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I know this place isn’t looking all too attractive yet but consider it a work in progress until I get a decent website up. So, the focus will be on the literary content and not so much on the visual appearance... for now.  


First, let’s take a big munch on the “official band statement” over at, shall we?  

“Today we're sorry to announce that Richard Sjunnesson will not be traveling with Sonic Syndicate on their upcoming tour and the band have issued this statement:

Hello to all our fans! We can't wait to see you all on the We Rule the World tour! However we're sorry to announce that Richard will not be completing the remaining dates with us. He is taking a break for family and personal reasons.”

Not too bad, sounds all fluffy and cuddly, doesn’t it? Well, in the same sense that a blood drenched, rusty chainsaw is fluffy and cuddly then. To me, it looks like a handful of lies wrapped up in even more lies. If I got the opportunity to read it before it was issued, I would have made some small adjustments to it. But seeing that I had no input in the statement, I should set the record straight here instead. If I may steal a minute of your time!


CLARIFICATION: “He is taking a break for family and personal reasons”... Interesting! Let’s translate to reality: “He is LEAVING the band for their INABILITY to play decent music.” That’s more like it! Harsh? Well, no harsher than being locked up in a band where there is no room to express one’s creativity because it’s simply not the right format for the band anymore. Being artistically crippled because heavy music is the wrong forum for a “metal band,” and having to turn the other cheek pretending to like something that I think is garbage will simply not fly for this crow. There are only so many arguments of the “scary” screaming vocals to be or not to be in various songs I’m willing to take. Seeing how there was even demands to the band (behind my back) of songs without screaming vocals and how they were later obvious downplayed in the mix might very well have been the deathblow to my emotional attachment of the band. On the other hand, that made this decision very easy for me. It allowed me to go on in life with stuff that feels more important, things that actually manage to stir my heart. What about fame & fortune then?! NEVER interested me! I'd tour the world on a donkey's back with a carrot on a stick for 10 years straight if it had been for the music I loved… But not for the music I’m unable to feel anything for, which theoretically would generate an extra penny or two. (Not that it actually did.) PLEASE DON’T WASTE MY TIME and I won’t waste yours--thank you very much! 

With that said, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why I’m not going to do the tour, and how I simply cannot find it in myself to support the latest effort. Chances are slim to none that I will ever return to Sonic (well, even more unlikely after this statement) because I highly doubt the individuals in the band will ever change back to be compatible with the sound that made us who we are.

Biggest mistake? To me it seems awfully stupid to change musical direction for a band that was on a steady upward trend for every single album release. If we were on our way down, I’d be the first one to say: “Hey, maybe we should try something different here?” (To a certain extent of course.) But it escapes me how a band that is already doing well would risk something like that. The only reason I see why it happened is spelled, “greed!” Like a singer change wasn’t enough of a change? I mean Sonic would have been nothing without our fans. Our music was what won you guys over in the first place, and I think those are very sensitive variables to play around with. And yes, I know a lot of people actually like WRTN, and I respect you for it. So I hope you can respect my decision and musical preferences as well, and be very aware of the fact that they are nothing in the lines of WRTN. However, that’s the beauty of humanity. We are all different and have different taste. Wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

So, let’s hope for their sake that this change is the winning formula, and it will be the key to breakthrough and success. Seeing the turnout from the Scandinavian shows I can’t help myself for being a little doubtful, and that’s not because I’m malicious in any sense. I’m just trying to be realistic. Don’t get me wrong, I do wish them all the good in the world but when it comes down to it, I personally feel life is too short to be wasted on something you don’t have a burning passion for. Especially when it’s as time consuming as a touring band. So, even if they do go sky-high, the fact stands that I sure as hell didn’t start the band to play pop music. And I would never be able to support such a change for all the money in the world. 

And yes, I could write an essay of what has been going on behind the scenes. But instead of dwelling on it, I’d prefer to use my energy on more meaningful things. For example, a new musical project featuring Roger, myself and an old friend who most of you are pretty familiar with. More about that later on! If you have any further questions, feel free to mail me at: [email protected]. I’ll happily answer all your concerns. If they elicit an interesting response, I will post that here as well.

