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As explosions broke in the sky

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Yesterday was quite an adventure! I had two objectives before I and Ella was suppose to leave for the Gothenburg gig. First priority was to change to winter tires on the car and the second one was to get my ass to the barber. But since the first snowfall caught us off guard here in Stockholm, everyone in the goddamned city got the brilliant idea to change tires… And of course I hadn’t booked any time and was forced to patently wait in a silly drop-in line at the car repair shop. So if anyone got their hopes up, that I’m saving out my hair again. I can correct you by revealing; I simply missed the barber time, hence of standing in a stupid car queue hehe. But no worries, this problem will be fixed to next gig!

Snow tires

Anyhow, the gig with Raubtier was great! It’s always nice to play in Gothenburg of course. We’ll see if the Stockholm crowd can surpass the intensity of energy at the Klubben gig next week. Since I’ve had somewhat of a change of heart and live in Stockholm now days I of course have my hopes up hehe. According to sales and interacting fans, Stockholm is by fact actually our number one market in Sweden. We’ll see if that resonates live as well next week. The Klubben gig with Raubtier is actually our debut show in Stockholm with The Unguided! Join the Facebook event if you are coming here.

Kyle Lord and his gf on merch duties yesterday

Roger showing off with his Summer Breeze artist shirt

Henric stealing focus from the photographer Robert

High-speed alien drum bunny

The stage is set


Photo by Robert Svensson

Kyle from Canada selling them merch

You might know him from the BOTC video

Now I’ll get back to the lyric sketchboard and later tonight I hope there’s some time for a peaceful evening with my dearest. The last couple of weeks have been really busy ones.


Song of the day: Linkin Park – Burn it down