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Where to start!?... Oh yes, the pre-order campaign for The Unguided’s debut album Hell Frost has been raging on for approximately three weeks now, and it’s looking mighty good! We’re super proud of you guys—the faithful fans and the results of this drive. It’s hard to tell when it will be sold out, but it’d suggest it will anytime now. What I can guarantee is, however, that you’ll be equally proud of us when the 30th of November finally arrives and you are holding the Hell Frost jakebox package in your hand, wearing that badass USB necklace around your neck, decked out in the latest The Unguided shirt. If you really want your own limited edition version of Hell Frost I would recommend you to place the order in the coming days. Another detail that is certain is that it will never go to print again. Don’t miss out!

The Unguided - Hell Frost General's Armaments package, find it here

Go to right away and secure your very own copy!

The Unguided – Hell Frost

1. Inherit the Earth
2. Phoenix Down
3. Betrayer of the Code
4. My Own Death
5. Serenade of Guilt
6. Collapse my Dream
7. Green Eyed Demon
8. Iceheart Fragment
9. Pathfinder
10. Where the Frost Rose Withers
11. The Miracle of Mind (Bonus song, only available on jakebox CD)

"You are running out of miracles", Hell Frost wallpapers avalible here

Let me state some facts about Hell Frost, just to tease you a bit more:

Hell Frost
is obviously a contrast to the Eden Fire album. It’s a eulogy to the old album with a symbolic stand for the same musical freedom and joy we had back during these days.  As far as the sound goes, it picks up somewhere between EF and OI, while adding a lot of maturity and experience to the spectrum. Also, utilizing new features such as; tons of guitar solos and technical guitars, bass guitar playing a central role, in-depth keyboard production (and keyboards having a major function, again), distinct vocal roles, wider musical range while still maintaining the bands identity and much, much more.

Hell Frost <-> Eden Fire

As far as the song titles go, people may recognize Hell Frost titles are tied to the previous material on Eden Fire. Some apparent ones may be:

Serenade of Guilt <–> Lament of Innocence
Collapse my Dream <–> Enhance my Nightmare
Iceheart Fragment <–> Soulstone Splinter
Pathfinder <–> Jailbreak
Where the Frost Rose Withers <–> Where the Black Lotus Grows

There’s also the new “colored eyed” song, Green Eyed Demon. In addition, there are two ancient and restored Fallen Angels tracks, which are Betrayer of the Code and Inherit the Earth from the 2001-2002 demo era.

My Own Death
is the sum of the photo competition winner Matti Hänninen’s (Agent #418) award. In his victory, he was granted to decide a theme for one song, and he picked the powerful theme of death. Or, in other words, the fragility of humans and their life viewed from The Grim Reaper’s perspective. It was a very interesting and paradoxical theme. I had a lot of fun writing it. It was a thought provoking and striking subject!

"My Own Death"

The Miracle of Mind
is a Spark! cover song. Spark! is an industrial EBM band from Falkenberg. The are also good friends of ours. They sing in Swedish, so I translated the lyrics into English. If you want to listen to the original song, Tankens Mirakel, there’s a YouTube link here. If you prefer Spotify it’s this link. Be sure to “like” their Facebook page here as well!

"Spark! - Tankens Mirakel"

The cover artwork was made by the extremely talented, Kuang Hong. It portrays a winged (green eyed, obviously) demonic male character (A character yet unnamed) in a snow-covered cold and icy landscape. Again, this is to illustrate the contrast of fire and heat. The demon is holding his reclaimed heart in one hand and a blade in the other, and has the unguided crest on his left pauldron, as well as his right lower leg amour. In the full illustration he is also accompanied by his “wraiths” as they are together leaving “nightmareland”. The triple solar symbol banners can be found in the full artwork as well, with their temple prison in the background. Symbolic Eden Fire skulls are also scattered around the main character to symbolize their advancement and victory over his captors. You can tell by the color of all the eyes on the characters that they are connected and tied to each other. What about their destination? Well, no one knows; they are unguided (hehe), but they are by no means staying in the frozen landscape of “hell frost” and there does not seem to be any further peaceful negotiations. Time will tell!

The Unguided Crest

Lyrically and thematically, it shows the same vision I had on Eden Fire, only many, many years after. It’s never an entirely new start for me. Whatever I write, in whatever band I find myself in, one thing is always certain: I will always carry my vision with me. It’s an always present, and never changing vision. Hell Frost is no exception! People may believe its plagiarism, or an attempt on reliving old patterns, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s simply the same organism, the very same vision I ever had, just a continuation of it. As said before, this would be the album I would have written if I still were in (put random band name here). And the next album I’ll write will pick up the same thread where it ended in Hell Frost, even if I was the lyricist of Metallica or whatever. And, above all, it’s not a low blow towards anyone, even if cheap shots are what some of you would seek to find. I have an entirely unaltered passion towards the first three albums of my career.  I even possess some love for bits and pieces of WRTN. To throw dirt in that direction would simply be to soil myself, and most of you would by this day and age know for sure; I’m too full of myself to do just that. So lyrically, what will one find on Hell Frost? Well, you will find environmentally invigorated themes of vampires, death, self-reflection, shattered dreams, jealousy, love recognition, hope, crusading, and mankind glorifying lyrics, kind of…

"I don't want it anymore"

What you will NOT find on Hell Frost, however, is a 12th track or additional guest vocals by anyone else but Peter Tägtgren on Pathfinder. So we can stop those deceitful rumors at once, even though I was the one that might have started them, hehe. Check this fan made video out. The video is confidently calling Hell Frost; “the true descendent of Eden Fire”and that does have quite a ring to it!

Hell Frost, the true descendent of Eden Fire

There’s also an interview in Swedish regarding the Hell Frost release in the local newspaper “Hallands Nyheter,” check it out here.

Hell Frost interview in local newspaper

Keep yourself updated on our official Facebook as the release gets closer and closer, you’ll always be up to date there on:

Also, an “Army of The Unguided” guild has recently formed on World of Warcraft, on the server “Outland” EU. It is where some of the dedicated 616 soldiers and I are enjoying a casual environment in the game. Anyone is welcome really! Just /who “Army of the unguided” or PM me in-game (Harbinger) and you’ll get an invite to the guild. The only requirement you need to meet is to be a fan of the band, and possess the intension of having a good time with equally good people in this vast virtual world. What are you waiting for? Migrate/Race change to Outland Horde, or level your character AT ONCE! (Keep in mind, I prefer not to talk about the band in-game because when I play games that’s my little haven and escape from reality. I’d appreciate to talk about more trivial, non-band related topics. If you have direct questions regarding the band, go to:, thank you!)

