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Spreads his black wings as he lusts for more blood

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The release of THE UNGUIDED – NIGHTMARELAND EP is just around the corner. In fact, the limited edition sold out before it was even released, which is quite a paradox. Rest assured, The Unguided and Despotz records are currently hammering out evil plans to address this convenient issue. We have not forgotten about the fans that didn’t have money available, or missed out otherwise due to various circumstances. There are also new people that found out about the project as time passed, in which we want to welcome with open hearts into the world of The Unguided. However, we want the limited edition to be what it is, really exclusive and unique! The highly dedicated 616 fans that obtained this one time offer should feel extra special. That is of great importance to us. However, we are talking about doing a basic retail jewel case version for anyone who still wants a physical copy. We’ll make sure to do a lot of variations to separate it from the unique limited copy, in terms of layout. Also, it will be different enough so possible fans out there who enjoy collecting each design will see a point in buying the retail version, even if they already own the original limited one, if that is something that would be interesting to them. 

Selling out

The "Nightmareland" EP, limited "JakeBox" edition

As a little sneak pre-release, and to celebrate all the beautiful ongoing things, I’ve decided to put the lyrics up for “Green Eyed Demon” here for you: 


Another angel falls from the skies, smashes to the ground
in a whirlwind of white feathers
another demon claws his way to the surface
spreads his black wings as he lusts for more blood

Something expendable was all I craved
to fill a hole in my soul, and I found that in you
You where up against a Russian roulette
With all chambers loaded


A misplaced step got me in debt, It´s a debt I can´t repay
even with all the money in this world
Caught in an impending doom, too late to repent
I´ll run and hide in my castle of cards

I don´t fear to go slow, Just to stand still
Shun the sniper marks and barricade the gate
My only protection is other people's silence


Every word you said was ammunition to me
I emptied a clip into your face to discover your identity
behind the mask
behind the ragged mask
a green eye demon
behind the mask
behind the ragged mask
a green eyed demon

"Another demon claws his way to the surface"

The tattoo competition is finally settled and finished! The third crest tattoo was once again inked over at nZANE Tattoo & Clothing in Gothenburg, taking advantage of their very generous offer for fans of The Unguided. The 3rd and conclusive winner of the tattoo competition is a son of Gothenburg himself, and answers to the name of Jens Billing! He decided to mirror Lieutenant General Robin’s tattoo idea and put it not on the left leg BUT the right leg, very cunning indeed.

Jens, Champion of the Unguided Army

Roland and I paid a visit to Gothenburg to take advantage of this glorious opportunity. It was not a coincidence that in honor of the day it was also “Fettisdag” (a day in Sweden when everyone eats cream buns with almond paste for a random stupid reason). Mr.nZANE is not only a shop owner; he’s also a very kind-hearted soul, who made sure that these very special buns were available at our arrival. Roland and I had our “thank you” ceremony with Jens, and he could, of course, claim his awards for doing this honorable thing. nZANE blog (In Swedish) about the event here.

The Champion and 66,6% of The Unguided

"Semla" gluttony

Here's a share of Jens loot

Signed in blood

The Unguided "Thank you ceremony"!

That concluded The Unguided Tattoo competition! From the bottom of our unguided hearts; thank you Alexander, Robin and Jens!!! You guys are the most dedicated fans a band can have. You all should be proud of yourselves! 

All hail the unguided A-Team! General Alexander, Lieutenant General Robin and Champion Jens

I also have to figure out a new competition now. This time around it will be something a little bit more friendly to those who are under the age of 18, so everyone can participate. I would like the people who are still tattooing The Unguided crest, or anything related to The Unguided, to send pictures to me so they can still be awarded with their very own forward mail address.

Almost immediately after my return from the US, I drove up to Stockholm with 1,000 posters. Roland and Roger signed 616 of them. The posters arrived from Germany during my vacation time in New York, and Roger was leaving for his Russian tour. So, there was no time for all three of us to sit down and sign. When I got back home, they had already done their hours of autograph labor. I did mine at the record label, seeing that the posters needed to get up to Stockholm anyway. That task took me about two hours of effective time, paid its dues in shoulder aches, and a locked up car. I hope you are happy now! Hehe.

