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Var Hälsad!

(if you are suffering from diabetes, DON'T read any further)

Some of you trusty Facebook or Twitter followers might already know but since 2011-08-02, I’m encaged engaged to be married! On our eight-month anniversary, I courageously (and nervously) popped the question, after fooling Ella out on a late night moonlight stroll here on the beach of Falkenberg. You might think that eight months is not a major milestone of a relationship but fact is; time durations don’t matter much for us, since we both have been very certain of this since the day we met, which is indeed more than three years ago now. There was never any doubt or a question of IF or HOW, it was more of WHEN!? Love always finds a way. And for us it did so eight months ago. We have been patient enough during the years, and not at one single moment have I doubted my preserved feelings for her. I will completely and full heartily surrender to this power; something my heart already did a long time ago. Elsa, you are what keeps me believing there’s something good left in this world. I love you now, and I will continue to do so as long as this body draws breath, and as long as there’s a heart pounding in this chest. I will always be yours...

The token of all I am

The morning after, we spoiled ourselves with a champagne breakfast together with compulsory strawberries. Then we took yet another stroll in the blameless sunny weather, which some higher force may have conveniently blessed us with this faithful day. Even though not much has physically changed (except maybe the addition of the shining jewelry on my ring finger) everything tasted better today. All colors seemed to reflect more beautifully than ever before, and every breath oxygenated my body and soul like a hurricane.

Champagne breakfast

Blameless sunny weather

Notice Resturant Gustaf Bratt still standing :,(

I booked a restaurant on the beach for dinner where the celebrations could continue. I don’t even remember much what we talked about; it could not really ring through the loud resonance of my own happiness this day. Save from the day I met her, this could very well be the most blissful day of my existence.


My heart


Absent-minded much?

After dinner and dessert, we walked down the beach and into city where we could expose innocent citizens to our love, whatever they liked it or not.

Sunset on the beach

Waking up the morning after, we discovered in the sad news that Restaurant Gustaf Bratt had been burnt down to cinders during the night of our engagement day. I remember us walking by their on our way home early in the morning, when it was still standing. Whether it got scorched by our uncontainable love flame during our brief passing, or there were other perpetrators, the story does not unravel…

Bratt, you will be missed

Sullen Clothing has recently supplied me with a package of their new threads. I’ve been supporting Sullen since 2008, and there is not much out there that can compete with their remarkable designs. Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page, and also check their official website out here.

Sullen Clothing

The Swedish (Luleå) act Beneath my Feet have now released their latest effort; Wake up, Stand up. I’ve provided them with guest vocals on the song with the same name. If you have Spotify be sure to check it out here. If Spotify is not available in your country check the song on YouTube here. There’s even a download link here. Also be sure to enter their website, and LIKE their Facebook page. Make me proud and support good music!

Beneath My Feet - Wake Up, Stand Up

In camp Faithful Darkness, Jimmy "Judas" Persson has now successfully nailed all clean vocals parts on Black Mirror’s Reflection. We also did some gang vocals for Hate Injection and “Answers For Your Sins”.  Once again, we recorded vocals in Mikael Sällström’s studio and Sällström Audio in Halmstad. He did a great job, as always! So, all that’s left now are my vocals and some guitars. After that, we will send it back to The Abyss and Jonas Kjellgren for the final mixing. Here’s a video of the recent drum recording:

Jocke doing what he does best: Hitting stuff at high-velocity

Some pictures from the clean vocals recording in Mikael Sällström’s studio:

Mikael Sällström’s legendary studio

And the legend himself, his hairy self

A cleanvocalist doing his thing. What that now is, I wouldn't know.

Beastiallity going on in another part of the room

Making sure the drummer don't sleep out on all the fun, fun, fun

Gangvocals with Bill & Bull

"Don't feed the animals"

It's a wrap! Done for the day

Regarding The Unguided, we are currently just rehearsing for the Malmö gig. We will, however, have a stand-in drummer for this show, since John is busy with his upcoming wedding. The drummer featured at the Malmöfestivalen gig is Per Qvarnström, who plays drums in By Night (listen to them here). This is Karin’s boyfriend’s band. So, we are still kind of keeping it in the family! Hehe. We are currently done with all pre-production recordings of Phoenix Down, Serenade of Guilt and Iceheart Fragment. And they are more than ready to be immortalized in the studio soon! After that, we’ll take on the next (and last) batch of songs for the debut album. I like how we write them in different sessions, it keeps everything motivating at all the times, and we’re always high on inspiration. If you are coming to the Malmö show, please join the Facebook event here.

"Hi Per!"

The weekend after the engagement, we threw an engagement party. Ella called down her cavalry from Stockholm, and I invited the natives of Falkenberg. This unholy alliance between east and west was to hit everyone’s liver harder than the mailman hit your mom, that’s a fact. The Stockholm emissaries arrived closer to midnight the day before the festivity, which called for a foul start of the alcohol-related mayhem we prepared.

Foul start

We were prepared!

Some of the Stockholm emissaries

James Hetfield joined in

Alcohol-related mayhem

After some social drinking in our apartment, we headed down to the city and Harry’s Pub. Everything went fine until someone ordered in liquorice shots. That’s where my memory started to fade.

We found a native!

The fantastic three



Comparing tattoos

The host and the hostess

"You're awesome!"

After this picture was taken: Memory = Blank 

Woke up the day after with a horrible headache and there was not much to do, other than to put on some gear, and reload the blood circulation with more liquor.




Headed down to the beach to check out the new renovated hotel, bistro and restaurant; Strandbaden. This is where we continued the celebrations and had dinner. Really nice abroad feel they got going there after the renovation. Good job!

"Skrea Strand"


For black wind, fire and LOVE

Some sugar on that honey

For that to work, Is it not suppose to go INTO the ice container?

"Soak the ooze!"

Future wife! :D

We hurried back to the apartment to let our native guests in. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and also each other in some cases. Unfortunately I can’t tell you more after that. Since I was running on 9 hours of drinking, and almost no sleep, I passed out like a little girl before midnight. I’d like to apologize for this, but I never was a very good drinker, hehe. I’m grateful for everyone who DID show up, however, and thankful for your generous display of interest in one of the biggest happenings of my life. Even if I wasn’t present mentality all the time, I was right there with you, bodily… sort of. Anyways, GOOD TIMES!

Back at The Unguided HQ

Another unguided man joined the fun


Stoffe is skeptical

Happy times

Meanwhile on the balcony...

The day after sucked, though…

Dual massive hungover

So this is the same order. Mine is to the right, Ella's to the left hehe.

The engagement week we also visited Gothenburg’s funfair; Liseberg. Liseberg is the largest and most visited funfair in Scandinavia. Take that Gröna Lund! We spent a whole day there; and dedicated a majority of the time to love swarm and was of course devotedly buttery altogether. We did, however, ride all the thrilling attractions as well, since we’re two badass motherfuckers. Here are pictures from the day:

Fun, fun, fun

Badass motherfuckers

License to ride

The fearsome "Balder"

Overheard discussion: "The blue one have problems with the breaks..." :S

Celebrating our survival with icecream

So this one goes up...

And this one goes.. down? right?


Rerolled Gnomes

Mirror, Mirror

Retard much?