Army of The Unguided @ Outland EU

I noticed some people trying to decipher the lyrics of the recent radio aired song Inherit the Earth. The attempts made my eyes bleed heavily, and gave me instant cortex explosion. So, please, I beg you to stop that and just use the correct lyrics handed to you here:


Go, All wrong

You can breathe… (breathe now)
You can breathe but the air is running out
We lost all hope (lost all hope)
In the church of our doom
And suffer through
The funeral of our world

We breed germs in vials with the means to kill continents
In chemical warfare
We design bombs, which can knock the earth from its path
It’s path around the sun

The prince is never going to make his way
Sleeping beauty is already dead
Still the worst is yet to come


Every brick you see in this world
Is there because we put it there
Now we just seek to destroy
Everything that we created

You don’t inherit the earth from your parents, you just borrow it
Borrow it from your children
Now ask yourself who pulls the strings of your life
And cut them one by one

Grow a new one
Grow a new one
Grow a new one
Grow a new heart

"Pray to whatever God you belive in"

The Bandit Boat 12 is frighteningly close to set sail. The devoted day of November 11th is coming swiftly. Be sure to get your tickets here, and don’t be the one left behind alone in port. This upcoming sea broil will for sure echo over the seven seas as the most awesome voyage within living memory!  Full band line-up: Black Stone Cherry, Rise to Remain, Korpiklaan, Threadstone, Bandit Metalizers and of course The Unguided. So many bands, in so few hours, and on sooo much floating metal! HELL (FROST) YEAH!!!'

"The most awesome voyage within living memory!"

Also, be sure to support the band and vote for Inherit the Earth on Bandit Most Wanted. It’s super simple! Just follow this link, and enter the following:

Din Önskelåt: “The Unguided – Inherit the Earth”
Namn: (Your name)
Mailadress: (Your E-mail)
[Submit ] <- Click here! ;)

This coming Wednesday (26/10) at 22.00-00.00 The Unguided will visit Peter Iwers from In Flames and Fredrik Stenberg to be their radio guests! The program is called “Bandit Grovmalet”. You can reach it via the bandit web-radio if you can’t tune into the FM radio here in Sweden.

Bandit Grovmalet

We had a little incident with the Inherit the Earth radio premiere the other day. This resulted in a couple of unfortunate bans on the official Facebook. I just want to underline that it’s legal to rip a track from a radio station for personal use. Ripping it from the radio, converting it to an Mp3, and uploading the song to file share sites, then ultimately posting the link on the official band Facebook page for everyone to D/L is NOT, and will result in a permanent ban with no extenuating circumstances. So please, DON’T if it still is in your interest to mingle at that very page, of course. There’s no way to undo a page ban, so once you’re banned you’ll remain so, until you change your Facebook account. This rule goes for trolling, or other disrespectful behavior towards us, or other fans, on the page. Thread lightly and intelligently, as I know you can!

Then again, I see no point in listening to a song picked up from an already bad source, and then further mutilating it to the disgusting Mp3 format. But everyone is not as picky as I am apparently.

Dare to be stupid?

There has been a rough summer in the clothing business, and Mr.nZANE is not pleased at all. I’d do anything to make him happy, and surely you would? If you support awesome clothing and the stores selling them, and also live in the Gothenburg area, be sure to check his stock out! Apparently, he has clothes ranging from XXS-XXXXXXXL, so you will most likely be able to find something that fits. Check his site out here for address information.

To support, I bought myself a pair of winter-deflecting head units

Another of my guest vocal appearances has reached the light of day. This time it’s the Spanish industrial band, Killus, that has featured my vocals in their song “Vehemence”. Be sure to check it out here and also “LIKE” their Facebook page here. They are also topical with their new album "Never something was so real".

"Killus - Vehemence feat. Richard Sjunnesson"

I’ve also bought myself a new toy! However, it’s with some regret in my heart that I bought this one. But T5 is just too damn delicious looking to resist. Don’t get me wrong; Warlocks are still the scum of the earth, and their stupid ass pets and them are successfully causing raid wipes since 2005...

Charlie Sheen

Corruptor Raiment

That’s all for now! Until next time,  I’ll just continue to look super awesome in my OnePiece. Thank you Ella, best gift ever!

OnePiece it up!

Send your questions to:

Q: What happened to your private Facebook?! You vanished!
A: Had a little absence from it when my uncle passed away since I didn’t want to get reminded of it all the time. I’m back on it now.

Q: it’s just my neediness here ha but was Phoenix down named after the Final Fantasy item?
A: No, it’s about Gears of War, and the victory of the locust horde! Hehe. No, to be honest, it’s a reference to the down feathers of a phoenix, which are rumored to be able to bring someone back to life. The very same property as the phoenix bird itself has. The lyrics are about starting over, the title appeared to me as appropriate.

Marcus Fenix

Q: Which Soulstone Splinter version do you prefer? The Fallen Angles or the Sonic Syndicate one?
A: The Eden Fire one, the demo version is recorded sloppy, and the vocals are horrible. I’ve been listening to Soulstone Splinter a lot lately, since my diseased uncle did the solo in that number. The song means a great deal to me, and the lyrics speak for itself.

Q: I think you should release a special collector’s edition of BOTC in a physical cd later in your career. I would love to have it and i think other dedicated fans would to. Just food for thought.
A: Not going to happen. It will be included on the album. You’ll also find the single artwork in the booklet. We consider that being enough.

Q: Why can't people ask questions worth answering!? Come on people I'm calling you out! I see the same questions on EVERY blog. And to whomever wrote LOAD instead of LAOD: wow. That’s a fail. It just sounds wrong. And to brenocide: you are the worst!  Sorry there wasn't much of a question ;)

People, accept the challenge!


Q: Oh by the way, one question. Do you ever get any crazy, over-the-top fangirls/fanboys that are like “OMG I LOVE YOU OMG OMG”? ;)
A: Not over-the-top in a way that I think it’s so overwhelming I can’t stand it. My fans are very respectful, and I feel much appreciated. I like to stay closly in touch with my die-hard followers, and there are plenty of those.

Q: you know, on all your photos on every blog, you never smile once! ='[ I think you should post a photo of you when your smiling so people know you can smile too! (ofc you can but you never show it) always that serious or angry faces?=[
A: I’ve been unable to smile since Star Wars: Episode I and the creation of Jar Jar Binks. Sorry.

Q: Can you do anything about illegal download sites where people can download your music? Can't you sue their asses?
A: Why bother? It’s just a costly process, which we’d never win anyway. Illegal sites will always exist. And they always find a way. It's up to the true fans to stay away from them and support the bands.

Why bother?

Q: I was just wondering if the limited edition of the new album will be available to US residents without crazy shipping fees? I was going to get Nightmareland, but the cost of shipping kept me off, so I just got the songs off Amazon. I also couldn't figure out how to pay either, since nothing was in English! But if a whole new album is coming out with special packaging, and some other goodies, I won't be able to resist. Maybe you could take all the preorders from the US and mail them out at the same time? I don't know, but whatever you do, I'm getting a physical copy of the album. Please just try to make it a little easier, and have translated page to order from at least.
A: ”Add to cart”, ”Select your country…”, ”Update total”, ”Checkout”, it all appear to me as English? And once you go to PayPal there’s an option to change it from; “Svenska” (Swedish) to English. I’m pretty sure if you are in the US and press “Checkout” it will automatically change to English (could be wrong). You see,we optimized it in a way so that very, very old people with no Swedish skills what so ever (or vision for that matter) could still put their The Unguided order. So I’m not really sure what you are referring to here? We have been looking into the shipping issue and done what we could about it. Now it’s adjusted in the way that the guy from, let’s say Australia does not need to pay ridiculous shipping cost while the guy in Sweden (closest from where we send it out) will pay close to nothing for shipping. We have tried to found a number in between the two extremes that would work, so it’s equal for everyone. Meaning; lower cost for the far away fans and a slightly more expensive for the close proximity fans. Generally I’d just want to add; shipping is expensive whatever way you choose to attack it. This appears to me the fairest “solution” though.

