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Q: Hi lord Richard! First I want to thank you again for being so open with the fans and sharing the story of the book of the unguided in the coming album!:D You're the best! :B
My pleasure!

Q: Anyway, I want to ask you about how you take care of your voice nowadays. You see, lately I've been sick of flu and having a lot of chough and it just seems whenever it goes away it's only a matter of days for it to come back! And yeah it's most likely me not being all too cautious now that the winter is upon us. But, since it stops me from signing correctly and do my breathing exercises, I'm sick (duh.. xD) and tired of it! So I come to you hoping you can share some of your wisdom on how YOU take care of your voice (especially in this cold times) and what is the best and quickest remedy to do when you get sick too! Please, even the more obvious detail that I might had ignore.
To be honest, I don’t really get sick all that often. So I don’t have to struggle too much with this. I however had a go with something, which was pretty bad, during a show in February. Not sure what exactly it was; but at least I had fever and a bad cold that was super focused on my throat. What I did is that I went to the Doctor and said I’ll need to go on stage and use my voice the day after basically. He got me a king’s ransom of various pills and I just followed his instructions and popped them before show. I have to admit, I barley even remember that show, but it sure took me through it haha. I wouldn’t recommend that through, since you can wreak havoc on your throat, whilst screaming, if you don’t really have the correct contact with your vocal cord and is not able to feel when it hurts hence of painkillers. However; to me it seems like when you are on tour, you go into some survival mode, and it’s not until you get home from it and you relax a bit you get sick. I’m rarely sick on tour. Tee, honey and hot water works well for my throat if I’m a bit soar. Save from my Zen of Screaming warm-ups, a determination to stay away from hard liquor before shows (and on tour in general) plus an iron will not to talk too loud off-stage, I don’t do much vocal care. But I’ve noticed some change in the durability of my voice during recent years, whatever it have anything to do with me rehearsing/playing less shows than pre-The Unguided days or it’s just the fact I’m getting older I can’t really tell haha. Life hack: BE.CAREFUL and DON’T.PUSH.IT! No need to wreck your shit.

Told ya!

Q: Glad to see I made it to the Q&A video! Happy to see your re-engagement as well. What's the model of your mouse in that video? Good for gaming?
Thanks buddy! I’m happy too haha. It’s a CM Storm Devastator. And I definitely like it! Came with the computer I bought 2014. But I wouldn’t really be able to tell whatever its super good, just good or average. You see, I’m not really a pro-gamer. Merely a gamer! But I had my fair share of slaying demons in Diablo with it so it works for that!

Q: Today I want to share with you the EP of my band, HOSTEM! It's a 4 song (homemade...kind of?) EP with 2 of them in Spanish and the other 2 in English! I'd like to know your thoughts on it, the good and the bad, what you think we can improve and so on. I wrote the melodies of the first two ("Incursion" and "Hacha Loca") and only the lyrics of Incursion! Since the other songs were made before I joined the band. Here's the link (all lyrics next to the song title).

And before you say it; I know we are out of tempo! But the whole thing with the metronome in the band it's a whole different story and it's something we are working on. The EP was mostly recorded so we had some material to share and an example of what kind of sound we are aiming for. If you liked it here is the Live session we did of another song (the first one I wrote melodies and lyrics for the band!)

Haha this is crazy man. Very punk ;) My sheet of advice would be to try to up the production and get it mixed in a proper studio (I apologize if that’s what you did…) It might cost a bit of money sure, but it will be worth your while (and the listeners). You know, as always, it’s about presentation! If you want a real opinion from someone, the production must be somewhat close to what they are used to, so they can relate and weigh it to some familiar source. I wouldn’t really be able to tell whatever this is good songs or good musicians, which have something to them, because the production is not as good as I would expect it to be. Hence I only focus on the bad production. Sorry bro! Here’s a studio that I warmly recommend that do mixing/mastering jobs. He did everything for us at the “Fallen Angels” EP and also recorded the vocals for “Lust and Loathing”. I’m sure he would be able to help.