Best regards


  • Marcus säger:
    2010-10-28 | 22:01:47

    You've got my support, the truth will eventually get out =)

  • Pieni Renata säger:
    2010-10-28 | 22:13:03

    I do respect you, I do understand you and I do wish you all the best. Hope to hear that project soon.

    Puss och kram

  • The Count säger:
    2010-10-28 | 22:56:21

    Here it goes

    In my opinion this was the only way to go for you since as you said you have been tied down on the new album :(.

    Music should be played With your heart and the passion for it. all the greedy ones can get the fuck out of my book.

    And seriously what kind of bullshit is that to make a decision behind one of the founding members back, due to how the vocals should be done on the new album??

    And to record company: Why change a winning deal ?? .. well i guess we all got the answer to that. MONEY,

    but i bet that they made more money of the old Sonic Syndicate.

    since i know loads of ppl who doesnt like the new album. and that means they will not buy tickets for the show .. unfortunate for the band aswell.

    And to all the posers who will get on this page to: backtalk and scheme about the person. Accomplish something in your own life thats have some point of value to the rest of the world before you open yout mouth.

    And For your new project: Sounds awsome and hope to hear some heavy shit from you guys soon :).

    // from an old friend

  • Pieni Renata säger:
    2010-10-28 | 23:21:42

    Can I joke a bit, as we all need a good laugh right now? Is that old friend Roland? Ah ah ah! It would be such a turn on destiny xD

  • Joel säger:
    2010-10-29 | 01:50:09

    Så ska det låta, blev själv SJUKT besviken av att din röst blev knappast hörd på de flesta låtar på WRTN.. Hoppas verkligen att det går bra för dig i framtida projekt och att man får höra en massa nytt!

  • Sean säger:
    2010-10-29 | 05:46:56

    Yes. Keep making awesome music! Like the Eden Fire days!

  • JK säger:
    2010-10-29 | 09:13:48

    Ey bro, you we're the soul reason i started listening to sonic. And you are one of the best screamers o have ever heard!

  • Stijn säger:
    2010-10-29 | 10:10:39

    Hej man, I was really looking forward on meeting you this saturday, before the message came out that you were leaving. The funny fact is that I was thinking, hmm I need to talk to the guys because of...well the exact reasons you left it. It's a shame it has come this far, but I'm really really looking forward to your new stuff. And I hope that sometime in the future, I might see you wrecking the stage again somewhere here in Holland with your new project. Anyways, thx for making awesome music for all those years and being my idol, at least up until Rebellion In Nightmareland which was the last awesome-kindof Sonic song. You will always remain my idol for the rest of my life, good luck in the future!

  • Martin säger:
    2010-10-29 | 10:38:22

    Damn straight. It probably pains you to know that something that's pretty much your baby is turning into shit. I would hate to think that you're blaming this on Nathan, because he seems like a great guy and CAN be a good fit for the band, but the way the last album was made, something just felt wrong about it one way or another. We're all here to support you with whatever you choose to do.

  • Eareland säger:
    2010-10-29 | 12:22:58

    It was sad and painful to read that text. But I respect you, Richard, and I have to face the facts...

    You did perfect work, in my opinion, and I hope you will still do, somewhere. And "Miles Apart" is touchful song for me, thank you! it's love song, what I wanted to be on the album. :)


    I hope the music will be same as "Only Inhuman" and "Love and Other Disasters" :D

  • Peter säger:
    2010-10-29 | 12:24:45

    Personally for me sonic died the day Roland announced he was leaving. I know many other fans feel that way too (in the west anyway-not all your fans are from europe). If you do wind up working with Roland again let people know so that a revival can begin.

  • Eareland säger:
    2010-10-29 | 12:25:15

    It was sad and painful to read that text. But I respect you, Richard, and I have to face the facts...