Headache worth of 1k posters...

Heavy autograph labor

-“Locked up car?”

YES! I drove to Despotz headquarters with the posters. While I was there, I didn’t find any parking space, so I had to improvise! I took the liberty to park in a customer parking spot at Alcro. Alcro is a paint shop on the same street as the record label. I kind of misjudged my swiftness in writing my name on 616 items. When I got out again, Alcro had closed for the day and locked up their garage (e.g customer parking) where my car was located. I was foreseeing a meaty fine for this violation but the morning after I received a PM on Facebook(?) from a member of the Alcro staff asking me to move my car in a nice manner because it was taking up customer space. I took the subway there, walked into the shop and yelled:
-“Thank you, this is probably the safest overnight parking I ever had in Stockholm!” and then drove away as fast as I had came.

Before signing

After signing... :(

Just recently on March 19th, I had a gig with Faithful Darkness, opening for Marionette at “The Rock” in Copenhagen. I worked a few hours of my early shift before I drove to Denmark. My body’s only reason to stay functional was because it was animated by caffeine. There had to be an endless flow of coffee and Redbull that day. That was for sure. My precious Ella and I drove immediately after work. We met up with Jimmy in Höganäs, where our rehearsal room is located before we journeyed on to Malmö to pick up the rest of the goons in the band.

Once over the Oresund Bridge going from Malmö to Copenhagen, everything was relayed to one-way traffic. This, in combination with my lousy driving, called for a few Danish bicycle casualties unfortunately. Something I’m ready to be held responsible for, and I’ll be sure to send a couple of “The Unguided” shirts to the mourning families that were left behind.

The gig was cool! As said before it was the very same stage, which I did my last Sonic Syndicate gig on, so it felt meaningful in every way. Thanks to everyone that came to rock out!

Marionette soundcheck

The green eyed demon and her retarded minion!?

Faithful Darkness @ The Rock - CPH/DK 19/3-11. Picutre: 1-2,4-5 (C) Simon Brorson

I’ve also bought a new beanie, I figured it would be suitable now on the verge of spring when the weather is getting warmer outside.

Hart and Huntington beanie bought at nZANE

Questions to this section -> [email protected] , NOT my Facebook mail :(


Q. Will the whole new Faithful Darkness album be like this - almost only you on vocals? (Either way it'll sound great! Can't wait for it! :)
A: I assume so. Yes. They have clean vocals as well in some songs, which are provided by Jimmy “Judas” Persson in the band.

Q: Are you familiar with stuff like this?
A: That video made me cry from laughter. Can’t say I was very familiar with the band, although I did hear about the name and came across them live at Metal Hammer - Golden Gods Award in London last year. After that video I consider myself a fan ;) Hilarious!

"Fuck the Goo Goo Dolls..."

Q: Was just wondering, first you said that the EP would be released in the end of January.. But it didn’t. Then you said that they would be released at the end of February but it didn’t... When will it get released?...
A: 1 April Oo

Q: I love the instrumental outro “Maestitia” from “Fallen Angels – Black lotus” demo. Do you have any plans to write lyrics / music to the song.
A: I’ve asked Roger to make a song out it, and I will provide it with proper lyrics. Good idea!

Q: The “Sullen” shirt you have in “Burn This City” video, do you know where I can buy one of those? I have looked everywhere but no success.
A: The shirt is called “SULLEN FAMILY,” I did a Google search and found it here. But it was mainly given out to the people supporting the brand and being in the Sullen Family.

Sullen Daniel's

Q: ARE you God?
A: No, I’m the father of God. As a matter of fact, that would make Jesus my grandchild. 

Q: Where can I get information about your education?
A: The only education I ever had besides my Playstation was nine-year compulsory school and three years of comprehensive upper secondary school, studying as an electrician towards an electronics direction.

I mean really?

Q: How long have you been singing?
A: 11 years

Can you teach me to do harsh vocals? :D
A: Yes, but I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it…

Q: Can you teach me to sing? :/
A: Hellz no, what’s that?

