is from “Black Eyed Angel”.

Q: When will the new music video come out?

Q: What did you guy’s decide about releasing acoustic versions of the songs, as bonus tracks?
Still in the talks! But it was not possible for this album. We went for live version bonus track this time around. As we already had that material.


Q: Will we ever get to read THE BOOK OF THE UNGUIDED?
The entire story is included in the booklet of the coming album. Feels scary! You’ll eventually have to give me feedback on whatever you want a continuation of it or not, on coming albums. As I’ve left some doors open in the story to expand on.

Q: That's it for now, I'll come out with more once the new single and the album get released. I'm really anxious to hear the new music and read the LYRICS :B Thanks for your awesome work and dedication! Grettings from mexico! UNGUIDED WE STAND!!
You are in for a ride!

Q: Good to hear news about new album, can't wait to hear it. Have no doubt it's good since you always try hard to make the best result possible. Made a reference list on tracks from it (it's in attachment), not sure about Heartseeker and Boneyard, guess they may just be new titles. For some reason I kind of expected a Brown Eyed Angel instead of Black eyed one. By the way, in previous mail when I said that "When all the seraphim cry" is a reference to "Prelude to extinction", I meant that it's the reference to the line "When all demons scream", sorry for not making it clearer.
I’ve reviewed your references and I’m afraid it’s not 100% accurate this time around. 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 is spot on obviously. I guess “The Worst Day (Revisited) is more leaning towards “My Escape” and does not have anything to do with “Hellgate: Worcester”. “Phobos Grip” doesn’t have any relation with “Power Shift” either. “Boneyard” could vaguely be viewed as a “Dead Planet” thematic song, but it’s the same vein as “Inherit The Earth” and “Eye of The Thylacine” as well (it’s not a concept song as EOTT however, it’s a global problematic song). But yeah, I didn’t have “Dead Planet” in mind for the title when I wrote it, it’s more of a coincidence. Good thinking nevertheless!

Refrences as interpreted by Козлов Кирилл

När Världen Gav Vika

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Haven’t really been motivated to do anything with this for the longest time. As you surely can tell with the latest entry being in February. But now with a new album; "Lust And Loathing" coming out in February and all, it’s inspiring times and probably time to break the silence.

Easter Promotion 2015

It’s been an awfully long process with the new album, not sure if we saw an end to it at all earlier this year. But once again we surprised ourselves and pulled through! And the result is remarkable. I mean really! It’s something extra this time around. I’m not going to reveal much, but you will notice it soon enough. 3 options are available as pre-orders (King Size, Queen Size & Unity Size) and can be found in the official web shop here.

"Lust and Loathing" Pack III - Unity Size

Roger, Rille and Henric did an amazing job in Hansen Studios together with producer Jacob Hansen. Here’s some pictures from my brief visit during one of the weekends:

In the cabin

Located right in a swamp!

Roger warming up

Henric warming up Jacob

Volbeat warming up in the heart of Ribe

Beautiful town that!

With ruthless gatekeepers

The religion was strong

Jeroen's Dutch heart missed home

Forever alone... it's his destiny

Magnificent Mandø

"Home", "Survive", clearly different views of this food place. 

Of course Roland and myself did our share for the records as well. Together with producer Christian Svedin, we murdered in them vocals in Studio Haga.

Christian gettin' jiggy wit' it

Dance shoes engage

Roland singing


Screamy time, back to condensor mic after 3 albums of SM7

Beautiful view

Replaced Christians throne during his short absence

He didn't even notice...

Female British accent captured on the album 

We also did a bunch of vlogs from the recording, since people have been really eager follow the studio work. Hope you enjoyed what we put together for you!

Studio vlog Pt.1 (Drums)

Studio vlog Pt.2 (Guitars)

Studio vlog Pt.3 (Bass)

Studio vlog 2014 (Fallen Angels EP)

Making of "Eye of The Thylacine" Music Video

Don’t miss the upcoming gigs! Today in Falkenberg, will be the last gig for 2015, and then the first couple of 2016 shows will be at Adrenaline Cruise with Amaranthe & Smash into pieces (among others) and also Örebro with Amaranthe.