Q: Also, I was also wondering who writes all the clean melodies? I know Roger does music and you do lyrics and screaming patterns, but who does the pitched stuff? Can you even read regular music?
A: I can’t read music for shit. Roger and Roland are both pretty schooled, however. Roland has even worked as a music teacher once upon a time (And still even has some padawans, I dare to remember). What we usually do with the clean vocal melodies is that I stake out where I would expect clean vocals to fit in the song (read: chorus), in my own pre-production and do a raw melody recording of it myself. Then when Roland pops over and we pre-produce his vocals, he figures out the proper notes he want to use, alters the melody in the way he see fit, or does a completely new one, plus come up with harmonies. He usually also find other places where he tastefully thinks it would fit with clean vocals.

Q: Today I didn't want to bring a random question. This time, I thought to bring you a quiz! Complete the following sentences with either an album you own or know, preferably one you own, but it doesn't really matter that much. AND, please ad a little summery surrounding the topic and why you chose THAT album.

Richard Sjunnesson... I welcome you to THE DISCS OF DOOM!
A: Why, thank you!

Q: The first album i bought was…
A: Europe – 1982-1992, still listen to it regularly.

Q: A kid asks me what metal is. I'd hand him a copy of... 
The Crown – Deathrace King, there’s nothing more metal. I’ve checked!

Q:The best album artwork is... 
Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth, Andreas Marshall really overdid himself here! Brilliant “The Silmarillion”-concept artwork capturing Lúthien dancing in front of Morgoth. I can still find myself looking at it and just discovering more and more details and I’ve owned the album for over a decade now.

Q: I break the speed limit to...
Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, well I break the speed limit to anything really, does not even have to be music… But this one does not make it go any less fast (and furious).   

Q: The album that broke my heart was...
Iced Earth – Something Wicked Part II, I expected so much out of Matt’s return and I gained so little… Having my hopes up for Dystopia! I’ll give Stu a proper chance. “Dante´s inferno” with Stu’s voice does sound very promising.

Q: The album I wish I'd made is...
Dark Tranquillity – Damage Done, such a delicate masterpiece. Both musically and lyrically I’ve asked myself millions of times why I did not come up with what’s incased in that very disc.

Q: The album I'd want to be remembered for...
The Unguided – Hell Frost, it will be the best out of my career so far.

Q: The album I'd want played at my funeral...
Sonic Syndicate - We Rule The Night, In that that sate I could probably finally endure it. But don’t hold your breath.

Q: The first album I had sex to is...
H.I.M – Razorblade Romance, it was not WITH Ville Valo however, even if he was very present indeed.

Q: The album that gets me ready for love is...
Cannibal Corpse – Tomb of the Mutilated, nothing gets me more in the mood than just Hammer Smashed Face or the appropriate I Cum blood.

Q: No one will ever believe I own a copy of...
Fall Out Boy – Take This to Your Grave, SO WHAT?! FUCK OFF! hehe I thought the title Grenade Jumper was cool. Only reason, promise…

Q: The album that should not be….
Sonic Syndicate - We Rule the Night, it’s a waste of material space in the universe which could be filled with utterly better atoms.

Disc of Doom

Q: Have you ever heard of the Swedish band Adept? And if you did, do you like their music?
A: No. I prefer listening to masters over adepts.

Well, what comes to The Unguided and the photo session, AND the debut album. I have this proposal, that all photos from your photo session there should be this "head-photo" in the booklet, so when you took those photos when you all three are in them, someone on the front. I wish the "headman" should be Roger standing in front. Without him you would be suffering a lot and who know, you would be NOWHERE!
A: Ohh, what have we here? Another of them managers right!? Get in line! The Unguided would be nothing with either of us, there’s no such thing as a headman in The Unguided and if it was possible we would all stand in the middle and be in the front at the same time.

Q: I’m in trouble maybe u could help me out hehe all my friends say that I’m good at growl and they say i should get a cover on YouTube. What does u say? :S
A: I think your friend is lying. My mom said once I’m good at soccer, when In fact I really did suck. Don't listen to what people say and start a fishing career of some sort. It teaches you how to be patient in life. Send me a YouTube video of yourself fishing, and I’ll review your technique.


Q: The videos of Denied and Enclave both start with the former Sonic Syndicate logo appearing and disappearing as an intro to the actual video. Why? Or, why did you guys not chose to continue with it on the other videos? Seems kind of cool to me.. AND notice how Union Square's video for Deceit
 also starts like that. I know you guys are close as their vocalist was originally planned for Eden Fire clean vocals and you've recorded a track with them, although their now known as A Silent Escape. Is there any connection maybe? I actually find that the whole Deceit video reminds me of Denied, hehe.
A: There’s plenty of connections, Patric Ullaeus directed and filmed them all for example. They are shot in the very same white room. Check out Evergrey – A Touch of Blessing, that’s also the same white room in his studio. The logo in the beginning was probably to work in the name seeing it was our first video and also Union Square’s first video. Like an introduction. Denied is basically just showing the band and its different characters anyway, plain and simple a showcase of the band. I guess that’s what he wanted to portray.

Q: Not to be a hater or anything... but the news reporter on Burn This City, what do you think of her performance? I thought it was really br00tal. Couldn't wait until he was done with talking... and what's up with all the monster energy drink promotion? xD Although your rides are preeetty sweet.
A: I think she was as skilled actress as I am in the “Contradiction” video, hehe. She’s really a Swedish radio host, so I guess it’s not really her thing anyway. There has been a little too much negativity aimed towards her part, which I think is unnecessary. I really appreciate her contribution and the fact that she was willing to help us out.

Q: What Sonic Syndicate music video do you enjoy the most, and witch was the most fun to record?
A: I think the video I think come out the best and I enjoyed recording the most is actually Burn This City. Never thought I would say this but Turn It Up was pretty fun to record as well, might have been for the fact we was drinking during the whole session, hehe.

Q: Will the album be able in stores? Because I don't believe that packages could arrive to Egypt haha
A: I think you’re wrong. I was once winging for Tutankhamun. So he’s in debt. He might be able to send a homing falcon to deliver your package. In all unserious seriousness I think you can order the package to anywhere in the world, might not get it on the release day but you’ll eventually receive it. I do think it’s a bigger change you’ll receive it this way, than actually waiting for it to pop up in a store in Africa.


Q: I’m very curious of what we’ll receive in that limited package. Can you confirm what we’ll receive and when we can pre-order?
A: Patience is a virtue. Even the bible proclaims it. I dare to admit that I’m ready to side with that.

Q: just want to ask if there is any way to get an autograph from you guys! Can't wait for the album! Hope to see you soon here in Czech Republic!
A: I think with the upcoming album package there will be signed goods, so just wait for that and you’ll have your autographs.

Q: I guess, Sonic was founded by some friends that jammed together and thought it would be a good idea. But as you gave us a lot of insights into the problems you had (communication e.g.) I would like to know how that relationship evolved over the years. Were you still a bunch of friends, hanging out at pubs and planning to name their kids after other Sonic-members, or did you develop into some kind of "business relationship" with people only coming together, went there was Sonic-work to do?
A: The first years we hung around with each other privately at non-sonic related business, parties, and whatnot all the time. But this died out over the years. I spent very limited time with them in my private life when we did not do sonic related matters the past few years. And yes, I saw the band solely as a business in the past years. That view hindered me to not cave in to my disappointment earlier than I actually did.


