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There’s been a lot of action going on as of lately! Unfortunately there are not much of updates going on here (as usual?) I’d like to bring you up to speed however, for the unfortunate people that aren’t following the daily spam on our Facebook page.

The Unguided
are as of now signed to the Austrian label; Napalm Records! They will handle our upcoming release and the releases to come after that, if everything goes well, which it surely will. Napalm was actually on the table already before we released Hell Frost. But since we had no idea where we was with the band and what kind of an impact the debut album actually would have; we stayed in our comfort zone over at Despotz. We all know now; that this band, which originally was intended as a project, is proven to be quite successful. Reaching 25K “LIKES” on Facebook during just 3 years of activity, hundreds of thousands of views on our music videos on YouTube and equally big amount of listeners on Spotify and other services and on top of that; already headlining shows both in and outside of Sweden’s boarders. All this gives us a real solid case, when it comes to partner negotiations.

During this long discussion between the band and Napalm Records, I think at this point; we both understand each other well, they know what we are looking for and we know what they want from us. It will certainly be a great home for our band and its legacy. I have no doubt in my mind; that the band will reach new horizons with their support. Especially not, viewing it from the perspective; of what they have to work with when it comes to the upcoming album. Which we all are extremely proud of and can’t wait to put out. They are not looking to change us in any way, which I’ve seen some concerns from the fans, when it comes to signing to bigger labels. They are merely going to share their expertise and experience in the business, giving us a neutral outside the band perspective of matters. The decisions will be ours entirely. Remember; Napalm records are a down to the marrow metal label, and we are a metal band. No one’s going to try to change that. And you will notice that further on the coming album. Read the press news on the signings here.

The Unguided 2013 Photo by: Jonas Eklind

Signing to a bigger label opened a few other doors for us. And we have altered a bit in our organization. Skrikhult Productions will as of now handle our booking in Scandinavia. We are very happy to be in lague with such a legendary booker as Skrikhult and Olof Wikström. Read more about that here. As for the “ROW” booking, it will be handled internally by Napalm Records and our contact Thomas Caser. More information regarding booking at our official website! We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Chris Lemon at Dange Music & Media, for the great co-operation and all the awesome shows we’ve done!

Fan art by: Lukáš Polák

We recently had our last summer show at Skogsröjet 2013,which marks the end of our Spring/Summer campaign and we move swiftly into the Fall/Winter segment, (shows are already popping up, so please keep our channels at high surveillance.) Right in this moment we are sorting everything for the Russian and Belarus shows, and September can’t come fast enough! We really had a great time at Skogsröjet and it was a flawless arrangement with really stunning organization. We were heavily impressed and we’d like to thank everyone involved.  As most of you know; Henric have edited a little clip from our experience there and you can also view some pictures here:

Driving to Röjet

Arriving at Grand Hotel Norrköping

Chris Lemon & Gilby Clarke

Hard Rock Hallelujah band

Johanna and Ella monstering it up

Johanna talking to Lita Ford

Ella posing like the model she is!

Kreator, best band of the festival. Period.

Back to the roots!?

Lita Ford


The cavalry has arrived, drinking whiskey, as always.

He knows it!

The Unguided @ Skogsröjet, Photo by: Elin Ragnarsson

Sister Sin


Backstage bar

The 69 Eyes

This is supposed to be Twisted Sister, was too drunk to get good focus :(

The Unguided TV Skogsröjet Special

We’ve also got some great gaming montage features lately, and we would like to thank Celeborn, biBa and especially Rechyyy for putting hard work into our band with those! And congratulations Rechyyy for reaching 100k subs, you are totally worth it. Keep it up!

Congrats Stefan on reachyyying 100k! ;)


Road to Colonel 100 (BF3) feat. THE UNGUIDED

Also if you missed the Frankfurt video special Henric put together some week ago, check it out here: 

The Unguided TV Frankfurt Special

So, if you are only here for the band, you can stop reading now since the next part will sorely handle my vacation the last 4 weeks and 90% of the pictures will be of Ella (which I knew some of you are secretly in love with, so you’ll probably continue viewing anyway.)  If you however is heavily interested in my doings the last couple of weeks, please follow me on this “strange” journey across Sweden.