Wheel of Love

Deliver us, director's cut

This didn't make it to the final cut either


She's cute, smart and fun... AND ALL MINE!!!!!! >=)

A huge love swing

Eden fire, before the actual fire

The garden of lust and the lustress herself

Peach! :D

Last ride


Grandma had her 80th birthday the other week, as well. We celebrated her in Varberg, 20 minutes north of Falkenberg. I gave her a The Unguided shirt, a hug, and a gold bracelet from all the grandchildren. Happy birthday, grandma!

Happy B-Day Grandma!

To soft start a bit for next year’s Getaway Rock Festival and Manowar, Per the politician, Ella, my sister, and I had a Manowar evening as well. We watched one of their live DVD’s, drank beer, and made the sign of the hammer.

Manowar, Born to live forever more

If you haven’t got enough buttery love in this blog, or died of diabetes already, here are more beautiful pictures:


Chrimp & wine evenings

New family members

More chrimps & wine


Transformers 3D

Send your questions to: 

Every time I read the lyrics of Crowned In Despair the last two lines are:
It was never your fault, mind ghosts clouded my view
It was nothing you did, just couldn't help my insecurity from shining through”

Since it’s not in the actual song can you please explain why is that written there?
My thought for those lines was to have some clean vocals in the middle-eight with those lyrics. But in the end we had very brief time to record the clean vocals, so this was scratched, or forgotten in all the haste. Later on, when I published the lyrics, I forgot to remove the lines.

Crowned in Despair

Q: Now everyone knows that the intro of the old Betrayer of the Code is from Queen of the Damned. But what is the intro of The Curse of a Gift from?
The Curse of a Gift intro is from a Tunes of Silence rehearsal recording of Bad Religion – American Jesus. It’s a pitched version, so if you slow it down in some software you can hear what it sounds like.

Q: Are there any particular reasons why didn’t FA play the Fall From Heaven songs live? Because as I recall there are some live performances from the Fallen Angels era but not from FFH. Or are they just not on YouTube?
We played FFH songs back in 2002-2003, YouTube opened up their site 2005. So I think they managed to go under the radar! We did play them, though.

Q: In Soulstone Splinter what are you screaming right after; “Damage is done but nothing is in vain” and before ”You will walk together again and forget the pain”? They’re right at [1:31:00 – 1:33:15], [2:33:08 – 2:35:20] and [3:51:05 – 3:53:20] if that matters.
Echo of “Is in vain”.

In vain

Q: Are you looking forward to watch Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit coming out this year?
For sure! Haven’t been reading up to much on the project compared to what I did back before LOTR was released, but of course I’m looking forward to go back to Middle-earth!

Q: Whose idea was it to bring a second vocalist in SS after the Eden Fire album?
Since we liked the concept of Jailbreak, and how that came out, we based the pre-production songs of Only inhuman after the same formula. During this time we got signed by Nuclear Blast and touring really was supposed to begin. I didn’t think we would get away with backtracking Roland’s voice for much longer by having Robin to mime them, since more and more songs featured clean vocals. Roland was not a member of SS when we signed with Nuclear Blast, but he sure was featured a lot in the songs we got signed with. So, it felt a bit like going behind their back as well. Karin called him and asked if he wanted to jump in for a gig, and then later to join fulltime, which he did. We all thought it was a good idea, and were pretty anxious over it before he decided to accept the offer because it would kind of put us in an awkward situation.

Q: I noticed when listening to Pain’s new album that they covered a Sonic Syndicate song called ”Leave me alone”. Can’t you do a cover on Pain’s songs; Monkey Buisness or Shut Your Mouth, would be sick with you and Roland?
It was addressed in this Q&A. It’s actually the other way around; we are covering Pain’s song, even though it was released later. Or, well, Peter wrote a song for us. For the upcoming TU album, there won’t be a Pain cover, but there will be a cover. Something a bit more different from what you would expect, I believe.

Q: You guys were awesome at Grand Rock!! Do you guys have any more gigs planned? When and where? I so much want to see you again!
A: Why, thank you! It was proper fun. We have a gig planned at Malmöfestivalen. Check out the Facebook event here.


I've been wondering about something. I'm guessing you are a pretty vain person, aren't you? (Which I can totally understand) And I also think you’re confident about yourself. Were you always as confident as now? How did your confidence evolve? With working out? Or when you saw that girls do like you? Or the confidence maybe was one of the reason girls like you? What does your girlfriend like about you the most? (Yeah, and congrats bro :D). But also when I read the lyrics of Beauty and the Freak which as I recall you wrote (or some of it) the chorus doesn't suggest that much of a confidence so do you feel sometimes that way? Maybe some lack of confidence made you today who you are? 
First off; weirdest question ever, hehe. I’ve always been confident about myself, and it has nothing to do with my constitution, even if I’m very happy with my physique, as well. What I’m most proud of about myself is my psyche, however. I consider myself to have a very strong psyche, and a great deal of self-distance and submission. That’s hard to come by in this fucked up world where a lot of people get treated badly, especially when growing up which is a very critical period. Being abused when you’re young might unfortunately very well cast shadows over your life until the day you perish. I, however, had the happiest childhood ever. And ever since then, my life has treated me exceptionally good. Some might say luck, and I’m ready to agree with that. My life has been infused with a truckload of luck, and for that I’m grateful. I’m not sure what my girlfriend likes most about me. I’d love to say something shameless but I’ll just say the ability to make her feel happy is something she highly values. Nathan wrote the lyrics to Beauty and the Freak except my own parts, save from the chorus, which he wrote entirely. Be very certain of this; I don’t feel ugly, I feel too sexy for my shirt... In fact so sexy it hurts.

Too sexy for my shirt

Q: How often do you use makeup? Do you consider yourself hotter in it in the everyday life or is it just shows or photo-shoots? Do you find it common (especially in the metal world)? And how does your environment look at that if they realize it? Or you're like an "I couldn't care less" kind of guy? (Which is pretty much R'n'R (Y) :D)
I use it for photo-shoots, shows, and some rare occasions when I went out in Stockholm, as well. Well, I don’t consider myself looking hotter with it, possibly more EVUL, if that’s not a synonym. When you go up on stage you take on a role, same deal with this blog, or my public Facebook. That’s a role; the actual Richard is a bit different (or characteristics of me are enhanced in the role.) With wearing make-up on shows, I underline not only my eyes but also the fact I’m playing a character because that’s nothing I would do in my daily living. That’s the way I want to look at it. It’s more than common in the metal world, yeah. What my environment would think about it? Well, I sure wouldn’t care a rat’s ass about it.

Q: Will you do a gig in Stockholm before the summer is over or in Stockholm at all?
Nothing planned as of now.

Q: During your live gigs, who was the crowd? Were they moshing a lot, maybe a Wall of Death or something? Or "only" headbanging? :)  
I don’t know who they were, unfortunately I didn’t find the time to go around and ask for identification. I’ll put more effort into it next time.

"Identification, please"

Q: Did you stop with UnguidedTV? Would be really cool if you did more every now and then!
We did not stop with it, it’s just on vacation. I think it would be cool if we could do more with that. This question was answered in this Q&A, however.

Q: When will you release another album and will there be more album packages?
Another album? I wasn’t aware the debut was even out yet. You’re way ahead of me pal! The album (expected for this winter) will come with a new package yes, and it’s possible we’ll do a fun surprise before that, as well.

