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I’m awfully glad you enjoyed what we created in the first episode of The Unguided TV! I know it’s a bit dragged out and stuff but it was only to make more of an impact of finally reveling Roland (which I guess was pretty obvious even with the mask, and seeing the Affliction t-shirt kind of gave it all away, hehe). We now are planning to release an Xmas episode on December 24th if everything goes as planned.

Leah Eropkin, who is a very talented artist and good friend to us, has been busy working day and night to bring you a little something. I’ve personally worked very close to Leah for some year’s time now, and she always blows my mind to pieces with her unique art. I also handpicked her to be involved in this project as well. We give to you The Unguided symbol:

The Unguided Crest

To celebrate this we want to host a competition! The first one to send in a picture of your tattooed skin with this very symbol will receive a parcel of three shirts and some extra goddies as an award. The shirts you will receive in this package will be the three shirts Roland, Roger, and I were wearing in whatever Sonic Syndicate video you select. If you are the first one, you can select from Denied, Jack of Diamonds, and Powershift. The second can choose from whatever is left, and same goes for the third. In addition to this, you will also receive your very own unique “” forward mail. The three first ones will also get the Fallen Angels – Extinction demo. After the first three ones are awarded, everyone else that still sent in pictures of their new tattoos will get a “” mail forward, nevertheless. Send your pictures to [email protected]

You can download The Unguided logo and symbol here in vector graphics, use and abuse!: (264kb)

We have been keeping ourselves busy writing more songs than ever before. Currently, we already have about ten songs in the pipeline for the album and everything sounds really awesome! I will assure you it sounds nothing like the “new” Sonic, and the people who liked the classic Syndicate will be familiar with the take on these songs for sure. I don’t think we ever wrote this many songs in such a short period of time. And I believe it’s the fruit of having creative freedom and loving what we do—it certainly has upped the pace. We are all very excited to share two songs with you guys in January! And I already have the final artwork for the release in my hands. I literary just can’t wait to unleash to you guys!

A YouTube clip containing an interview from Sonic Syndicate was brought to my attention, and I think it’s both entertaining and disturbing at the same time:
Sonic Shocks Interview With Nathan Biggs

First off, new kid, Superman called and he said your coat turning in this interview made him jealous! “Kids will be kids?” To be fair, little kids weren’t exactly our fan base in a pre WRTN world, so what you are calling “kids” is quite inaccurate. Kids weren’t exactly the solid fan base we accumulated over the years. And regrettably, this was the very same fan base that got exposed to the, “I don’t care if we lose every single fan. We will gain many more new ones with this direction. And we probably already lost all of them after releasing LAOD anyways,” mentality. I’ve actually had these words slapped in my face. Of course a business supports a goal, which will theoretically generate more money, even at the expense of one’s soul. I saw what WRTN had done to our fan base first hand on the Scandinavian gigs. And from where I was standing, it didn’t exactly look like it attracted the most loyal generation out there. Then I received mails stating that the bad attendance was an understatement, which proves it even more. I find this entertaining! Also, this is my theory and view of the matter. I’m not even sure if it has anything to do with the reality. And frankly, I don’t even care because it’s every human’s right to speculate. What I DO care about, and find disturbing, though, is this: “I’m not going to trash talk, I consider a lot of it lies.” So first you say, you are not going to throw any dirt, but then you claim what I said was all lies? Being called a liar, in my book, is the worst accusation you can violate a person with—period! So, how is that sentence not to trash talking? I’ve heard that a lot, “He’s lying.” But it never was clearly specified as to what I was actually lying about, which I find very odd. It is more likely that what I’m really doing is telling the truth, and you don’t have the guts to defend your hide about what you did? Giving you double standards in morality without specifying what exactly I’m lying about just gives me one option in response: SHUT YOUR FACE NEW KID!

This battle started long before you entered the band. And you have nothing but evaporated during your time in it. So please don’t get in my crosshair of this infection because the fact is, your split second as a guest in my life doesn’t even matter. I’ve wasted enough valuable time on you.


