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Since I haven’t managed to clone myself yet, it’s still needed that we travel to all sorts of different places in Sweden to celebrate Xmas. So after Christmas day, we traveled to mom's place in the deep spruce woods of Halland. The original idea was to visit mom on Xmas eve, but since we got the Dead By April gig last Friday down on the west coast, at pretty short notice. We sure as hell didn’t want to go pinball all over Sweden twice. We solved the dilemma by spending Xmas eve at Ella’s parent’s house and got our asses down to the west coast after Xmas day instead.


We got this cut-glass chandelier from Ella's parents

Our Xmas gift to mom! 2012 was a good year

Roger's gift to me

Mom's Xmas tree

Well down at moms place I’ve been busy pillaging the boy rooms of me and Roger. It literally was like time made a sudden stop in these rooms and no one touched them since we moved out around 13 years ago.  Since she’s going to clean them out soon, I made sure to salvage whatever valuable items they could possibly gloat on.

My old comp. You know it's the shizzle when it have a "TURBO" button

Old photo of me with an dinosaur on my shoulder. I'm possibly 14-15 years here.


Roger's wall decoration

We also said "Hi!" to the Betrayer of the code dog

Before we left for the gig, we also made a visit to Robert's grave and obviously gave him an invaZion copy!


Hope you like the new songs uncle Robert!

The Gothenburg gig with Dead By April and Marissa Burns Trey was great. A bit unrehearsed from our side, I suppose, with some technical problems as well. But overall I had a good time! Find pictures from photographer Robert Svensson here.


Resolute Roland



Dead By April

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Yesterday I had dinner with my celebrity friend Nicklas “Half-tooth” Bjelvén from RACKARTYGARNA. He’s a FMX hero, but since an unfortunate crash some months ago; his right leg was wrecked and need to heal after complicated knee surgery. But check him and his pals out in the video below, some serious daredevilry going on!


The half-tooth hero

The Rackarride

Rackarlife S02E07

Song of the day: Manimal – Shadows


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