Q: Do you think having a family of your own will run into problems with your career? (Can apply to any musician and I'm a guitarist so I want to know.)
A: No, I think it can be combined; Roland is a standing example of this. I guess it takes a great deal of patience and understanding from the family though, especially if it’s a touring musician. I mean you can only have a “normal” relationship to a certain extent being away that much. That’s a bit up to the band as well, I guess. There’s a lot of, “You don’t bring cake to the party,” mentality in touring bands, which causes problems if there’s an ethical divide in the band. In The Unguided, everyone in terms of friends and family are more than encouraged to chip in, and are welcomed with open hearts to whatever we involve ourselves in.


Q: Which bands were you inspired by as a teenager?
A: I’m pretty sure I’ve already answered this but a lot of power metal and heavy metal was on the table during these years. Manowar, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iced Earth and Edguy to name a few.

Q: Do you think I ask too many questions?
A: Yes

Q: Have you always been able to speak English?
A: Yeah, or since I got a Nintendo 8-bits from my uncle Robert pretty much.

English teacher

Q: What other language(s) can you speak?
Swedish, und ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch! But my German vocabulary is very limited. I understand a lot of it when I read it or I hear it in a slow manner of spoken language.

Q: Can you fight?
A: I’ve seen my fair share of martial art oriented movies and video games, and picked up a great deal of mortal combat indeed, I give you that. But I’m a very peaceful man who mainly just wants to retire to my books and fiction studies. However, in case of fire, and if someone is abusive to friendly people in my surroundings, I have no problem performing a “Buddhist Palm,” “Falcon punch,” or even a “Kiss of the dragon,” on the hostile forces.

Falcon Punch!

Do you have any weapons?
A: Pencil & tongue.

Do you think that your fans are weird, mindless sheep when we scream our lungs out when we see you? (I've never seen you in real :( )
A: I always think my fans are weird, mindless sheep, and I love them for just that :P I wouldn’t want to have normal people as fans. Normal sucks 1000 miles of cock.

Do NOT manhandle your fans

Q: Do you smoke?
A: I would like to return the question for asking just such an absurd question. Do you smoke crack, sir?

Q: How can I look like you? :O
A: Drink from the fountain of eternal beauty hidden in my wardrobe.

Q: What's your favorite brand of guitars, amps, and shoes?
A: Why the fuck would I care about guitars, amps, and shoes? I tend to throw shoes out on gigs. Actually, in terms of shoes, I do like Etnies, DC and Vans when I think about it.

Shoes & tourbus brand

Q: Do you like Cradle of Filth?
A: I don’t like Cradle of Filth, I LOVE Cradle of Filth.

Q: And finally, do you love me?
A: Yes, that too. Receive my lovechild! Resistance is futile… And it’s not rape, son! Just surprise sex.

One question to the Nightmareland EP... You said it'll be available in stores, so if I bought it in a store will it also be a limited edition with autographs, poster etc. ?
A: I lied! Actually, back when that statement was established we couldn’t tell for certain since we hadn’t signed any contract. So it was just speculations. The Unguided – Nightmareland EP won’t be available in stores. It will only be available from the Despotz web shop.


Q: So my question is will the EP be region friendly? Since the company is in Sweden and I'm in the US I just want to make sure the EP will play on my radio and computer.
A: I haven’t heard about such a thing as regions for Cds go but it should work just as well in your American computer as it would on one in the North Pole, especially on a Swedish computer, since it was MADE IN SWEDEN. 

Q: I cant wait to hear you back with Roland best band news in years cant wait to hear the efforts from the unguided  and I heard your efforts in faithful darkness it blew me away cant wait to here all the new material from both the unguided and faithful darkness out of losing sonic syndicate we gained two bands great job
A: Yeah. Some butt fucking quitters left the band and all of the sudden we stand there with three good acts. How awesome is not that? (I still consider Sonic and whatever future endeavors they have, good. It’s just that it’s nothing I’d like to perform myself.)

Q: I actually have another question to ask you. When you were in sonic syndicate did you ever consider about putting some of the songs by the band in the game Rock Band? If so how does the process work? Would The Unguided put anything out for Rock Band? Also, not related, but have you heard of the band Kalmah?
A: Putting songs as a band in games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero is hard! As a matter of fact, it can be compared with mafia business really. The labels pay to get their bands on there, and in return they get extremely good promotion. Look at Dragonforce for instance, they were not THAT big until they got that “Hyper-Sonic-Speed-Fast-Fast-Super-whatever-ultra-name” song on there and after that their business blossomed. I remember when they still were called “Dragonheart,” and I bought their demo out of internet because the demo version of “Valley of the damned” was wicked stuff! Also, I sure enjoy Kalmah!


