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So this last week was beyond awesome with The Unguided gigs at both Rockstad: Falun and Summer Breeze. Unfortunately we didn't play Deathwalker as promised, on either of the festivals. That’s only because we felt that it needed another spin in the rehearsal room before we took it out on its live virgin voyage. There were a lot of fans to be gained on these two events, we didn’t want to attract the opposite of that (HATERS!!!) just because we didn’t know how the fuck to play a new song. We are looking into playing the tune at Falkenberg Rockfest this weekend however, so let’s hold our claws and hoofs for that! 

Jonas unfortunately didn’t give me the collector’s edition master this weekend, which is getting a bit ridiculous since it delays the delivery to you with every passing day. The last word is that we will receive the master tonight and once we get it to Despotz it will take another 3 weeks for printing, until we can ship it across the globe. I know this sucks harder than a martian hooker with extraterrestrial hyper-vacuum lungs… but once again it’s NOT in the bands hands and we hope that your extremely well-tried stamina of understanding for these sort of things, still have some ounces left in their reservoirs.

Song of the day: Spineshank - Synthetic 


The Unguided (and the sun) melting Summer Breeze away

Lord Ahriman (Dark Funeral), I and PDF Peter at Rockstad: Falun

The crew; Benji and my wife-to-be, hanging out backstage at SB

Richard No.2 made an HERO performence on both gigs!!!

The best fans in the world! (Appearing in both SB & RS:F)
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