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Built broken

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Two entries in one month. That’s a rare occasion! I’m just flying on my high now as I just began my 5 week vacation. This will be one vacation to remember indeed, as our schedule is blatantly stuffed with fun events and happenings ALL THE TIME basically. I will of course update you along the road. As some of you have discovered I’ve recently got myself an Instagram. Or well, I’ve been having Instagram just for the sneaky filters, for a couple of years, but now I’ve decided to go public with it, after some peer pressure within the band. Be sure to follow me @lestatharbinger! As I went public with it, you also get access to a few years of more or less private photos, and since it’s too much to go through, I haven’t had time to filter out any inappropriate subjects, so feel free to gorge yourself in that...

The Unguided - Defector DCXVI (Lyric video)


To support our latest album; “Fragile Immortality” and get a bit of a push before the festivals start, Napalm records have done a lyric video for “Defector DCXVI”. Which clearly is a fan favorite, as understood among our current poll going on in the; “I’m one of the 616”, Facebook fan group. Hope you enjoyed what they came up with! We sure love it, and it’s the first lyric video we’ve officially done up to date, which of course feels nice as well.


Angel of Death - Hellboy II, holding the TU symbol, by: Steffen Hemmert 

We are bursting with excitement over the coming months and the lovely festivals. Hopefully we’ll see you guys in the pit! Coming up next is With Full Force.




5/7 - With Full Force Summer Open Air - Löbnitz – GER
7-9/8 - Getaway Rock Festival - Gävle – SWE
14/8 - Summer Breeze Festival - Dinkelsbühl – GER
15/8 - Metal Frenzy Open Air Festival - Gardelegen – GER
25/8 - Gröna Lund - Stockholm – SWE


The Unguided day; June 16, was recently upon us and not only did we release the lyric video for “Defector DCXVI” that day, we did also honor the day with the release of our new “The Unguided cap”! A must have for all the unguided fans, when they check out all the festivals going on this summer. You can find it in our web shop here.


Mockup pic

The real deal! 

Some weeks ago, my compadre; Benjamin and I went to check out the “Deathstars” release party in Stockholm, for their steaming fresh and absolutely wicked album; “The Prefect Cult”! Benajmin is a huge fan and even have Whiplasher tattooed on his arm, as well as appropriate “Deathstars” lyrics to go with it.  I being a longtime fan as well, possibly not as fanatic, but nevertheless still a fan of the band, and was fortune enough to tour and get to know them back in 2009. A tour I do remember as one of the most fun and weirdest tours up to date. The guys in the band are ace people and would be cool if we could do something together in the future. I recommend everyone to check out the album! Here’s some photos from the night.


Happiest guy in the world

Nightmare Industries

Whip and Doug from W.A.S.P.(!!!)

A guilty pleasure I’ve been having since around 2005, is the Swedish band Kent. I’m a huge fan and have most of their albums, if not all. I do consider them one of the best Swedish bands ever. But I’ve never seen them live unfortunately, this was something Ella was motivated to solve for my birthday as she got me tickets for their Stockholm festival.


Ready as fuck!

Follow the lemming trail over "Gärdet"

People, people everywhere!

Kent fes...

Go away party pooping "Independance Day" cloud

A lot of "Fjällräven". I don't get it? #SLOWFO

Some beers before the show


That guy knows what's up!

Sundown over "Gärdet"

This is what 25 000 people look like

The unholy number struck (down to the millisecond) at the concert countdown

Kent is on!
Best light show I've seen in my life, and the sky was helping out!
Joakim Berg in his prime

Best show ever

As I mentioned, Ella and I just hit vacation and will be enjoying life at its best, mostly around Sweden. We figured; Sweden is such a beautiful country, so why not check it out to its full extent before you look elsewhere in the world? The grass is not always greener on the other side. Even if the weather in Sweden is not as reliable as for example; on Venus, which got a steady 462 °C all year long, but Sweden is still not too shabby. Well it is and If it’s going to rain the entire summer, we’ll most likely go to Greece or Turkey for a week, just to get some damn sun. I’ve also got some time to try my new PS4, so happy I got it! And I finally got “The Warrior” in Borderlands 2 pinned down and executed Handsome Jack in the most ruthless way. I’m never going to play that game again! THE FRUSTRATION!!! However; that last boss fight, was quite epic, I have to admit. Only reason I killed him with my pea-shooters and low level, was hence of him bugging out for the last couple of percentages. Not attacking, whilst giving me a couple of free shots. Don’t tell anyone! For Diablo III, which is taking up most of my gaming time now, I’m at paragon level ~120 something and just recently tried a bit of Torment IV out. Going with a fire build barb, as most of the gear I was getting was strongly suggesting that, even if I quite enjoyed lightning a bit better. Anyway to all folks; hope to see you during the summer and if not, have a great summer and vacation! 

Playstation 4

Restocked some, not close to Roland's collection...
Got "The Lone Star Flag" from a Texas guy I did a interview with recently

Visited them Cane Corso puppies
Adorable little monsters
Hi there little buddy!
Ella trying to fend off a pack of adult Cane Corso. Good luck! 
She took the escape by a quad bike

The grillmeisters is doing "Kungsängen" unsafe

Swedish midsummer festivities

Food overwhelming

That yellow brick means; no firewater for me! (On-call...)

