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Q. Hi Rich, could you make a list of your top 50 albums of 2011 for the next blogg? Thx
Before you make it, please don't misunderstand... because no, it is not the best 50 albums, but a top 10 for 5 different grades. :))

01-10: Awesome
10-20: Great
20-30: Good
30-40: Average
40-50: Bad

Hehe, thought this could be intresting. ^^,

A: Did it even release 50 albums 2011? Hehe. I can mention 5 maybe. But I’m sure I’ll forget a lot. Anyway, here you go:
01-10: The Unguided – Hell Frost
10-20: Iced Earth – Dystopia
20-30: Edguy – Age of the Joker
30-40: Within Temptation – The Unforgiving
40-50: Metallica – Lulu (Without even hearing it.)

Q: Will there ever be another opportunity to buy
The Miracle of Mind? Also, The Unguided iPhone cover website directs me to the unguided website, which is under construction. When will I be able to order one?
“The Miracle of Mind” appeared on “Pandora’s Box” which is still available here. Also you can find the limited edition of “Hell Frost” featuring the song as well, in our web shop. The iPhone cover thingy was just a campaign that lasted for a short period of time.

Use your own


Q: The shirt in the middle of this picture did you only print it as a limited edition? I need it! Then Ill have everything you ever released. Would be awesome to buy it!
We reprinted the same design for our tour shirt last April. I think we still have a few in our live merch stock but it’s not up on the web shop just yet.

Q: If you guys did have enough time for the guest vocals, who would of sung on what song?
I’d love to have Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian on a track. Also, Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity. Those two would be my own dream preferences to be featured on The Unguided songs.

Hansi Kürsch


Q: Ive been suffering from a copyright strike when I uploaded a WOW montage on YouTube with your music in the background. The music is NOT downloaded and I have the CD at home, which I ripped to the computer. The clip had 3 of your songs and I wrote out your credits in the end of it. If I understand everything right I need your permission to upload it?
A: You understand everything right.

Q: How did you announce to the rest of Sonic Syndicate that you were leaving the band?
I put a gun in my mouth and said; “-I’m leaving”. Then I took it out and said –“What I really meant was that I was leaving the band…” OR I rallied them in my hotel room after the gig at “Roko Naktys” (Lithuania) August 2010 and broke it to them. I talked with the band’s manager during the morning before the gig and told him first. We decided that I wouldn’t tell the band until we completed the gig. Roger, however, knew all along. Why I decided to do it at this gig was that it was the final show of the summer festivals, also my old boss called me at the airport before departing to Lithuania and suggested that if I wanted, I could have my old job back instantly. Then some of you know that I still did the support gigs for Sabaton and some of the Scandinavian dates for the “We Rule the World”-tour 2010 after the summer. How so, is simply because if I would have left instantly without warning, the band would get in a really awkward situation with no time to rehearse or to fill in for me. I didn’t want to put my brother in that position obviously.

Gun. Mouth. Now.

Light From The Abandoned Croft....I've read the lyrics and I found that there were Swedish words to in...I dont know what it's called bridge or something...well before the chorus...So what made you do that?
Thought it was a fun twist. I’m looking to do it in The Unguided as well actually. Swedish is a mighty language. At least one title of the upcoming album tracks will be Swedish.

Q: I thought in Hell Frost would be some gust vocals. Like I remember you've spoken about it, And we all saw pictures with Christoffer Andersson in our rehearsal room or studio (can't remember). Well, we expected guest vocals but there weren't any....Could you please answer why? Or even was it planned???
There are guest vocals on “Hell Frost”. The song “Pathfinder” features the beautiful screaming vocals of Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy). Christoffer Andersson was in the rehearsal room and made a guest appearance on stage in “Green Eyed Demon” at Malmöfestivalen 2011. Why we couldn’t work more with guest vocals on “Hell Frost” is simply because time ran out. Also for a debut album, it was more about identifying the band’s sound by our own means. We might just have some cards up our sleeve for coming adventures, however.


Q:  Here I am once again asking you questions, well actually this more some kind of a request. Some time ago I started a Facebook page called ‘’Get The Unguided to Holland!!’’, my goal is to reach out to as much Dutch The Unguided fans as possible, make us unite and, go around getting publicity and asking various people to book you guys. But in order to get this all turned into reality I really need more members. Im 616% sure that there are more Dutch fans than the ones I already have in the group so would you please be so kind to share the page on your blog and perhaps give a shout out at Facebook? It would truly be an honor and I think it is just the kind of publicity it needs! Besides, dont you miss Dutch beer, stroopwafels and legal weed yet? Here’s the URL to the page.
Done! You can keep the weed, but I sure miss the beer and the fans a great lot!

I miss you!

Q. Any chance you'll expand the concept of "the dark star" from WTFRW?
 Maybe use it as an idea for the next album? It sounds fucking amazing as you make it seem like a beacon or light for The Unguided Just picture the artwork being this dark sun and 616 demons looking at it or being illuminated by it. Thanks :)
You have a great mind! The metaphor of the dark star is kind of coming back a bit in the lyrics of “Singularity”. Even if it’s not as straight forward as in the lyrics of WTFRW or “Collapse My Dream”! But in those lyrics it’s handled as a rallying point before the Zion invasion. The dark star, or the eclipse, might just be what you find in the unguided crest and it will obviously be expanded on more in future lyrics.

Q: Is the song you didn't put into the album ( track 12 )  a contrast or is it a different formula? 
Or will it be a mystery until it releases? O: O: O: scooby doo
“Deathwalker” is not really a Scooby doo mystery anymore. But I think it’s quite different, yes.