Q: First and foremost, I want to thank you for answering my question in the Unguided Christmas Special last year.  It means a great deal that, not only do you (and the rest of the band) release behind-the-scenes content for your fans, but you also take the time to listen to feedback and answer questions.  I truly respect the music you all release, and I am eagerly awaiting the third album.
As long as you support and respect us, we’ll always return the favor obviously. We love to get down and dirty with the fans and listen to what you have to say about the band. However since we are individuals ourselves and have 5 different wills of our own with whatever dynamic that includes, we cannot always guarantee we’ll be on the same page with everything. And as long as you, in the property of a fan, respect that; in the end it’s going to be our call with what we do with our creativity. We have an understanding! May this relationship forever live long and prosper.

Bow to thee

Q: I wanted to message you to follow-up on your response to my question about the name of the album.  When I asked that question, I was envisioning these first three The Unguided albums to be direct references to each of the first three SoSy albums.

"Hell Frost" made perfect sense as a contrast to "Eden Fire", but "Only Inhuman" took a bit more thought on my part, to make it contrast with "Fragile Immortality". On the surface, they mean the same thing, like you pointed out in the video.  However, if you think about the reference each phrase makes... to say you are "Only Inhuman" is like saying you cannot die, even if you wanted to.  Your existence is beyond that of human life.  A transcendent lifeform; and that's all you are.  On the other hand, if you have "Fragile Immortality", then you're saying that your life can be taken at any moment, without warning.  Your immortality is dependent upon an outside source.  You're transcendent only as long as the strings hold you in place.

With that thought process, it seemed like an obvious choice that the title of the third album would directly contrast LAOD, which is why I questioned "Lust and Loathing".  In retrospect, I might have been overthinking things, to get myself to that point.  In any case though, I just wanted to address the reason behind my question. Once again, thank you, and have a wonderful morning/day/evening!
Love your analysis! Great read.Originally I think I was stuck in the idea you are suggesting here. The album titles being the perfect contrast to their respectively Sonic Syndicate album. Meaning something in the lines of “Hell Frost”, “Only Human” and “Hate and Other Triumphs”. But somewhere along the line it felt more like a parody rather than an inspiring element of the albums. I indeed think it worked really well with “Hell Frost”. But on the sophomore however, I tried to be a bit more creative with the title and eventually named it; “Fragile Immortality”. And as you say it could be viewed as both the same thing and the contrast if you think a bit more into it. But what I intended for it was rather for it to have the same meaning as the old title as that made more sense tied to the story. And that went on with Lust and Loathing. Thus it both had the reference included and it was interlinked with the story. Remember; the story began with Hell Frost and “Where The Frost Rose Withers” but it wasn’t finalized until a year later or so. This changed how I had to flank this since it meant I had two criteria’s to regard rather than only the original one. 1 = Having the throwback value of the old title and 2 = Tie in well with the progressing story. So this was my reasoning on the topic and for me what took the front seat here; was the story (my present work) instead of the perfect reference (my past work). I made a compromise.

Q: Would be great if you've time and listen to and tell me your opinion about the new album of Hopelezz “Sent To Destroy”.
Haha this is funny. Since this was sent in, we’ve been on tour together with the Hopelezz guys and I even jumped in to belt out a song with them live. I like the album! Especially “Borderline” which is the song I learned and sang!

Hopelezz feat. Rich

Q: I've got a question about lyrics in The Worst Day (Revisited). Could you please explain what does the line "Only a varied haul before the bad one" mean? I don't know if my English's not as good or it has a figurative sense, but I can't seem to understand what it means :(
In its context it means that the bad end will come eventually and that there’s no such thing as a happy ending in a greater perspective. If not a series of inconvenient events happens in your life, good for you! However; death will find you eventually, which must be equal to “bad” in the majority of the population’s book. Well, the ones with any sense of self preservation.

Q: Also, great job on the song Enraged. The video seems a bit overloaded with particles and flashing lights to be honest, but the song turned out to be pretty great, the important thing being that it's easily re-listenable, and each time you listen to it, you can notice another interesting little things about it that you didn't realize before.
Cool that you like the song and the video. Regarding the particles and stuff, there was an idea from our side, that the band’s faces wouldn’t really be visible until the last chorus of the video. To make it a bit more arty and not following the rules of the conventional music video. I think Patric did what he could with the idea, but eventually scrapped the “show no face” thing, since it would make the video too annoying and the viewer is not really getting what he or she expect (thus making them enraged? HA!) But I still think the particles adds to the value of it being a bit subjective and how it’s such a release when it opens up in the end. I’ve read some comments about people not liking the effect and “blames” Patric for it. But if there’s someone to blame, it’s the band’s silly ideas. Patric did an outstanding job as always!