Q: finally a new blog! after the gig there wouldn't show up a new blog, almost thought you passed away (='[  ) i have 2 things to say first of all: you have to stay up-to-date of the great gaming clan: the unguided clan ( i created it with a friend) and, i wanted to ask, if you get a THE UNGUIDED email address (that i get probably soon because i have the crest tattooed on my… underarm?) is it possible to use for.. messenger? Xbox live? And with which programs can you check your mail then? (I’m using now...) maybe these are stupid questions to you but I believe you never answered this questions and i would like to know the answers ;)
That’s cool with the clan and all! You’ll get your mail address once you provide me with a picture of your tattoo. And it can be used for anything, messenger, and Xbox live alike! It’s a forward mail however, so when send an e-mail to it; It will forward it to the e-mail you select for it. For example, my forwards all my mails to

Q: Do you already know when you will have your spot at the Malmö festivalen?
The stage is called “Lilla Sydsvenskan” and the time will be 18:00 - 19:00.

Q: Will there be an album announce / pre-order the next month?

Q: Do you already know, if all the songs, you have performed live, will be on the upcoming album?
All of them will be featured on the upcoming album, its possible one of the “Nightmareland” songs won’t be featured on the album to make the “Nightmareland” EP a bit more unique but nothing is set in stone yet. The album versions will be a bit different from the EP anyhow.

I found this  Metal Hammer UK (yeah I know...) and they compared them to Sonic Syndicate. AND I HAPPEN TO AGREE! I think that if you guys would have gotten a female vocalist instead of Nathan, that something similar to this could be the outcome. ^^ And I kind of like it actually... what do you think of them?
I’ve mentioned Amaranthe before in this blog, and I like what they are doing. I wouldn’t say there are huge similarities to Sonic Syndicate (I mean there are three vocalists, not two! Hehe), but their debut album is really solid!


Q: ooo..I’m sorry for the question but I’m interested in date, when your album will be on sale?!
Can you ask me!?
I’m engaged… No date! The album will show up eventually and… can I ask you what?

Why did Only Inhuman and Love and Other Disasters have an alternate artwork (hell, Only Inhuman had 5 different artworks ><), any particular reason why We Rule the Night didn't?
You mean different artworks officially released then? Because Only Inhuman had way more than five different artwork ideas before we settled for the “fly” one. More like thirty if, I remember it correctly. WRTN had a couple of variations as well, but I think the only one used for print was the moon one. If you saw the WRTN tour and spotted the side banners of the stage; that bat thingy was one artwork suggestion for the album, for example.

It looked something like this

Q: Did you write some of the parts of All About Us or is it all original?
Lyrically, I didn’t change anything to it. Vocal arrangement-wise, we did a few changes and Roger did some tweaking in the music obviously since it was originally a pop-song.

I've read the bio of the unguided, nice work! Was wondering if you could do the same thing for Dodge and Inhale?
The Unguided bio is just that; a The Unguided biography. Dodge and Inhale have little to do with the existence of The Unguided and are elements of Roland’s own personal career. Also, I do not really know anything about the bands. So, what you should do is to ask Roland to write something about it if that’s what you are interested in:

Q: If Sonic Syndicate where to disband all of a sudden, would you get the rights back to all the music or should no one end up with the copyrights?
If Sonic were to disband, it would not change a thing, since the copyrights are personally tied to the five of us. (Save for WRTN, where there are six people sharing the copyrights.) It’s not to the name or band itself that owns the rights. Roland declined his rights to songs, and can only perform them by creating a personal contract with the five of us. Nothing would happen if the band itself didn’t exist any longer, seeing the people who hold the copyrights are still around. There are no loopholes. As long as one of them is not cooperative, that’s all it takes for us to not be able to play the songs. Enough about this subject! We are not looking to play Sonic Syndicate material at all any longer. Move on! Nothing to see here.

I was wondering, in most songs you've wrote why is there always the chorus sung three times?
Because that’s how the professionals do it. It’s always three! It’s the magic number. Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity, you get three. It’s the magic number.

It's the magic number

Q. Dude. What's up with the Sonic Syndicate shirt on the Faithful Darkness gig?
Umadbro? I thought their first three albums were great and my Eden Fire shirt was in the laundry. Besides my brother is in the band, I’m being supportive.

Being supportive

Q: And where do you people get these "inside" merch thingies that aren't sold anywhere else? Just wondering...
That particular shirt I had was a WRTN promo-shirt. NB prints promo-shirts for every album basically, or at least did for all our albums. It’s for listening parties and similar events.

Q: I saw Nathan wearing a hoodie in the Sonic Syndicate + Crusty Demons video as well, with the Post-LAOD/BTC logo on it. I haven't been able to find ONE picture of this on the internet. Which sucks, both because I'm curious about it in general, and because I've been looking for a clean black/white image of that logo for ages. It'd be really nice if you could shed some light on the subject.
I think that was a LOAD promo-hoddie, as well. Or maybe we sold it for a little while during LOAD release, I really don’t remember. Hoddies are usually bad for business, since they never do as well as ordinary t-shirts. They are also more expensive to print. Did you look in the NB web-shop? They print their own merchandise often, and a lot of times you won’t find that on tour.

Q: So if you could send me the music track for Green eyed demon it would be great I wanted to cover it if you can’t thanks anyways :)
There you go sir.

Is Phoenix Down the same one you wrote when you were in Sonic?
Addressed this as of last blog.

Through the ashes

My voice uncovers, reveals your hidden secrets

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Second show of The Unguided accomplished! Our hometown show here in Falkenberg at the annual Grand Rock event kicked major ass! The weather was to our advantage, as well, after many days of weeping skies on our sorry coast. Key representatives of the unguided army were at place, and the whole city was altogether veiled in a magical atmosphere.

Magical Atmosphere, Photo by: Robert Svensson

Our preparations for the second coming of The Unguided exceeded the premiere by a landslide, and there was even time to enjoy the show from our side this time around. It’s starting to feel a bit more organic, as everything is sinking more into its place. We’re all having a hell of a good time together. I understand now that this is how it was suppose to be, how it always was suppose to be.

"You are NOT prepared!" Photo by: Robert Svensson

The Unguided Grand Rock 26/7 LIVE Setup:
Richard SjunnessonHarsh Vocals
Roger SjunnessonGuitars
Roland Johansson – Clean Vocals / Guitars
Henric CarlssonBass
John Bengtsson – Drums

Rich, Photo by: Robert Svensson

Roger, Photo by: Robert Svensson

Roland, Photo by: Robert Svensson

Henric, Photo by: Robert Svensson

John, Photo by: Robert Svensson

The Unguided Grand Rock 26/7 LIVE Set list:
1. Pathfinder
2. Phoenix Down (New unreleased song)
3. Serenade of Guilt (New unreleased song)
4. Betrayer of the Code
5. Iceheart Fragment (New unreleased song)
6. Green Eyed Demon
7. Inherit the Earth (Fallen Angels revisited unreleased song)

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Fuck yeah ;) Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Kim Renström

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

Photo by: Robert Svensson

We ran into little setbacks this time around. The arrangement, altogether, was convenient; the only complain would be that we had to sound check after “doors” which always looks awfully unprofessional (especially for divas as ourselves hehe.) Luckily, for us, the hero FOH sound engineer (Olle Persson) was well familiar to our sound, and had previously mixed us many times before in Sonic Syndicate. (He was also a colleague to Roland in Dodge.) It was a swift procedure, as he’s extremely skillful in his craftsmanship. I’d like to thank Jimmy Ahlberg and Grand for making this possible, Robert Svensson and Kim Renström for the awesome photos, Jejje Andersson for filming the whole deal and letting our distant fans be a part of it on YouTube, the 616 army for, once again, traveling far to support our sorry asses, and of course Sullen Clothing for supplying me with wicked threads, and doing so throughout the years. YOU’RE THE BEST!