Original hipsters

Q: Okay, so on my alternate account, the video of The Unguided's song - Collapse my Dream was removed =[
 Does this mean I cannot upload the bands music at all on YouTube? It's a huge shame man =[ I'd hoped that with the offer of raising awareness of The Unguided you may have reconsidered your stance on copyrighted material on YouTube.
Dude, that sucks. Who did this to you!? Anyway with the ongoing negotiations between Stim and YouTube, we might actually just change our stance on this. We see how it goes! For now, use our official music videos to spread the word about the band if that’s what you intend.

Q: Hey Richard. First off, congrats on the amazing bounce back from the train wreck that Sonic Syndicate (unfortunately) turned into with the release of We Rule The Night. Hell Frost is fucking fantastic. Is there any chance you guys will be able to tour the United States during the Hell Frost cycle?
We would love to come over stateside. But at the moment I think that’s kind of hard. Might just work for a festival, who knows? We are sure as hell it's not impossible, but it’s really a big machine to get an entire band over the pond to rock out over there, at least on this level.

Q: I was wondering if Light From the Abandoned Croft
 will be (or already has been??) incorporated into The Unguided? Also, if you are to make another music video, which song would you and the other band mates like to use?  
LFTAC will never be morphed into a TU song unfortunately, since the music is written by Robin. And by the looks of it “The Curse Of A Gift” won’t either. Regarding videos, we recently split with Despotz and therefore there won’t be any more music videos from the Hell Frost + Deathwalker tracks. Would be fun to do an epic LOTR MV to Deathwalker however, hehe. We are looking forward now!

King of the dead

Q: I had a couple questions concerning if Sonic Syndicate were to disband:
1. Would Roland now be able to perform songs from Sonic Syndicate live (or does the contract stay intact after the band ends?)
2. Would you (or The Unguided) be able to purchase the rights to Eden Fire from Pivotal Records, and perhaps release that special edition version you always wanted?
I am well aware SS is still intact, but when any band takes a pause there is always that chance that the band will not return. It would be great for you guys to be able to play Eden Fire songs at The Unguided concerts (even if for
 only for the occasional "throwback" song for diehard fans), and having that special edition album would be amazing.
1. Perhaps, the contract is actually written by the company behind Sonic Syndicate and Roland. A company, which is in its current state, only includes John and Roger. And not to forget; myself as a shareholder, hehe. But to be fair, we’re not looking to play Sonic Syndicate songs. So we’re not diving too deep into that. We’ve moved on, they’ve moved on. You should too!
2.There’s a chance that would work, since we kind of have our own label now. Or, the company The Unguided is a label in itself. But the chance that we actually would do it is really slim. First we would have to get rid of the contract that ties Roland down. And as said, we’re not looking to do that so it kind of defeats the purpose.

Q: Any hope to hear Where The Frost Rose Withers Live?
It’s been played live plenty of times as of now!

Q: Any Hope to hear an acoustic Hell Frost Song?
The first idea of the Phoenix Down single was to make a vinyl + CD hybrid and put a acoustic version of PD on the vinyl side. Unfortunately, they stopped to manufacture those hybrids so the idea was scrapped. We’ll see what happens in the future!

Play acoustic

Q: Where can I get "psychic suicide demo ver"? Should I buy album only inhuman?
YouTube, I believe. Click here. The song is not featured on any CD, or official release.

Q: Is there any chance Nightmareland will be available with its original art work again? Would love to own a copy. Doesn't need to be jakebox, whatever works for me. Got the later printed CD version, but I prefer how it looks on the original one. :))
Nightmareland won’t be reprinted again, unfortunately. There should be some perks being one of the original 616, right?


Q: I'll cut this short. You're a Redditor, aren't you? :3
No. I’m a Sith lord.

For real

Q: Well, are you going to keep teasing us until the single finally comes to our door step, or are you going to tell us the track listing?!
Track listing for what!?

Q: About the single, why did you not make a poster? Would have been the sickest.
I think this is regarding the PD single and there was a poster of that during the Pledge Campaign.
Q: The single, it stands 3 bonus tracks, does that mean there's 4? seeing how I don't see "Phoenix Down" as a bonus track.. still, is it tracks released on Hell Frost?
There were four different versions of PD: original, instrumental, remix and pre-production.

Q: Could you guys make a Unguided wallpaper for the Facebook timeline? Would've kicked ass!
Done! You can get it on our official Facebook.


Q: I have a question: I'm from Germany, and was on the Despotz Records website to order the "Ascent of the Ice Phoenix - Package. Then I wanted to add the Nightmareland [CD], because I don't have it by now. But when I see my buying summary, I have to pay shipping for EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE! Why is that so? Can't they put everything in one bigger package for the shipping? (Funny thing that the Nightmareland [CD] costs only .16 cent more then it's shipping-cost to Germany xD) Hope you can help a loyal and obviously confused army member ;)
That was a stupid system yes, and nothing you need to worry about anymore since there’s a new system in our new official web shop.

Q: Hey Rich! I was just curious to know if The Unguided is planning to ever have an online merch store where you put all your merchandise on it for us to buy from, rather than only having a limited number of packages every now and then.
 I just think that this would be a lot more beneficial for us because I'm sure I am not the only one who has paid for a full package when we really only want one or two of the items. I don't know, it's just an idea and I would love to get your opinion on what you think of it.
Your wish is our command! Our new web shop is structured like that.

Q: Are accessories eventually going to be sold separately? (phoenix down hat, wrist band, dog tag necklace)
We had a limited number of them in the web shop, but they are unfortunately sold out.

Q: I noticed The Unguided is working with Ayam Music Group, is that a label or a booking agent?
We’re not working with them anymore. We have an exclusive booker for the band now in Chris Lemon and Danger & Music Media.