Q: ENRAGED! I love just the fresh sound it has! I said before it remind me of old SS, but that's probably just Roland’s voice on the verses It kind of sounds like the way he sang Jack of diamonds acoustic :b. My favorite parts are probably the solo and the lines you sing after it! “All is fair in love and war, all is fair in love and waaaar!!" I just love that melody! I kind of wish it was twice as long xD And the change(?) of melody in the chorus, when you sing "IN LOVE AND WAR" It just adds a fresh touch to all the other material we've heard before! Not only on ENRAGED but on The Worst Day too! And listening to the FA EP and this two songs, I feel closer to the full picture already! :D
Great that you enjoy Enraged! We like it a lot too.

Q: I'm having a hard time trying to understand the lyrics perspective of Enraged! Even though the artwork of the song helps, there's a few parts that get me confuse since it seems only the second verse corresponds to this guy's perspective. Am I right?
The character on the single artwork and the Enraged song itself does not have much in common actually, save from the fact that are entangled in the same story. The artwork is more a reference to the song Phobos Grip. "Enraged" takes place chronologically straight after “Oblivion” and it’s mostly sung from the king’s perspective.


Q: Is the “Enraged” guy another fallen angel too?
The character on the single artwork of Enraged, also featured in the “Inception” video (hooded figure doing the experiments on the female) and in one of the sketches where he’s ripping out the heart of some random mortal during the final resistance, is not a fallen angel. He’s a synthetic being.

Q: On the artwork of ENRAGED I saw the signature of K.H. Is this signature on the other artworks as well? I've been searching for it, but I’m afraid I might need a picture with higher resolution of them!
Haha good eyes! I’ve not noticed it on the other artworks. The wallpapers on the official website it good resolution pictures of the three artworks. Go fetch!

Q: I've read the novel, and tried to learn most of the lyrics a few hours ago (I'm almost there!;D) Straight out of the story here are a few questions I have for the blog. Is the Syndissiah (The robot on the cover of the album, carrier of the COG) the same character as the one standing on the ENRAGED artwork? If it's not, who is the one on the ENRAGED artwork?
They are not the same character physically. But as Syndissiah was connected with all the other synthetic beings, they do not really have a mind of their own either. So they are all the same individual, even if they are not bodily the same objects. They are like slave nodes to a master. But you know; historically, slaves have risen against their masters successfully and created a will of their own…

Q: In the story there's no mention of the Female character of Inception/Unguided Entity/Phobos Grip So it kind of leaves the doubt of; why did they cut her up? Is this one of those doors you mentioned to expand the story later?
This is one of the doors! But I think it was pretty obvious in the 2 songs, why there was experiment’s going on at the female character as she deviated and survived the initial nuclear cleansing. There’s something odd about this one!

Dude, you didn't have to cut me up?

Q: On Phobos Grip lyrics, the verse; "What information he retrieved of me, I do not know but they needed it badly. Know this, I’m not human, only human enough, but I’m wired directly to the core of this world" I can't tell if it's from the female character’s perspective, or the Syndissiah when the wraiths found out he had an adamantium shell, any help?
That’s from the female’s perspective. Suggesting a successful extraction of data during those surgical procedures portrayed in “Inception” music video. Astonishing!

Q: On Phobos grip and Operation: EAE there's a few mentioning about "souls". Phobos: “They must not establish an uplink, to this planet soul.” Operation: “All places, all things have souls, all souls can be devoured.” Is the whole thing with "souls" just a metaphor of THE COG or is there something else going on?
In Operation it’s subjectively speaks about how the most rigid and steadfast organism still encase a soul. In this case Syndissiah (including the cog). Remember! All souls. Can be. DEVOURED. haha In Phobos Grip there’s something else going on. Another one of those doors.