    You did perfect work, in my opinion, and I hope you will still do, somewhere. And "Miles Apart" is touchful song for me, thank you! it's love song, what I wanted to be on the album. :)


    I hope the music will be same as "Only Inhuman" and "Love and Other Disasters" :D

  • Flo säger:
    2010-10-29 | 14:15:56

    It's sad that you won't be with Sonic anymore, but i respcet your decision. I hope that the new project is doing well. You do your own thing and thats really good. Let's hope that the new project sounds like "Love and other desasters" or "only inhuman".

  • Marcus säger:
    2010-10-29 | 14:48:13

    The new project will most likely sound the closest to Eden Fire I think. That's what got Sonic Syndicate started in the beginning. And Only Inhuman would have sounded way closer to Eden Fire if it wasn't for Nuclear Blast. But whatever Richard decides to do, it will obviously be great. And with Roger writing the music as well, it really can't be bad.

  • kat säger:
    2010-10-29 | 17:15:15

    MISTER SJUNNESSON!! YOU have enough passion for your own stuff, for music you love...

    leaving behind what kills you slowly is clever..

    and dont give a fuck of all that doesnt make you happy....

    u said once "when the dust clear away everything will be fine" i say it to you!

    the fans will understand this decision and will support you in your future. dont worry :)

    ;) and if they dont do ......what sure NEVER happen coz old school always rock \nn/...... u have good friends me! :)haha :)

  • Timmmm säger:
    2010-10-30 | 00:14:45

    Just little Question: Is there any proof that this blog is no fake? I mean.. its not like i don't understand or respect this.. but what I don't understand is: why NOW? more then 2 month after the release of the new songs (even more after producing them) and in the middle of the tour?

    Pls don't get me wrong... Maybe there had been the famous last straw which broke the camel's back in the last days... but a kind of proof would be nice.

  • Freppe säger:
    2010-10-30 | 04:15:55

    I do understand your decision and I'm very dissapointed the band didn't told the truth and such, but im extremely happy that you will keep on creating music cause i really love your screams and such, good luck with your next project.

  • Monique van roekel säger:
    2010-10-30 | 10:04:53

    richard,. i think you're the one that rocks.

  • Daniel sonicfan snoddas Kåveland @ FB säger:
    2010-10-30 | 11:17:35

    Va säger du richard!

    Ska vi lira lite Starcraft 2 eller? :)

    Hoppas du får hålla på med det du älskar senare i livet då \m/ you rock!

  • a german dude... säger:
    2010-10-30 | 11:43:42

    You were one of the mainreasons i listened to Sonic Syndicate :/

    You're a awesome screamer - hope your new project will start asap :>

  • Rich Belgium säger:
    2010-10-30 | 11:48:53

    Fans can only respect your decision Mr.Binger,not a lot of people would have the hearth to follow it like you do.

    Music is forever and eden fire will be in my cd changer till the day i die.

    Good luck with the new project and you will forever rock my friend.


  • Miko.TaMpEr säger:
    2010-10-30 | 13:20:21

    We understand you Rich, It's sad ..for me and maybe I am not only one. I was think that I will see you on concert in Prague (Czech Republic) 18.11. 2010, with Blowsight and how I on facebook read that you will not be on tour I said "Okay, maybe other time I saw Sonic Syndicate with you" and when I read this I.. know that I will never see you with Sonic Syndicate. So okay, maybe I will see you if you will got some project.

    I wish you good luck, hope to see you sometime.. ♥

    You rock, and you are the best screamer which I've ever seen/heard. :)

    Miko (sorry, for my bad english guys)

  • Annicka säger:
    2010-10-30 | 14:07:48

    bakis som jag är idag kommer det inte fram något vettigt, men du vet om att jag tycker du är grym och du gör rätt som följer det du känner är rätt! Lycka till med projektet, kommer säkert gå skitbra! ;)

  • Meh säger:
    2010-10-30 | 15:07:06

    Ingen bör väl vara förvånad. Räcker med att kolla på senaste videon så inser man att det inte handlar om musik längre utan bara pengar, tidningsomslag och en tradig all-uppmärksamhet-är-bra-uppmärksamhet-anda. Man ska brinna för sin musik och känns det inte rätt måste man följa sitt hjärta.