Q: So you like Cipher System? Also, I just discovered a band named Motionless In White with a song named Abigail. Watch the music video on YouTube.
A: Cipher System rules! Was a big fan of Central Tunnel Eight back in the days and are equally in love with their recent Communicate The Storms. Definitely an album everyone with any sense of good taste should check out. Not sure about that Motionless In White thingy, like the originals better (All That Remains and Trivium).

Q: What do you miss most about being in Sonic and what 3 songs so you miss playing live most?
A: The lovely people, friendly environment, management, the recent good music, and Robin. I always enjoyed performing Red Eyed Friend, Aftermath and Jailbreak. But there are so many songs I like from the three first albums. It’s really hard to pick out what ones I miss the most.

Q: Also have you heard Robin trying to growl? If so what do you think of it? I personally think its somewhere between terrible and comedic.
A: Please don’t get me started. Just don't.

Bitch, please.

Q: Hope all is well and also do you have a date for the wedding yet?
A: Definitely going to be 2012-06-16. Eh?

Q: Why are you leaving faithful darkness :( :( :(
A: Explained as of last blog.

Q: Will the special edition of TU album be available online like amazon mp3?
A: That is not determined at this point. The limited edition package is our priority now.

Mp3 player

Q: I was wondering if you had the download link for the “L’Elf Noir du mal” font and yes i tried the other two link that were in previous blogs and the webpage said error 404. Other than i just keep doing what you’re doing it’s all awesome!
A: Sorry for that, here you go sir.

Q: Do you use/have MSN? If so, could I add you to my list please :)
A: I have an MSN but I have not used it for ages and I’m not considering going back to it anytime soon.

Q: Not that I don't like your singing style, but will there be some dark...DARK song like "Where The Black Lotus Grows'? Dude that song fucking darkness!! Not to mention how much strength it gives me for deadlifts!!
A: Since Eden Fire I’m not allowed to do dark songs for mom. She’s deeply religious and she would condemn me. I write about Harry Potter now. She blesses it. Go fagwand, GO!

"You´re a wizard Harry!"

Q: And, will you play Diablo 3? The town of the beta is so dark and gloomy...I think you will like it!!
A: I guess I have to queue it up after StarCraft II of games I should play, but did not yet found the time for.

Q: Is there any way I could get the album art without any words on it. The words block the warrior's head and I want to use him for an avatar on the board. Thx.
A: Check the wallpapers here, his head is not blocked there.

Q: I e-mailed you regarding Dreamhack some time ago. Just curious to see if there have been some progress made. I mean, will The Unguided play or not? DBA will be having a show there and it would be awesome if you also could play!
A: Roger has mailed them but did not get any replies. So I guess that is not going to happen, sadly. Anyways if you still want to help out mail them yourselves and tell them you really want to see us there! We’re totally looking to do it.

TU @ Dreamhack?

Q: On the release of the album, will be there any specials in addition to the album?
A: There’s a limited edition, special jakebox edition of Hell Frost. Once it goes to print and is sent out, it will be never be reprinted again. So hurry up with that pre-order if you prefer being safe, rather than sorry.

Q: Am I too greedy if I want to know the track listing as well? (Witch freakin' song did you guys cover?!)
A: The track listing is available at Hope it makes you satisfied! We chose to cover the song “Tankens Mirakel” by an EBM band in Sweden called “Spark!” It’s only included on the jakebox edition of Hell Frost.

Q: It’s probably a lost cause to ask if there will be another single prior to the release of the album?
A: We’ll see, but it’s not an entirely lost cause since Bandit Rock will be rotating Inherit the Earth from October 11th.

Inherit the Earth

Q: How is the music video aspect coming along by now?
A: We’ll be looking to do a music video for Phoenix Down. We are not sure who we will be working with on the video yet.

Q: Are the album versions of "Green Eyed Demon", "Pathfinder" and "Betrayer of the Code" different from the EP and single versions? Or the songs performed live like "Phoenix Down"? Are the differences most just he mix, or are there notable changes that we will hear?
A: Yes they are. They got a facelift in the shape of new drums, new reamped guitars, and newly produced keyboards for GED and PF. And of course a totally new mix to match the album sound. I think the changes are more apparent in GED and PF than in BOTC. This is good seeing there was never a physical release of BOTC anyway.

What will happen to the tracks you've recorded with Faithful Darkness? I really, really, REALLY want the album version of "Hate Injection", with YOUR vocals..
A: Well, nothing will happen with them since I’m the only one having them. If they want to use them, they are free to that, but I hardly think that will happen. I’ll probably do a decent raw mix myself of the material and rock it in my car, hehe.

Wasted recording

Q: Are there any guest appearances on the album?
A: Except for Peter Tägtgren in Pathfinder, we unfortunately didn’t have time to play around with a vocal guest appearance. If we were to release the album this year (I think you all agree that we made the right choice) a couple of people we asked, and got word of confirmation from were: Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Wiplasher Bernadotte (Deathstars), Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), and Christoffer Andersson (What Tomorrow Brings). But as said, time ran out for us. We’ll try to save the idea for the sequel album, of course. Then again there are musical guest appearances, seeing that Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) is featured on the bass, John Bengtsson (Sonic Syndicate) nailed the drums, and Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April) helped Roger to produce the keyboards.

Q: Back then when you said, if anyone wanted autographs, he should write to you, I did. Sadly i never got any Autographs, even though I got a mail from Caroline from the Unguided Team. Is it still possible to receive personal autographs? Especially ma Girlfriend Tamara is a great fan of yours and would really love to have a personal autograph. I mean, sure, we got the autographs on the poster from the 616 and will have the ones from the new Hell Frost package, but that’s not the same, is it? I would really appreciate an answer :-)
A: We know a lot of people sent in requests for autographs via the old army of the unguided site. But since we did a signed poster for Nightmareland, we figured the demand was saturated. The database of the people who sent in requests is still saved, however. But I strongly doubt we’ll find the time to do it with the busy times of the album release. My apologies!

Q: Any chanced you're going to play in Germany soon? We would really love to come see you live again :D
A: Pick a random blog entry of mine for my answer to this question. I’m sure they are included in pretty much each and every one.


Q: How many copies of HELL FROST will be shipped?
A: Not determined at this point.

Q: Does the album feature any ballads? :)
A: No.

Q: Will there be a twelfth track and will Christoffer Andersson do a guest vocal on it. I need to know. If you tell me it will stay in my inbox for no one else’s eyes.
A: There was a 12 track. Guitars, bass and drums are recorded for it. But we simply didn’t have time to have a proper pre-production and vocal session for it in the tight schedule. So it’s stored for future use. You’ll probably find it on an upcoming EP or something. It will not be trashed!

Hidden track?

