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Another angel falls from the skies

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Finally a physical version of THE UNGUIDED – NIGHTMARELAND is back in stock and you can order it now from Despotz records web-shop for the very special price of €6.16. You see what we did there? Hehe.


The Unguided - Nightmareland [CD]
– Shelter the songs Green Eyed Demon and Pathfinder in a jewelcase version of the EP. Cover artwork by the extremely talented Chinese artist; Kuang Hong and layout design by the equally skilled Spanish artist José A. Aranguren. José has a good amount of history with the band since he was both the creator of all the art to Sonic Syndicate’s debut album Eden Fire, in addition to the artwork, which decorates the demo Extinction by Fallen Angels. He also did his very own take on Leah Eropkin’s The Unguided logo and symbol for this Nightmareland version. The jewelcase print also includes lyrics for the two songs in the inlay. This is not a limited edition, and will be available and reprinted as long as people are looking to buy it. You can order it here.

The Unguided - Nightmareland [CD]

is now also available on Spotify here and on WiMP here, for whatever cheap asses (or Apple adversary) that couldn’t find the extreme expense worth of ~€2 in their budget to purchase it via iTunes hehe.

The Unguided
has now inked a deal with Despotz records for our debut album after the success and very convenient co-operation of Nightmareland. All necessary preparations for this anathema kicks off immediately. We are still aiming for a 2011 release and are very optimistic about that matter. Jonas Kjellgren will produce, record, and mix the album.

Another stigmatization of the ever expanding unguided army has occurred! This time the champion originates from Austria. Peter Ehrenstorfer, we bow to you! His unguided crest is bravely inked out and immortalized on his forearm. And also very cunningly executed, he did not only tattoo the symbol, he also captured a story in his very design. The blood was to symbolize the necessary sacrifice to create The Unguided and the icicles is portraying the artwork of Nightmareland. Very inspiring, not to say impressive! Peter has been righteously awarded with the e-mail address: [email protected] and the rank “Champion” on the Army of the Unguided forum.

Peter, Champion of the Unguided Army

I’ve been busy with pre-production and writing of the upcoming The Unguided album. I also had some spare time to do guest vocal recordings in my home studio for the bands A Silent Escape (SWE), KILLUS (SPA) and Beneath My Feet (SWE). I will link you up with the results in the blog once the songs featuring me have been mixed and are available for the public. It also looks like we will start album recording in camp Faithful Darkness after the feisty European midsummer celebrations. Something I’m eagerly looking forward to! I’ve been somewhat busy with my personal life as well, so unfortunately I’ve not yet been able to sit down and edit the studio footage from the recording of Nightmareland into a The Unguided TV episode. I will, however, do my best to find time for this in a not so distant future since I know you are impatiently waiting for it.

Other than this I’ve been enjoying spring that has embraced Sweden as of late! I’ve managed to spend a lot of time in Stockholm, which is a nice change since my heart is here <3 ;) I’ve diligently been working on my tan, celebrating Easter, and spreading the west coast mentality best I can in the eastern located capital of Sweden!

Flower Power - Make Love not War

Peace, love and pitbulls

We also attended The.Blacklist event over at Marie Laveau during Easter. I got some Wiplasher lotion loving’ action. It was like 2009 all over again! Nice seeing you Mr.Bernadotte, I think I managed to talk him into doing some guest vocals on upcoming The Unguided songs as well. Time will tell!

Benji, Ink-Whip and Flesh-Whip

Master & Disciple

James Hetfield, Myself and The Raven

Charlie's angels

Brown Eyed Angel and Blue Eyed Fiend <3

Other fun stuff is that my friend Niklas “Smeten” Bjelvén sticker-trimmed his “bicycle”. And that a YouTube user almost got sued after uploading The Unguided songs. Oops!


Remember kids, uploading copyrighted material can get you sued!