Hallands Nyheter:

The Unguided TV:

Tribute Video
YouTube clip

The Unguided E-mails:
Richard: [email protected]
Roland: [email protected]
Roger: [email protected]
General: [email protected]


Ok, I tried to reroute the mail storm to Roland after handing you his address in the last blog but it seems to be me like you are not that easily fooled, so here we go again:

Q: On THE UNGUIDED Myspace it says: “Check our new song,” is it because they are not released, or is it an error?
A: It’s solely to test the design; songs will be up soonest January.

Q: Just found the acoustic versions of Enclave and Denied, and I'm 99.99% sure that it's Roland singing in them, am I right? And is that you singing the background vocals? Those songs sound pretty clear, so I guess they were meant to be released on Only Inhuman (maybe in a special edition). I was just wondering, why they were never released?
A: I think I touched on that subject in last FAQ, and I do think you are hearing a TV channel version of the acoustic ‘Enclave’ and ‘Denied.’ Still, can’t remember what name of the channel or program was. It was not studio recorded in any way—just recorded live during the show. If it is what I think it is, it also includes my clean (WHAT THE FUCK?!) background vocals­—yes. The songs were never meant for any album through.

Are you going to make some of The Unguided songs as acoustic versions too? I've always liked acoustic versions of heavier songs (not saying that ‘Enclave’s’ original version is very heavy :D )
A: That would be something we could play around with after the album recording, and release as bonus or something… sure.

Why not?

Q: When are you releasing info about what members will be included in THE UNGUIDED?
A: As of the last blog you can find your answer to this.

Q: I want to ask you who the drummer and bass player will be in this project? Or will it be a non-live project, with drum programming and one of you playing the bass? I'm asking you this ‘cause it would be awesome to see Roland playing guitar and singing at the same time!!
A: What session musicians or members we are going to use for the drums and bass live, or for album recording, is not determined at this point. We, however, got a lot of interest—some more interesting than others. I would love to see Roland with a guitar live as well ‘cause he’s a really talented guitarist.

Q: So now that the elusive Mr. Johnny Cage has finally been revealed, how long have you been in contact with him regarding the creation of a new band?
A: Roger and I have been talking about a side project for ages. I got in contact with Roland during the time I was determined to leave the band, seeing he had gone through the same process. And at first we joked around about starting something new, which we later found to be a not-so-bad idea, seeing we always enjoyed writing together. But even after his leave from the band we have been in contact with text messages and such. 

Q: Also, as seen in episode 1 of The Unguided TV, is Roger writing all of the music, while Roland records it when Roger is away on SS’s tour?
A: As it is now, Roger sends ideas from the tour. Then I write lyrics and record rough vocal ideas, while Roland also looks into additional guitar work. Roland and I meet up, compile what we have and brainstorm ideas. As it is now, we have around ten scratch blueprints for song ideas. So, it feels like we are moving along pretty fast! Roger and Roland will record the guitar and bass parts once Roger gets home from the tour. Then Roland and I will record and finalize vocals for the two songs during the same time. There’s no end to the possibilities of Internet, huh?

Q: What kind of dog breed is Rocco? He’s like a big ball of fur, and he’s epic in the video!
A: A Pomeranian.

May I pour you some dog?

Q: Roland left SS due to excessive touring; does that mean TU will not tour at all, and only record albums?
We will probably not do any extensive touring, aiming more towards festivals and random gigs. Roger has a busy schedule with SS. I’m back at my work, and Roland is back at his work in addition to being a father now days. But of course people will have the opportunity to see us live! One hard thing we had with touring is that you can’t bring family and friends, but in this project we try to involve everyone as much as possible. I know for certain the warm welcome of people willing to help out and chip in will make this project healthier and easier for everyone.

Q: Now that the band consists of Roger, Roland, and yourself, aren’t you afraid that people will call you a rip off?
What changes will you do so you don’t sound exactly like old Sonic, or is that what you are going for?
A: A rip off of what? Of ourselves!? Hehe, we will write what we feel, venting our creativity in a healthy environment. I’m sure it calls for some surprises, which won’t sound exactly like old Sonic. We have all developed, and we will accumulate all the experience we gained throughout the years in this project. I’m pretty sure you will get a feel for where we are (whether you like it or not) when you hear the two songs in January.