Q: On Mercy the lyrics seem to be more about the "act of mercy" that The Unguided King had towards the betrayer (before cutting his head off) than on the character Mercy himself. While Judgment on the other side seems to be about the character perspective after the execution of the betrayer and on his way of thinking once he has his throne on Zion. Am I right?
That’s not really true. Mercy and his motives is very little spoken about in the story itself. The lyrics however reveals more about his personality. It’s his view entirely and have nothing to do with The Unguided king. Even if the same perspective could be in line with the King. And at other times his mind is bent towards Judgments reasoning. It’s like a little angel and devil on either side of the brother’s shoulders.

Q: On the whole artwork of FA EP/LAL ALBUM, there's a few weird organic things on the ground as well as on Judgment's body, they kind of look alike to the "Heaven's Bane" Hammer are these things something in particular? Or just something K.H. added to fill in?
This is Kuang’s portrait of the metamorphosis process our wraith army is undergoing before turning to dark angels, which is described in the very end of the story. Even if it’s a bit “early” chronologically and the cocoons might be a bit out of scale. He still wanted to include them in the illustration. If you think about it, the wraiths and their development have been featured on every album illustration. Also, if you remember the booklet of “Love and Other Disasters”, cocoons kind of make sense as well, as some already appeared there. I like the detail. New life is evolving and I think that was the original idea why cocoons was featured at the LAOD album, you know from the Only Inhuman moth into the more humanoid being at LAOD, and that mindset is easy to apply here also. Perhaps you’ll eventually see what the wraiths hatch into and what a dark angel is like. 


Yes. Wait for the next album!

Q: I think those are all the questions regarding the story, I can't tell you how happy I felt when I got to read it beginning to end such a satisfying experience! I honestly don't want the conceptual themes to be gone after this. (Especially since at this point The Unguided King is kind of the mascot of the band! xD) But I guess it's up to the whole band to decide that, after all, unguided we were, unguided we will be...
It’s been decided that the story will be carried on at future albums. I’ve already written a new short story and have the key storyline figured of 2 more. 1 for each album in a new album trilogy.

Q: Coming from a lot of metaphorical lyrics, it was kind of weird to read things like: "when the fat lady finally sang" & "Forever looks awfully much like 4 years, 4 years 3 months and 9 days to be more precise, now you know kids" on Heartseeker, so did you feel those kind of lines were needed to be mention to respect the story of the song? (Without getting into your personal life or whoever's story this song is based on)
Haha not really. But it was sort of a relief to once again mold some humorous aspect into my lyrics. Which I haven’t been doing for quite some time and I used to do all the time in Sonic Syndicate. I think those are two pretty fun lines and I don’t mind them. But I’ll doubt you’ll be seeing much of it in the future even if you might see traces of smart assery and ironic elements. As always, I do not use profanity in my lyrics. I abruptly ended with it after Love and Other Disasters since I sought it a display of a limited vocabulary. Really, you can be more creative as a lyricist than that. But at times there’s fun to make some twists to your style. I can assure you something like this, hereunder, won’t be generated from my side again however haha:
“And she said I wish I could gather all my tears
And fucking drown you in them
Oh honey, I'm sorry you feel that way
I'll be sure to bring my scuba gear”

- Sonic Syndicate – Mission: Undertaker

Q: On King of Clubs, I can't understand if the lyrics are simply about this dispute between two persons or about a relationship that failed, or both! And what exactly does the nickname "King of clubs" means? (Again, without trying to get into your personal life)
On your first question it’s both really. The title; “King of Clubs”, is sometimes mistaken to have anything to do with nightclubbing, which I think is an outrageous interpretation. What it’s supposed to be symbolized is rather it’s meaning in fortune telling, the card; King of Clubs, is a symbol of loyalty among other things. The card said to be one that have great power but is not really aware of it. Outwardly cheerful but inwardly reserved. I think that added a good feel to the meaning of the song. I originally intended this song to be a conceptual song to the story and the King of Clubs, would be a reference to our main character. Which undeniably went really well with the meaning of the playing card itself. But I already got the key happenings of the story across and captured in other songs. When I listened to King of Clubs musically, it gave me a bit more personal feeling and during the time I wrote the lyrics it was really important to ventilate that side as well, so that’s what happened.