Send Q&A questions to: [email protected]

Q: I have always been wonder this, how do you pronounce Sonic Syndicate, is it like Sonic Syndikit, Syndi-kit, or during the cologne live DVD it sounds like Roland says we are sonic cindy-kate?
Sonic Thunderklit you say? Ehm listen to the sound preview of the word “sonic” here and “syndicate” here. Put them together like a pro!


Q: Anyway, are you going to remake all of the Fall from Heaven demos, or just Betrayer of the Code? Also, could we get the lyrics to the demos? I'd really appreciate that. And if they are released somewhere, I'm sorry, but I haven't found any.
We are going to remake Betrayer of the code, Inherit the Earth and The Curse of a Gift. You can find some of the lyrics to Fall from Heaven here. Unfortunately, the lyrics on that site to Inherit the Earth is just a duplication of the BOTC lyrics and not the real deal. And I sure as hell have a hard time to interpret what I sing in ITE now. I will have to examine the song more closely in my lab and decipher the lyrics best I can. 

Q: I’ve noticed the font used on Nightmareland is the same as the font on Eden Fire, I’m just curious what’s the name of it?
Guess you got your question answered last blog, but here’s the download link again!

Q: I play to the game "Counter Strike : Source". A mate use Sony Vegas for do movies about the game, and he is actually doing a movie about me. The problem is that he wants to use after listening to the songs on my computer. If I have paid the songs, can he use it? By the way, he'll not use the songs in full, maybe 2min for the both.
That’s cool! Of course he can use previews of the songs in a CS gaming video. As long as it’s not the full songs I don’t see any problem. However I’d like you guys to link to where you can buy the EP, either in the YouTube info or in the video itself. Another option is to animate the blood spatter at the wall to the shape of The Unguided every time you make a headshot!

Don't you EVER touch my blinds again...

Just remembered another Brazilian band that I forgot on the last email I sent you. This band was famous on the early 90s here, but they died in a plane accident in 96. They only have one album and, to tell the truth, there's just one "really metal" song on it. Their album was made to make fun of many styles of music and criticize it at some point. The members of this band actually liked metal and all their songs have distortion in the guitars and such, and the song I'm showing you is that one metal song (in witch they criticized the lack of meaning in most metal lyrics back then, where Brazilian bands kept singing in English just to be cool, but the lyrics said nothing at all. you can see it clearly from the lyrics of this song, in the description of the video).
Make fun of metal? Lyrics with no meaning?? What is this heresy!? Burn them at the stake!!! Oh.. never mind...what goes around comes around. R.I.P.

Q: When will we see a new episode of The Unguided TV? Will there be something similar with Faithful Darkness?
I’ll see when I have time to sit down with it. As of late, I’ve been busy with guest vocal recordings for some bands. Also, my personal life has been taking up a lot of (well-earned) space. I’ve seen some Faithful Darkness drunk footage but if it’s available for the fans I do not know. I don’t edit them however.

Q. I think I found a really good song for you. It’s called Friday by Rebecca Black. You should do a duet with her.
That was a horrible experience. Give me a number to a good shrink and BE QUICK ABOUT IT! Rebecca Black successfully replaced Jar Jar Bink on his throne of Richards-most-hated-humanoids-of-all-time, where he has ruled unopposed for over a decade. Congratulations Rebecca!    

Take your seat

Q: I'm having trouble with the name of my band people keep saying crap saying we should change it and saying it has to sound catchy I don't know if I should change it or keep it so my idle tell me what I should do and the name is The Dawn Of All.
Back when we where called Tunes of Silence everyone told us to change that name as well for similar reasons as you are facing. You know what happened? We changed.

Q: I was wondering if you had ever met bands like Bullet for my Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive or Slipknot? If not, what was your favourite band to meet?
I did not meet anyone from BFMV, KSE or PWD as far as I remember. There’s a possibility I bumped into any of them on festivals. I did however meet Corey and James in Slipknot.

