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The answer bleeding through my skin

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We had some technical problems with the old video clip of the new music video Betrayer of the code. So there’s a new link up now. We would really appreciate, if you could help us out and spread this new one as much as possible! Also be sure to like it on YouTube and give us a piece of your mind in the comment field. We are dying to hear your feedback as always (save from that SmellBender dude. You should just stop typing. Actually… destroy your keyboard! Feed it to those fire tornadoes that I read about in the news yesterday <3 ;) And I'm NOT insulting you. I'm correcting you!) 

Here we go again! The Unguided - Betrayer of the code

Here’s another picture from the behind the scene filming of BOTC. This is the characters Enkil and Lestat goofing around with their fake fangs. Very creative! This is basically how I imagine the Twilight vampire’s true form.


Emmett and Edward Cullen

Oh, Deathwalker released on Spotify today as well. So if you didn’t have a chance to check it out yet, you can now stream it from Spotify! Here’s the link. 

Song of the day: Threat Signal - A New Beginning

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