    Lycka till framöver, du gjorde helt rätt och det kommer säkert att gå bra, om än i mindre skala.

  • Marcus säger:
    2010-10-30 | 15:50:23

    Richard jag ser att du modererar meddelanden här, kan du svara på frågorna du fått? Det är ett par folk som har mailat [email protected] nu :P Om du har tid d.v.s.

  • Vagohid säger:
    2010-10-30 | 18:53:56

    I loved Eden Fire the best (but perhaps that would be better with a little more singing),

    I still loved Only Inhuman (but perhaps it needed a bit better melodies in some of its songs)

    and I liked Love and Other Disasters (however I felt that wasn't as good as the previous albums).

    After LaOD I didn't like SS (the only song I liked was Rebellion in Nightmareland)

    For me SS died when Nathan came in. With your new project we have a new hope. I trust in your future success.

    And there's another thing: I also liked the Fallen Angels Fall from Heaven songs. I think that would be a good idea to remake them.

    Greetings from Hungary!

  • Mikael (glommen) säger:
    2010-10-30 | 19:22:56

    Du vet vad jag tycker. Du har ju fan en av sveriges om inte europas bästa skrikröst så det är ju logiskt att du ska spela i ett band som utnyttjar det.

    Vi ses i dubbelsängen över jul ;)


  • Aleksey säger:
    2010-10-30 | 22:10:59

    Sonic Syndicate is nothing without you and Roland.

    You sincerely have my utmost appreciation, it's great to see there are still some people for which ethics and artistic integrity still reign supreme.

    Best of luck in the future.

  • Richard säger:
    2010-10-31 | 08:10:16

    Hey people! Sorry for the radiosilence ;) I honestly did not believe in my wildest dreams I'd recieve mails in this quantity and they just keep flooding my mailbox as we speak. So the whole answearing process will be somewhat delayed until the steady flow of incoming mails will calm down. There's numerous of really interesting questions which will all get there own unique answear and as promised a FAQ will be included in the next post which I'm currently working on (expect it to be up next week). You will all get your private reply of whatever mail you have sent in so please just be patient and let me get on top of this mountain of mails :o Also keep in mind once the FAQ have bin written and the mails have bin answeared I will care little for questions about Sonic so if you have something grinding Your gears about the subject, ask sooner rather than later. No question is stupid or too irrelevant in My book. Huge thanks for the support! yours sincerely /Richard -

  • Patstar säger:
    2010-10-31 | 11:57:38

    I wondered why i don't hear you screaming very often on WRTN. And I think it's great that you will start a project that plays the music that you love.

    good luck, keep on rocking \m/

  • Pat säger:
    2010-10-31 | 12:14:05

    I wondered why i didn't hear you screaming very often on WRTN. I think it's great you'll start a project that plays the music you love. Can't wait to hear the first song.

    Good luck, keep on rocking \m/

  • Malin Winkler säger:
    2010-10-31 | 12:14:53

    Neej! du får inte sluta Sonic :'(

    Nu blir jag ledsen i ögat :/

    Ha det bäst!

    Malin "You Know Who" Winkler

  • Nils säger:
    2010-10-31 | 13:36:36

    Känns nästan lite ironiskt, satt och funderade för några dagar sen: Hur tar richard detta med "WRTN"?, Man hör juh han knappt!

    medans jag satt och googlade lite igår så hittade jag mig fram hit, och med en fundersam/glad/ledsett humör så sitter jag och skriver detta.

    tycker det är synd att dom ändrade musik-stil och det är tråkigt att du lämnar SS eftersom du var ett av skälen att jag fortfarande lyssnade

    Jag tycker dock att det är skitnajs att du och Roger ska starta ett projekt och kan tänka mig att det blir helt galet (I miss the good ol' days!), man får ta och hålla sig uppdaterad!:D

    Lycka till!