Q: I was reading your most recent blog i like reading your blogs you’re a great writer lol I seen that of course you will have Green eyed demon, Pathfinder, Betrayer of the code on the new album Hell Frost for new fans. But you said you guys were changing some of the keyboard parts or more? I wanted to ask you directly what were your guys plans of changes on those songs to make them better than the versions you guys have already released? Just curious thanks!! :)
A: I’ve touched the subject a couple of questions up and went through the tweaks of the songs there. We’ve made a lot of soundscape changes to match the album mix and the biggest new featured is new drums and keyboards. There was never an apparent better/worse track on Nightmareland, and I’ve noticed there are as many fans having Pathfinder as their favorite as there are fans liking Green Eyed Demon better. This made it kind of problematic to us in the sense of declining one of the two songs for the album, and makes it exclusive only for Nightmareland. In the end we decided to include both songs on the album since we really didn't want new fans to miss out on a great song, because they wouldn’t be familiar to the track anyway. So to them it would be a brand new song anyway. If there was a track that was just slightly weaker, it would have stayed as an exclusive track for Nightmareland. We don't think that was the case however, so that’s why we treated the matter the way we did. Listening on the album from the top to the bottom they sink / blend in perfectly, though. It’s not like when I listen to it I skip them. There are enough new features in them to keep them interesting according to me.

Q: I’ve been listening to a lot of Deathstars (I’m also attending a concert of them Nov 30th, god-damn great day that will be!!), and since you and that band appear to be friends, and you clean voice (at least what I’ve heard of it) is also nice and low like Whiplasher Bernadotte’s vocals. What would you think of collaboration between The Unguided and Whiplasher? Just a wild thought though...
A: Read my answers about guest vocals some questions up. He does have a really unique and amazing voice!

Q: Now that you’re back with Roland creating music, how does it feel? Does it feel like the old Sonic Syndicate days or maybe something new?
A: It does feel great to be working with both Roland and Roger again. It doesn't really feel like the old Sonic Syndicate days since we all matured, and are more experience songwriters, lyricists, and vocalist. The professionalism in The Unguided surpasses old Sonic Syndicate days to an immeasurable extent, and it’s a really confident and healthy atmosphere in the making. Same goes for John and Henric, it’s truly a pleasure to work with them as well. But it does feels like a new thing, I have to admit that. Fresh start for all of us!

Feels awesome!

Q: Do you and Roland have any plans of touring? I know the United States would be better to have you, or will you stick to the local festivals that you say in your blog?
A: Once again, pick a random blog entry and I’m sure you’ll find the answer to your question.

Q: What made you decide to do the guest vocals for Hollowcall?
A: They mailed me and asked if I wanted to participate in a song and sent some of their stuff. I liked what I heard, and went through with it. Seeing I have a home studio, it’s not too much effort into making a couple of vocal tracks for an upcoming band. It seems like it’s going pretty well for them also!

Q: Sonic Syndicate Pausar
, care to give us a rough translation? I don't know a lick of Swedish.
A: It basically says they’re taking a pause.

Q: Would you play Diablo 3 when it comes out, and have you see the previews of it? :)
A: Answered in another question, and I’ve seen some class in game cinematic and the cinematic announced with the title. It does look shamelessly good and temping.

The Black Soulstone

Q: Well i read your blog my Question wasn’t there >_<
A: That’s because it’s probably included in this one! Most of the time there is a one blog delay on answers. I answer the mails, compile the questions, write the Q&A, and finally I write the blog. So questions asked about this blog will be answered in two blogs from now, basically.

Q: Could you please let me know the dimensions of the limited edition signed poster though so I can get a frame ready for it? If you know them that is!
A: It was featured two entries ago. It’s 70x50cm.

Q: Tell me plz how can i get cd and t-shirt if there is no Belarus in countries of sending? What shall I do now!?
A: T-shirt and cd does ship worldwide. If you run into problem please contact

Q: I preordered the big package for Hell Frost and just yesterday I got an email from someone named "Ömer Akay" telling me that my order was received and that I'm one of the lucky 616. I was just wondering if everyone received that, and if not what does that entitle me to get? Like is it like the first unguided package where they got "I'm one of 616" on the backs of their shirts or something? So I was just wondering if being a 616 for this package will get me anything extra.
A: I entitle you to get what you ordered, which is usually the case when you order stuff?

"No gold for u"

Q: Word on the street is you guys did 12 tracks and I preordered the cool Edition of your CD and it's only going to have ten tracks plus the Cover song! I love everything you've done since the early days and I've been hunting down bonus stuff as well, took me quite a while to find a good copy of Mission: Undertaker but I finally got that a couple years ago. Anyway, so what is that mystery track?!?!
A: Explained in another question of this Q&A.

You are running out of miracles

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(when I wrote this blog the pre-orders for THE UNGUIDED - HELL FROST wasn't up, but they are now! Check out for more info!)

Hej och hå

Looks like The Unguided nerve center has been sitting on some well hidden cards? And as you have noticed we are now finally showing our hand to you, our trusty devotees. Slow but steady! And I can assure you that those cards of secrecy will continue to be revealed until we hit the well awaited and anticipated debut album release day on November 30th. Things have already been set in motion at so I recommend that you keep it under close surveillance (as you always should!). At the time I write this (which will be a bit earlier than this article gets published) the album title, cover artwork, and release date have been revealed, and I suspect even more Hell Frost related things have already bombarded you.

The Unguided – Hell Frost, out November 30th. Pre-order here.

Emil has re-launched the forum after the old one suffered from a tragic spam related death. An extremely advanced security query from the future has been established on this brand new board and order should be restored! I bet there’s a lot to talk about now with the upcoming release of Hell Frost, so please join the discussions in the forum. And for your information, all of us in The Unguided actually keep a an eye out on the forums as well *hint* *hint*.

Army of the Unguided

There’s also an ongoing Hell Frost Facebook takeover going on as a multitude of dedicated fans have redecorated their Facebook walls to a very unguided Hell Frost custom, including myself! Join the fun and spread the word!

Hell Frost Facebook Takeover

Stay tuned for more info and check The Unguided Facebook and for updates regularly! I also redirected to since we’ll be doing a new website for the album release.

"You are running out of miracles..."

I also want to fill you in on what has been going on since there has been a lot of confusion and questions lately. I left Faithful Darkness. Why? Well, there are some different variables really. First and foremost the original idea was that I helped the band out as a stand-in singer for one gig, when Erik left them promptly. This developed into a closer collaboration, and I eventually joined the band because I really enjoyed the music and they seemed to be good people. Before I joined, however, I sent an e-mail stating that I’d join under the following conditions; that they understand that I have no time available, I wasn’t going to tour, I wasn’t going to find myself in a situation where the band loaded my personal economy, I wasn’t going to take part in the writing of the album, and that they were aware of the fact I did not sound anything like their original singer, and that me on vocals would change their sound dramatically (quite a catch, don’t you think? Hehe). They we’re fine with all these extremes, and I finally joined the band. All good in the hood!

Good in da hood!

But as time passed in the band, I think every single premise I established on joining the band was broken or disregarded—save for the fact I still didn’t sound anything like Erik, hehe. But the farce that tilted the scale to their disadvantage and made me leave was the recent vocal session for the album. I entered the studio in secrecy to record the vocals. Possibly odd, but I indeed did this with good intensions for an even better cause. The main reason was because the band was pushing to get the album out before the upcoming tour dates. I had 2-3 days available to finish vocals for 12 songs in my extremely tight schedule, in an already overbooked studio with an equally busy engineer. So, if that was going to happen at all, I needed all the focus I could get on what became the most intense and stressful session I’ve done in my entire life up to date. That meant that for that particular session to successfully work out there could be no interference from other members, especially not the living hurricanes of Johan and Jocke. As a matter of fact, I’d rather eat off my own arm than to have them directing a professional studio recording. It would drive both the studio engineer and me to insanity, and someone would most likely get hurt. Don’t get me wrong; the two guys are great in every way! I like them, but to practice seriousness or professionalism is just something that is not included in this double trouble package consisting of the two of them.