I just pre-ordered two copies of NIGHTMARELAND, and April 1st is the release date, now since I'm in Australia, will there be here or will you send an empty package with a note saying April Fools. Or will I expect to see them a few days after that. (Basically is it being sent out on the 1st or distributed earlier).
A: Yes! But no worries, the note is hand written and signed by us in The Unguided! So, it’s still worth your while, I’d say~36 euro well spent! Anyways, you SHOULD receive the note on the release day to answer your question. It would have less of an impact if you got it like the 2nd of April.

Q: Also, I really liked Hate Injection, it really emphasized your ability to growl fast, without compromising your style, B-E-A-UTIFUL.
A: NAAWW how sweet are not you? Adorable! Thank you very much. The song is a mouthful live though.


Q: Why did you remake Burn This City for the album? I don’t like the keyboard sound, and the guitars are more “rock”. To be fair you shouldn’t have remade it!
A: It was remixed to yield with the rest of the album, if that made it under any circumstances to sound…Lacking? Do I really even have to say more? I MEAN REALLY?!

Q: I paid 38 euros for it and I just wanted to ensure I’m getting it when it comes out? I’m not quite sure of how it works u know?
A: You paid 38 Euros for two songs? Now that’s one dedicated hero (or moron)! For the next release can’t we all just move to Sweden so we don’t need to charge ridiculous shipping costs? You should receive it on the release day. Yes. Where do you live anyway with those shipping costs, Mars?

Water & bad shipping costs on Mars

Q: So in terms that I paid for it, I am one of the 616 right? :)
That’s correct agent-friend!

Q: You have the most awesome screams ever according to me! I just would like to ask how and when did you get into the music business? :P
A: First band rehearsal 2000, started with screaming vocals 2002, released first demo 2003, signed by a label 2004, released first album 2005, first “real” tour 2007, quit the band 2010, GAME OVER! Something in the lines of that.

Q: Are you going to go on tour with Faithful Darkness?
A: If they can out pay my current job! To be honest, I’ve not yet made up my mind about this. I’m not going to lose my job or quit my job over touring again. I’m not going to sign a shit contract to be exploited and abused and live like a rat just to be on the road. It’s not THAT glamorous on that level, and seeing that I did it for several years; I have no intensions of starting from scratch with extensive touring. I have no problems with doing random crap gigs in underground nuclear shelters, or whatever. But that fact is not having a major hit to my personal life and private economy either.

Q: What made you want to do a cover for T.A.T.U's All About Us? I’m not saying its bad, but why that song specifically?
A: Pay attention to the FAQ of this blog.

Q: How shall I know if I'm one of the 616? Should I wait till the Release?
A: You receive a confirmation by e-mail saying something like “Hi you are one of the 616 and that makes you a cool cat!” In some cases, the spam filter has detected this e-mail. The plot thickens!

Cool cat

Q: You know, there was always one thing that kept me wonder - where do you guys take your inspiration from to write all these lyrics? I know of troubles and sour stuff going on, but writing such different songs and improve them each time - it keeps on circling in my head. It’s a bright part of a question. The dark part is - have you ever thought of this inspiration to wither? Most of the bands came down to the moment when there's nothing else to add so they just simply started to degrade. They never knew what hit them...
A: I write out from what I feel in life, and what happens in my life. Like a diary, and as you can tell so far, my life have been pretty, well… interesting! I’m not complaining at all though. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get any form of writer's block or depleting inspiration. My life alone has set the foundation of thousands of thousands of lyrical ideas to come, and more are coming in as I continue to live. If my life would all of the sudden not be so interesting anymore, I just would start to write about other cool people really. Like Darth Vader or Alec Baldwin! So, I’m not foreseeing a future of writer’s block, ever.

Alec Baldwin..