  • Johan Hagsten säger:
    2010-10-31 | 15:43:56

    Jag håller med angående det nya albumet. Enda anledningen till att jag lyssnar på vissa av låtarna är på grund av dig och din otroliga röst. Fruktansvärt ovärt för en sån talang att ödsla tid på ett popband. Inget emot någon av de andra, jag älskade er på brewhouse och det står jag fast vid!

  • asdf säger:
    2010-10-31 | 17:16:05

    Grymt bra ju!

    När ni spelade i Göteborg så sa du typ "Vill ni höra en kärlekslåt eller?!". Jag skrattade tills jag fattade att du var seriös.

    Hoppas du får ett riktigt band som inte är fullt av giriga sellouts.

  • Lucien säger:
    2010-10-31 | 18:12:23

    Going to see Sonic tonight in Breda (Mezz)... You were pretty much the reason i wanted to go.

    Wonder how it'll be :\

    P.S: Eden Fire was the best album imo, if not the best album alltime.

  • Julian säger:
    2010-11-01 | 14:24:27

    I think you decided the only possible way, the new Sonic has nothing to do with the one I once chose as my favourite band. Now, let's hope that Roland is that old friend we are familiar with, and then rock the world once more!!

  • Melanie säger:
    2010-11-01 | 17:00:23

    Hej Rich

    Thanks for sharing all this with us.

    As a fan you make an image of your favourite band, based on some bloggs, video footage and stuff. But this all proofs that how beautiful the image may seem, there are a lot of other things goin on behind the scenes.

    We can never imagine how it's like to be in your life as touring band, even if we try our best.

    It is good to see you have such a heart to step out of this. I think it shows you have the right attitude, fit to rise higher than you've achieved allready.

    You know best what you wanna do. What the others wanna do is up to them, but after reading this I think your the one with most passion for the music you make/ want to create and put your best emotion into it.

    I'm not here to find out all about the gossip or who is right or wrong. Although I'm sad about your leaving, I rather would like you to stay and turn Sonic back into the form it's supposed to be.

    But with all different opinions that would be a hard thing to do.

    You must be angry and frustrated about this whole issue, but it also must be very hard to give up your baby.

    So that's why I try to support you every way I can. Together with loads of people here.

    Please let me know what you're up to.

    We trust in you my friend, all the way.

    Greets, love and respect,


  • nyponrose säger:
    2010-11-01 | 18:26:05

    tycker du gör helt rätt...stå på dig..finns fler grupper isf..

  • Mikaela säger:
    2010-11-01 | 19:45:19

    Richard. Det låter som att du har lyssnat till dina fans, vilket är bland det bästa man kan göra här i livet. Jag tror med all säkerhet att de önskar dig all lycka och tyckte att det var bra av dig att hoppa av ett band som inte alls är som det en gång var, då många av era fans fick upp ögonen för er. Kom ihåg att de alltid kommer ha ögonen öppna för dig. Du är en grym musiker oavsett vilka du lirar med och vad du lirar.

  • Maria säger:
    2010-11-01 | 21:18:39

    Jag tycker att du valde rätt. Ni var bättre förr. Alla jag känner håller med om det. Jag la ner lyssnandet när jag hörde ert nya material... Det var inte ni längre. Bra gjort av dig!

  • David säger:
    2010-11-01 | 21:33:44

    Du är bäst för fan Richard. om du kollar alla sonic syndicate´s kommentarer på youtube t.ex så märker du att majoriteten av alla fans håller medd dig! du kommer få stort stöd med ditt nya projekt skaru veta sörru!

  • Tim säger:
    2010-11-01 | 22:33:52

    We have absolutely no right to judge you for anything, since none of us know the details about personal problems.

    But i would like to ask you why you left the band in the middle of a tour? After having produced an album with heaps of bonus songs and FOUR music videos?