Army of the Unguided, Photo by: Robert Svensson

The stage, before the unguided holocaust

Maximum security

Pimped merchstand

Getting shit togheter

Roland with his new iBanez baby

Medievil gear for the right vintage sound

Sad Bassist Panda

TM facial expression

Soundcheck, Roger got Roland's seal of approval

The 616 is mobilizing, Henric is well excited

Johncheck with his new toys

Backstage before gig

Extreme focus 

A final hairspray fix

And onwards to the stage!

Probably the youngest TU fan in the world, doing devil-horns, sort of...

After gig feast

Now we’re reloading the unguided weaponry for the upcoming Bandit Rock Night at Malmöfestivalen 20/8. The third show (and last summer show of The Unguided) this year will take place in Malmö - Sweden. It’s free entry, and we’ll share the stage with Dead by April, Hardcore Superstar, and Supercharger. If you are attending, join our event on Facebook here.

All your spettekaka are belong to us

As some of you know, who are following me on Facebook—and previous entries of this blog—I’ve been to Finland recently. Ella and I were attending Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki to watch Blind Guardian, the best birthday present I ever got! Let me wheelchair you through this weekend:

Finland / Tuska Open Air / Blind Guardian Day II (22/7):
We had an evening flight from Landvetter airport to Helsinki-Vantaa aiport, so we didn’t drive towards Gothenburg until late afternoon. The same day we were leaving, I received the new Betrayer of the Code shirts from our fellow colleagues at Despotz. After some slight modifications, we both represented this new magnificent cloth, and armed ourselves with our Dark Funeral pentagrams obtained at Getaway Rock Festival.

We mean business

While I had to stay sober and drive, Ella jumped to the gun and had some Jäger in the car to the sound of Blind Guardian, on almost speaker blowing volume. I patiently had to wait until we passed the security at the airport for my first alcohol infused beverage, which of course blatantly SUCKED. (But nonetheless was a more euphoric experience once I got to cool off my throat with that magical first beer.) This was the first time I got to see Blind Guardian in almost a decade. For a band that’s without any competition my all time favorite, that’s a pretty low show attendance frequency, don’t you think? Well to be honest, I’ve tried! But we have always out toured each other, or other stupid obstacles (like silly ex-girlfriends with no taste in good music and shit) have been in my way. Last time they were in Sweden, I had my final batch of shows with Sonic Syndicate. And believe me, when I say that I really wanted to NOT show up on these and just drive to Gothenburg and sing “VALHALLAAAA” until my throat could not make one single sound anymore. Sadly, the loyalty to my brother hindered me to do such thing, but still the thought was compelling.

Thirsty driver

Shotgun drinker

At Landvetter. So far, so good, SO WHAT?!

We did an internet check in, and printed our boarding cards in advance at home. Meaning; not during one single occasion we had to legitimize ourselves at the airport. How that’s possible, or even legal, I do not know, but still that’s the most relaxing airport experience I ever had. Thank you, Finnair, for being awesome and service minded! Well behind the security, we rushed to the bar to maintain our fluid balance with a big beer. (Well not big in a “Deutsche lauten” perspective, but you know what I mean.) It would be nice to leave rainy Sweden behind to hit Finland, which, with our current Intel, was suppose to be hot as the Amazon jungle.

Smell you later Sweden


What took you so long!?

"Tämä on olut!"


While on the plane, we instantly ordered in sparkling wine to celebrate our first airborne experience together out of many to come. We also spoiled ourselves went nuts with cookies and… nuts for dinner. The flight to Finland goes an hour into the future, meaning the land of a thousand lakes could expect us somewhat before midnight.

Going into the future


Cloud city

Carbocide time

It's fun to fly <3

Evalutating our saftey and belch options while...

...spreading love

In Finland, safe and sound, we had already prepared ourselves to hurry to the bus connection into Helsinki by intentionally traveling light without luggage. That’s what professionals do! What you can’t fit in your carry-on, is simply not worth bringing. And damn it was hot! When we made our way out of the plane it didn’t feel like Scandinavia at all, more like coming to Greece or any other closer-to-the-equator-than-Sweden country. We had received some guidelines how to handle the bus connection but this was still somewhat confusing, so we had to improvise and trust the force. We found ourselves on a vessel to Turku. After a few minutes, we realized our fatal error, and swiftly changed buses. Finally, the journey into Helsinki began.

Safe landing in future world

Not a single cloud as far as the eye can see in "Greece"!

Some more love just to be sure

Waiting for the bus in hangar 22

This machine went "matkakortin tiedot" on our asses

"Turku sounds about right... right!?"

That's more like it!

As cool kids always do, we camped the backseats of the bus. And we were awfully loud and annoying, in a usual Scandinavian tourist fashion way. This lasted for the whole duration of the ride, until we hit the square of the Helsinki train station. Our hosts were stationary at Bar Bäkkäri together with a lot of other festival guests as the Fridays festival day was already over. Our hosts over the weekend were Flo from NoiseArt Records (Trusty old German friend which used to be our promoter on Nuclear Blast, even featured in a few SonicTV, if memory serves) and his girlfriend, Pirre. They had compassionately offered us a roof over our heads during our stay in Winland.

Utelizing the deadly iPhone + Garmin pathfinder system

Successfully reaching the right checkpoint

Ella scouting out Finlands answer to Trafalga Square

When we descended on the after party at Bar Bäkkeri, Flo and Pirre had built up an artillery of Vodka Cranberry for the occasion. We only saw one way out of this, and that was to drink us through the situation. And first rule of staying alive in Finland is: DON’T enter any drinking competition with the Finns, it will came out fatal and NEVER in favor to your own side. Ella found herself a finger lazor and pewpewed whatever she saw fit a blue lazer death, which was basically everything and everyone at the location. Some hours into this madness, an alarm started sounding. I asked Flo what it was all about, and he shrugged it off like it was standard procedure. 5 minutes later, the staff emptied the entire building because of a fire alarm, and the fire department was patiently waiting outside with a fire truck. 15 minutes later we could re-enter the building as it was a (laser related?) false alarm and could finish our Vodka Cranberry drinks in the line of Finnish customs, of course. This was the first bar I ever saw with a skateboard park build in. That should be standard if anything, at bars all around the world!

Flo & Pirre

So... where do we start?

We still mean business


It is obvious that this cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force...

...but by our skills with the fingerlazors

"Rich: Is that the fire alarm?"
"Flo: ...What? Nah, that's nothing."

We didn't start the fire...


And it's on again!