Q: Why you don't have any tattoos???
I think I’ve talked about this before. I see no reason to have a tattoo. I think they look awesome, but I prefer to be as I was originally intended to be. I’ve I survived 28 years without tattoos, I’m sure as hell not going to budge for it now. Also, it feels special to be “un-tattooed” in an industry where everyone is just stuffed with them.


Q: You should definitely go to Rome from 2/16 to 2/18 or to Paris from 2/20 to 2/22. I'm going on a school trip then and it would be so crazy if I saw you there since that's probably the closest I will get to Sweden in a long time. If you do it Ill buy you food!
Love to come to Rome! But there are no plans as of now.

Q: I'm not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but I'm still curious. When The Unguided gets more and more fans, I know I've been doing my share making people listen to Hell Frost haha, will it ever be possible that you guys, or Despotz, will remake and sell merchandise from the previous packages for those who missed out on getting any of them?
We’ve done some reprints in the official web shop.

Q: I think you should play at Getaway, Metaltown & Sonisphere Stockholm!
We think that too!

Q: W
as wondering if I sent you some lyrics would you consider using them in one of your songs?


Q. Hello, Richard I would like to know how to get the same hairstyle you had in The Unguided - Phoenix Down? Is there a name to it, so I could look it up and get a picture to shower to a barber? If not could you please in detail explain, how you had your hair in that music video? Thanks, I love The Unguided I
m very happy that you guys started a new band.
Get some alopecia and then mix it up with “American Crew Fiber Wax” and hairspray and you will be on your way! Actually, it’s not that hard? It’s simply just the Stockholm hairstyle without the back slick and not that long hair as in its usually taking. Also don’t shave the hair in the upper neck.

Q: Will you sell the
BOTC poster later in time?
It’s up in our web shop here!

Q: Hi Richard can ask you 1 question about scream technique. If I can scream pretty good, to increase my scream skills I need listen more music with parts of this technique and sing more and more, or you know another way to improve it?)
You've been a great help if you will answer me.
P.S. Btw nice clip.
No, that sounds about right. I don’t know if listening takes you really far, but mimicking others is a great way to get into the technique. Keep it up!

Are you?

Q: Hey Rich, Ive read on your private profile that there is a possibility that the unguided will once play at BN in Stuttgart. Is therefore really something in progress?
A: We played Stuttgart last April!


Q: What Im actually about to ask is: When will you guys fuckin come over to Germany!?! I neeed to see you live on stage cause the time I had to wait for the good old sound like in sonic times 4 2 long!! So please come over soon! p.s. would you like to bring Deathstars with you like in good old times? :P  
We have done so, twice! Might just have something worked out for the coming year as well. Stay tuned! We’ll ask Deathstars as well, hehe.

Q: All I can say is wow! You
 guys made an amazing video for Phoenix Down and it's one of my favorite songs off Hell Frost. Can I ask what the t-shirt is you are wearing in the video, the one with the cobras on it and where can I get it please? I work with reptiles and breed them, and we keep many cobra species at work so I really want this T-shirt. It can go in my collection along with my The Unguided and Hell Frost t-shirts (I missed the Betrayer of the Code one unfortunately). I'd also like to get my hands on a TU wristband if possible!!!
The shirt is a Sullen Clothing one called “Knightmare”.

Sullen Clothing Knightmare
Q: Also, how many more videos do you suppose you will release off this album? 1? 2? Because there are too many awesome songs and I want to see a video to them all. Maybe you could put up some sort of poll the fans can vote in for which songs they would like to see a video for the most? Either that or you can just make all
 the other 10 songs into more music videos ;) But seriously, Iceheart Fragment & Pathfinder please! These songs make me want to go crazy and scream along even when I am on the bus going home from work!*
We did that poll and ”Betrayer Of The Code” won! Thanks to you guys there’s now a BOTC video up there. I doubt there will be more videos of “Hell Frost” now though. 

Q: It would be really nice if you played at Faceplant Metalfest in Malm
Unfortunately, the festival was canceled as far as I understood? 

Q: I read on Facebook, that The Unguided will be playing on Summer Breeze. Is that The Unguided's first show in Germany or will you be playing in Wacken, too? If you're playing there, it would be so awesome to have you and Amaranthe there. Otherwise I would go to Wacken and Summer Breeze, to see Amaranthe and The Unguided. But think about it. Wouldn't it be hell-freezing-epic when The Unguided's first Germany-show would be on Germany's oldes and biggest metalfestival? ;D
Our first German gigs were in April this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t play at Wacken last year.

Q: Where do you buy your WOW figures? :)


Q: I really love the new album.. I got the special edition and listen to it pretty much every day.. I really want to see you guys live but can
t afford to travel around Europe to see you... are you planning on coming to London any time soon!! If not then Please please please please please... Come to London! I really look forward to actually seeing live, some day.
If we play in the UK anytime soon, I’m most certain the premiere will kick off in London.


Q: Can I take part of that intro you use at live concerts? Would be awesome! #426
It’s up on iTunes!

Q: What do you think about ACTA?
A stupid attempt. Through the original intension of anti-piracy is good. But to cripple the internet is not the way. I have some ideas! The government can call if they’d like.

Touch base

Q: Richard is coming soon more shirts in the shop? or hoodies because I got never the chance to buy a shirt and the summer is coming and I need someone! :P
There’s plenty of shirts in the web shop. We still need to figure out a hoodie design.

Q: Will you allow me to create another forum for you guys?
No. The old one turned to shit, twice! So, there’s no need.

Q: Hey Rich, can you recommend some good live mics for growling?
I prefer Shure Beta 58A and Shure SM58.