    Personally, i was unbelievably sad when i heard you did quit the band. I don`t want to see my favorite band breaking apart, but i guess without Roland AND you they are no longer Sonic Syndicate.

    I really hope to hear from you soon, since i can´t wait for your new solo project. PLEASE do your fans a favour, and make it sound like Only Inhuman and Love and other Disasters.



  • Z-man säger:
    2010-11-02 | 00:42:02

    no don't do that make it better then OI and LAOD combined


  • Al säger:
    2010-11-02 | 01:56:55

    Hi Richard,

    This is only assuming that you liked making music with Roland (and he with you), could you please make it possible for us to see both of you together again?

    While you are both awesome seperately, you we're even greater together in a similar way to Chester and Mike from Linkin park on their first two albums.

    Here's to hoping we can see you back together, because Only Inhuman and Love and Other Disasters are two of my favourite metal albums!

  • Johan säger:
    2010-11-02 | 02:02:44

    Du är en stor jävla förebild och ta in detta. Många ser upp till dig och Roland och kommer ha er som idoler resten av sina liv.

    Du gjorde inget annat än rätt. Vi respekterar och stöttar dig.


    Peace and love från stockholm.

  • Andreas Nilsson säger:
    2010-11-02 | 06:43:23

    All respekt till dig Richard!

  • Henke Persson säger:
    2010-11-02 | 14:22:21

    Hatten av för dig Richard. Starkt att följa hjärtat som du gör!

    Jävligt bra skrivet med!

  • Anonym säger:
    2010-11-02 | 17:51:20

    jag älskar det gammla Sonic, jag älskar din röst, skulle göra vad som helst för att få ha din röst... jag undrar också varför ni ändrade stil/genre.. helt ologiskt, men jag accepterar ditt beslut, och jag hoppas det går bra för dig i framtiden :)

    //Med massa respket, Anton

  • JTR säger:
    2010-11-02 | 18:29:03

    i respekt your dicision! and i like the old sonic syndicate more than now so its ok for me :)

    i wish you luck for your projekt

    grats from germany

  • , säger:
    2010-11-02 | 19:15:29

    "For example, a new musical project featuring Roger, myself and an old friend who most of you are pretty familiar with"

    Snälla, SNÄLLA säg att det är Roland som du skriver om. Ni två var guld tillsammans!!

  • cc säger:
    2010-11-02 | 19:20:48

    Så jävla rätt!

    Hoppas man får höra dig snart igen :)

  • Alexander (Russia) säger:
    2010-11-02 | 21:23:31

    Greetings, I from Russia, I deeply respect creativity of your group till 2009... may be it is stupid, but please find Roland and try to revive with him that that has been destroyed

    Good luck, your true admirer - Alexander

  • Pie säger:
    2010-11-02 | 22:00:05

    I'm glad there's still some people who step out and leave if that's not what they wanted, eventhough it may bring money. Let's be honest - it's what makes world goes on nowadays, anyway.

    I'll miss SS as whole, but if you don't enjoy in music they're playing now, then it's the only right thing to just let it go and move on.

    I can't wait to hear the new project, best of luck to you, you'll surely be getting support from many people, since you're awesome no matter what ♥

  • Hampus säger:
    2010-11-03 | 00:51:00

    Richard du är sjukt grym och dina lyrics är bäst!

    Du är helt klart en av mina favorit sångare!

    Mycket stöd till det nya projektet

  • Zakarias säger:
    2010-11-03 | 01:59:03

    Det är synd att musiken gled iväg från något som var så bra, jag var ett STORT fan av Only Inhuman-skivan och även LAOD till viss del. Kanske ett för stort fan ibland.

    Det är bra att du gjort det du känner är rätt och jag är väldigt sugen på att höra vad det nya projektet har att erbjuda.

    Jag önskar dig/er all lycka i framtiden

    - Zakarias

  • Daniello säger:
    2010-11-03 | 22:06:28

    Helt underbart gjort av dig, du gjorde exakt som du skulle! Väldig heder till dig och jag håller helt med dig!