Fan art by: René Selzer

My first week of vacation set off in Falkenberg, as mentioned in the last entry. Falkenberg is a city at the west coast of Sweden, where I spent 13 years of my life and also the city where my family resides around. As most of you know; I now live in Stockholm, which is considered the front side of Sweden (if you however would have asked me, little over a year ago, the answer would probably have been reversed.) The first week of the vacation we spent at Hotel Strandbaden at the beach of Falkenberg. Conveniently my sister and her boyfriend work at this place, and she indeed treated us like kings & queens. Unfortunatly; Blondinbella, Prince Carl Philip and women's national soccer team of Sweden stayed at the same hotel, and tried to pull our star power.

Visiting some castle on our way there

Checked in on mom and got a view of her hate-campaign on other dog owners.

Finally at Strandbaden.

There were some of this.

Had dinner with our good friend Niklas and his family

At Harrys in Falkenberg

The duke is back in town!

This everyday made me fat.

The lovley beach and Strandbaden in the background.

Our pet; "Pike" got to come with us.

Operation Desert Storm

On our way into centrum.

My sister, frau ober, serving champagne.

"Lillpacket" swinging by the hotel to give us the latest gossip.

Ella, the cat molester.

Mr.SPARK! being un-sober.

We had tons of this, that didn't make me more thin.

Ella at the bistro in Strandbaden.

Andreas having his annual chocolate cake event by Tullbron

I and our biggest "little" fan participating in the "Wheels & Wings" cruise.

Ella stealing moonlight with her face. 

During our stay in Falkenberg we also had a short trip to Halmstad to check out the ongoing Dinosaur exhibition. With us was the ever trusted friend and old keyboardist of Fallen Angels; Andreas.

Bring it on!

This is a giant rat-o-saur.

Flexing by the T-Rex.

Watch your six :S

This was a portal to Jurassic park, only kids allowed :(

Some fish-o-saurus.

All good things comes to an end, we had an awesome stay at hotel Strandbaden. On our way home however; we stayed for a short visit at Kullabo. This is a family estate, on Ella’s father’s side, ranging as far back as the fifteenth century. Apparently Ella’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandpa was some kind of soldier that was granted the ground and it’s property from the King, as a gift for his good service and loyalty. I don’t know about you, but I think those kinds of things are awesome!

Kullabo, in the deep forests of Sweden.

As said, deep, most likely; elvish woods.

In realms where; squirrels are more important than children.

Row, row, row the boat!

The coming days after our homecoming, we decided to visit Kolmården. This is a Zoo on the east coast of Sweden. Fortunately, we survived the wolves.


Man-eating wolves


Daddy bear

An entire army of cubs

Mother bear

Wolverine. Told them the new movie was ace! Keep up the good work.

Dhole, an endagered species. Hopefully there will never be an "Eye Of The Dhole" song.


This guy looked kind of stupid.

Some Apple OS evading the sun.

Sent this to mom and said I was in Africa, petting Rhinos. She freaked out.

King Kong

Tarzan and Jane.

I'm not sure if this fellow was dead, he didn't move at all.


Lions everywhere 

Our last trip on the vacation was back to Sandhamn in the Swedish archipelago. We’d like to do this to an annual tradition of ours and the island; Sandön is majestic.

We're on a boat MF!

Back in the firewood shack.

Starving to death, kind of look.

Some amphibian that Ella tried to take home.


Firewood and tourist storage.

Archipelago <3

Some dude with "Sandhamns Värdhus" in the background.

Nordheim, local rose wine!

Slugs are not allowed home either.

Nordheim, white wine!

Minnie Mouse

Enchanted forests

Some Nynäshamn brew, while we're at it!

2-years anniversary on our engagement. I'm sure some of you remember!

Watching the sunset.

<3 <3 <3

They mostly come out at night. Mostly.


Going home, not fun at all.

Other than that we’ve been watching a lot of “Sons of Anarchy”, drinking a lot of wine, which we got from our friends in Nordheim, when we played Sunstorm festival there. And I’ve also participated in some of the model photo sessions Ella have had during the summer. Obviously I’m being more in the way than actually being useful. To compensate of all the buttery content in this blog, next blog you’ll get pictures of me firing a Glock 17 at a shooting range! WOW!!!

SAMCRO!!! Again.

Nordheimer Sonntagsberg, we like it!

Overlooking Ella's photo sessions. It sucks to be me ;)

Said "Hi!" to Atlas, the Swedish elkhound. Unfortunatly he got some eczema at the momemt. 

More photo sessions.

I got to guard the dog; "Spot"!

And finally at a house-warming party at Ella's friend Angelica.

Song of the day: The sorrow – crossing jordan


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