Bob Ross

Q: About the Nuclear Blast.:
  When SS got a contract with the Nuclear Blast, what included it? Mainly about the studio work to recording the "Debut" album Only Inhuman. Nuclear Blast "gave" you a studio for a while to record it all or the band should have paid the studio works. How is it work with the big labels? About English.: Which english do you prefer? British or American etc.. About a new videoclip.: If the 2nd clip is not will be Green Eyed Demon, it has any chance to be 3rd? Because it's my favorite "The Unguided" song.
I think we signed for 2 albums, and 2 or 3 options, or 1 album and 3 options, I don’t remember. Meaning Sonic Syndicate still has 1 or 2 albums left with Nuclear Blast before they have to renew the contract. They kind of let us do what we wanted with the studio and paid for the bill. For WRTN they wanted a big name as a producer and we selected Toby Wright (Korn). I think Nuclear Blast was great! They know the business and did one hell of a promotion and push for us. But unfortunately there was too much trouble in the band and its management in the end. I’m not sure whether I like English or British English the most. I tend to mix them both hehe. There won’t be a video clip for GED unfortunately. The fans voice was heard and the majority selected BOTC for the second video.

Q: I'm still listening to Hell Frost at full throttle :D I was wondering, do you think you can do a cap for your next merchandise package? I need a cap, and I can only find hiphop caps - and Hell will freeze over before I wear a hiphop cap! No pressure, merely a suggestion :-) I would definitely buy a package containing a cap ^^ by the way, I've still got room for another poster on my wall ;-)
I’d love to do a TU cap, maybe for next summer?

Q: You Rich do you know what 60 x 10 + 180 - 272 + 108 is?
Without even running the numbers I’d take a wild guess on 616 hehe.

Q: Richard The Unguided Sjunnesson what is the brand of watches you wear? Because honestly those things look really cool.
I wear the brand POLICE’s watches. I broke the glass to the one I use in BOTC some weeks after the recording however, hehe. Glass and brick walls are not friends.

POLICE Dominator


Q: Are you a fan of Dubstep?
I’m a fan of music.


Q: Ever consider going to Dubai?
I actually have a German friend in Dubai, and I love to visit him!

Q: Can you advice me? I want to became a singer, but I can't screaming. Some advice please) sorry for my bad english, I'm from KG. There it's a problem :(
I can’t scream or sing! You’re 100% better than me. Try to learn the technique by mimicking others and keep practicing. Doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from, everyone can master the technique!

Q: And, I wish that we'll be friends, Really friends, not just fun/artist. I don't want to be fun, I want to be friends x) It is a lot of probably similar offers comes, but nevertheless, who knows)
Cable guy!?

Once you're hooked

Q: I
m curious if you can make more attempts at Robin to sign the license for you to play old Sonic Syndicate (EF-LOAD) songs live?
I conversation like this means talking with each other. And if you think Robin and I are talking at all in this day and age, you live in a very fictional world, my friend. Besides, we’re not pursuing to play Sonic songs anymore and haven’t been for a long time.

 How are the chances of seeing you guys in Germany 2012, other than on the Summerbreeze? Because Summerbreeze ist quite far away from me, and the whole Line-up isn't that great for me. If the gig on the Summerbreeze is going to be your only gig in Germany, I'd consider going there after all. But if there's another opportunity to see you guys in Germany that would be great.
There will be more opportunities to see The Unguided in Germany, be very certain of that!

Q: Hi, I said you in twitter that i was trying to learn screamo, and I like how you do it. How did you learn it? Have you got any trick to do it better? Thanks.
I sold my soul to the devil and he granted me “screamo”(?) power!


Q: As I absolutely love your band and follow you with everything I would just like to know when you will be coming for a UK tour and where can I get the signed special edition of your album, or have I missed out on that. I would be very sad if I have. thanks
 P.S. How much did Roland's Ibanez RG870QMZ BI cost?
There’s no plan for UK as of yet. There’s no signed special edition of the album but there’s a special edition here and also the “Pandora’s Box” here. I think Roland has a sneaky deal with Ibanez so I assume it didn’t cost a fortune, if any.

Q: Hey, do you know if there are any records of
 the live performance in Malmö of  Green Eyed Demon with Stoffe?
I think his dad recorded the song! But I haven’t seen any. Maybe ask him on Facebook?

Q: Yo Richard! Just wondering what graduation you need to be an eletrician? Becouse you studied to be that, right? A lot of people say it
s a good education and Im considering doing it.
I went 3 years in Sweden’s version of “high school” at my electrician education, last 2 years with the direction electronics. I really recommend it warmly! You never need to worry about work again, since there’s always need for electricians and I love the profession. The world needs power to run, without electricians, there would be none of that, hehe.


Q: Heey you finally answer :p Actually I want to share mail about everything (music and others) cuz I really love your group...and I need to improve my english :) I discovered LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS last Christmas and I think u have a big idea with The Ungided cuz a great group as yours mustnt disappear (sorry for my english im drawing for work)
Thanks for your faith in us!

Q: Cheers man :) any chance of you guys playing download this year? I would very much like to see you there :)
Would love to play Download! But there’s nothing planned as of yet.

Q: just asking, there is any possibility to see you all in Italy soon? Anyways keep going with this! You guys rock!
If we do a Europe tour eventually we’ll make sure to play Milano for sure.

Q: What my draw? If ye want I have many draw :)
 my favorite song of LOVE AND... is fallout ( someone has to build ...) that's poetic XD


Q: If u have it come on msn it will be easier to talk :)
I don’t use MSN.

Q: Excuse me maestro what
s the best way to make music artwork?
Depends on what style you want to archive and if the artist work goes well with the music and lyrics. We use Kuang Hong, J.A.Aranguren and Gustavo Sazes. Their work goes very well with the style we’re taking The Unguided in.

