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(This blog was done at 10042011 before THE UNGUIDED - NIGHTMARELAND jewelcase was out. I'll expand on that particular release in the next entry. If you are intrested in it you find it here for the very affordable and symbolic price of €6.16)


First off I just want to show my gratitude and give out my most humble thanks to everyone that has supported The Unguided and the release of Nightmareland on April 1st! As you grew to understand, it was not a distasteful joke from our side put in motion on April Fools' Day. And I think whoever is spinning a physical copy from the 616 batches in a playback device of their own choosing, or have it blasting in their iPod purchased through iTunes, can testify strongly in this matter! Many of you have been giving us feedback about the songs, and most of you (if not all) seem to absolutely love and appreciate what we have created for you! Be very certain of the fact that these are just two songs out of the many to come. But at least now you have something concrete to evaluate an opinion out from in terms of future endeavors of The Unguided. It feels extremely good to be able to provide you with just that!

If you want to purchase the songs digitally and support the project, they are available here for a very convenient price: BUY “THE UNGUIDED – NIGHTMARELAND” on iTUNES or AMAZON!!!

If I’m looking at the sales statistics of the 616 limited edition, I distinctly see how Sweden annihilates the first place spot with almost double percentages, and in the second spot we find Germany proudly standing. Nothing unexpected there really in terms of our best markets previously. But it makes me extremely proud to see we have such a huge support from our own homeland indeed. Whether it was because of cheaper shipping costs within Sweden, or Swedes are just more “Unguided” the story does not unravel, however. Something interesting is happening in the third place where the US is breathing Germany heavily on the neck. That’s a bit unexpected since US was never a big market for us. I won’t lie; it sure makes me excited in my pants! This battle will be interesting to follow up on upcoming releases and the digital sales indeed. UK is sporting the forth slot with a somewhat big slope down to the fifth place where we find a fairly even fight between Holland, Australia, Norway and Finland. So now I ask myself; Denmark where’s the love? Don’t force us to take action and exclude you from Scandinavia, hehe. Thanks everyone for the WORLDWIDE SUPPORT!


As the limited edition “jakebox” print of “Nightmareland” sold out, we started manufacturing a jewel case EP edition, for whoever is still interested in a physical copy. Physical copies are something I know fellow metal fans around the globe appreciate more than other genre followers, so we very much want to provide you with that, of course. The jewel case will be available for order over at the Despotz web shop once again when they have been delivered from the manufacturers. More about this in the next blog entry! There are also new upcoming merchandise ideas for whoever didn’t make it to the 616 and got the exclusive shirt that came with that. All this will be featured in upcoming blogs.

The Unguided - Nightmareland jewelcase preview

I think many of you missed the fact that the lyrics for both the songs are available at the brand new Emil Larsson designed website over at But since I know how life depending lyrics actually are I would not burden you with the few clicks of entering the site and finding them. So for your convenience I’ll just smack up the lyrics for “Pathfinder” here as well, enjoy!:


Just for so long, my barbed wire deflected you
My defenses could never stand the legions of her
As the last hooks were hurled over my shielding walls
I was reduced to nothing and the slaughter was to begin

No time to evacuate
There is not much to be saved at all
What is left of me is yours to keep 
I could never hide from something
Fused by my soul and heart
You will hunt me down to the ends of the earth

My last bullet I used to take out the runner
Last bit of strength conserved to absorb the mortar fire
Your hell brand glimmered in the moonlight
While you had a steady chokehold on my heart


When I found the passage out of nightmareland
There was a will and a way for me and you
Before we burn in the restless fires of hell
At least there's a lifetime to explore together

No time to evacuate
There is not much to be saved at all
What is left of me is yours to keep
I could never hide from something
Fused by my soul and heart
You will hunt me down to the ends of the earth


No time to evacuate
There is not much to be saved at all
What is left of me is yours to keep
I could never hide from something
Fused by my soul and heart
You will hunt me down to the ends of the earth


We are leaving nightmareland to pursue our dream
We are leaving nightmareland to pursue our dream

"The hunter is nothing without his prey"

Now when we played our hand and you’ve heard both songs it would be very interesting for us to see what your favorite track is and WHY from the two. Please comment on this blog post and give us a piece of your mind!