King of Clubs

Q: In the making of LAL, you mentioned that this time the melodies were going to be done after the instrumental is recorded and hopefully the whole band would sit down and together figure them out. Can you share how it was like? Did it turn out more difficult than the other way, or more natural? Did they all shared melodies they had in mind or was it more like you bringing them up and checking with them just where to put them? Was it more difficult having to match the lyrics to the melodies than the other way around? And do you think this is going to be the way to go in the future?
I’m pretty sure it’s almost 100% Roland’s melodies with some tweaks here and there. But what happened was that he send a reference of the melody before I wrote the lyrics, and not the other way around. This made way for a lot better chorus melodies that flowed better with the lyrics than if you work in a reverse way which is more about being lucky. I mean you have a strong melody, you know that for certain, and you can just add lyrics to it. Whilst if you have lyrics and try to base the melody around it, the melody might suffer a bit hence of it. Roland is such an amazing melody-generator haha. Extraordinary capability there! However we’ve been working a bit on new songs, and for those everyone have been working with the melodies, and we’ve tried everyone’s ideas to pinpoint the best ones. It’s pretty cool actually!

Q: Before I go. I want to share my thoughts on the album. I think the more important thing is that it sounds fresh and more varied than the ones before it I love the vocal arrangements, the way you mix the tones on Phobos grip screams and the way the screams sound very melancholic around some songs like Black Eyed Angel & Operation: EAE. Lyrics as always are MIND-BLOWING! It's hard to choose one song as favorite after Hate (and other triumphs) and I can't believe how perfect the first verse of that song is! It fits in my life at this very moment so well, it just reminded me of 2012 in January when you played WTFRW for the first time live, and on the day it got uploaded on YouTube, that day that song became one of the most meaningful songs in the soundtrack of my life! And now, 4 years later, here we are, with this grand finale and a chorus with words that touch deep and give the sensation of accomplishment to my heart! (I know, I get really emotional with this stuff xD) Thank you Richard and everyone else in the band for giving the best of each one of you on everything you do! Without your care and music, my life just wouldn't be the same.
Wow, this was a heartwarming read. Thanks bro! So glad our music inspire you this way.

Q: With Lust and Loathing released, I've got another few questions I'd like to ask. Don't worry, this time, I've got less of them, more related to The Unguided future and the album itself. So, here we go! The trilogy has ended. What are your plans for next releases? Are the songs again going to have some sort of story in it, or are they going to be about more or less random stuff?
The concept of having a story to base the lyrics on will carry on into upcoming albums, as said previously. I think Lust and Loathing had pretty good balance on conceptual songs and various other topics. It’s motivating and fun! So that’s definitely here to stay.

Q You mentioned that Lust and Loathing had more composers. Who made which tracks? Whoever composed Phobos Grip and Boneyard deserves...I don't know, but definitely something really good!
Hmm everyone is eventually getting their dirty fingers into each other’s material I’d say (did that come out weird?). But the very first shape of the instrumental songwriting, presented to the band, was as follows (if my memory serves me correctly): Roger = Enraged, King of Clubs, Phobos Grip, Black Eyed Angel, Operation E.A.E. and Mercy. Henric = The Worst Day (Revisited) and Boneyard. Rille = Heartseeker and Judgment. Drunk Roger and Rille = Hate (And Other Triumphs). We have to get the two of them drunk together more often!

Get to it!

Q: Can you tell me what bass Henric has used on Lust and Loathing? Is it the same as listed on your site, or has he got a new one? Well, that's all. I hope your next records will keep kicking asses. See you (hopefully) in April! :D
According to Henric it’s a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass. Whatever that means.

Q: I've made a new cover. This time War Eternal from Arch Enemy. I took this since I wanted to scream a little bit deeper and see how this sounds. Could you please give me a little feedback, because you know exactly if it's good or bad. :)
Listened and I think it sounds cool man! The only thing that bugged me a bit was it felt like there was some “plate reverb”-effect going on which was a bit annoying. Could be some sort of feedback of the mic as well. But yeah I’d look into that if I were you, it distracted from a more warm and crispy feel. Not sure what kind of equipment you have, but there were some dynamics that made it sound a bit demo-ish. Like you were moving away and around the mic. If you are not using any kind of compressor, you might want to look into that, to get the screams better balanced.