Rip off
Mind your step

Q: Did you decide on any producers for the album? Are you planning to go back to your “roots” and work with Jonas Kjellgren for the album?
A: I’d love to work with Jonas. I know he’s very busy, so we’ll just see where we stand and which people are available when it calls for an album recording. The two tracks in January won’t be mixed or produced by Jonas, however.

Q: I saw the picture on the wall in your apartment. I've been thinking about the same picture of my girlfriend and me. How did you make it? Did you paint it yourself, or it was a special order to the specialist? Thanks for your answer :)
A: It was a very beautiful gift from a friend named, Anne Kathrin Schöner, who is a talented artist/designer from Germany. I’m not sure if she is up for freelance jobs but you can reach her at: [email protected]

Q: I just wanted to ask if I’m allowed to put the video of ‘Johnny cage’ on my YouTube channel?
A: I can’t stop you from doing anything. The reason why it is restricted in Germany is because I used copyrighted material—namely The Rock movie soundtrack. Seeing YouTube cross-reference the sound waves of every video you upload with a database of copyrighted material, I don’t think it will help you to spread it in Germany, though, because you will most likely run into the same problem.

Q: As you are creating a new band, are you are going to need a bassist and drummer? Is there anywhere I can apply because I’m very interested?
A: You can always send in a profile to [email protected], however, to implement more members or session musicians in the project is really something that will be on the horizon, so don’t get your hopes up. Also, the band is already full when it comes to the ego division, so be sure to not have that “quality!” ;) You will most likely be masked live! HAHAHA… no joke..:S

Could be you!

Q: If Freeman was recorded for LOAD, do you have any plans to record it now when Roland is back?
A: Freeman is a Sonic Syndicate song and will be treated like that. And it would be illegal for us to release it in anyway, even if we did write it.

Q: On one photo from Roger’s blog I think you look like Eminem with black hair. I don't think you really like him but you should parody him :D:D
A: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Wazup!?

Same mom?

Q: Will THE UNGUIDED include a bonus DVD when the album is released?
A: WOW! Way too early dude ;) haha, I’d love to do that though. I edited the DVD for the making of LAOD and WRTN myself, so it isn’t impossible.

Q: Sorry :S but what does, “to mimic singers that you like,” mean? I tried to look that up in a dictionary but no result...
A: Try to imitate singers that you like vocally, was what I was going for. Sorry for the complication.

Mr.Bøgballe from Mimic

Q: I just wanted to ask if you and Roland were going back to your Only Human and Love and Other Disasters era? ‘Cause your fashion styles in Jack of Diamonds and Power Shift were amazing.
A: I’ll bring the ‘60s back in style to honor my parents! Tie-dyed t-shirts and wide leg jeans ALL THE WAY BROTHER!

Never trust a...

Q: So you did really think you could get away from these emails fans send to you by giving Roland’s email, eh? ;) NO WAY!
A:  Meanie…

Q: I was wondering if there is any Eden Fire merch, and if so, where can I buy it?
A: There has only been like one or two Eden Fire t-shirts designs ever created. I think they are really rare and I have no idea where you can find them.

Q: I would like to ask you where you buy your clothes? Like the ones you are wearing in the Jack of Diamonds video. They look AWSOME!
A: The clothing I have in Jack of Diamonds video, in order of appearance, is by the following brands: No Fear, Xtreme Couture, No Fear again (white shirt), Monarchy hoodie. I have the hoodie to Roger, though; seeing how he liked it so much even though he mistakenly forgot it at a McDonald’s in Germany. I’m sure someone could do good business in following Roger around the world, collecting all the threads he forgets in the most random places.

No Fear
Man up!

Q: On a totally different note, did you check out the new PvP sets for Cataclysm? They look nice!
A: They look vicious! ;) The rogue one looks shiny :S How the fuck would that help stealth?

Q: Don’t you get a lot of whisper spam in WoW? Since everyone knows your WoW-name and realm!
A: Haha, I do get a lot of PMs, but people are very helpful if there’s something I need to do. They also respect me if I’m busy!

