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Where were we!? Oh yeah, new album release day. Well, some of you sneaky bastards have already figured some of it out, and I'm not surprised; you know your internet. That's a red thread throughout a lot of our fans. You know your shit! I'm proud to have you cunning minds in our midst. But truth be told; for now, nothing is really official, and we are still waiting for the final word from the label. At this point it's preliminary looking like it could be by the end of January 2014, and that's out ambition as well. But it's not something I'd carve in stone with lightning and release as the 11 commandment, just yet.

With that said; there's nothing that would stop us from having a bit of fun in the meantime, right? We've had music video recordings, band photo shoots and all sort of crazy stuff going since our life auras last crossed each other's paths. We've documented this thoroughly and I'd like to show you a selection of pictures from the events, now in this blog.

Music video - 11 Frames Productions:

As said in the previous blog, we've once again picked 11 Frames Productions (Betrayer of the Code,) to handle the production of our upcoming single music video. For several reason really, but mainly; we're loving the guys behind the cameras and their results with BOTC was just really over all our expectations. This one is however going to be more of a green screen production. There's going to be a lot of elements really, but my biggest excitement for it is; 10 sketches related to the lyrics of the song, that Kuang Hong (Nightmareland/Hell Frost, invaZion) made to be "animated" into the clip. I hope they will help to carry the story of the album and the song and the continuation of what started on Hell Frost. The band itself will be performing in a post apocalyptic city, not too far from what you've already seen in the background of the "invaZion" EP and it will tie in with the story as well. For now, we've haven't seen much of the city, but 11 Frames is working hard to get this ready in time for the upcoming single release.


Rille got new toys!

I think we have to cover the ladder guy with green for him to not show?

Rille doing his magic

2 of the 11 Framses looking busy

Roginator entering the scene

Guitar neck view

Our own pom-pom girls! 

The referee from hell

Roland destorying that guitar

The vocals was so intense, Jose had to sit down for a while

Obviously we had room 616 on the hotel

Preview from the animated city 

Photo shoot - Linus Pettersson:

We've allowed the very talented Linus Pettersson to handle our album photo shoot, and some of you have already seen some sneak peeks from this creative day. We had a great run in the Access: Rock studio located in "Hammarby sjöstad", Stockholm and the result was stunning. Mr. Pettersson really knew what angles to work to make our ugly asses sexy (save from Henric, he's always sexy! hehe)


Unguided arriving dislocated to the studio

Roland and Linus

Henric making "le tigre" while the multitasking MUA is making Roland sexy

Fuck yeah!

Linus explained something really phototechnical and Roland got it... kind of.

Preview of one of the band shots

Rille readying his "blue steel" face

Roger checking out his portrait previews

Roger in the line of fire

The three R's

Some outdoor shots

What now!?

Not much, the calm before the storm you could say! We however have our Huskvarna and Falkenberg shows by the end of this month to look forward to. Be sure to keep yourself updated on for the latest tour dates. Also, the Russian tour shirt "Blodbad", is now available in the web shop as well.

Unguided over Falkenberg

Blodbad! And it's not the damn "The Witcher" logo. Fuck off. Some of you will understand, later.

The Nocturnal Halloween Ball:

Last weekend  we celebrated Halloween at an annually ball spectacle, arranged by Nocturnal Agency. Peter, his wife and I was all decked out as three members from Slipknot; Chris, James and Mick. It was good fun! The original plan was for me to be Chris Redfield and Ella to be Jill Valentine. But since we had some complication on getting Ella's costume (well, she mistakenly ordered it to the United Kingdom instead of Sweden for some reason. I'm pretty sure there's no Stockholm in the UK!?) so we had to improvise a bit. Maybe next year!

Peter & Olga, before costumes and before a lot of Jack & Coke

Here's my Halloween costume

Inappropriate Peter!

Before the taxi arrived. The driver was... scared.

Ella entering the catwalk at the fashion show on the event

Female Edward Scissorhands, the winner of best costume of the night!

Slipknot got new members, Hellboy for one!

This could have been a nice couple dinner?

Emelie (from the BOTC MV) and some giant chigger

Ronny, Ragge and Ella!

"Cuts & Stitches" photo shoot:

I guess there's no surprise for many that our crafty bassist does have his own clothing brand called "Cuts & Stitches". He just recently launched leggings in the brands name and Ella was kind enough to help out and lend away her beautiful legs for this occasion. Apparently I got stuck on some pictures as well. Once again; Linus Pettersson's flawless work!


Cuts & Stitches "I Will Never Stop Living" shirt

Preview of a couple picture

High heels and backslick (coming "Hard Riot" album name.) 

One of the finalized photo's from the shoot

World of Warcraft:

Yes, I finally reached level 90 on my rogue; Harbinger, just like a year too late from the release of the new expansion. I'm basically only doing some LFR to check out all the content and I also got my hands on one of the warglaives. Also a couple of years too late.



Coming for the OH, you Illidan scum


Life is running fast, I hope it will not hit rock bottom next year when I turn 30. But I have good faith since Roland claims; that's when life begins. If someone can confirm this, please inbox me.  Here's a collection of pictures from the last months.

Underwent extensive surgery a bit over my ankle, the doctor promised a cool scar

We visited "Strega" the Cane Corso we borrowed some time ago

At texas longhorn, before we hit the cinemas

Two adorable slugs! (Disclaimer: We didn't see this movie, It did not involve enough blood & gore.) 

Ella and Atlas. Atlas is my alter ego when the autumn moon is bright.

Trooper beer...

...makes this dude happy!

Usual sight when I come home from work, promise...

Autumn over Stockholm

We obviously had to capture those glorious colors

Backstage at Bloom's event in Old Town. Here's Terror. Probably not sober.

Thought I'd get all you Germans something to drool about. Here's stupid horses called Elks. 

Waiting for the subway like a Swede.

Winter occupation!

Song of the day: Deep purple - Perfect strangers