Q: So when do you come in Toulouse with Unguided ?
Would be a cool place in France, but I think if we go anywhere in France it will be Paris.

Q: That shirt is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too expensive! I know $40 something is too much. Is that really how much it
s worth? Nobody's going to buy it. I would at a lower price or if there was more included. And does this mean My Own Death the next music video? I hope you guys do Betrayer Of The Code. That'd be the best!
If it’s the “My Own Death” shirt that you think is expensive and won’t sell, you’re wrong. Fact is; it’s one of the shirts that is selling really well. Why the shirts are slightly expensive is because we changed manufacturer and wanted to up the quality. So if you have an: “The Unguided Official Merchandise” tag at the neck of the shirt, you know its proper goods! As you already know, we’ve done a BOTC video. I hope you’re happy pony.

My Own Death


Q: I am writing to you because I have a question. I wonder where my Ascend of the ice phoenix package is. It´s possible that I misunderstood something but it shall be here for a while or am I wrong? I´m sure that Ive ordered it.
The package was delayed because of the necklaces, but you should have got it by now surely? If not please contact

Q: Another question is about the My Own Death Shirt. PayPal is no possibility for buy it. Am I right?
No, you can use PayPal at our official web shop now as well.

Q: I wish I could hear the stuff from The Unguided at work. The Unguided is unique and I love every part of it.
Thanks for the support! You should tell your manager to play The Unguided at work. It’s like healthcare but better!

Q: Hi there, I am from Canada and am a huge fan of The Unguided. It turns out that I will be in Sweden around the middle of April, however I will not be able to make the March 31 show... Which is more disappointing than words could possibly describe, seeing as how narrowly it is being missed. My question is if you guys do any small time performances or partake in any other events around that time that I may be unaware of, if there is any chance that I may be able to see you guys that would make this the ultimate trip ever, since I may never get the opportunity to be in that part of the world again. Any information at all would be awesome. Thanks for your time!
Hey there traveler! I know I’m late with this so I’m not sure if you saw the 5th of May show in Gothenburg?

Q: For me it is a very exciting time right now. It's the first time that my band really gets attention, with that label deal and the very first album coming up. How was that for you? How was it when you got the deal with Pivotal Records?
The dudes at Pivotal Rockordings are good guys and treated us well. It was their first release as a label and our debut as a band, so we kind of made the journey together. We still have some contact every now and then and it was cool to finally put out a real record instead of demos. Before we got in touch with Despotz, Alexi at Pivotal and I actually talked about releasing Hell Frost at their label. It didn’t work out in the end, but would be symbolic for them to house both Eden Fire and Hell Frost, I suppose.

Q: Just had a couple of questions for you. U said you were writing new lyrics and stuff like a madman lol. I was wondering do you know what kind of direction your wanting to take the next album to? Like more soft or more like Hell Frost or even harsher? And do you plan to make more tracks then their currently were on Hell Frost or about the same? ^^ Thanks for reading man I'm always trying to keep myself psyched for any Unguided news lol
Who knows? I guess you get a first taste of it with the two “invaZion” songs. We just write what we feel like, and don’t really plan any direction for it. As far as the lyrics goes, I’m following a story that began with the awakening on Nightmareland and Hell Frost. Now there’s going to be some friction with the coming EP / ALBUM. You’ll see!


I've got one question about the former band Fallen Angels how many of the Soulstone splinter radio edit singles had been released in that time?
Oh, I don’t know how many we printed. Probably somewhere around one hundred copies. I don’t think I own one myself to be fair. I remember the artwork being a photo from Niklas Henrikczon.

Q: I
ve just one question, is there a way to get some signed drumsticks? I live for playing my drums (even if I played since one year) and John is just an amazing drummer! I would go to one of your Germany concerts but there is no one where I could go :( So I hope my dream of signed sticks could be true, and as fast as I can I will do some drum covers, whatever happened. But signed sticks would be really, really nice ;) So, I repeat myself...hope your tour would be very great.
John is not in the band anymore as you probably know. If you are interested in signed drumsticks by Richard Schill, try contacting him at

Q: I was thinking about how great a "The Unguided Snapback" would look, and I thought I should share my ideas. I was thinking you could do one for "My Own Death". Considering that the base theme of the artwork for that song is death itself, it could have the Unguided logo, along with the crest, and Death's mug shot on the left-side of the front. I have a great picture in my head; Im just not that great at drawing it out.  Something along those lines. Even a Phoenix Down snapback would look absolutely amazing.
We are looking into doing a cap for the summer I guess. But it’s a great idea! I don’t think it will be anything Hell Frost related through, since that “era” is kind of over with the new EP.


Q: I am, huge fan from America and Ive followed you guys from S.S to now and actually got a lot of my friends into your site and The Unguided and I wanted to ask if you guys ship your merch to the u.s
Thanks for the support! We do ship merchandise to the US from our official web shop here.

Q: What would you say about an app for android about the unguided? I might be able to develop it as long as you provide some ideas.
Sounds cool even if I’m more of an iPhone kind of guy!  Maybe for the album release. If you can remember to contact me next year about this around March – April, that would be great because I might forget it, hehe.

Q: I
m a guy at 19 springs that have done some demos with my band and Im curious how you spread your music in the best way? I guess it starts with your friends and stuff, but where do we go from there? Play as much live as possible? YouTube / Myspace? Bloggar? If you have a tip that would be extremely apprechiated! Congratulate on the fortunes with The Unguided, you guys rock!
First of all you must have quality music. If it’s not good enough, no one will care. Doesn’t matter how much promotion you do as long as the songs aren’t quality. Then as you say, play live as much as possible. Take everything, everywhere. Don’t expect any pay in the beginning but once you do it for some food and gasoline it’s at least somewhere on its way. Funny videos on YouTube is a good way so show you’re cool dudes. Even if people don’t like the music, they might appreciate your sense of humor and START to like your music, who knows? MySpace died a long time ago, skip that. Push Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Print up demos and send them to music magazines you like and also to labels of course. It’s not hard to release music by yourselves digitally now days, so maybe that’s something for you?