Q: First of all, Nathan, I've read on your blog that you two actually seemed to get along quite well, apart from the fact of the musical change of direction etc. Which brings me to my question, what do you think of the people who keep calling Nathan an asshole, fag, etc? Personally I think it's prejudge mental, since they don't know Nathan, and judge because of the music which was released.
So tell me, do YOU know Nathan? ;) Couldn’t really care less what people write. People write clueless bullshit about everyone all the time (Hi Chris Harris!). I don’t care shit about one individual’s opinion when I can have my own opinion about the matter. As far as I know he’s straight—Nathan, that is. I’m having my doubts about Mr. Harris though.

Q: Then the second question, I've been wondering about what you think about the people claiming The Unguided is actually Sonic Syndicate, but under a new 'banner', so, what do you think?
A: Sounds quite accurate. Or, roughly, it’s Sonic Syndicate in terms of what Sonic Syndicate was on the three first albums. If we were all in Sonic Syndicate today, the album we are currently writing for The Unguided would be the exact same album we theoretically would write for Sonic Syndicate, if you see what I mean.

Exact same

Q: What is the meaning behind the lyrics of Encaged? It's clear it's about a relationship between someone and a singer/band member of a band, but was it also inspired by personal experience?
Yeah. It’s about an old relationship I had during the time we started touring. We broke up shortly before Roland and I went into the studio to record “Love and Other Disasters.” So, that song was written while we still were together.
Q: I noticed that Faithful Darkness's album isn't on ITunes, do you guys have any plans to put it up there in the future?
A: I blame a lazy record label. We have plans to bring whatever we do in the future on both Spotify and iTunes, yes. I just need to get rid of their current label, which shouldn’t be that much of an effort.

Q. I recently started listening to Faithful Darkness now since you joined and I really like the song "Alive". I was wondering are any other songs by them that have a clean vocals chorus such as "Alive"? What other songs would you suggest by them as well?
A: Pure Silence and Stay Awake. Not sure if there’s more on the album. There are two new tracks we play live called “Blessing of Ignorance” and “Stand as One” that features clean vocals.

Q: Random, but the girl on the "In Shadows Lies Utopia" looks like Nicole from Dead Space 2 with the shiny eyes and mouth. 
A: “Isaac, it's me. I wish I could talk to you.” That’s true, actually! The artwork was done four years before the game came out though. How much is there in gain from suing “Visceral Games” you think? Then again it’s not a good idea since “Edos” would probably counter-sue for the Raziel thingy. Let’s make love, not war!

Same mom?

Q: So if you're re making some Fallen Angels songs will your vocals be more of a growl like Eden fire?
A: They will sound like… Whatever I do now days! I care little of the “style” of vocals I had back then because my technique was not nearly as refined as it is today. We will do our new take of the “Fall from heaven” songs and make them The Unguided songs. Be very certain about the fact that we’ll imbue them with the experience we have gained throughout the seven years between the releases, it’s not just going to be a re-record. They are going to be equals to the other songs on the album.

So, I got the Nightmareland Package 1 from Despotz Record's online shop, and I'm wondering if everything will be shipped on the day of the release, meaning I'll have to wait an extra 5 days for shipping after the album is released, while everyone else is getting it the first day from iTunes?
A: First off, it’s not even determined if the tracks will be available on iTunes. If you pre-ordered a week before the release you will most likely get it on the release day.

Q: Will there be t-shirts bigger than XL ?
A: So far, there are only about 3 requests for XXL shirts. That’s nothing that’s economical defensible unfortunately to make it’s own batch of shirts out from. The only solution I see is that whatever person wants a XXL should contact me, and we’ll try to sort it with the t-shirt printing company. The templates are already there, but the individual himself/herself will have to pay for print / expenses and that will probably be quite expensive in the end. 

XXL T-shirt

Q: According to your previous blogs, EF and OI was about yourself, suicidal and stuff like that, LAOD was concerning about world and so, but how about Nightmareland? Will it bee a blend of all these exciting, incredible elements?
A: LOAD was about me as well. There were just a few songs about global events like Power Shift and Dead Planet. I just didn’t write the lyrics as straight forward (except for Encaged, probably) so it wouldn’t need to be a bearing in every single interview, and I needed to discuss the deeper meanings of my private life with random reporters.