Q: I am a big Unguided-Fan from Stuttgart, Germany. Love the new Album, keep up the good work! Unfortunately I am still in the US until June for a study abroad semester, so I will miss your Germany-Tour, hope you'll come back. Now for my question: I know you're a huge Power-Metal Fan, therefore I guess you know the Band Firewind. What do you think of them? I stumbled across them a while back and think its great music.
We are coming back to Germany this Xmas! See you there ;) I’m not too familiar with Firewind to be fair. I’ll check them out!


Q: Wanted to ask you if you could maybe send me one or two instrumentals of the new songs. I really would burn for make a cover. I love the new Album.
Unfortunately there’s no instrumental tracks available of the new album.

Q: So I'm here to do the final push to that coming Q&A entry where I hope most of my doubt's will get clear xD And to do that I'm bringing one that could be my last question (before the next entry of course xD) - On the song Black Eyed Angel, after Roland sings "You know her..." What does the whisper voice says? (I believe it says "You've known forever...") And in the next line, does Roland sings "You've always known her" or just "You've always known..."? Anyway I guess that's it! See ya after the next blog xD
The whisper is a repeat on “Know her” and the second line is “You’ve always known her”. This verse is the best moment, for me, on this album. I love it!

Q: Hey Richard. My name is Tony Erlandsson, and I’m a big fan of yours from Norway. I went ahead and got my arm tattooed with an slightly altered version of The Unguided symbol.(Still a work in progress) I`ve been a fan of you since your early fallen angels days, and I hope you will keep making this amazing music for us. Now, to the reason I’m contacting you. I’m probably not the first to ask, but I was wondering if we were drawing any closer to the unraveling of the meaning of the Unguided Symbol. I know a lot of people are eager to know the meaning behind this awesome logo and would like to spread it out and know what to say when asked about it.
Loved the tattoo! Next album, the wait will be over!

Tony, I salute you!

Q: I just wanted to let you guys know that I enjoyed your show at Gorinchem. It was awesome! I also have a question for you. I'm planning to get a tattoo on my chest and I think the font of the band looks cool. Can I use it? If yes, where can I download the font from? Looking forward to your answer and seeing you perform again in the future! I wish you guys the best of luck!
Glad you liked the show! The font is a custom made one by Leah Eropkin. So there’s no entire font of the letters, just those letters I’m afraid. So if you can combine those to whatever it is you want to write, that would work. OR you simply just write The Unguided across your chest and everyone will be happy haha.

Q: I just want to say I really love your songs, every album you've done has been even better than the last, and I really love Hate (and other triumphs). But I was wondering, do you guys have any guitar tabs or tab books I can get/buy? I'd really love to learn a bunch of your songs, but a lot of the tabs online aren’t exactly accurate, and what better a place to get the correct ones that straight from the artists themselves^.^ Let me know! Thanks for your time, keep rocking!
I’m sure can help you with this!

Q: Long Time ago since I wrote last time. Only wanted to thank you again for the incredible shows on tour, your music and the new album which is with me every single day. When I hear the black eyed angel and "remember her how she should be remembered" (Eden Fire) it's a wonderful feeling. Or the meanings of lyrics of Boneyard. And so on in every single song of the album. The same happened with me in 2014 and 2011. You showed me how to love music! And I wanted to thank you and the whole band for that. I think this has to be done more often.
Getting words like this from the fans, which dig into our material and decipher the meaning of it, is like fuel to our creativity. Thanks for this! Cool that you got the Eden Fire reference.


Q: Hello guys! I'm a little YouTube who make World Of Warcraft PVP videos, I was wondering if I can use your Songs in them, as the Mekanism too songs, Ofc I will put your Facebook page in the description for the support n.n As I said I am a little you tuber who likes edition, music and PVP xD... So I wanted to have your permission to use some of your Songs in my videos, ofc I usually write the name in the video, also in the description of the video, a little band named "Ashes of my regrets" Already gived me the permission with that condition, show their Facebook link, so I did n.n Your songs really fit the ambient of the videos and At the moment I have 1.226 subs, You can check the YT Channel.
Well as YouTube is regulated now. I don’t see any reason why you can’t. You might want to ask the rightholders first meaning Despotz Records (Hell Frost) and Napalm Records (Fragile Immortality & Lust and Loathing) to not get your clips flagged or whatever, but from the band’s side, it’s cool!

