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Strike upon the corrupted

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Yesterday we spent most of the time in front of Mortal Kombat. I’m obviously playing as Scorpion and Ella fancied Sonya Blade. Going through them ladder games slowly but steady. Good fun! We also got ourselves some Prometheus action. We checked out all the deleted scenes, among other things. I’m not too sure if I agree the cutting / altering of some of the clips for the final cut, but it was very interesting to see them none the less.

Vengeance will be mine!

Pissed off...

Today I’m cutting and slicing four guitar lesson videos for Toby Copley. He made a generous pledge during the pledge campaign and Roger and Roland has been busy recording a lot of clips for him, going through the songs Green Eyed Demon, Betrayer of the code and Phoenix Down. If I’m not finished with the editing today, I'll be next week!

Guitar walkthrough video

I’ve also spread some Engel propaganda at the gym today!



Song of the day: Faithful Darkness – Answer for your sins


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