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A conspiracy for ages

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Crazy day! Betrayer of the code music video premiere, Deathwalker digital release (iTunes,, Pandora’s Box artworks published on the official Facebook AND I saw a double rainbow. I doubt tomorrow will be able to top this.

The Unguided - Betrayer Of The Code ( Official Video )

Had a meeting with Despotz yesterday, regarding the coming album. Looks like there will be some changes around here. We’ll see how it goes! Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video; there have been a lot of man-hours put into from a lot of different lovley people. Everyone has done an excellent job and especially you, the fans, which funded the whole project via our Pledge Music Campaign, are worth everything to us. Here’s some behind the scenes footage, which you can gorge in. 

The Queen got too drunk

Punzi and the sphinx

Enkil, Akasha and Paul McCartney

You Sir, are about to get fucked by an 8000 years old upset bitch


The mess we made

Actors, 11Frames Productions and Peter Jackson

Song of the day: Evergrey - The Masterplan

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