Q: Love your work!! Really digging everything you guys have put out. I need some help and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction... I had one of your band shirts that I bought I think about 18 months ago... It had like an Arch Angel on it and was my fav shirt in the world. Anyways I have been doing a lot of travel for my job and have just moved house and can't find it... fucking devastated so much so this is my last resort. I have looked everywhere to try and buy a new one but am guessing it's no longer being printed. Any ideas on where if any where I could find one.

Sorry you lost your shirt! The “Defector DCXVI” shirt you are talking about was printed in regard to the “Fragile Immortality” album. And now when that album cycle is over, we do not reprint those shirt unfortunately. But if there’s any kind soul out there that want to sell his one to you, I’ve left your mail contact here ( get in touch! Best of luck.


Song of the day: AWOLNATION - Sail


When the air that we breathe becomes air that we choke

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They say that when you're unhappy, time crawls by. When you're happy, however... this year must have been very ecstatic. Last entry in December 2015!? And it does feel like yesterday. Well, well… to do the most of compressing the time in between that and present day, I’ll have the entry as photo montage format rather, for you not to get too bored with all the rambling.

Falkenberg show by the end of 2015. Photo by: Sussan 

Some The Unguided highlights to start off with! We have no less than 3 music videos out from the “Lust and Loathing” album since I last wrote on this space.

Top The Unguided songs from the fans

First out was the “Enraged” video made by famous Patric Ullaeus (Phoenix Down) featuring his second work for The Unguided since the formation of the band:

The Unguided - Enraged

There’s been a complementary “making of” video to go with that one you can find it here:

Making of Enraged 2015

Second one up was the “Operation: E.A.E.” video made again by 11Frames, which marked the fourth The Unguided video from their team. Very special one, since it was recorded in a live environment on a homecoming show in Falkenberg last year.

The Unguided – Operation: E.A.E.

The third and last one “Heartseeker” was also created by 11Frames. Featuring ex-Deathstars member Cat Casino and very talented Emelie Ohlsson among others. The song and video is bit different from our usual format! But it felt like the fans kept an open mind and really accepted this one as well, which makes us infinitely happy.

The Unguided – Heartseeker

Here’s some pictures from the recordings of these MVs.

Backstage at the Falkenberg show for Operation: E.A.E.
Bathroom shredding
Black metal banana
Cat Casino in da Roger's house during "Heartseeker" filming
Jose from 11Frames
Kitchen scene of "Heartseeker"

It was an awesome release of Lust and Loathing, an album that in regards to recent polls is the number 1 fan favorite to date. It’s great to see that all the hard work for it paid off eventually! Also on the live side of the band we’ve been doubling our efforts 2016. Most cleared gigs a year since start, by far, and the year is not even over. 2017 we’ll see if we can double it once more, shall we?

Did you get the album?

New one is the winner!

(WANDER)LUST & LOAD-IN tour diary

We’ve recently announced a Xmas tour in Germany “WILD ESCALATION DURING SANTA’S VACATION” with our brothers and sisters in Deadlock, Dagoba, The Duskfall, Smash into Pieces and Cabin Boy Jumped Ship. Tickets are out now here.

I think by now we have a pretty good idea where we want to take the band and there’s a very interesting journey ahead of us these coming months. You’ll just have to sit tight!