Double Trouble

On the third day of this session I was done. I was working early shifts on the off-hours, and got 3-4 hours sleep a night if I was lucky. As said, this was the most intense, frustrating and energetic session I ever had but listening to the result of what we created in the studio made me extremely proud, and it was well worth the drudgery! By far the most brutal, soul tormenting and aggressive vocal work I’ve done up to date.


Happy over a successful session, I declared to the band that I was done with the vocals for the album. This is where a wall of disappointment from the band met me, as they realized they had not been invited to the studio. This was where my own patience ended as well. I know Johan and Jocke wanted to attend the session but I didn’t know that attended was essentially important to them. I did believe they had some trust in me doing a good job without them as well, seeing they had all heard the pre-productions and were fine with them, except a couple of tweaks here and there. The very same day as this drama took place they where supposed to come home to me so we could talk through some layout ideas for the album. I also figured upon their visit I could show them what I’ve recorded, since I did raw mixes of all vocals together with the instrumentals as well. And if there was something critical they didn’t agree to it could still be fixed in my home studio. But seeing they judged it before even hearing one millisecond of it made me agitated to the extent where I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I mean really, who the fuck do they think they are?

The fuck?!

I wrote lyrics to one song on the album, which was how much time I found to spend on it. I figured putting my own character and impression on the actual recorded vocals without external direction was of great importance to me seeing that was really the only “me” the record would include. If they saw it as appropriate to deny me that, I see no reason to continue together.  A band should be founded on the pillars of trust and respect. Much like a relationship, frankly. That was not included in the band mentality, and therefore, you can now consider (un)Faithful Darkness my ex.


So there you have it, the story you asked for. It’s sad that it didn’t work out in the end, seeing the album would be killer. And I can guarantee it would take the band to new heights. But now it will suffer with additional delays just to be re-recorded by some average, no-name singer, and just fade out to be another watered down album on the underground market. Yeah I know that’s harsh and cocky, but then again it’s not exactly a secret that my fans followed me into that band, and will most possibly leave with me as well (Hoo Ra!). If they decide to use my vocals for the mix to save the band, it’s still open for discussion since it actually already was recorded and paid for. It would probably generate the most attention you’ll ever get. I certainly didn’t quit one band of jerks just to join another one. Good riddance!

Good riddance

has been a nice boy and uploaded the tabs to Betrayer of the code here. If you are a guitar-virtuoso, and want to check out the other The Unguided tabs he made, visit this page.


Apparently YouTube upgraded my account, so it now removes clips I flag on instant. Very convenient in my battle for justice and greater good! So, if you want to try your luck and upload our songs, be my guest. I’ll bring them down in a blink of a mage. This function is particularly welcome now before the release of the album. I’d like to thank everyone that is continuously helping out with this issue and reporting whatever oversteps they find.

But then again, this may appear to be something of a double standard since I’m not exactly a slave to law and order myself. The big happening on 23/9 that I hyped up to the extent, some of you believed it to be the day of the album release (silly you!) But it was just the day I was getting my driver’s license back after an impressive speeding violation and a month to foot. But I like to throw them rocks in glasshouses and continue to do so as long as I must. But I currently drive 90km/h at 120km/h roads. Lesson learned!

Lesson learned

Our friends over at 2k2bt Clothing have supplied me with another pair of their awesome clothes. And their beautiful brand and The Unguided are working on some future collaboration ideas as well. I guess some of you already saw this design coming in their collection 2012?

Thank you 2k2bt!

2Unguided2BeTrue, coming 2012!

Max Dengler
from Austria attended our gig at Malmöfestivalen as a roadie-photographer-friend-death-machine hybrid and sent in his pictures from the day to me just recently. I’m currently uploading them to the official The Unguided Facebook for public inspections. Check them out in this album! He’s a really talented photographer and his photos will also be featured in the Hell Frost booklet.

Malmö rules!

Unguided army in the house


Screamy business

Shreddin' business

Danish fans! ;D


Johannes Graßmann
tagged me and Ella in this picture some time after our engagement as a little surprise “gift” and I must say it’s quite a piece. Loving the talent!

Not too far from the Hell Frost artwork!

Also, got this very heartwarming mail from Cezy some time ago that I figured I’ll credit by publishing it here. I get a lot of mails, but there’s not many that manage to stir my heart like this one. Thanks you so much!:

Hey, Richard. I know you're usually heaps busy and stuff and I completely understand. But I just really wanted to let you know this.

I would like to thank you for everything you've ever done in Sonic Syndicate, and for everything you are doing now in The Unguided, as well as Faithful Darkness now, too :)
You are truly my greatest inspiration. Your lyrics have saved me countless times, and in many different ways.  And when you left Sonic for logical reasons and you stood up for what you believe in, that really touched me.  In fact it inspired me to try to do that myself, and it has helped.
You are my hero, my inspiration, and my savior. Thank you once again... for everything.

You are amazing. Keep it up, Rich!

From an eternally grateful fan :)


It’s little things like this that makes it worth continuing with all this even through I’m tired out of my head, and could possibly think of a thousand reasons why I should go to sleep instead of sitting here and pressing on with this new blog entry. But in the end, you’ll receive what you give. And you indeed always give me so much back, more than you possibly understand. Even a few lines like these from humble, little Cezy can literally keep me smiling for a week. And a smile is probably something I really welcome in these dark times (even though I don’t smile, everyone knows that!). It’s particular hard now when my uncle left us just some weeks ago to a terminal illness. He struggled with cancer for a long period of time, but his suffering has come to an end, and I’m most certain he’s in a better place now. I thank everyone for your condolences. I remember it bright as a day when he handed me “Iron Maiden – Seventh son of a seventh son” almost two decades ago. He was my biggest inspiration and I looked up to him with all I had. That album was my first step on an ongoing journey and musical bearings of my life. May the angels carry you home Robert, I’m certain your will sunder the heavens with your incredible guitar solos, and you can be sure I’ll protect your silver rings with my life here down on earth in the meantime and honor you in every way I possibly can. You’ll be greatly missed…

Robert Sjunnesson *1970-11-20 †2011-09-07
"It's better to burn out than to fade away"


Send your questions to: 

Q: If you could have any band play at your wedding, what band would it be?
A: Blind Guardian?

Q: Are u planning on making an instrumental track?
A: There are already instrumental tracks of all songs. We just didn’t release them yet.

Q: How come Roger has quit sonic syndicate?
A: I was not aware? According to his official statement they are taking a pause, nothing else.


Q: Do Nuclear Blast pay you and Roger royalties from OI and LAOD? Seeing as you and him wrote every good sonic syndicate song it would only be fair that they do.
A: No they are recouping money with the royalties for the immense tour supports we had over the years. If we are lucky we might see a penny or two in a thousand years when the tour support money is repaid hehe.

Q: “Christoffer Stoffe Andersson” was the show-singer of Sonic Syndicate when you abandoned this band?
A: That’s correct. And an old mate of mine, he even lived at my place for a little while. Best replacement they could get in my opinion, he’s got an amazing voice and is a damn funny dude. But due to personal business he’s not currently doing any shows with them and I don’t think he will in the future either.