Compulsory subject <3

Pewpew mouth

Good initiative

Much later we decided to stagger home to their place as we were becoming both too drunk and too tired to withhold any rules of manner. We walked to their apartment via the local kebab place. We made our women handle the administration of the food supply, while we manhandled the business talk outside. Unfortunately, some annoying high/drunk/retarded guy was pestering us, and Flo’s brilliant plan to evade him was to explain we were gay lovers. Yes, peculiar was my first thought, but whatever works!? Another Finnish custom, I believe. And yeah it did work, he basically RAN away when Flo asked if he wanted to join us to the apartment… Well, in their flat, we devoured the kebab feast as a pack of hungry Rancors. And then got ourselves a few hours of sleep before it was time for the big event, which was the actual reason why we were there. Before we all passed out in their apartment, we listened to a bit of Skull fist. KILLER, as Flo himself, would have described it.

Perculiar Ale glasses, they almost look like shoes

Kebab and pyttipannu

"Honey, I swear the flight tickets said Finland"

The supporting pillar of the flat

Devoured kebab, rancorian style


Finland / Tuska Open Air / Blind Guardian Day II (23/7):
Pirre was working on the festival, so she left early in a stealthy fashion. Some hours later we all woke up, still drunk out of our minds, and I could foresee one hell of a headache coming my way in a collision course, if I didn’t do something radical. We hurried down to the nearest store, and bought liquid breakfast in the shape of two Karhu. And then we grabbed a cab to the festival.


Washed my hair with some s(h)amp(o)o

Pirre had sorted VIP passes for Ella and me as a surprise—very sweet of her! And once we cashed them out, we joined the spectacle at the EMP band signing outpost where we were welcomed with drinks from friendly people we met from last night. We also bumped into Jukka, who I haven’t seen since the 2009 Finnish Metal Expo. Time flies!

EMP outpost

The hospitalty was compelling

Beer triplets and all

Nightwish in da house

The weather was a bit unstable but according to the forecast it would be good for the gig in the evening, which was basically the only thing out of interest for me anyway. The band playing at our arrival was Epica. As that is not really my cup of Vodka Cranberry, we decided to hunt down some food instead. We bought fried rice, chicken and.. poo? Didn’t really matter what it was, we we’re both starving! Later on we got a glimpse of Moonsorrow before we headed back to the EMP tent and the signing session of Blind Guardian.

Unstable weather


Massive structure


And some more beer

Rice, chicken and... poo


This is where I transformed, and mentally became 15 years younger, feeling like a little girl meeting Backstreet Boys, or any other of their meaningless idols. Fact is; Blind Guardian does not consist of meaningless idols, they were living Gods of this earth, which I haven’t had the opportunity to see since September 6th 2002 in Gothenburg. It surpassed my wildest dream to experience the whole event like this. When they were done with signing (which indeed felt never-ending) Hansi walked up to me, called me by name and grabbed my hand. He even remembered our very limited mail conversations, where I was looking to feature him as a guest singer on the The Unguided album. I was star struck beyond recognition, and kept my words short (to not make a complete fool out of myself) and just about was able to fight back my happy tears. Ella snapped a couple of photos with Hansi and me before they were heading to their transport back to the backstage area. I saluted the rest of the band with a steady handshake, and then they were gone. That was that. It’s peculiar how a short happening like that can outrank a lifetime of events. And I consider my life, in particular, very eventful compared to the average Joe’s life. I recalled how many people I’ve met during my own career that have cried out of happiness by meeting my own worthless ass, and suddenly I could for once, in my own existence, experience the same force. One of the best days in my life, and by far the best birthday present I ever got. I will remember it until the day I die. Thank you Ella, for being as awesome as you are. Thanks Flo, Pirre, and the folks at EMP Finland for making this happen. Eternally grateful!

Signing of the blind

(No need for words here)

When I managed to collect myself a bit, we went to see our own countrymen in Katatonia, realizing later on that we didn’t have cash to buy merchandise, and they sure didn’t take VISA. We headed out of the festival to find ourselves a cash machine. We got some urban sightseeing action simultaneously, since it was quite a walk. Back on the festival, we bought Blind Guardian merchandise. I bought myself a hoddie. Ella got herself a t-shirt (Which she mutilated later on to make it more fashionable.) We watched some Wintersun before we made a sitting ovation by the big stage where the changeover to Blind Guardian was taking place.¨


Desired merchendise

Urban sighteeing

Dog parking

Longest word in the world


Sacred times indeed


Time stands still before the show

The gig was remarkable, stunning, extraordinary, (put random superlative here)!!! Best show I’ve seen in my entire life. Only gig that could compete of all the shows I’ve witness in my time on earth, would be their Gothenburg show back in 2002 from the “Night at the Opera” tour (which was last time I saw them if anyone didn’t get that.) This was, however, equally breathtaking!  They played 10 songs, to be exact, and here’s the setlist:

1. Sacred Worlds
2. Welcome to Dying
3. Nightfall
4. Time Stands Still (at the iron Hill)
5. Turn the page
6. Valhalla
7. Tanelorn (into the Void)
8. Wheel of Time
9. The Bard’s song – In the Forest
10. Mirror, Mirror

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian


If there’s anything to say about the set list at all, is that I could have wished for something from “Imaginations from the other side” or “Night at the Opera” instead of “Turn the Page.” But I’m sure they had their reasons for leaving them out, which I’m in no position to question at all. You simply don’t question Gods. Gods question you!  This magnificent show will stay in my heart forever, and Hansi does have the best voice in the world, both on record and live. PERIOD. Hope to see you again soon and I’ll make sure it won’t be a decade in between till next time.

Gods of the earth

After the amazing Blind Guardian gig, we went to get a glimpse of Ghost. I saw some photos of them from Getaway Rock Festival and looked like they had a cool live show going. I figured I’d make sure not to miss them here. And indeed, really good stuff! Visually, it was awesome. I think I kind of liked them audio-wise, as well. I’ll need to listen to it a bit more.


Then we went back to the EMP holdout. This was where I could sit down and explain to everyone how unearthly awesome the Guardian show was, while they were supplying us with more drinks, and not paying too much attention. Hehe. Our last few endeavors on Tuska were to watch some Devin Townsend, which was the headliner of the day before we hurried to the VIP area while they were still serving food. Early curfew of the festival, a bit strange but I guess it have to do with the centrality of the location and bars want to get their share of the crowd after curfew.

"BG was awesome Flo, AWESOME!"


Weekend's mission: Accomplished

Drivebying the mainstage on our way to the VIP bar 

Devin Townsend

Dinner time!

Upon the consumption of the food, we summoned a cab with the rest of the EMP gang, so we could head back to Bar Bäkkäri when they closed down the festival area. After a few drinks there, however, this day was starting to get a bit too long for my taste. I’m getting old and shit. And with close to no sleep the night before, I decided to call it like a quisling. Ella and I threaded back to Flo and Pirre’s apartment alone to get some well-deserved sleep.

Cab to Bar Bäkkäri

Finland / Tuska Open Air / Blind Guardian Day III (24/7):
For spending the night on an air mattress, I had a considerably good night of sleep and didn’t feel quite so hung-over that day. I didn’t even wake up when our hosts made their late night entrance. Now it was our time to return the favor and not wake them up when we made our way back to the train station square. We left the apartment as silently as two ninja assassins, and then tried to kick some life into my GPS for the right coordinates. The more worrying thing would be to find the right bus back to the airport without any guidance from our hosts.

