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It’s your cold day in the sun

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Wicked stuff going on! Someone just did the first-ever guitar cover of Deathwalker. That was fast! Check it out and give him some appreciation in the comment field.

Deathwalker covered by MxR2oo9

Fairwood Studios have also just recently converted Phoenix Down to Rock Band 3 on Xbox 360. So if you own the game and want to rock that song, it should be available for download. Here’s a video of it in expert mode.

Phoenix Down in Rock Band 3

It’s also nice to see how more and more people are getting their Pandora’s Box.


Also would like to explain the whole song of the day thing. If you think it’s completely random. It’s not! I systematically select one album from my collection, from the top to the bottom. Some of them are shuffled and some are in the right order. So it could be all Blind Guardian tracks for several days, just to randomly be broken off by something completely different the day after. It’s basically one carefully selected song, from an album I have in the car driving to my job every morning hehe. 

Song of the day: Foo Fighters – Cold day in the sun


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