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Ghost faced smiles

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Yesterday was an eventful day, save for me being ridiculously hung over… We spent the evening at Pub Anchor with the good company of family Johansson. You might know the male character in that constellation, better as; Peter, the original music composer of Deathwalker. Anyways we had a nice little couple dinner and checked out Degradead, live on stage.


I just got the news that Roger will travel to Jonas Kjellgren’s studio next weekend to record guitars for brand new The Unguided songs. Slowly, but steady things will get in place for the upcoming album. And meanwhile Roger is busy with that; you guys are as always busy supporting. Dustin Terrio for example just got unguided ink done on his arm, like a sir. Also, this guy Ellison Fernandes from India made a really cool The Unguided illustration the other day. You guys rock!


Nice work!

What he said.

Song of the day: Himsa - A girl in glass


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