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In a time so long ago

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The embrace of the Nordic hell frost have been intense this week. Hence of that I’ve not been able to do much with the blog. I’ve been busy coming home late from work, driving < 50km/h and fight with switch kicks and elbows over parking slots, that yet wasn’t buried in Titanic-sinking icebergs.


"What iceberg?"

Parking slot

When I’ve been busy with fighting the snow it looks like you’ve been busy supporting the band! The EP is going great. Thanks a lot from all of TU! Everything is prepared for the release at 21 December. Also since it’s been so appreciated we have talked about adding a back print to the shirt. What say you about this? Pre-order here


"invaZion" shirt back print

invaZion Package I, pre-order here.

Preview of the featured songs

Last weekend we had the 1th Sunday of Advent. I had to normalize this Christian function with a pentagram obviously.


Song of the day: Majesty – Ride and fight


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