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With your divided tongue all tangled up

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Getting all set for our little Russian/Belarus adventure and we are all really excited to make the first ever; The Unguided shows there! Only set back (so far) is that; I think I'm coming down with a cold that got a bit of a vicious grip on my throat. Fear not! I'm getting a lot of hot tips on curative whiskeys from Roland. According to him they are both invigorating and healing. So this bodily intruder should be gone in no time!

Soon! St.Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk, HOLD TIGHT!

Our Facebook recently hit 25k "LIKES" from you; the fans! We are very honored over that fact and I still have fresh in mind when we merely had 1k and it feels like it was a lifetime ago, even if it was just in the beginning of 2011. Anyway; thanks a lot for the support! We are trying to keep the page interactive with our own sense of humor and necessary informative updates. Hope you are happy with it, and if you have any feedback; feel free to mail us down for all you're worth, we are always happy to hear from you! (contact info on our official website.)

Nailed it!

I recently conducted a interview with Rock Your Lyrics, be sure to check it out here, should be interesting enough. We've also recently announced a few coming shows for winter 2013, you'll find some more information regarding that on the official page. Latest out is; the Christmas Metal Festival in Geiselwind. Yes! We are coming back to Germany and just to make it a bit more unguided, we are playing two gigs on the same day! We'll end the day with Shout Arena Festival in Anröchte.

29/11 - Folkets Park - Huskvarna - SWE
30/11 - Falkhallen (Blackboxen) - Falkenberg - SWE
14/12 - Christmas Metal Festival - Geiselwind - GER
14/12 - Shout Arena Festival - Anröchte - GER

Christmas mayhem

Also the Defector DCXVI shirt is back in stock at the official web shop, as well as the much requested The Invasion shirt that also sold out very fast the first print. This will most likely be the last print of The Invasion, that goes for the invaZion shirt as well, when it's sold out, I doubt we'll print any more of that one either. So here it is; giving you the heads up, so I don't get complains later on when they are gone!

Dressed for success and drinking Jack&Coke!

I've been on a wildlife fishing adventure, in the north of Sweden, with my pike bane buddy; Magnus. It was wicked trip, mixed with a lot of fishing, beers and bears. Armed with fishing poles and Gerber BMF 9" knives, we were more than ready to take on the wild in Northland. And we actually managed to catch 9 pikes, even if all of them weren't Nessy sized.

Strong beer for strong men

The sky fell down in Sörmesunda

Making Roland proud as well

Bear woods

The pike bane himself

Chillaxing by the brown bear tracks

This lure will sure do the trick!

Newly slain bear on the menu (read: apple & bacon sausage)

Tracking down good hunting grounds

The first catch, made us tremble by fear

This bear skull might actually have been a beaver skull

Really nice lakes

Now we're getting somewhere!

The natives had problems  with my accent

Third night, we spent in this blair witch shack

The hunter son filleting the catch

Crocodile dundee style dinner!

Emptying the lakes

Mirror water

Night hearth

After the lovely four week vacation, I've been adapting slowly back to normal life and also been stationery in Nynäshamn for my "on-call" week with the job. Loving the contrasts!

Mapping out Bromma

Celebrating that vacation finally is over!

Lunch with my laywer <3

On-call in Nynäshamn

Magnus kid wears the right stuff!

An evening in Kagghamra

BBQ with Jack

Song of the day: Mercenary - Lost reality


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