Dual devil Horns

Q: I was wondering if you might consider making a "how to scream/growl" instructional video series on YouTube, with different segments aimed towards different levels of ability (from beginner-wannabe like myself to those who are decent and looking for technique). You have a unique voice and are exceptionally good at harsh vocals, and I think it would be a cool way to interact with the fan base as well as gain popularity (possible YouTube partnership, video response hits, people circulating the videos, etc), and I'm sure it would reduce the number of "TEACH ME TO SCREAM PLOX" emails by a noticeable amount (lol). The idea might be a little out there but it would be pretty awesome if you were to make a series (when you have spare time of course) and fans would love it.
This sounds like a good idea! So now, where do we find anyone that can scream?

Q: The question is - what do you think of MMORPG considering the fact its genre is actually "entertaining"? Do you think it does represent what we are IRL and affects all the things we do while playing such games? It’s a wide-spread thought you can be anything you want, but if to sum everything in the end.
You mean like: “Hello! In the outside world, I am a simple geologist... but in here, I am Valkorn, Defender of the Alliance.” kind of deal? Well I guess depending a bit on the situation my view is that it is better to have high GearScore in real life than in a MMORPG. Well, the fact I was supposedly considered a “rock star” in real life, did never automatically give me “Kingslayer” sadly enough. I still had to somewhat know what the fuck I was doing and put some effort into defeating Arthas. But the standing fact is that I had some recognition in my life, and indeed lured good players to be in my midst, which carried me over many inconvenient obstacles (and at rare occasions even bridged loot rules to my advantage hehe). But “Shadowmourne” would never save me in a situation of me being subjected to an attempted robbery-murder would it now? Meaning, if I were to be dependent on legendaries in life and not my real fearsome martial art skills, I would probably end up dead! But being somebody in real life with social skills sure gives you the upper hand in MMORPGs as well. Be advised, I don’t think the two worlds should ever be connected, confused, or compared with each other. Even if both are games in their own ways, the game of life could put you in a coffin if you play it wrong, while the MMORPG based one wont. Well as long as you are not dealing with psychopaths.

I think MMORPGs are entertaining, and they sure do as much good on people as they do harm. Like everything else in the word, no matter how harmless it is, if you abuse it; it will affect you negatively. If you, however, just use it, it will probably be favourable except for maybe… cyanide, THAT WILL KILL YOU! I guess a social incapable individual could absorb some skills in working together with other people through MMORPGs. For someone that is not anything special in life at all a MMORPG could give that individual a second chance to be just that, I mean someone. And get huge recognition even if it’s virtual. But then again would it matter? Does it matter whatever your manager tells you “Good job, you’re awesome on what you are doing!” or it’s a fucking Night-Elf in a fantasy world telling you the same thing? Hardly! You will get the same sense of prosperity and I guess a lot of people are just after that; some form of recognition. And it’s important indeed! I think it’s up to every individual to take a stand how much you should let MMORPG affect you and your life, same goes with soccer or any other activity in life.


Q: Why did you quit Sonic Syndicate? You are a huge idol for me! Would be cool you have your autograph.
Why does Red Riding Hood have a red hood? Because anything else would be false marketing! Now, do you see Sonic Syndicate in my name? DO YOU!? NO! Obviously it was not meant to be then. DEAL WITH IT! And read my first blog entry here.

Q: I see the US came in third for supporting The Unguided- me being one!!  So how do we get you radio play over here- not likely on local radio but Sirius/XM radio- which is heard all over North America?? Sonic Syndicate was always getting mentioned by fans who were also listeners of Sirius Octane asking them to play it but it never happened-  now we can get The Unguided mentioned on there and get your name out there BUT what needs to happen for them to actually play your music? Do they need you/record label to give permission in order for them to actually listen to the fans asking to play your music- what is the process?  I would love to help get your group recognized which can help generate revenue which in turn gets us a full length album faster!!
I’m not sure really. I’m certain it’s revolving around some mafia business process to get airtime there, like all other media broadcasts. But then again people’s demands will often resonate if it’s persistent enough. However, I doubt we have that much of a fan base in US to make anything constructive about it through means like that. But it’s a nice thought. Please look into it if you wish!