Q: Do you think you improved as a lyricist since Fallen angels?
A: Fuck yeah. I think I have improved with every album. I even see improvements from Sonic Syndicate to The Unguided.

Q: So are there surely only 616 pieces of this package? I mean aren't there any extra ones for Roger, Roland, you or your relatives? If you pick one for your own uses, there are in reality 616 fans, who have ordered one, plus the one you have took for your own uses. Also, does this package have a certification of its uniqueness, like LOAD limited edition had one?
A: There will be a quantity of 1000 printed of the jakebox EP. 616 of them will be numbered from 1-616. Those are the ones we are selling on the Despotz web shop. The remaining 384 will not be numbered and will be treated as blank promo copies, and sent to magazines and what not for promotional purposes. Everyone in the band will receive a few of these to start a bonfire ceremony, and then spread the ashes over the fans attending the Getaway rock gig for good show fortune!

300 Spartans, NOT 301

Q: W
hat are your favourite books?
A: The World Without Us - Alan Weisman, Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat – Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned – Anne Rice and Memnoch the Devil – Anne Rice.

Q: In the shadow of your mighty ego, I believe there's no perfection, so reveal your darkened sins, unmask your vices and take us to the dungeon of inner Richard!
A: Gandalf, is that you? Seriously, I sold the ring at the fish market, no biggie! Regarding this dungeon of my most inner me, rest assured that the demons I have locked up there would make your Balrog friend look like Fizzy in “My Little Pony.


Q: Do you have any information about the sizes of the t-shirts for the limited edition?
A: A fan found this site, thank you, fan! (it's near the middle of the page.)

YAY, the font on the back of the T-shirt and the title for the EP is the same as the one being used on Eden fire~ You guys just make me smile. I loved that font the moment I set eyes on it.
A: Not many realized that fact, very observant! My super clever mega mind figured this would be symbolic and make people smile.


Q: Anyways, I wonder if you consider the genre of the Sonic Syndicate nowadays is deserving of the heat it's getting. I think every band should experiment with new things to progress with their music, to some degree at least. I read you supported Dead By April in one of their shows, and I'm thinking their kind of style is concededly more pop-metal than SS in probably many ways, at least just the same (that could just be my opinion though). Music is something that should be enjoyed by taste, if you hear something you like then like it, awesome, don't judge and hate it just because the vocalist is gay for example, like most internet fuckers do, but it's everyone's right to speak their mind. I do know you respect fans decision to like and support the WRTN album, as well as the band. Now, I'm wondering if you would say people are to some degree correct to state that the Sonic Syndicate of today, are not as passionate as they were before maybe, or that people that does spray bullshit around the band should go screw themselves (I found no other way to write my last sentence there).
Seriously, Nathan is NOT gay! Where are you getting this from? Geeez ... Anyways, it occurs to me that they are more passionate now since that yelling dude left. He was clearly holding them back from their passion! I, however, don’t think people that spray bullshit around the internet should go “screw themselves.” It’s not functional, and it isn’t deadly either. It only hurts, trust me! What we want to do is to send them to the jungle planet of Amazonia. In the very terror grip of the fearsome Amazonians they will face death by “snu-snu”!


Q: are you Christian?
A: Does it echo in here? This FAQ. But actually since I saw the trailer of “Priest,” I’m considering converting.

Q. Are you familiar with Brazilian metal bands? Here are some, if you already don't know:
Angra - Winds of Destination (Hansi sings as guest in this song, thought you'd like it)

Hangar - The Reason Of Your Conviction (This band has a insane drummer, Aquiles Priester)

Shadowside - Highlight
I know about Angra. Yeah. Mostly during their time with André Martos though. He is a great singer with a very unique voice. And to be fair, I haven’t followed up on them since they changed their vocalist. I do own the albums “Fireworks” and “Rebirth.” I didn’t hear that song with Hansi. Sounds cool! The other two bands sound neat as well. Need to listen to some more! Viva La Brazil ;)

Q: I’ve got a question about the limited edition package (this is a stupid question imo) Do we get it at the 1e april or is the sending going to start at the 1e of april?
A: You should receive it on 1 April!

