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The nightmare unfolds before my eyes

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Last week was a busy one! So there you have your reason for the mysterious blog silence. During the weekdays I was involved in something called Group Induction which is like a company introduction for new employees of my job. We stayed at hotel Clarion during the entire week basically and had numerous of events filling our days with people from all over the world. Good fun and interesting!


Clarion Hotel

We had sightseeing in Stockholm as well! S:t Göran Vs. Denmark 1-0 

During the weekend I was on call at my job as well. And since I need to be 30 minutes in range when I’m on call; I and Ella got us an apartment in Nynäshamn now as well. Besides being called out to work a couple of times we mostly spent time watching movies. I tried to get some lyric work done, but didn’t go very well. I give it a new go during this weekend. The fall just isn’t very inspiring. We also had a little stroll in Nynäshamn.

Autumn over Nynäshamn

Ella taking care of the kitchen

My lyric work station.... or echo chamber


We watched Snow White and the Huntsman, Wuthering Heights and Number 23. I’ve seen Number 23 before but I like it. If you replace the number 23 with 616, that’s my life in a nutshell hehe.

593 + 23 = 616

Tomorrow we’ll be seeing Steel Panther at Tyrol and the day after that we’ll be watching Blotting Out The Sun in Huddinge.


As we are busy with the new album, the fans are being busy as well! Very dedicated tattoos guys, good job. Hope to see you all during next weekend’s gig in Gothenburg with Raubtier!


Our fans...


Song of the day: Iced Earth – Dystopia



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