None of the above matters were any problems, however, because the force smiled at us this day as well.  We’re as urban smart as two pigeons (pigeon sith lords of course). We walked straight to the correct square, and the right bus was already waiting for us there. It was just as beautiful as an oasis in Sahara. Easy as pie! What was even easier was the internet check-in at the airport. Basically, we could just flip off the ENDLESS line of people waiting to check-in, and just dance through security to enjoy breakfast in the airport longe on the other side.

Sith lords on the right transportation

Clone security

Made it through

Reward: Breakfast and...


Farewell Moomins

Our ride home

While on the plane back, we both feel asleep like two siamese twins attached at the head. I’m pretty confident I dreamt about dragons, bards, and wizards those 40,000 feet up in the air. I was coming home to Sweden with memories of a very pleasant weekend in Finland, and above all, a fulfilled childhood dream.

Right plane

Dreamland; 40,000 feet up in the air

Speaking about fans and their fanship, let’s stay on topic, as I’ll introduce you to some fine examples of dedicated fans to The Unguided:

First out is David Rieche from Germany; with his incredible sense of art he created this masterful piece:

Roger's a lefty

Then we have a photomontage from our homeland buddy, Jesper Pettersson, who has done a Zelda themed piece of The Unguided. As all of us in TU have done our fair share of keyfinding in Zelda back in the days. This was a very honorable contribution! Our only question is; who is actually Zelda out of us in the triforce? The plot thickens!

The Unguided Force

Here’s a picture from Kim Renström, also from Sweden, who has been at every TU gig up to date. Yes, all two of them(!!!). With his trigger-happy-camera-finger, he also supplied you guys with a lot of YouTube live footage as well as live photographs. He’s a proud owner of the full collection of TU merchandise. You guys should follow his excellent lead:

Full TU collection 

Next up is the TU fan, Lorena! She has dedicated a wall of hers to The Unguided crest, and this made us very proud, indeed. Must have been very time consuming, and she deserves all the credit she can get.

Writing on the walls

Martin Suffa
is one of the 616, and also the owner of two custom-made TU Flip-Flops. This footwear is something I suggest everyone has in their summery beach bag. I myself am inseparable from mine.  They are far from as nice as these through. Good job!

Beach boy 2011

Petra Karlsson
has tattooed the solar symbols from Eden Fire and Nightmareland. From how I understand it, this tattoo has been decorating her skin for quite some time but she has not decided to bring it up until now. Very convenient timing, indeed, as she instantly got rewarded with an mail address!

Tripple solar symbol

Johannes Graßmann
, from Germany, has done a sketch of a TU photo session picture. Really skillfully done! I look proper pissed, just the way I like it.

"I will eat your heart out"

Tibor Rota Kasza
, from Hungary, has done another really beautiful sketch of Roland and me. I got all green eyed with jealousy since your art skills are amazing. Nicely executed!


So, there you have a little wall of fame for our fans. I thought it was appropriate since I spent the whole Tuska weekend being the biggest fan boy ever, and you just know how much I love to level with you, and how much I respect you in your fanship.

Another recent happening was the Faithful Darkness gig at Malmöfestivalen 29/7. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to rehearse at all for this BUT it was nonetheless an amazing gig with a kick-ass crowd. Then again, only unprofessional bad bands rehearse anyway.

Faithful Darkness, Photo by: Kim Renström

Faithful Darkness, Photo by: Kim Renström

Faithful Darkness, Photo by: Kim Renström

Faithful Darkness, Photo by: Kim Renström

Here’s the set list from the show:
1. Stay Awake
2. Black Mirror’s Reflection (new)
3. Stand as One (new)
4. Bound to Illusions
5. Remember this Fight (new)
6. Another Pain (new)
7. Hate Injection
8. Blessing of Ignorance (new)

Girlfriend perspective

Dedicated fans

In total, that includes 5 songs from the upcoming album Black Mirror’s Reflection and it was brutal to ventilate the new, strong material live. The album is getting together as we speak, more news about it in coming blogs. Here’s an interview in Swedish by Johan in connection to the gig. The show was a bit of a hit and run deal for me, since I had to get back to my nightshift. So, I’m sorry that I couldn’t come out and mingle with the fans, but I’ll make sure to make up for it next gig where I’ll perform naked!

Making oneself less ugly

Couscous; the dish so tasty they had to name it twice

Drummers and their everlasting work

A stunning improvement


So, what else? I finally sold my Xbox 360 AND PSP. Now I’m rich, and will spend all the money on WoW action figures. I put out my second computer now, as well. So, buy it here! Hehe. Ella also cut my hair recently. I pointed to a picture of Henric Carlsson and said I want to be as beautiful as him: “MAKE IT HAPPEN!” And she did. She’s a very good barber. I don’t understand how she’s pursuing her lawyer dream over a barber career when she’s THAT good with an electric shaver. I also saw the last Harry Potter, and will base all my further lyrics around the movie.

Harry have a nice haircut too! Haven´t seen the movie? here you go.

Before the Q&A, let’s point and laugh some shall we?


Send your questions to:

Q: Do you really have no idea why Robin refused to sign the license? Is he pissed because you had a lot of critics against Sonic Syndicates new sound, or anything else?
I really don’t know. What I do know, however, is that I have no further intensions of answering any questions about this particular subject anymore since we’ve moved on from it, and there has been plenty of information about it already. No Sonic Syndicate songs in The Unguided, simple as that! Further questions will be ignored.

Q: I know u said the chances of their being ballad's is none. But what about a song as heavy and as fast paced as Damage Control? (My favourite song on load second being Red Eyed Friend)
A: Of course there will be material like this! The song Serenade of Guilt is actually a magnificent example of this. Not fast paced, but heavy as Manuel Uribe..


Q: So what’s up with The Unguided releasing a full album?
A: Yeah what’s up with that?

Q: I searched through your old blogs just because I had this little spare time and re-found the pre-prod song names. Did "Finnish = Jack of Diamond" had to anything to do with actually Finnish people? Are you able to answer or do I ask your brother?
A: I asked him about it but he doesn’t remember. However, he said there’s a possibility that it was influenced by Finnish metal music.

Q: Also, who is worse The Unguided email answerer in your opinion, Roger or Roland? Hehe
A: They are equally bad ;) But then again they are equally busy as well. I’m the no-lifer here. Don’t you ever forget that!

I can prove it

Q: S
ince you're in the harsh singing business for a long time now, I'd like to ask for an advice, because I'm also singing harsh for quite some time now. How can I make my growl sound neither deep nor high, but at the same "height" as my regular speech voice?
A: L2Scream?! Unfortunately you have to look in the FAQ here and here.

I'm curious what Roger’s stand in this situation is he neutral or is he siding against anyone?
A: I think Roger is leaning a bit in favor to Decepticon’s side. We both always thought Megatron was great! (SPOILER) Too bad he died in the last movie.


Q: I wonder where I can get hold of the T-shirts you had on your Facebook profile picture. Shop, webstore?
A: I addressed this in the Q&A last blog.