Start a band

Q: If you release another music video, can we do another lyric video for that song as well like Phoneix Down?
If we allow one to do it, everyone’s going to do it. And as of now we want to have views focused on the official video. Because numbers at one clip count instead of having them scattered over hundreds of different fan made clips, if you see what I mean.

Q: Hi! I mean, my cousin wants to learn guttural. And asked me to ask if you have any trick or a technique to sing like you do. Thank you!
I hardly do guttural, so I don’t know. Stand on his toes or something?

How r u man!? Ready for the action!? Can you answer? Will u get with the concert to Russia or may be Belorussia!?
We actually looked into booking 1 or 2 weeks in Russia for March next year but it didn’t work out in the end, unfortunately. We’ll look into it further in time.


Q: I want to ask you about your Religion, please can you tell me; what is your Religion?
My religion is; NONE. There you go. However, I was born Christian and I’m within the Church system here in Sweden. But it’s mostly because if I get smitten for some sacrilege I’ve been up to. I don’t want them to just toss my carcass in the backyard. I want a proper burial. Or a Viking burial would be nice as well. Take note! Anyway, I’m not a very religious man; I believe I’m in control of my own life.

Q: Good evening chap, do you have a rough idea of how many songs will be put onto the next album?
There will be 10 tracks on the standard edition and ~12 on the special edition and possibly a remix or 2. So ~14?   

Q: I
m registered in Facebook and I wonder weather I can change my Facebook name from Florian Klöker to "Florian The Unguided Klöker" I hope you don´t mind.
Of course you can friend! As a matter of fact, everyone should.

Q: I was at woody the other day; up in their office I walked by your rehearsal room. Look at your door next time you practice. Was so hyped I was going to pin 616 into your code lock when I discovered you practice there but it ended up to be 6666 lol, dont know what went through my mind. Anyway U ROCK! - A fan :D
This is kind of weird. But OK! Ride on.


Q: I hope you guys had fun with Amaranthe and them lol I was wondering have you ever thought about or maybe in the future you guys might play at Rock AM Ring Nurnberg Germany? Because they have the best video footage for bands I like watching bands play there day or night the camera's go all over the place up close and far and everything. I think it would be a great place for you guys to play live one of these days. Because have you seen how many people are in that audience? Like a billion The Unguided would totally get noticed there lol not saying youre not already but I hear that place is always packed to the max. Just thought I would see if that would ever be in your future plans lol That would be awesome watching The unguided at night there and all the lights on the stage and everything it would rock :)
Rock AM Ring would be great. But I think a booking like that is a bit fictional as of now, hehe.

Q: We would like your advice on getting gigs, touring, writing music and on how to scream. We are from a band called Evade and are based in Milton Keynes, England. We have only recently formed and are getting a lot of our own songs sorted and wanted to seek advice from one of our influences. Thank you for your time!
As said above to the 19 years old guy, it’s basically the same concept for you. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll.

Q: I'm sure you get hundreds of these daily, but would you please check out my band's debut single here? As a fellow vocalist you are a huge inspiration to me, and it would mean the absolute world to know what you think of it!!
Sounds cool dude! Keep it up. I like your haircuts.


Q: I saw you claimed copyright on YouTube on some videos of your song. I know this is a big issue but I think you should upload your songs to your YouTube channel because a lot of people will listen them on YouTube instead of download them illegally. And you could even get money from them! You're awesome, keep it like this guys!
We don’t want money, we want a system that works and clearly it doesn’t now.

Q: I
m a harsh vocalist like yourself and I find that sometimes my vocals will not sound the same as the day before and extended amounts of screaming take a hell of a toll on the throat, do you ever have this issue?
If I’ve been away from it for a long time it can behave like you describe, but if I do it every day it’s very static and mostly works and sounds the same.

Q: Is there any particular reason why we weren
t graced with Rolands harsh vocals on this album? The melding of both yours and his has always had awesome impact, so why no harsh vocals? I look forward to hopefully receiving answers to these question and I thank you for your time.
I’ve been talking about this before in the blog and there are a couple of reasons really. First; we want him to focus on guitar and clean vocals. Second; we wanted to change some variables in this band that makes us different from what we used to do before. Skipping Roland’s harsh vocals was one of them.

Q: First of all, I love your excellent screaming vocals (and especially the way they have developed and improved throughout the Fallen Angels demo, the Sonic albums and The Unguided one's (leads me to my second question in a second)), and I've been trying now to learn exhale vocals for some months. I've started with growls (still practicing) and to prevent my voice from being screwed up by trying to do screams in a totally wrong way, I wonder whether you could give me some little advice how to do screams properly or what is important to know about these vocals.
Warm up, I prefer Zen of Screaming as warm up. Take care of your voice and listen to the body’s signals.

Q: My second question is whether you know if there is any possibility that I could buy your pre-Eden Fire tracks (your demo as Fallen Angels, I know these CDs aren't produced anymore), because I like them also very much and it would be great to have that CD, as I have all other of your CDs (except for WRTN, the only good thing about it were your screaming, which were also too short, imho) . Btw, I got quite pissed off when I found out that there are people who edit some of your older Sonic Syndicate tracks by
cutting out" (sorry, I don't know whether thats the right expression) your screaming parts in these songs, for your awesome vocals are one of the biggest reasons why Sonic Syndicate used to be my favorite band (which is now The Unguided, of course).
Thanks for the support! We sold some of them during our Pledge Music Campaign. But that’s all of them, unfortunately. You have to look on eBay. The few copies I have left is for my own collection. 

