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They all restrained his hungry heart

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These are exciting times! Roughly two weeks after the announcement of the new invaZion EP, there’s startling news about a tour! Command And Conquer Tour 2013 featuring the bombardment of The Unguided, Smash Into Pieces and dEMOTIONAL. The premiere announced shows are Gothenburg (Sticky Fingers) and Stockholm (Klubben) but more dates will be added shortly hereafter. Hold tight! Join the Facebook event here and get your tickets.


Command And Conquer Tour 2013

The pre-orders of the new EP is still going strong and today the new release attracted the attention of the newspaper Hallands Nyheter. You can read the Swedish interview here.

Hallands Nyheter

Last weekend was hectic! I had to drag myself through the high heavens in Diablo III and slay Diablo himself, with my bare barbaric hands. Just to get a screen laughing at me with the words; “Good job, you finished the game, let’s do it ALL over again at Nightmare difficulty!”… Thank you, but no thank you. For now; I’ll level my rogue to 90 in WoW instead. It was fun through, I enjoyed the game. 


Smell you later

During the weekend we also gorged ourselves in NK shopping and gingerbread biscuits. And had a visit to the Fotografiska in Stockholm to check out the David LaChapelle exhibition Burning Beauty.


Bite his fucking head off!

Good girl!

Icarus, David LaChapelle

Shrimp dinner at Fotografiska

We also celebrated the second sounday of Advent.

Add more fire!!!

Song of the day: Nocturnal rites – Against the world


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