Q: I
f you had to be a part of a supergroup, who would you have included in your group on vocals with you, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboardist if you wish? (Note: you can say Roland and Roger here, but include a backup person for them)
A: Roger Sjunnesson, Roland Johansson, Henric Carlsson and John Bengtsson. That would be my group of superheroes! Keyboardist: Andreas Mårtensson. There are really no alternatives for me when it comes to Roger and Roland but if they were sick or something, my stand-in for Roger would be Alexi Laiho (since that’s the only guitarist I’ve ever really cared about) and an option for Roland would obviously be Hansi Kürsch.

The Unguided

Q: On your U.S./North American tour, where was Sonic well received and where did you like playing the most and where would you like to play if the Unguided played a short tour in the States?
We were pretty unknown in the US, so the two support tours we did there were solely to build and work in the name. Best gig we did over there must have been Worcester on the Amon Amarth tour by far, and possibly Nashville on the Nightwish tour (we did a headline show on a day off) where like 3 people showed up, haha. Actually, thinking about it, Seattle on the Amon Amarth tour was fucking awesome, I mean without the irony and shit. Overall, I think we all enjoyed the Nightwish tour more since their fans where as humble and nice as the band. We really had a lot of extremely good shows during those weeks. If we’d go back with The Unguided, I’d play Cali and up the west coast. Also, New York of course. I’d also love to spend time in Canada because I remember that being really good. Vancouver was great on both tours. For some reason down south wasn’t as good, except possibly Dallas. I remember that being cool.

Q: If you had to choose a song to cover, what would be one that you would be willing to cover?
A: Thought about this the other day and figured Pet Sematary with Ramones would be brilliant to the unguidelize. We actually have a cover idea for the upcoming album as of now (It’s not a Ramones song, though). Another cover on my wish list would be Mr.Vain with Culture Beat.

"I don't want to be buried"

Q: (In response to all the people that ask how you do your screams) Is it true that you get you scream from this song
A: Wrong.

Q: I was wonder if it would be possible for you guys to upload a Guitar Pro tab for Betrayer of the Code like you have done with Green Eyed Demon and Pathfinder.
A: Ask Roger at about this. I’m sure he’s not that hard to persuade.

Q: Have you ever been to Malmö, Sweden
A: Plenty of times! Rocked that city many, many times with Sonic Syndicate. And, we are going to have a The Unguided gig there at Malmöfestivalen 20/8 as well. I love the city and the people, even if it’s a bit too close to Denmark for my own taste ;) just kidding!


Q: When you work as an electrician....has anyone figured out your rockstar background and immediately asked you for autographs and pictures.
Yes, of course. Mostly during summer vacation production where there’s a lot of deputies working at the company. I’ve done my fair share of autograph labor on the job.

Q: Will you release Betrayer of the code as a physical single?
A: We will not, since it will be included on the LP. We will wait with that. It was a digital only release. The artwork will be featured in the booklet, however.

Q: Do you have a CD-R / DVD copy of any of your gigs that I can buy?
My dad recorded the whole Getaway show. If you mail me at I’m sure we can sort something out.

Q: Now John Bengtsson are the drummer official of the The Unguided?
A: He’s the official live drummer of The Unguided and he also helped us with the drum tracks on the songs we recorded so far. Personally, I see both John and Henric as members in the much unguided family. And I believe the other two R’s share my view of that.

Q: I was wondering if there will ever be another The Unguided Episode on YouTube? :D
A: This got answered as of the last blog.

What are the chances of (the sexy) Karin and John would join The Unguided?
A: John is already a part of The Unguided as you have noticed, but we’re not fuzzed about females in the band since this is, what it is, namely; A boy band! I mean what the hell would Manowar look like if they had females in it!? Besides, we recruit members after their personality and skill of their instrument not by their looks (even if both John and Henric happen to be smoking hot!). They also have penises, we’ve checked. 

Another man-o-band

Q: Do you guys have any idea on how any tracks you will put on your album?? Or are you guys not sure yet??
A: There will be 11 tracks on the limited edition version of the album, and 10 tracks on the normal retail version.

Q: Is it still possible to get you as a guest singer, if a band sends you a song? My band isn't complete at the moment, but it would be cool to know that for later. ;-)
A: That’s very possible! I’m currently keeping myself busy with a guest appearance in Systematic Slaughter from Karlstad.

Q: I watched some footage of you guys playing at the Getaway rock festival and you played a song called "Phoenix Down". Is this one of the un-recorded Sonic Syndicate songs from the time you recorded the Burn This City EP which you mentioned in one of your earlier posts, or is this a completely new song by The Unguided with the same title? Since the Sonic Syndicate - Phoenix Down was never recorded (as far as I know), I suppose you could bend the rules and play it without getting a permission from all the members of the old band. Whatever the back story of the song is, it sounds great!
A: It’s a brand new song built out from what Roger and I wrote back before the BTC EP. Both musically and lyrically, it has changed beyond recognition, though.

Phoenix Down

Q: The other question that I wanted to ask concerns the not-that-great We Rule the Night Album, and actually the song with the same title as well. In the title song there's the quite high-pitched shout "GO!" in the beginning. Me and my friends had a little debate about who shouts it. I think it was Nathan who just decided to sing pretty high, but my friends think it was Karin. Which one of us is correct? Does Nathan sound like a girl or Karin like a high-piched guy? No offence to either of them, of course :P
A: It’s Nathan. Personally, I thought it was a joke when I first heard it. There was a discussion whether we should remove it or not. Majority rules! Fuck that… I think it steals away attention from the awesome guitars there, which is a shame.

Q: Anyway, you performed four new songs, and two of them are even at the Youtube. Iceheart Fragment and Inherit of the Earth are unluckily lost; no one recorded them or just didn't spread to the internet?
A: It’s Inherit the earth (or Inearth the earth?) Dad actually has both of them on his DV camera. He decided to only upload BOTC from that, however. Luckily, for you, there are currently live recordings from the Falkenberg gig with all the songs.

Iceheart Fragment

Q: Are you going to publish lyrics to the songs (at least to the Serenade of Guilt and Phoenix Down) soon, or we will get them only when the album is released?
A: Now the lyrics to those songs will be released with the album, or around that time.

Q: And of course, did you and The Unguided like the performance? Because the most popular comment to the videos is "The crowd suck big times! I'd kill those standing still twats!!!", and seems like everyone agrees that.
A: Wasn’t much time to reflect over the crowd. We were busy trying to figure our own shit out, haha. But I wouldn’t blame them, the Getaway gig was stupid o’clock early, and I don’t think most of them even knew who and what the hell they where dealing with, hehe. They sure know now! ;) First gig, no album out, I’d be surprised if the crowd would as much as shape their hands to some evil devil horns, to be fair. Doesn’t really matter though, since we have the time of our lives on stage with this band, and that’s what’s really important to us.

If it is not too much trouble, might I ask if you could look into getting booked at the New England metal and hardcore festival for 2012. I know it’s in the US which is a haul and if it is not something you’re interested in as Roland has his family commitment, I totally understand. I think it would be great exposure to be in other countries. I’m sure you’d get plenty of fans there. How could they not like you?
A: No, you do that! Hehe, we are not really actively looking for gigs, but of course we look into the possibilities of it, if we were to get an offer. Besides, I don’t think we actually have plenty of fans over there. I mean the Swedes hardly know who the hell we are? What are the chances it would be different in the US, which is HUGE!?