Q. Hey man, I was wondering do you know anyway to get the font L’Elf Noir du mal into photoshop, as I am doing a college course and animation is a unit in the course. I want to do Kinetic-typography for the unit for the song Green Eyed Demon, obviously I am also asking for your permission to use the song for this. If at all possible a reply would be most appreciated.
I’m not sure whether you have a PC or MAC but in PC you just install the font through the control panel, or right click it, and press “install” and it should show up in Photoshop automatically. Sounds like a cool idea; if you could create it and send it to me I’ll be sure to put my thoughts on it before you upload it to the public.

My friends and me were actually talking about screaming/singing and they told me that some vocalists use a technique called circular breathing; it's apparently supposed to greatly enhance your capacity to sing/scream and minimize the amount of breath you have to take. Have you heard anything about this technique or a similar technique?
Yeah I’ve heard about something similar. It’s called Cryosleep! It means you don’t have to breathe at all. Cryosleep is invaluable for long space voyages, but not so effective when it comes to screaming/singing since you literally are a giant ice-cream. By the way, I’ve never heard of such thing you are talking about...


Q: You said something about UnguidedTV episode taken while recording the Nightmareland. How is it going? When can we expect that?
I have captured studio footage while we recorded Nightmareland but I’ve yet to see some spare time to be able to edit it into a TheUnguidedTV episode. Sorry for the delay!

Q: Do you have any plans about recording your upcoming gig on Getaway in high quality like it was done for Sonic Syndicate on last year Metaltown ?
I’ve plans all right! The vision is to do both video and sound uptake of the show. Whatever will be possible in the end, I do not know.

Q: I absolutely ADORE the song Befängda Tankar, will it be possible for Roland to re-record it? Or for you guys to unguide-ify it?
The “och det får mig att LEEEEEEEEE" bit is awesome. Also I’ve realised that allot of vocalists, including Roland have different "voices" when singing in English and Swedish, I personally think that Roland sounds more punkish in Swedish and more heavy and melodious in English, so, has he ever thought of trying to adapt the more punky side to his English, because it is just as epic IMO?
I was tempted to just do a: [email protected] but I restrained myself. I’m guessing you are referring to Roland’s old band Inhale which I’m not really affiliated with at all, so I’m not quite sure what you are talking about. I doubt there will be any unguidification of Inhale songs. I have to listen to it more to give you an objective opinion on the rest of your statement. But I think Roland changed styles already from Dodge to Sonic Syndicate. I think both styles are equally awesome though.


Q: Will any of Roland’s songs in DODGE be adapted to The Unguided (the angrier songs in that case) into ballads or just normal songs? (If it’s allowed) I think that My Puppeteer or Like a Star would be epic!
DODGE song material is from how I understand it not owned by Roland himself or not entirely so I’m not sure how that would play out. Also, we are (Save from the Fall From Heaven remakes) solely aiming to do new fresh material for The Unguided. What’s wrong the DODGE songs already recorded? They are proper studio made and everything.

Q: Does Freeman count as an official release? Or can u guys re-record it? If so it would give me several days of non-stop head banging.
It’s a Sonic Syndicate song and can’t be used in The Unguided for legal reasons even if Roger wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics.


Q: Why did Roger grow out his hair, and then do nothing after that (with the hair)? He looked allot more like you with short hair....
So our parents could separate us from each other.

Q: Would you ever consider to lower screams like in Eden Fire again? Just as like a cool thing.
I’m not too fuzzed about it. Lower than what I did in the Hate Injection dubs recorded just recently I’m not putting effort into going. I’m comfortable with my mids and highs and that’s where I want to develop even more. The fact I’ve practiced Faithful Darkness songs as of latel, and they are much lower than what I’ve done in the last couple of years have made a noticeable change in my vocals somewhat.

