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And get a taste for life

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Except for being extremely tired yesterday, after a hectic week. We actually had another go on Kelly’s pub and Medusa. Before that however, we managed to sort two baked potatoes to land the alcohol infused brewages on. It was a good Friday evening. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still nice!


Punzi being over-active and playing LMFAO for the entire subway cabin

Found this "artist" on Kelly's, his movie just hit 20k views!


The infamous "I'm not drunk" face

Today we went to the city to buy some co-op games. We ended up with the games; Borderlands 2 and Mortal Kombat 9, plus an additional PS3 controller for Ella. This evening is saved.


I also started to write some lyrics yesterday for the coming EP. The two songs we selected are awesome!

Song of the day: Ascend – Taste for life



  • Daniel Kåveland säger:
    2012-11-05 | 19:29:08

    Ascend är ju så jävla bra ! :)

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