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It's time to bring the fire down

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The pre-production for the two EP songs are coming along great! We will hit the Sällström Audio studio in Halmstad, now this coming weekend, to record the vocals and Roland’s amazing solos. As things seams now, we are definitely looking at a 2012 release for the upcoming EP. That EP will set in motion the new era of The Unguided and ultimately the second album and follow up to Hell Frost. Stay tuned!

Yesterday I managed get my filthy hands on the pictures from photographer and friend, Magnus Petersohn. So the coming string of photos is last Friday’s The Unguided show viewed through the objective of Mr. Petersohn. These pictures are a blend of both backstage and showtime pictures during the day. Thanks for sharing Magnus. Enjoy!


Negotiations in who's going to sell merch

Roger doing his "You're awesome!" move

Monster up your life

Buffeln from Raubtier doing the mighty Haparanda-horns

Hulkoff being impressed

Discussing last hunting season

Hellboy's little brother

Yes, he drew the short straw in the negotiations

Civil War introducing the crowd to their future plans

Hellz yeah!


Roland tearing out them tones from his guitar

Firing unguided missiles at Stockholm

Tangled the mic cord in the ceiling

The family Sundqvist / Petersohn watching from stage left

Hank the boss, being a boss

That guy

Here’s a live review in Swedish from the Stockholm gig as well by Joanna, check it out!

Photo by: Joanna Hemmingsson

The other day I actually finished the StarCraft II campaign! I was worried over how everything about Kerrigan was transformed to a human again, save from her ganja dreadlocks? I’m having a hard time believing the whole Zerg infestation had its hardest grip on her hair!? Nah, I’m not buying it! I’m moving on to Diablo III now.

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Song of the day: A perfect circle – The Hollow


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