Q: One of your next upcoming songs, should contain growling parts with just slow drums as music background or no music backround xD.. Even if just one or two sec. you know what I mean? Like in the Zardonic remix, the first "And I'm afraid it's falling down" part ;)"
Don’t we have that in some songs? “Deathwalker” for example. I’ll think about it for coming songs.


Q. You said before you have never paid attention to what brand your speakers were and they were on repair, however, what about now? Brand, Class, and if I recall right they were passive, so what's your amplifier with them?
Oh, I totally forgot about this. They are active ones. There are a couple of photos from the rehearsal room in the blog. Maybe you can tell from those? I kind of recall them to be JBL EON ones, but I might be wrong. Roger is a lot in the rehearsal room doing all sorts of weird stuff, ask him at


Q: I also noticed a few weeks ago a lyric line "Pray to whatever God you believe in" in my ITE poster had something weird in it.. Belive? Isn't it supposed to be Believe? Fail print?
Fail print hehe.

Q: Blog silence much?
Not anymore!?

Q: Where did you start writing music and why did you decide to do this? I'm asking you about this, because I am dreaming to create a metal-band myself. When I listen to your music in the first time, I started to understand, this is very close for my soul. But I don't know what I need to do in the first time. I don
t have a voice, how can I get it? I am hoping you answer on this message...
You don´t have a voice at all? Then you should see a doctor. Once you know what happened to your voice, get together some like-minded people and start rocking out. That’s what we did!


Q: I'm a huge fan of your work in Sonic Syndicate and The Unguided. Have you ever watched The Zen of Screaming by Melissa Cross? If so, do you have any opinion on her techniques and vocal warm-ups? I've been a clean singer for years, but I feel like her exercises really help for rock vocals, and I'm pretty happy with how my scream is developing using her method (i.e., no vocal cord damage). What vocal warm-ups do you do?
Yeah I own Zen of Screaming DVD 1 and 2 and use her warm-ups before every show. They do really help!

Q: If you had to pick one song off WRTN to save from the musical furnace, what would it be? I think the title track for sure.
There’s quite a few! “Plans are for people”, “Dead and Gone”, “We Rule The Night” and “Heart of Eve” and “Break Of Day” I suppose. The rest can burn! If I was to save just one, I’d pick “Heart of Eve”.

Q: I know that you're a WoW player, but did you play to another MMORPG's like "Aion" or "Lineage" aside to WoW (or tested them) ? Are you interested by the 2012 games like Star Wars TOR or TERA, ? I'm actually waiting for my TERA game, and I wanted to know your opinion about this game, that was the real purpose of my mail. (You
re an expert, aren't you? :P)
Never tried any other MMORPG than WoW and Warhammer Online. I’ve always thought WoW was fun, so I see no reason to switch until I’m bored of that. I had a brief flirt with Warhammer (me and Roland played it on tour actually) but it felt like a bad copy.

Q: What was the model of your Police watch? I was too late to get it on the pledge campaign but I'd like to get a replica. Could you send me a link to it?
It’s called POLICE Axis, here’s a link.


Q: What were the first three songs containing your hand writing?
I always wrote lyrics on the computer. Maybe I did some hand written lyrics in Tunes of Silence. Then it’s “Lone Wolf” and “At The Gates Of Valhalla”. I know for sure I wrote “Science Into Madness”, “Artificial Alliance” and “The Expedition” on the computer (also TOS tracks.)

Q: I was just wondering what the bands stance is on The Unguided's music being used in YouTube videos (mainly gaming videos)? From what I have seen, you allow music in videos that are creative and not just the song itself with a picture. Also do you let partners use your music or not? Or does the band ask for a cut/upfront payment for a song to be used. Or do you just want credit in the video somewhere? Obviously I would always credit The Unguided in all its godliness! Just curious. :)
We allow music on YouTube to people that make a deal with us before they upload it and they should also have a lot of subscribers to motivate the deal. But there’s a wind of change blowing through YouTube at the moment and it’s possible that this restriction will be lifted in the future.

Q: Also what about live streaming games with The Unguided's music playing? Is the band ok with this as long as there is credit somewhere? Also what about partnered live streamers? Does the same apply or does the band want a cut/not allow it?
Not really. As long there’s isn’t any agreement beforehand the band is not ok with it. You should always mail and ask before you do something illegal that could get you in trouble.

Long arm

I've seen the Angels Fall From Heaven Demo as Picture on the The Unguided Facebook Site and wondered what this is about are you selling that for the making of the new video. Because I am really REALLY interested in the Fallen Angels Demos the only things which are missing in my The Unguided / Sonic Syndicate / Fallen Angels Collection and I can't find them anywhere not even on E-Bay.
We sold the Fallen Angels demos for a ridiculous price during the pledge campaign to fund the BOTC video. They are now all gone and the very few I have left is not for sale.

Q: Come to M
éxico! We have tacos ;D
I’ll be right there!

Q: I was that who asked you before, what are the lyrics in Phoenix Down song, after "Cause I know by the end of the day there's no punishment divine"?
Reckless? The lyrics to Phoenix Down can be found here.

Q: Is there or is there going to be an official The-Unguided forum for fans? Are you guys going to make your album available in Latin America? Can I upload your songs on YouTube, so more people can know about you guys? I hope I can get an answer :)
I don’t think there will be a new forum up anytime soon. There’s a group on Facebook called “I’m one of the 616” check that out, it’s basically like a forum. The album is available in Latin America from here (web shop) and at iTunes. It’s not allowed to upload our songs on YouTube if you don’t have permission from the band.