The Unguided in Augsburg, Photo by: Mara Nemn 

Regarding the “Lust & Loathing in Europe” spring tour we’ve documented it well and here’s some pictures that was made from my own perspective:

First and only rehearsal
In Halmstad!
Roger's power stance
Tour edition of the band feat. Jonathan Thorpenberg and Jonas Vilander
First show in Malmö
We're in good hands!
Massive setlist.
Making new undead friends (Eyes Wide Open)
Suit up!
Second show. Leipzig!
Merch always looking good with Cat behind the levers.
Berlin sundown.
Berlin pre-show work out on the hostel.
Our van was mocking us!
Trainees in action
May humanity never forget. Important visit at Auschwitz before the band's first show in Poland.
Jonte pulling off that Captain Morgan pose.
United we stand, divided we fall.
Super Mario Bros!
A huge square to circle in České Budějovice
This never get's old for a Swede in Austria
Arnold Museum
Governator at work
-"Conan! What is best in life?" -"To crush your enemies..."
Happy Graz hangs!
Some Game of Thrones stuff in Germany
The entire touring party in Essen
The bestest ginger; Martin, honored us with his presence in Holland
So much love in this pic! Crew <3

Thank you so much for coming out to support The Unguided!

We’ve also had some great one-off shows during the year and here’s some pics from those events:  

The fans showing their cleavage
Jonas performing Spineshank at the karaoke
The Hof overlooking the soundcheck at Adrenaline Cruise
Guitarists being guitarists at Silja
Showtime Adrenaline Cruise
First show with Jonte at guitars & vocals
Örebro with Amaranthe and Smash into Pieces
Falkenberg release party "Lust and Loathing"
Downtown in Falkenberg release party
Special guests A Silent Escape at Stockholm release party
Special guests dEMOTIONAL at Stockholm release. We also had Deceptic, didn't find any pics :(
The Unguided Stockholm release show

Metal town: Indoors 

Metal Town : Indoors, photo by: Cat
Setting the stage in Trollhättan venue Backstage
Feeding with The Unguided entourage in Trollhättan
The Unguided invited by our buddies in Dead By April <3 for 3 Norway shows, here's Stavanger

There’s also a collection of really nice fan contributions that have been sent in! As always. Keep ém coming! It’s nothing that makes us happier than how your brand yourself on the flesh with our stuff haha.

This one is massive! Decorating Joar Södergren 
Tony Erlandsson
Chris Rierink
Another one by Steffen Hemmert

On the more personal side of things, I’ve been to Iceland last summer! And now I feel a deep need to go back, so we’ll see what we can do about that in 2017. Words cannot describe how massive that country is. Luckily, I took some pictures:

In the south close to Selfoss

Ella was like a kid in a candy store
And yes... this one we bought and imported to Sweden...
Integrity tresspassing

A few of the 200k Icelandic horses on the island.
Drove up to the westfjords to make a visit to the "Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft"
Necropants. Google it and be amazed!
Mighty ravendark
Is this stuff for real? It's like a movie and you are in it!
Lived in Akureyri a couple of days
Watched their elvish constructions

And drove to Landsmót, held in Hólar 2016
Lakes rich of sulphur in Hverir

Dettifoss. Famous from "where life on earth begins" in Prometheus! (And yes, that tiny person is me).
Dimmuborgir. Rumoured location where lucifer hit the ground whilst being tossed out from heaven.
At the carwash. Since it cost no money to produce energy at Iceland. They just offer infinite amount of warm water at every gas station!

And here’s a bunch of random pictures throughout the year:

The Force Awakens premiere.
Creating some hate with "KreHated" in the studio

How they grow fast!
Any my favorite.
Entombed at Fryshuset
Abbath at Fryshuset
Behemoth at Fryshuset
My show buddies before Manowar
Manowar at Fryshuset
At The Gates at Metal Town: Indoors
Johan and the dragon
And this little one came into our life. Marius!
Our firstborn ;)
Went to SRF to see Blind Guardian. Found some friends at the airport!
First band out! Saffire
When the children's cry guy
Amaranthe burning the place down
And finally! BLIND GUARDIAN \m/
Anne-Marie at Söngvinn during the Swedish championship

Home in Falkenberg at grillmaster Roger & Fanny's place!

Some Xmas & New Years Eve 2015 pics:

Ella did some super Xmas food.
Buy every horse accessoar you can think of, and she'll be happy!
She kind of worked the same magic with me, but with fantasy (those are magical feets).
Ankh in silver
New years eve celebrated at Hooks Manson
James bond was there with champagne and oyster obviously. 

Song of the day: Rise Against - Collapse (Post-Amerika)