Q: What middle names to Roland have? I’m trusting Glenn is one (Swedish people inside joke) and is it possible to be more Göteborgsk than him, because I highly doubt it... and since you are a west coaster, I guess you'd know.
I have no idea what his middle name is but “Ingmar” does ring a bell. Don’t take my word for it though. It is certainly not Glenn.

Q: In the lyrics of the song ”My Escape” there is the line „If I didn't throw it away”. On the album version Roland sang something but it was definitely not that line, or at least not the full line. At live performances Roland simply skipped the entire line. My question is: If he never sang it completely then why is that line there?
The ONE time we performed My Escape live I assume he skipped that line since it overlaps his own lead vocals. And if you are not a Tibetan monk who can do harmonies on themselves in their sinuses it’s obviously problematic to do such performance. Didn’t I do that line live though? Or was I even on stage during the song? I don’t remember, hehe. The line is there because in the studio you can do cool stuff like overlapping yourself and instead of repeating already used lyrics we wrote new ones for it. It’s amazing what you can do with technology of our times right? 

Technology of our times

Q: I know that you had some copyright issues recently. If I would like to make a video for one of the songs and upload that video on YouTube, how can I do it without violating your rights?
Simply don’t do it, hehe. No, I mean some people have done fan videos already and I will always encourage people to do that, of course. If they can work around the problem and not use full songs and make a videos out from half of both songs or whatever that would be appreciated. If the video is super awesome and includes a full song maybe we can come to an understanding even so. It’s also important to us that you add where you can purchase the songs.

Q: In one of your blogs you stated: „Roger and I have decided to go back and revisit the old songs from 2003 “Fallen Angels – Fall From Heaven” demo. Meaning: “Betrayer of the Code,” “Inherit the Earth,” and possibly, “A Curse of a Gift,” and make them into The Unguided songs!” It’s all great but what’s with ”Light From the Abandoned Croft”? Won’t you remake it? And you also said once that you can’t find the lyrics of  “Inherit the Earth”. So did you find it or will it get new lyrics or what?
Robin wrote most of Light from the abandoned croft. And I and Robin kind of wrote the lyrics together for that one as well. So we saw little point in remaking it since it’s not entirely “our” song, if you see what I mean. Also, we see more potential in the other three tracks. I’ve managed to write down a lot of the lyrics from Inherit the Earth some parts are still a bit uncertain but I’m getting there. When I revisited Betrayer of the code I almost completely rewrote the lyrics, so I’m not too worried. 

Q: I’m perfect at English but others in my class are not really so I’m bored to death on every English lessons learning Simple Past over and over again. One day I decided to draw The Unguided Symbol in my exercise book. It took 4 lessons and I really like it but now that it’s finished I’m bored to death again. Could you please suggest me something similar cool stuff to draw?
Draw a Blue Eyed Fiend, a Red Eyed Friend and a Green Eyed Demon. That would keep you busy for a while!

Q: I’ve tried to translate the lyrics of Only Inhuman and I did it, except the line „Trust kill on my mind”. What does it stand for?
A subjective and metaphoric take on “honour killing”. 

Q: This question will be weird: I’d like to make you and maybe also Roger and Roland in a 3D model but I just can’t find any close pictures of your faces. The largest face picture I’ve found is Roger’s and it’s only 179 x 333 pixels. Can you give me some pictures or should I just forget this whole crazy idea?
That is weird. But funny! How large picture would you need? Mail me the info on this and I’ll see what pictures I can find. Would you need one picture from the front and one from the side then?

Grid me up!  

Q: Apart from Roger, Roland and you, what will be the other members of the group?- Sorry for my english... 
I addressed this in my last blog here.

