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We are lost but keep moving forward

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The recording of the new The Unguided album have head-on collided with a couple of minor hurdles. As you know we all have very busy lives outside the band and for every cog to fit in the machinery and rotate as planned, there’s little room for unexpected happenings. We had a member being ill last weekend. And even if it was during a short period of time; it still complicated the original plan enough to make it worrisome.  What I’m trying to say is that everything will be taking a bit longer than what we first expected. But we talked everything through the other day and are on top of things. Meaning; we have a plan of action to get everything sorted out (possibly not in time; but sorted out hehe.)


The Unguided

With the extra granted spare time; I took that weekend off and spent it with Ella and our friends. Ella also came to the conclusion that “blondes have more fun”(?) and bleached her hair for that weekend. Doesn’t really matter what hair color she picks, she always look alluring.

At The Liffey's in old town Stockholm

Lestat, Shakira and Kathleen Robertson

Blondes have more fun?

I’ve been dusting off some old hard-drives again and found some neat stuff that you might like!

Roger & Rich. Brotherly love from 2003

Gig in Falkenberg 2004

Before a gig in Falkenberg 2004

A gig in Gothenburg 2004

Fallen Angel's rehersal room 2004

Another Falkenberg gig 2004

Sonic Syndicate gig in Karlstad 2005

Same gig in Karlstad

Gig in Varberg 2005, I and our hobbit keyboardist

Fallen Angels logo

Old Sonic logo before J.A.Aranguren's modifications

Also since it was the international woman’s day today; I decided to shave off my beard to honor my female entity! It was suppose to be a hairy beast until the album was finished. But since it’s going to be a dragged out process now, I just can’t stand it hehe.

Redwood national park

Arctic tundra

Song of the day: As I lay dying – Moving forward