The 616 army

Q: I
m a big Fan of your lyrics, because you write songs, which have a real character, which do say something not that bitch, party fucking whore-shit so, but I want to ask you about writing it. Because I want to write songs, and I know, I can do that, because Im very good with words.. But a song is only a half song without a melody. How can you write lyrics if you havent any melody? They belong together.. hope you understand what I mean, cause in my ears It sounds like a very stupid question, and maybe it is. However, I think it doesnt hurts to ask. J
Haha it’s not a stupid question, it’s a very legitimate question. I always write the lyrics to a song after I hear the melody and also I always begin with the chorus and work out from there. The chorus should obviously be the hardest hitting entity in the song, both in melody, execution and lyrics.

Q: So my question to you is do you watch the UFC?  if you do who is your favorite fighter?
I do not watch the UFC, no. My favorite fighter is Scorpion, but he killed Sub-Zero and was therefore expelled out of the UFC.

Q: For a grad present, my grandma got me an iPod and I lost it the very next day due to heavy drinking xD.  My next question to you is what is the stupidest thing you have ever done? I would tell you what the stupidest thing I've done but it is too inappropriate even for you =o
That’s too bad you lost your iPod! To answer your questions: “We Rule The Night”.

Q: Hey, just curious about something, I became interested in you guys and eventually bought your Hell Frost album after hearing your Song that Rechyyy/Clayman used for his INCORPORATED: MW3 - PC Community Montage by clayman90. And I was wondering, when this was released did you get a spike in sales as a result?
I’m sure that Rechyyy’s promotion has helped us a lot! Whatever it was a spike in sales or not is hard to tell however.

Q: Betrayer of the code is about vampires?! now everything make sense! xD Are the lyrics based on Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles?
That’s correct. It’s based on Anne Rice’s “Queen of the Damned” which is included in “The Vampire Chronicles”.


Mekare and Maharet

Q: Also; whats the meaning of the others songs? I mean: what's the story of the lyrics??? For example: When I hear Where the frost rose withers, I imagine the invasion of the 616 demons army to the earth. Or in Collapse my dream, I imagine a veteran of war who is in the asylum because his mind is always on war and can't live in reality. In Green eyed demon, I imagine a guy who is being searched, and like a demon in shame, he will never regret what he has done, but he did it because a green eyed demon (a female identity) push him to do it. (But it also reminds me the incredible Hulk movie...)
A: You have great imagination! I could write, and go on forever about the songs and their lyrics but I don’t have the needed time at hand. Because what I really should do is to write lyrics to the coming album, hehe. Also I don’t want to re-direct you from your own great thought regarding the songs. I think it’s important that the songs and the lyrics, mean what they mean to you. That’s exactly what they are! There’s no right or wrong.

Q: The gloves you're using in BOTC video, where can I buy them?!
I found them in Stockholm somewhere. Close to Sergel’s square I dare to remember.

Q: When will the BOTC Video be released?
It was released 19 September 2012.

Q: Do you know a date for the send out of the Ultimate Hell frost? And most important.... where is with the 17k-Follower Video?
“Pandora’s Box” has been sent out a long time ago. I swear I did the 17k video, but the hard drive crashed! Promise. I will need more time hehe.

Never gonna...

Q: "WTFRW is really based of the album artwork and to carry over the story to the coming album" mmm.... "The invasion has begun" ALIENNNSSS?!! (Pretty sure the next album it's about Halo) xD Well. when you have time, Would you do a walkthrough of the lyrics of Iceheart fragment? Plizzzzzz (Actually my fav song is Pathfinder but if I
m not wrong its about Roland, Roger and you?, and I hope Iceheart fragment have a more deep and emotional meaning) :P Oh! And what does it mean the line of serenade of guilt: "If I was life I would leave you"? Like the spirit of life or what? :S
Would be cool to write a song about Halo, but I can assure you that no lyrics up to date are regarding Halo hehe. I’d like to write a walkthrough of all lyrics, but as of now there’s no time. “Iceheart Fragment” is some heavy emotional stuff indeed. You are wrong about “Pathfinder”, it’s actually about Ella and me, same as “Rebellion In Nightmareland”. But “Leaving Nightmareland” is sure open for other interpretations as well. About “Serenade of Guilt”; well it’s just life in general I suppose. Say, if I was your life spirit, personified or whatever, and I left you, you would in fact, be dead! That was the thought behind it. It’s just a more poetic way of wishing death upon someone.

Q: Avid fan back from the original Sonic Syndicate days, any hopes of touring in the Philadelphia area?
Not as of yet, I’m afraid.

Q: Please, can you tell me what mean the lyric of "Zion Must Fall"?
The lyrics on the “Extinction” demo, which “Zion Must Fall” originates from, are written out from a novel I did regarding the sin wars (Hell Vs. Heaven) back in the days. I have to put my mind into it to actually remember what everything was about and how it was tied together. But it’s simply written out from a fictional novel written out from biblical characters and places (I’ve read the bible and it was during the time I wrote the lyrics to the “Extinction” demo.) It doesn’t attack any religion however, which some people are stating, it’s just a fictional story from 2003 from a young imaginative man, being me.

Q: Who is Peter Johansson who contributed to write
I guess he’s most famous from his euro dance project called “Pandora”, which was insanely successful during the '90s. He’s a friend to the band!


Deathwalker, such an awesome song you got there! Feel bad for those, who can't hear it. Can I have permission to upload it to YouTube, copyrights of course to you! Loved SS, loving TU. Keep it up! U will be something big someday.
No you can’t upload “Deathwalker”... Not unless you want to be a deathwalker hehe.

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