Q: Probably a lot of fans would not approve of this, but would you ever be interested in featuring Nathan in any upcoming material? Unfortunately, a lot of people blame him for WRTN, and I don't know about the relationship between you and him, but that doesn't change the fact that the guy is a killer vocalist (I really like him). To be honest, when I first got to hear Nathan's voice, I thought it would be awesome if he and Roland (as a surprise guest, as he was no longer in the band) would be trading vocal lines on stage, or harmonizing parts. I think that would be a really kick-ass way to do things, since Roland prefers to sing a lower harmony anyway (according to YouTube). Food for thought. Om nom nom. (Åm nåm nåm?)
I wouldn’t mind much. But as you said I’m sure a lot of people would, probably Nathan himself included, hehe. Speaking of which, I am for certain going to do something with Christoffer Andersson which has been standing in for me in Sonic Syndicate since I quit the band. He is a killer vocalist, and the fact that he won’t make any album appearances with them is indeed a waste of talent. I will take this into my own hands, however, and feature him on a The Unguided song instead to obliterate that problem.

Q: You said the drummer and bassist have secret identities. Are they Scorpion and Sub-Zero, since you already have Johnny Cage?
Scorpion and Sub-Zero are already in the band; it’s me and Roger obviously! Or at least it was our favourite characters when we played the game back in the days. Try again!


Q: Out of curiosity, if I were to win and become centurion on the forum, would I still have to reach 4500 posts to get to champion? Or would there be special criteria for winners. Also, I really hope you're still going in 4yrs cuz I will get a tattoo then (cuz im 14) and will you still award an email then? Just wondering. Thx rich.
I still think you’ll have to sport 4500 posts to rank up to Champion. I will award people tattooing The Unguided crest with an e-mail as long as there are people doing it.

Q: Could you do me a favour to help recruit band members for me. Maybe somewhere on your blog could you tell what positions we need? I will email you later as I’m waiting for someone to respond. That is if you are willing. We need a guitarist, drummer, bassist, screamer and clean.
A: If you need a guitarist, drummer, bassist, screaming vocalist and a clean vocalist. What exactly are you going to do yourself? Play the Didgeridoo!? Anyways… If you fit the description in this question please comment this blog and I’ll arrange a virtual meeting between the two of you.

Q: Have you guys ever thought about putting Roger's vocals in a song? Oo
I don’t think I ever heard him sing except for some gang vocal shouts live or some karaoke being drunk on vacation. So can’t say we have. If we have gang vocals on the upcoming album he will of course be included.

Apply alcohol and SING!

Q: Would your band ever come to Trinidad? It would be an honour to see you guys live in my country. Another thing has you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? It’s a really great book it’s the book that first interested me about Sweden. Ok well I'm hoping you read this one, Bye
Nothing is impossible but theoretically it’s highly unlikely, seeing we barley even play in Sweden. I didn’t read the book but I watched the movie. Well, I semi-watched it since I fell asleep but it was all right for being a Swedish movie (I usually hate them). I’ve seen the two sequels as well and it seems like the original one is the best even if I missed out on some of it. It’s funny how a book interested you in Sweden; usually it’s the girls’ hehe.

Q: First question: will you give any shows with The Unguided somewhere except Sweden? I've visited Sonic Syndicate show on the 17th of March in Minsk, and I should say that was amazing! It was a shame that you were not here (that's why I'm asking about The Unguided shows), but you can ask your brothers, they should say this was cool. Second: don't you want to try yourself in clean vocals?) I've listened to "Live From Mycket Mer Aan Musli" and enjoyed your clean vocals there, so that's where this question comes from.
As of now there’s nothing booked except a Swedish premiere show. What happens after that, in terms of live appearance, we are figuring out right now but it will most likely be more Swedish gigs. It’s not impossible that we will play abroad in the future but it won’t happen anytime soon. Well, maybe we can budge there if something extremely interesting crosses our path. Cool that you liked the Sonic Syndicate show! Maybe it would not have been as amazing if I was there after all? Think about it! Hehe. And I only have one brother (Roger), if there was any misunderstanding there. And I’m sure he loved the show. For your second question, I’m not looking to do clean vocals other than on pre-production tracks, which will never reach the public anyway. I kind of enjoy doing it in them and I’ve improved somewhat but I’m not comfortable with it at all. I enjoy screaming vocals. That’s where I come from, and that is exactly where I want to stay and develop together with writing lyrics and vocal arrangements.     