Q: I was supposed to ask you this but since you're engaged now... it makes the question that more interesting. Ever consider making an Unguided Suit? lol.
A: I sure am now! Haha.

Something like this?

Q: Again, I was wondering, those t-shirts of you and Ella are all sleeve-less.. Did you cut the sleeves of yourself? (or Ella) and if you do, how long will a t-shirt survive?
Yes they are home manufactured, hehe. I’ve washed mine a couple of times now, and it still looks good so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Just cut the sleeves though and not the neck, did that with one and that didn’t last long.

Q: I noticed that during the gig in Malmö you changed up the lyrics to Phoenix Down a little bit and changed some vocal arrangement as well then in the other 2 gigs, how big of a change was there?
A: Observant little fucker, huh? Hehe. Well what really happened was that before the Malmö gig we actually did proper pre-production on Phoenix Down. And Roland finally learned the correct lyrics to the song instead of improvising words that did not even exist, which was the case for Getaway and Frankenberg show haha.

Q: Totally off the usual topic, but what Protein do you use? I'm usually a Maximuscle man but, it's costing me the earth to pay for it and need a cheaper alternative. £45 (467 SEK) for 1kg? No thanks!
A: I’m currently just eating food rich in protein and not buying protein additions at all.

Extra protein

Q: WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I mean.. I watched the summer breeze 2011 performance of SS like I said and.. Robin is doing the screaming vocals?! What can you give as a comment to that?
A: Do I really have to comment it? I mean, does it not kind of speak for itself?

Q: Regarding Summer Breeze 2011 again... WHERE WAS ROGER? I mean... I wasn't there I just watched some stupid videos on TheeTube (YouTube it's not some other video site lol) and I never saw Roger... did I miss something or is there a conspiracy here?
A: They all decided (all of them) that Roger would not appear on the last batch of summer shows with them. It is explained in his official statement here.

Q: I am obsessed with human height so how tall are you? And IF you have the knowledge how tall are you Unguided band mates?
A: Roland: 178cm, Richard: 177 cm and Roger: 190 cm (with his hair fixed, 175 cm without). That’s quite a weird obsession you have there. Often, it’s the lengths of totally different objects that are interesting, well usually to woman, of course.


Q: A Roger question, but you answer more quickly.. What guitar gear does he use? I won't copy I promise. (angel)
A: Roger: I’m endorsed by Ibanez guitars and I mainly use my Ibanez ART320BB with EMG pickups live. For sound, I have a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier amp + Mesa cab and a few Dunlop Pedals like a Wah way, Delay and Phaser pedal. For wireless, I use AKG and a KORG tuner for tuning. I also have a BOSS NS-2 pedal Noise Suppressor which eliminates unwanted noise and hum, which make me play tight like a turtle’s anus!
Roland: We’ll give you more details on our gear and what we use in an upcoming TheUnguidedTV.

Q: The clean vocals before the last chorus on Betrayer of the Code (new one). You or Roland?
A: All clean vocals in The Unguided are done by Roland.

Q: Have you ever been to Bulgaria? I mean obviously you haven't been on tour with The Unguided, and SS won't come either but... just for the heck of it. Not much to see really, but have you?
A: I might be lying but I don’t think I ever been to Bulgaria. Sometimes when you tour it’s kind of hard to keep track on where you are, hehe. But I’m almost sure I haven’t.

Bulgarian tour bus?

Q: So who is singing the clean vocals of "Miles Apart" from the album WRTN? I mean in the start? I couldn´t find an answer so I have to ask you. :)
A: I’m pretty confident I’ve answered this question before (in the FAQ of this blog) so you can’t have been looking too hard. But all vocals on Miles Apart are by Nathan, save from the extremely low inaudible screams before the chorus, in the chorus and at one part of the first verse, which is supposed to be me.

Q: So next point. In the censored video of "Turn it up" you are shouting different lyrics in the refrain. What is the text of the second part? The "What the Hell..." instead of "What the fuck..." I can hear clearly. But the text after that I have no idea what you are shouting.
A: “What the hell you gonna do?” and “Never gonna make it home”. I can’t believe you just made me listen to that awful song. You owe me one, boy!

Q: I want to know how you do your shouts, screams and all that. Could you please give me tips how you do that? I tried it a bit but I have the incorrect technique because my voice fails after a short time.
A: NO!!!... That felt good.


Q: I saw LAOD in my local cd store for about $10. In Australia that’s a pretty damn good deal for a CD. Anyway, I was wondering if you would get any profit from CD/merch sales seeing as you're not in the band anymore?
A: Haha, hell no. Well, I still own shares in the company, so theoretically, I’m entitled to profit yields in the band’s business. But why should I even bother? We’ve earned more money ourselves in The Unguided than on our entire career in Sonic Syndicate. That speaks for itself and that business. Tie yourself up on too many middle hands and the band is always the last to get anything at all, unfortunately, even if they always do the dirty work. And from CD sales, I doubt they’ll ever see any royalties from that in this lifetime, as said before. Maybe our upcoming kids will?

Q: when do u guys release the album! I WANT IT SO FUCKING MUCH haha:)

Q: Since you are now engaged (congratulations!), are you going to write a love-song to or about Ella (or beautiful girls like Ella), and release it through THE UNGUIDED? You know, so that we who are unable to write lyrics like gods about goddesses, we can take advantage of your poetic skills, and Rogers musical skills, and you guys create THE love-song of ages that will bring most women to their knees, and hopefully help us lesser fortunate in our love life! Or, do you fell like there are no words to describe Ella? Sometimes, words just doesn’t do justice, you know;-) but, make it like… how should I put it, like enclave, a “light” song, so that girls who do not like screaming and metal-ish stuff in general, can be persuaded to think we are cool and thoughtful and that kind of stuff. I know I’m kind of DEMANDING a song now (like I would order burgers or pizza) but just food for thought (MORE food related stuff), it would be kind of cool! And I know you said this album will be heavy, if I remember correctly, and I would guess most song-related stuff (which I guess is basically EVERYTHING) is pretty much carved in stone by now! But, just a humble request, from a loyal servant, it would be nice of you! BTW, you got me into StraCraft (2)!! Love the game, can’t wait for the rest of the series. Epic…
A: No. If you want love songs there are always artists like Bonnie Taylor and The White Berry. If you don’t like screaming and metal-ish stuff in general, why are we even talking about The Unguided? We started that particular band to do exactly just that. There already is another formed band of mine that would fit you and your girlfriend’s tastes better, I believe. And you don’t need to thank me for ruining your life with an addictive game. Ever!


Barry White

Q: What kind of car do you own / which is your favorite car?
I drive a Volvo S40, and that’s my favorite car. If I would state any other car than Volvo as my favorite, dad would come knocking with a shotgun. That’s how I’m raised!

Q: What does "Meastitia" mean?
A: Grief.

Q: What was the most awkward situation you've ever had to perform?
A: Must have been in Oslo, Norway when we played at a venue and all the gear and lighting blew the fuses powering up the whole building. We continued playing, obviously. Another instance was when we played in Kurgan, Russia on the BTC tour, when every 808 we had on the backtrack caused power dips. At first we couldn’t address the problem since the power came back straight after the low-frequency rumble. But then when we realized the cause, it was like “Alight, another sub-bass coming up in this song, brace for impact…” kind of deal. All non-acoustic gear just went dead silent, hehe. Awkward, but funny!