  • Nc säger:
    2010-11-04 | 13:28:59

    Thanks for this blog. Can't wait your new project!

  • Linus säger:
    2010-11-04 | 19:24:59

    SJUKT bra skrivet, richard!

    Jag vet fan inte vad som hänt med bandet egentligen, det såg ju ut att kunna gå bra till en början. Fast man blev ju ganska så tveksam på de nya låtarna, som lät mer poppiga än vanliga. Burn this city var ju bra, egentligen, men även den låten tyckte jag tappade en del.. Den var liksom bra till en början, men sen blev det bara smör av allt.. Det var som att den där nathan blev nån form av "popstar", och din röst smälte bort i bakgrunden.

    Jag tycker du gör helt rätt i att gå efter känslorna richard! Ursäkta om jag kanske var lite FÖR ärlig i detta inlägg, men det är väl så det ska vara antar jag. Hoppas du lyckas med ditt nya projekt, och jag skulle fanimej MER ÄN GÄRNA spela med dig, om det hade varit så!


  • Josefine säger:
    2010-11-04 | 20:20:30

    Fantastiskt att läsa.

    Tack för återinfört hopp till svenska musikscenen. Iaf när det kommer till den typen av musik.

    Nog för att 'nya' Sonic har underhållningsvärde, men inte mycket mer. Ska bli kul att höra nya projekt.

  • Silvana Breur säger:
    2010-11-05 | 00:09:47

    Hi Richard,

    I know how you feel about this, and i understand you completely. Do what you have to do! I am support you for the full 100%

    Looking much forward to your new project.

    Keep me posted Richard?

    Hugs, Silvana

  • Kalle säger:
    2010-11-05 | 01:39:22

    Strongt gjort att hoppa av och klargöra för fansen på det här sättet! Har länge varit ett sonic-fan och med den senaste tidens utveckling vet jag inte ens om jag kan kalla mig det längre. Inte enbart pga det rent musikaliska utan även bandets nya image med sillikontjejer, rockstarimage och en massa annat ytligt som jag och säkert många andra metalfans har svårt att relatera till. Önskar dig all lycka i kommande projekt och vad som nu kommer hända efter detta!

  • Pat säger:
    2010-11-05 | 10:01:48

    Very sorry to hear that you've lost the band - was looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield on the UK tour. Still, it's best to see you support music that you believe in, with minimal band politics to get in the way.

    With best wishes for your future musical endeavours,


  • Lasse / Mechanic Roots säger:
    2010-11-05 | 15:07:52

    ÄNTLIGEN ursäkta mitt grova uttryck, men att sälja sig på detta sättet som bandet gjort med senaste skivan och dessutom mixa bort den röst som kännetecknar just "Sonic Syndicate" visar helt att "vi gör det för pengar, inte för musiken".

    Du är en grym vocalist och kommer garanterat lyckas med ditt nya projekt, inga tvivel.

    Jag önskar dig all lycka fram över och ser fram emot att höra mer från dig.

    MVH Lasse / Mechanic roots

  • Anton säger:
    2010-11-05 | 18:14:35

    skulle va nice om du och dina bröder startade eget nytt band :D du och dina bröder är helt jävla grymma, Rock and Peace!!!

  • Fredriksson säger:
    2010-11-05 | 18:38:21

    Fan va rätt gjort!! Inget personligt men det nya låter som vilken sönder spelad radio dynga som helst..

  • Jerry Assarsson säger:
    2010-11-07 | 16:22:42

    Starkt gjort som fan Richard. All respekt och heder, verkligen!

  • Josh Wagner säger:
    2010-11-08 | 09:07:12

    That, was simply great! Respect man, you've earned mine. And why the hell do record labels have to screw things up?

  • Francesco Rota säger:
    2010-11-11 | 18:04:16

    Hi there, mmm... i just, find this page...

    seen you soon,

    the ways of our life are not always straight, so, changes may get live better, depends to the kind we started it! ;-)

  • Josh säger:
    2010-11-13 | 23:54:12

    eden fire and albums with Rolland were the top of your success. I hope that your new project will be in style of old SS.