Q: Why don't you do a cover like a bonus track?!?!
A: We have changed our minds regarding this, and we’ll go for it. It will be a bit of a special song, though.

Special song

Q: Have you recorded the gig in any way? If not, will you record the gig at Grand Rock?
A: As said before, dad recorded the whole show on his DV camera from the FOH vantage point.

Q: Not really a question, but I think it would be awesome to release the album not with a T-Shirt but a Hoodie or something in black and white. The black and white Unguided-logo looks so awesome, and the, in my opinion, best looking SS-Hoodie is the one with a white logo on the
front side, and this on the back. It just looks insane, but unfortunately there wasn't any offer of this one any longer as I found it in my LAOD-CD. But it would just be awesome if there would be such a hoodie by a band that’s way better than Sonic Syndicate ;)
A: I’ll look into this.

When you will make full length album with like 7-10 song in it? And after you have released an album will you go on to tour?
A: We are already recording it. We won’t go on tour. Weekend gigs are the possibility right now.

Q: I saw online that your abandonment Sonic syndicate, and I would like to ask you think if you make a new group, and so on. Is normal because you do not understand what I say because I am writing a translator and do not translate well, if you still do not understand what you will write in Spanish and translate your Internet. PS: do not ever change your style of music.
A: It sure didn’t translate well, no. There’s a new group, yes.

"Kill me."

Maybe it’s too early to ask, but have you guys planned a Scandinavian tour yet? If so, please come to Norway! :D I didn't get to see you guys in Norway last year when you were in Sonic syndicate so I had to drive all the way to Helsingborg to see you^^
A: No plans. But we would love to come back to Norway. 

Q: I would like to know will you make like Nordic Countries tour including: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I think it would be reasonable because you are Swedish band so it would be tour on neighbor countries only. And if you will come to Finland could you come to Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo because every band that comes to Finland to play a gig always comes to Helsinki that is 5 hour drive from where I live and the gigs are always k-18 and I’m only 16 years old so I cant go to see those bands. And another question is that will you make full length album with 7-10 songs in it cause that live performance that you made in that festival had already 5 songs if I’m right I’m not sure.
A: Tell me; are you some kind of booking agent? There is no tour planned, and if we play in Finland, we’re most likely to play in Helsinki. Why? Because that’s what bands do! It’s solely a convenience question. Of course it’s all depended on what offer we might get. Everything is possible. It’s just a matter of enough money and/or promotion to make it worth our while. If we got a great offer from a venue in Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo (How am I even going to be able to pronounce that from stage?) we would go there instantly, of course. We are already currently recording the full-length album, and we have 7 songs out of 11 ready.

Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo

Q: After reading that you probably won't be able to perform any of the old SS material I was wondering if you are planning on creating a song with a message comparable to Jailbreak. Jailbreak helped me a lot in the past years and still is my number one played song on From lots of comments on different platforms (myspace, youtube,, ...) I've seen that there are many people who especially liked this song and listened to it a lot to just shout out their feelings about a lost love. For me not only great lines like "and when two rivers run together..."
or "I can't reach my mind..." but also the fast and heavy type of the song was what made it perfect. You could just turn the volume up and scream all the pain and sadness away. I sure hope for another song for the heartbroken (and not some kind of slow ballad please ^^)! Keep up the awesome, awesome work, I can't describe how much I love the new songs!
A: Why should I write lyrics about broken hearts when I’m simply not heartbroken? I want to write lyrics about relevant matters in my life. And regarding my love life, I haven’t been happier. Now I want to write songs about vampires, dungeons & dragons and hello-kitty. That’s ALWAYS topical! Hehe. 

Hell-o Kitty

Q: hi rich...are you still in sonic syndicate?...I haven't saw you last time on tour in great work with the unguided, what about the drummer?, sounds like john!
A: Are you for real? Read this


My favorite song from you and Roland has always been My Escape but I don't think you guys performed it at all. Can't find any fancams or anything like that, is there any chance of you guys maybe performing this song in the future? I'd love to have a live audio rip of it.
A: Because of this. We won’t be able to play Sonic Syndicate songs. And even if we were, we would never look into playing ballads.

Who will be doing the artwork for the album upcoming? What will be the name of this album? When can we expect this album? Or is it too soon for the latter two Q’s?
A: Kuang Hong has already done the artwork for the upcoming album, and the name is yet to be announced. Hopefully, we can expect it this winter.

.the.colossus. by Kuang Hong

Hey rich. I bought my betrayer package but it has not arrived to Denmark yet kind of weird :S do u know why? :D
A:, I think a lot of people missed the fact it would be shipped out week 27/28 when they pre-ordered it. Read what you buy, damn it! Hehe.

Q: Will there be any making-of video for The Unguided or Faithful Darkness with the coming albums?
A: Nothing planned. And as we record both during different sessions it would be weird to start with the behind scene recording now. For the TU album, we have fours song left to record instrumentally, vocals for seven songs, and then it’s done. For the Faithful Darkness, we’re done with the drum and bass, and they are recording guitars as we speak. Clean vocals are close at hand, and then I’ll put my vocals on it.

Q: As I would really like to hear/see The Unguided at some festivals in Germany, I just got the idea to ask some of them if they'd "invite" you to play there. Just like Wacken, WFF, Summerbreeze, Rockharz and so on. So, is THE UNGUIDED in general able to come to Germany for some festivals? ;)
A: If you get any of those festivals for us, I can guarantee you that we’ll be very available.

TU on Wacken 2012? YES PLEASE!

Q: Was watching some YouTube clips and found this clip.
personally I think Nathan can’t do the song justice, but Christoffer does really good job with it! He should have done it alone. My question is, what do you think about the performance? And why did they all of a sudden decided to play a Eden Fire song? A: I think it sounds confusing with bad vocal separation and clean vocals; I like Christoffer’s performance though. And I’ve touched this matter before here.

Q: There seems to be quite a lot of confusion as how to pronounce your name. Solution? Post a YouTube video of you saying your full name three times, Accent and all. Please? :D
I'll do a soundclip, when I find some time.

Q: I’m just curious as to whether or not you are planning on coming back to the US on vacation like you did when you went to New York City. You seemed to enjoy yourself there, at least from what the pictures showed anyway haha. I wish I could’ve made my way to NYC to possibly meet you because lets face it; you’re a god among musicians, at least in my book. If you do decide to visit here again, you can bet I’m going to make any effort to make it there hopefully you can find the time soon!
A: Nothing planned, but of course I’d love to come back to the US on vacation. Next time, however, I’m possibly looking into going to the west coast, though.

"I'll be back"

Q: We need an army of the unguided t-shirt. Something that you get only if you’re a member. It should include name and rank. That would be so awesome!
A: Free stuff rulez! We’ll see what we come up with for the coming designs. We don’t have the economy in the band to do it free, however.

Q: Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is Henric your official bassist now? A real member so to speak?
A: He’s our official live member. But I think we all see both John and Henric as perma-members as of now.

Q: Is it true that all the girls in Sweden are very hot? If so, moving to Sweden!!:D
A: ALL girls from Sweden are far from hot. I just happened to obtain a very unique specimen.