Power outage

Q: Is your father actually a metal head, or does he just support you? And how did he feel about Turisas' DVD's?
A: Well, he’s not a metal head to the marrow, but he indeed enjoys some metal music. I know he likes our music at least. And he also listens to some Nightwish and stuff. I have not had the opportunity to ask him about the Turisas’ DVD.

Q: Has number 1 of the 616 been discovered? On that note, what about number 2 and 616?
A: Not yet, the search continues. I do think Despotz is camping 616. Sneaky!

Q: How many Betrayer of the Code sales and Nightmareland jewel case sales were there?
A: Answered as of the last blog.

Q: Is there a link between the 'castle of cards' in 'Green Eyed Demon' and the 'house of cards' in 'Jack of Diamonds'.
A: Maybe. It’s really just a synonym for an unstable state of existence, really. And a castle is bigger than a house, so I guess it just makes the situation more critical.

Castle of cards

Q: I'm a little confused. Is the album to be released in September going to still be titled 'Nightmareland' or were that only the single containing GED and Pathfinder? If it's a completely different album, then are you going to release the artwork/name soon?
A: Released in September? What is this madness!? The album will probably be finished by the end of September, music-production-wise, but it’s nowhere near a release yet (<-LIES). And it’s not going to be entitled “Nightmareland”. That’s the EP name, as you said. Album artwork/name will be released soon, yes.

Q. When I was talking about the album covers, I wasn't talking about like “artwork ideas”.. Although that would have been cool if you could show us as well? Anyways, what I was talking about was the Only Inhuman had; standard artwork, limited edition artwork, tour edition artwork, Japan artwork and another tour edition artwork. Love and Other Disasters had two, standard and the Japan artwork. So I was wondering why We Rule the Night didn't have any form for alternative artwork. Or if it ever was planned any else for any record really..
A: For legal purposes I can’t show you any artwork ideas from OI. I did show you J.A.Aranguren’s sketch for OI some time ago since I know him, and he wouldn’t mind. But the same guys that did the OI/LOAD art made the other artwork ideas, and I don’t know them at all, except that they are from Austria, I dare to remember. But did OI and LAOD really have alternative artworks for Japan? I want to remember it was just a sticker. And under the sticker it was the same as Europe. I know the tour edition had a little different appearance with the band in the right corner and stuff. But other than that, I think it was the same for both of them, save from the “slip paper packaging” had altered visual appearance, but that was not really the artwork, right? The jewel case itself had the same one. I can be horribly wrong, though!

Q: Will the new The Unguided album come with a DVD/special edition? If yes, will that one also have an alternative artwork? And if yes, will it include bonus tracks?
A: As said in the last blog, there will be a special edition with a bonus song. But there won’t be DVD, unfortunately. We’ve been lazy with the camera, and since we recorded it in different studio sessions (like closer to eight different occasions) it would be a hell of a job to get a smooth running thread with all the footage, and weird structure and separation as well. It would probably just be confusing. There won’t be different artwork, but there will be a different layout design for the special edition.

Special edition

Q: How many tracks have been recorded for this albums recording session?
A: 11 songs.

Q: When can we expect a track listing or artwork? Anything really...
A: When the fan Facebook reaches 10,000 fans, hehe. (<- LIES!)

Q: Are you planning to release another single before the album drops? If yes, if you can tell, which track? I'd personally love to see Phoenix Down as a single, can imagine the artwork being br00tal.
A: It’s uncertain which track we’ll use as the first single as of now. We’ll see when the entire album is mixed and done. Phoenix Down sure is a dangerous candidate for that, though! If anything, I think we’ll release a video with the first single of the album, pre-album release. These are just speculations, so far.

Q: Did you record any of the performances that The Unguided has had so far? Would have been wicked bonus material for sure.
A: Dad recorded the entire Getaway show on his camera. And Jejje Andersson recorded the entire Falkenberg show. I don’t think there’s a complete video upload of the Malmö show, as far as I know. Nothing we’re planning on putting as bonus material on a DVD or something, YouTube can have that honor.

No crowdsurfing so far

Q. I have seen so many pictures where do you
wear nice clothes. Where did you buy them?
2k2bt clothing and Sullen clothing are both awesome! Do you know a Swedish shop where I can buy this clothing? My brother lives in Sweden too. In the north but he does not know where can I buy something like your clothes.
A: You can buy 2k2bt clothing in Sweden here and Sullen Clothing here.

Q: Okay, this is a two part question. Well the first one is actually a DEMAND! While you and Roland work on recording vocals, we better see another episode of UnguidedTV :P I love that 'behind the scenes' sort of stuff. And secondly, since Roger has finished recording most of the instrumentals, do you think you could release a few tracks with the instrumentals only on your blog or something? That would be really cool :o
A: First question; we recorded some footage. We’ll see if we can use it for TheUnguidedTV. Your second question; NO! There won’t be any spoiling here; you patiently have to wait for the release.

Q: Just wondering if it's true that Roger has left Sonic Syndicate?
A: No, read his statement here.

Q: I am an aspiring harsh vocalist and I have a major question that I would like answered. Is there specific sheet music for screaming, or does it work the same way as singing? Also, do you even need to be able to read music to scream in a band? Can you read music?
A: Yeah, there’s sheet music for screaming and it’s very crucial for your screaming career to be able to read music in your screaming business. Sheet music for screaming can look something like this: BLAAARGH-RAAAWWWRR-GAAHHH-YAIIIIII-OHHHHHHH-BLAARGH-RAAAAWR.

Music theory

Q: I found myself hanging around your (The Unguided) MySpace profile (as having no-life day) and there's this "About Us" Section with bunch of Latin words and stuff.. I Google Translated the text and makes kind of no since (As any other text Google translated, heh) Here's the original and the translation to English:

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A: lorem ipsum” is, in publishing and graphic design, just a placeholder text. It’s used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or a visual presentation. It’s solely to test the font, typography and layout. Read more here. The proper English translation is suppose to be: “Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure. To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences, or one who avoids a pain that produces no resultant pleasure?”

Q: Gratz on the ring of yours :D I love the date 08-02 cause. 8-2 = 6 and 8*2 = 16.... Facit = 6,16... 616 :D
A: That was clearly intentional, haha. Probably as intentional as I happened to find the number in my social security number not too long ago, hehe.

The one ring

Q: By the way, I read an Interview with Roger today 
And he said Sonic will pause?? Awesome news to be honest! And they don't know for how long! If they would disband, would YOU get the rights for the songs?
A: I have no idea; I’m really not updated at all on what’s going on, you tell me? And no, the rights to the songs are personally tied. It’s not tied around Sonic Syndicate’s existence or lack of existence, so to speak.

Q: So are the three songs already released going to be on the new album?
A: Yes. We talked this through and we decided that we’ll put GED, PF and BOTC on the album as well. Why? Since there will be a lot of new fans to be gained with the album, and they certainly never heard the songs at all. They will however appear with a new mix/master, new drums and GED and PF will have new keyboards.

Q: When you write a song with your band, which instrument do you guys start off with? Guitar riff or the vocal?
A: We always start with the instrumentals first.