Q: Now another question... what the fuck ... why is Roland named Cage? I always am reminded of Kyle Gass of Tenacious D since I saw S01E01 >.< because he also sings and plays the guitar ^^
A: I think Johnny Cage was a natural selection for the hidden identity. As you can see in the video, it wasn’t even hard to make Roland look like him! Maybe the similarities with Kyle Gass in TD isn’t as obvious, though… :S

"Gimme a powerslide. Full throttle."

Q: Who’s going to be your drummer in The Unguided :O As far as I know, you, Roland, and Roger can’t drum O.o (No offense… you’re a great singer.)
A: What do you mean can’t drum? Who do you think you are?! ;) Haha, no the drummer will be a session musician.


Q: Are you going to gel your hair like it was in Powershift and JoD vids! Because that kind of hair does suit you man... And it’s also the kind of style I got going on ;)
I’m not even sure what I’m going for. I kind of liked to have it short when I shaved it off because it requires no effort. But I guess it’s a bit plain and boring. We’ll see once it calls for photo shoot. 

Q: No tattoos?!?!

A: No! Once in time I decided to get my first tattoo (something band related) during the signing of the band, which was back in 2005. But I got cold feet because I’m a helpless perfectionist, and I know that I would be bored of the motive eventually. So it never happened. And frankly, I’m happy now that I didn’t do anything Sonic related ‘cause I would have to laser pewpew it away now.

Q: Are you watching some TV series? :)

A: I was really into LOST when that was around; Dexter is something I enjoy as well. Haven’t kept up with the latest seasons, though. Ehm, Heroes had me for a while—same goes for Prison Break. Family Guy and Futurama most definitely… I like Scrubs, South Park, and The Office (both UK/USA) as well. Lately, I’ve been watching Planet Earth, which I think is stunning! Top series must be LOST, though. Season 1 and 2 were breathtaking, and I was fixed to the TV for the whole duration of hours watching the DVD boxes.

"4 8 15 16 23 42"

Q: Is it possible that you have a favorite German band? :P Because you picked out a HSB and Caliban picture from all those bands. Just assuming.. ;)
It is certain that Sweden is the mother of Melodic DM but imo, we Germans do pretty fine as well, don’t you think?
I love a lot of German bands. I think you are ace at a lot of metal genres! I was very influenced by the German power metal music in the’90s. As far as German MDM goes, Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban are both a force to reckon with (Yes that´s MDM in my book, I hate the whole generalization bullshit). I also love Neaera and Maroon, and got the opportunity to tour with all these fantastic acts as well. Suidakra is really solid as well!

Best regards


  • Pat säger:
    2010-12-07 | 14:34:17

    Logo looks AWESOME!

    Unfortunetly I don't take part in the competition, because i'm too young for a tatoo, and even if i would be old enough, i wouldn't do it becouse i don't want to tattoo my body.

    Anyway, I hope I see you at Nova Rock one day ;)

  • Nils säger:
    2010-12-07 | 14:53:27

    Coolt! skitnajs, du måste verkligen ligga i eftersom du har skrivit så många låtar redan.

  • sanna säger:
    2010-12-07 | 23:26:25

    awesome post richard.

    and hey, at least Justin Bieber like them now:!/photo.php?fbid=1726824732788&set=a.1438405122478.2059403.1303523089


  • Didrik Bodin säger:
    2010-12-09 | 00:03:39

    Jag försökte verkligen gilla Nathan, jag såg mellan fingrarna när jag hörde Revolution, Baby, men när du hoppade av, då blev det liksom fritt fram att hata honom (a)

  • AmexV säger:
    2010-12-09 | 20:02:55

    Nu har jag tatuerat in den :D

  • Johan säger:
    2010-12-10 | 06:13:29

    Längtar som fan!

  • aa säger:
    2010-12-22 | 11:05:25

    Jag försökte verkligen gilla Nathan, jag såg mellan fingrarna när jag hörde Revolution, Baby, men när du hoppade av, då blev det liksom fritt fram att hata honom

  • Jennifer säger:
    2012-03-18 | 15:31:05
    Bloggadress: http://hemförsä

    Kul att du bloggar! Fortsätt så :D

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