  • Shees säger:
    2010-11-15 | 23:34:52

    we need more "only inhuman" sound...hope you can work that out soon. Good luck!

  • Daniel Santini säger:
    2010-11-17 | 16:38:18

    Great Richard, we need that kind of musicians in the scene today, too many greedy ppl nowadays. i really support every word of your statement, and keep the good work!

  • Didrik Bodin säger:
    2010-11-25 | 18:58:39

    When I heard Burn this City for the first time i kind of liked it but i knew something was wrong. And when I heard the new album, the first thing i thought was "Where the hell are Richs brutal screams?!" I have EF, OI and LAOD, but don't worry, I'll never buy WRTN, i dont support that kind of poser bullshit. No offense against Nathan, I think hes kind of ok (he'll never replace Roland), but he ruined the band. Not with his vocals but with the pop i brought into the band. Anyway i wish you all the luck in the world and i PROMISE to buy your albums!

  • Mik McDade säger:
    2010-12-02 | 12:23:37

    What can I say. Last night was the first I had saw that you where away from the band. To say there was a small crowd would be an understatement. It was a well performed show, but the emphasis was much on WRTN. Maybe it was easier to get the new guy to sign the newer album, since their was less of a role for him - if you get what I mean. Sorry to see you have to walk away from something you helped create and grow. I s'pose when they said in the statement "family and personal" reasons, it was kinda true - the family you created with SS had closed ranks and left you out in the cold. Good luck with the Unguided.

  • Jacky säger:
    2010-12-17 | 12:03:15

    hey rich!

    at the moment i can only say oh my god.

    i saw ss growing over the years and was a fan since the very beginning. i met you a few times here in germany and saw the change. you definitely made the right decision, go and make your stuff i bet it will be great. you get all my support and thumbs up for opening our eyes. another great band going down for money...

  • iSerg3G säger:
    2010-12-19 | 17:32:24

    the best decision you could ever make for yourself! honestly, I was disappointed in how Burn This City came up and I knew adding the new clean vocalist was gonna mess up the band but you have all my support no matter what!

  • ganiard säger:
    2011-01-15 | 18:50:01

    Call Roland, find a new guitarist-bitch. Lets make money.


  • Synnyster säger:
    2011-03-12 | 05:25:50

    You are the best

    if all the metalheads think like you would have more quality music. hope your project with cravings and if you can meet up with Roland, would be the best .......... the best music .... melodic death metal forever ..........

  • Synnyster säger:
    2011-03-12 | 05:27:55

    You are the best

    if all the metalheads think like you would have more quality music. hope your project with cravings and if you can meet up with Roland, would be the best .......... the best music .... melodic death metal forever ..........

  • erik säger:
    2011-03-29 | 20:51:59

    Hi I wanted to ask if he would play in the Unguided Robin and Karin

  • erik säger:
    2011-03-29 | 20:52:58

    Hi I wanted to ask if he would play in the Unguided Robin and Karin

  • Ante säger:
    2011-04-03 | 01:16:41

    hay.. my name is Ante.. is there any chanse that you visit us in Croatia.. you have lot of funs here.. or is there any chanse that we will se you on Brutal Assault. please answer

    The Unguided is my No.1 band.. richard and roland pff.. talents.. and can you tel me where I can find the unguided shirts to buy.? tnx

  • markus säger:
    2011-05-06 | 14:04:28

    I cannot find any words to describe the amount of awesomeness in this post. You are god.

  • Nathalie säger:
    2012-03-18 | 19:47:23
    Bloggadress: http://hemförsä

    Jag tycker att det är rätt svårt att göra en bra design till sin sida - hur har du burit dig åt? Du har ju en riktigt snygg sida!

  • Rich säger:
    2012-03-29 | 03:58:08

    Nathalie, madskillz i photoshop ;) hehe

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