Ella and her appropriate dressed brother

Moving out of the the Nynäshamn apartment! (Still have our Stockholm one.)

Song of the day: My Collapse – Built broken



Nothing can bring me down

Kategori: Allmänt

There’s been some good times since we last talked! A handful nice The Unguided shows in Finland, I attended one hell of a grand; Dark Funeral gig, and I finally got my forest rooted mother up to Stockholm (I just needed to turn 30, THAT WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED...) Oh yeah, I turned 30 as well. Go me! I’m as old as the forest I was born in. To share you some The Unguided plans; we’ve just booked a studio to record a few songs later this year. Once again we are going to try something different, just to broaden our horizon. Hope that makes you excited!


"Inception" trailer + MV

Last week we had our first shows ever, with The Unguided, in Finland! Thank you Samu & Rockstone Agency for bringing us over. We had a real blast and can’t wait to come back!



Take care of my babe Sweden!


Cabin buddies at the ferry

Schill bought Fireball!

Cat Von D bought suspect funky "soft" drinks with trippy content

I love my brothers in the band!

Cabin party

Best birthday ever! Thanks guys.

Checking out the dance floor!

Roland bringing his A-game for the occasion

UFO live on stage

Found this lumberjack on the boat, we grow up in the same forest (village.)

Arrived in a rainy Helsinki

The mandatory moomin picture

The Unsocial

UFO HQ in Helsinki

Temppeliaukio Church, biggest cymbal ever, as roof!

Bender gave us 230V from his fucking eye-socket. THANKS PAL!

Ampere overload

Soundcheck at "Gloria"

Roger making those crazy backing vocals

New backdrop in all it's pride

Last minute rehersal


Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Teemu Siikarla

Photo by: Nelly Tatti 

After party at Bar Bäkkäri

KaaosTV interview at McDonalds



Found "Cuts and Stitches" on the way to Tampere

And Ella is a national celebrity in Finland!

Coffee in the sun

New season on the way... wait?

Double bassing it up

New endorsement "Soultone" cymbals

Cat is rocking that merch

Soundcheck in YO-talo

Checking your monitor; this is how you do it. 



Arrived in Oulu

Stage is set, with chairs...

Han Solo still sealed in carbonite...

Backstage Nuclear Nightclub

When in Rome...


Very retro Pizzeria


Flying back to Sweden

Whilst the Super Mario bros take the ferry

We are now moving into festival season and as you’ve probably have noticed we are playing some really great festivals this year! We really hope we’ll see you there so we can high-five and drink some beer.




4-6/7 - With Full Force Summer Open Air - Löbnitz – GER
7-9/8 - Getaway Rock Festival - Gävle – SWE
14-16/8 - Summer Breeze Festival - Dinkelsbühl – GER
15/8 - Metal Frenzy Open Air Festival - Gardelegen – GER
25/8 - Gröna Lund - Stockholm - SWE


If you missed it, here’s The Ungudied TV episode from the “Fragile Immortality” release party last January! Check it out.

Immortal Party


Last month Ella, PDF-Peter and myself attended Dark Funeral´s 20th anniversary at Klubben in Stockholm. Was one brutal show from this legendary band!


Support: Grá

Mighty Dark Funeral

Emperor Magus Caligula

Lord Ahriman

"The Arrival of Satan's Empire"

"My Funeral"

Met those fine gentlemen and gentlewomen

As explained earlier, mom and her entourage made their first visit to Stockholm, since I moved up 2 years ago. YES, 2 years ago. About time, right!?


Rednecks in town!

Grandma rocking the subway

As it was mom's birthday we checked out "ABBA The Museum"


New stage clothes for The Unguided

Liseberg, WTF?

Grandma bringing the thunder at the dance floor

Nice parking asshole!

Mom and I destroying ABBA classics

Roger's new guitar

Told yah!

Yngwie was there

Why make a great tour when I'm 2 years old?

Inheritance patterns

TMNT time in our apartment

My new electrician padawan, here acting as EFC

Nice Stockholm is nice

King spotting at the royal castle

New SL model

Boat ride back to city

"Caution; avalanche and icicle death", in May, 30 Celsius degrees. REALLY?

Fishy dinner

Coffee break

Life is currently really good!!! Everything is falling to place smoothly and I’m really looking forward to this summer’s vacation. As I just got a PS4 this will be one hell of summer, hehe. I’m currently working up those legendries in Diablo III and just began with some Torment II (I know I’m a bit behind in that department…) I’m also almost finished with Borderlands II for PS3, after a lot of frustration, and will move right into Mortal Kombat 9 when I’m done with that.

With great age, comes.... glasses

Second best album this year! "Kent - Tigerdrottningen"

New oranges

Harbinger with "Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury", Gary (No)moore and fucking Rafiki

New leather; Jofama, Jerry 2

This man is a legend and a father

Guest vocals recording for "The Project Hate MCMXCIX" in Audio Sällström 

I know I left Ella here somewhere?

Last couple of days in the Nynäshamn apartment

If you have a clue about maintenance systems, you know this is the reichskanzler's last laugh

Put some tour shirts on ebay. Sold to a guy in Norway, grats!

Song of the day: Mekanism – On the edge