Q: I would literally die just to see THE UNGUIDED live in Belgium, so is the unguided coming in the near future to Belgium? In return to make sure Roland doesn’t feel so homesick ill try to learn some Swedish. So ill start first then (even though I’m 17 years old u guys 'ss' made me learn Swedish just in case I would ever see u guys, just like I did with the band 'Adept') 
“Alla Belgien väntar på er när ni anländer till Graspop största Metal Festival i Europa!” (Roland ill even buy a Swedish flag so u wont miss Sweden so much ;D!)
A: That’s very caring of you! Even if you’re young at heart, it houses a lot of sympathy, doesn’t it? We’d love to come over to Belgium. I have a lot of friends there that I would like to spend time with as well. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for us.

Q: Where do you buy your accessories? I’ve been looking for rings with skulls but I’m not finding any metal-looking rings. I only find pink girly pearled encrusted rings which is kind of un-metal.
A: Read the FAQ here. I got my skull ring from my uncle. I don’t know where he bought it; I just know I love it. 

Q: I can say with very much pride i'm one of the 616.. The only thing I’m curious of is why is it 616 and not 1000? (I believe you said something about it in an earlier blog but that is quite a time ago?)
A: Funny! We printed 1000 but only 616 are numbered. Find the answer to the mysterious number in this FAQ  (Soon I’ll be able to do a whole FAQ with only linking you around to other blog entries. Yay!)

Q: I've been just wondering, either its the way I’m reading answers you post but when you love something (as a band or chick) sometimes you want it back , do you ever feel that you miss being in Sonic? Not saying regretting it, but miss the band at times, past the hate and everything?
A: No. Leaving Sonic was the best decision I’ve made in my life up to this day. I feel alive again! There’s nothing wrong with being undead. But it’s awfully exhausting to be dependent on human blood every night.


Q: So, when somebody asked about your blog titles, that if they were possibly lyrics of upcoming EP songs, you replied that they were just lyrics of random songs you happen to listen to… What's my point? My point is, I've noticed that at least the two latest blog posts titles are parts of the lyrics from the EP. Are there other titles from the lyrics?
A: This one is as well. So, that makes three blog posts which are based on lyric lines from the EP.

I was just wondering.... we all know how epic your scream is, the best out there! Any chance we could hear what your clean vocals sound like? It might be just as awesome as your screams!
A: Yeah, about that… LOOK A SQUIRREL! 


Q: Do you have any idea what the effect in the song used in Pure Silence is composed of? It starts right after the intro when all the instruments come in. It sounds like a mix between a choir and an organ. I'm assuming it's just some type of keyboard effect. I am trying to get an effect like this in our music. I have been trying to figure out what it is because I love the sound of it.
No clue, to me it sounds like a choir of angels. Where they were hired or contracted from I do not know. I would assume heaven because that’s where angels mingle. If I had saved God’s cell phone number, I’d send it to you but I lost it during a BBQ in the restless fires of HELL!!!! 

"Pure Silence" intro

Q: I want to buy your new album when it comes out, but looking at the link you posted the shipping fees to the UK are way too high. Will this album be available elsewhere on release such as Amazon or
No, we want to cut all middle men out for this release to not be exploited. It will only be available through Despotz web shop. Get money on return bottles, friend! That’s what I did when I bought all my Manowar records.

Paid for Manowar records

Q: Do you have a drummer in THE UNGUIDED? Does he count like a band member or does he just play with you live?
We have sorted a drummer for the upcoming live show and video recording. He does not really count as a band member. The band is Roger, Roland, and me. 

Q: Any full length songs available for streaming before the ep-release? Really would like to check it out before 1 April. (If not , can you send some low quality mp3 to my e-mail?)
A: Yeah man, I’m uploading them to Piratebay right now. Download away!....

Do you happen to know if you guys are coming out with more unguided shirts in the future?
A: Of course we will!

Q: How do you get a band started I have a few friends we started but we don't really know what to do. I wrote a few songs and we have a name but what else could we do? Plus when I watched the music video Denied back in 2008 you inspired me to start a band and to start screaming
A: There are limitless things to do in order to have a band. Take every gig opportunity you get offered. Sign up on every community there is on the internet. Record a demo. Spread it like wildfire, etc. It’s mostly about spreading the word, really. It doesn’t even have to sound good to be successful!