Q: I have a little addition to my last question, about the lyrics of the Fall From Heaven demo, will you post both the original and there re-written?
Some of the originals can be found here. Seeing the re-written versions will be on the album I will not reveal them until the album is out.

Q: I was wondering. I and a couple of friends are starting a band this coming summer and I’m to do growl. Do you have any tips in how I can learn; I’ve looked around the internet but didn’t find anything good. So I’m asking you if you have any tips since you are awesome at growling!
A: There are some guidelines in this FAQ here and here that’s all I can offer at this point. And I think it have been subjected at other points in the blog so please examine the other FAQs and Q&As.

Q: You always pretend being busy u say? haha if u pretend being busy what are you doing then all the time?
Well, I’m keeping myself busy by pretending being busy.

Pretending being busy

Q: Hello. Thank you for the awesome music you make, love it even if there are a lot of haters (they should burn in the Eden Fire, darn purists !). I was wondering if you have already listened to a band called "Ablaze My Sorrow", a melodic death metal band from Falkenberg (sounds familiar, doesn't it?), and if you already met them. Here are some of their songs: Where the strong live forever & Erased/Relived
A: I actually bumped into one of them the other day at the supermarket! Of course I’m very much aware of Ablaze My Sorrow, they where huge for me when I was growing up and a big milestone in my musical career as well. My favorite song is “The truth is sold” you can listen to it here.

Q: I have a new question for you! (: When you was a child.. what do you wanted to be when you grow up?
When I was a child I always wanted to scream in an awesome totally unguided band, being an evil electrician, and make fun of people through a blog.

Evil Alien Eletrician

Q: I was just wondering if you could tell me which shirt you were wearing in the Jack of Diamonds video and where I could possibly get one.
You’ll find the answer in the FAQ of this blog. Alex, The first winner of the tattoo awards have the shirt I used for the video recording in his custody now.

Q: What’s the chances we’ll see The Unguided or Faithful Darkness live in Stockholm?
Very likely.

Q: I know you are beginning to leave Sonic behind you but I saw a YouTube clip where they played “Where the black lotus grows”. Very distasteful in my view seeing you were the only one fighting to play ”Eden Fire” songs. And now all of a sudden when you are gone they play the old songs?
Sacrilege! Haha No, to be fair the only reason I think they played that particular number is because ever since the demo days of the band Christoffer has loved the song! He even knew the lyrics back during the Fallen Angels days, all I needed to do on the Falkenberg gigs was to hand the mic to him and I could have a siesta pretty much. Since he is helping them out, maybe they played nice and let him pick a song, what do I know? From a marketing point of view, I think it’s a pretty unwise move to play old “death metal” songs NOW when they finally won some mainstream people over. It doesn’t make sense to me. I mean it will probably scare them away as fast as they came, and the old fans are probably not even attending.

Black Lotus

Q: I've been having some trouble for the past 2 or 3 weeks when trying to get onto the armyoftheunguided website. I was curious if maybe it was down and if so, how could I get a tattoo request in? Thanks for the info, hope all is well.
I think Emil shut it down since he was experiencing some problems with it. I’ll ask him about it!

Q: How did you come up with the idea to Death Planet? I think it’s like a perfect view of the world today.
A: Read the FAQ of this blog where the question is answered. 

Q: Why in hell do the lyric line: ”mitt bajs känns okej” randomly finds its way into Aftermath? Not that’s its not good! But it feels a bit weird.
Do you SERIOUSLY believe in what you just asked? Read the lyrics here and be forever banished to the corner of shame.