Fan art by: René Selzer 

2015-12-12 - Falkhallen - Falkenberg - SWE (Tickets)
2016-01-08 - Adrenaline Cruise - Stockholm - SWE (Tickets)
2016-01-09 - Ritz Nightclub - Örebro - SWE (Tickets)

Fan art by: Bobi SH

This year we’ve had the album recording in full focus and took it extremely easy on the live gigs. But here’s a few pictures from the ones we did do, first out Kungsbacka in March:

The arrival

Halmstad United

Bro point!

One of the many faces of Roland Johansson

Rehearsing backstage


Kungsbacka 28/3-15

We also did one festival gig north of Sweden (not north enough according to some fans apparently haha, sorry!) For this gig we got help from our good friends; Adam Sörbye (Smash Into Pieces) and Jonathan Thorpenberg (EMPRESS & Faithful Darkness), since Roland was on vacation and could not participate during this particular show. These guys rocked hard and it was fun day indeed!

Practice in Nynäshamn

With Jonathan, Roger and fellow rocker Robin Niklasson (Ex-Ascend)

Chilling the fuck out in Nynäshamn

Unguided family

Jonathan got some "seven days" The Ring shit going on here

On our way to Ljungaverk

Roger on his way to the land of rainbows and unicorns

At location, here in front of a sexy car

Beer is essential



Solving quantum physics equations


Stage time!

The Unguided + trainees live on stage!


Adam in action

Fun, fun, fun

Roger showing who's the boss

Jonathan shredding away

Tank being tank!

I’ve got a lot of fan art and whatnot, figured I’ll use this as a bit of hall of fame for the fans, so here you go:

Tatt on: Argenis Martinez

Brandon Sallot

Keegan Bowes

Norman Wittner

Vn Lvst

Taylor Clayton (Nightmareland number and variant of triple solar symbol)

David Pellegrini, Cool boi, Happy boi!

Saša Drmić

By: Ryo Maruyama

Use what!? By: Ryo Maruyama

Ryo Maruyama

Mom and grandma have also graced me with their presence in Stockholm last May. Very energetic ladies that requires my full attention at all times to not get bored in the capital of Scandinavia.

R2-D2 wins

Boat to Sandhamn

Happy ladies

Reintroduction in their natural habitat

Stand back! I'm going to try technology...


Rosendals Trädgård


Torö Stenstrand

Mom goes ballistic

Grandma chilling

Sign of the Hammer!

As for life, from when we last talked in February up to now, I’ll just say; buy the album. It’s all there hehe. Here’s my favorite pictures from the year:

Paid for yet another one!

Miss you forever!!! <3

Aries In A Woe - Nynäshamn

Mayflare - Nynäshamn

Ylvis - Ericsson Globe

The hero of the year

Another one

Besserbitch - Kägelbanan

Total Jävla Mörker - Kägelbanan

Satyricon - Nalen

First proper Soccer game. DIF Vs. FFF

Hi Falkenberg! >=)

New city wins over the old city :/

Best birthday cake ever!

In Örebro to see Blind Guardian

Hansi Kürsch

Blind Guardian

Best show of the year

Our cousin's graduation!


Black jack!

Gröna Lund with merchmaster Cat!

Gone fishin'...

Jeroen checking out Djurgården

Ballance in the force

New friends!

Carnifex - Getaway Rock Festival


Lawyer time
Verran16 golfing it up!

Quite the bowler!

Friends! New and old

Along came the horses


"Litha's moon gleams high o'er the tallest oak"

Onwards to Sandhamn!

<3 <3 <3

Mandatory sparkly drinks

This is our beach

Åkersberga gang

Karaoke action

Gloson - Undergången




Breaking the (Asian) law


Nice hat!

This one; I love to bits

Cutest horse ever

Taking my war steed Agnes for a ride

You know I'll do anything for you when you look at me like that

Mom couldn't stay away from Stockholm

Jersey boys musical

It was actually really good! 

"Who You Gonna Call?" Halloween party

You are no match for Ghostbusters + Scarface!

Voivod, Napalm Death, Obituary and Carcass - Klubben Fryshuset

Horse show!

Song of the day: Steelwing – Och Världen Gav Vika