NEW FAN CONTEST! *fanfare*:
Since the tattoo competition was finished some time ago and the winners have been properly awarded, it is high time for a new contest, don’t you think? We’ve discussed this matter within The Unguided and also taken a few fans considerations and thoughts into our decision. As the last competition was limited to people over 18 years, we think it would be appropriate to limit this as well, hehe. This time we are going to restrict it to our very precious 616 soldiers of the unguided army--meaning the freedom fighters that ordered the “Nightmarepackage I”! Well it is not really a limitation since everyone was in fact able to order this very package from anywhere in the world. All you need to enter this competition is to wear your sexy “The Unguided” shirt and have your assigned agent number handy, plus some creativity and possibly mad skills in Photoshop.

Photoshop mad skills

Send ONE picture of yourself wearing your: “I’m one of the 616” t-shirt together with a picture of your EP agent number placed in the SAME picture (If your agent number is only written into the picture it will be disqualified it have to be a REAL photo of your physical EP number). Snap the picture of you in a location of your choosing! The more creative, funny, exclusive the picture is, the closer it will take you to victory! Meaning a picture of you wearing the “I’m one of the 616” shirt in front of The Eiffel tower, The Colosseum, or a T-Rex will CRUSH a picture of you wearing the shirt in front of your local grocery store. You are welcome to use software to enhance your picture in Photoshop, or whatever program you prefer. We also encourage you to add your name, The Unguided logo/symbol or anything related to the band and its current release. Pictures where you are pasted into locations (like my examples) will be disqualified; it must be the real deal! When you are satisfied with your contribution, register a username at “” forum and upload your picture in this thread. The Unguided will closely monitor this thread, and we will select three winners by the end of April. The contest will close on 2011-04-30.

The Unguided logo, symbol and “Nightmareland” font can be downloaded here

There will be three awards scaling in awesomeness from first place to last, which will be revealed at the time when the contest is finished. You will also be awarded with a proper forward mail as well as the rank “Centurion” to brag with on the forum. We have thought out very special awards this time around that covers both experiences and items, which you surely can’t afford to miss out! So go now, be creative and blow our minds. Good luck, soldiers!

Here are some examples from myself even though I’m cheating with the locations. I’m sure you understand what we are aiming for with the competition: 

First screaming vocalist on the Moon

Rich performing unguided rituals by Stonehenge

Rich at LV-426 by a dead Mala'kak

I’m sure some of you have been following my recent and still ongoing YouTube crusade. At first I thought it was extremely annoying that people from the highly dedicated 616 batches uploaded the songs to YouTube before the actual release day (a lot of people got it a few days early). It was spoiling the surprise for many other eagerly waiting fans all over the world. It also stole significant pressure from the very project, beneficial digital sales, which where to be enforced on the 1st of April. Uploading the songs illegally before release day AND providing people with a high quality download link with no link to iTunes, or any other legal source whatsoever, is something I don’t consider an act of good will. And it’s downright damaging for the project, and its long term survivability. I fail to understand how such people can consider them a “fan” at all, I’m afraid. I hate to break it to you but The Unguided is a very small band ran by its very own engine working with equally small recourses. We do that because we are to stay in line with our hearts, what we want to do ourselves and not fall for any external artistic soul crushing pressure or be dependent on forces that will provoke changes within the bands boundaries. We won’t surround ourselves with people that trespass our integrity and for holding our ground there we need the fans to share this mentality. Whatever we gain in record / digital sales on this EP will determine when we can record the album, seeing the songs are already there but the financial coverage is not. So the only thing this behavior will evoke is sorely to delay the album for everyone and I’m confident none of you want to do that. And I also believe that you would consider what has been said is more important than being an internet hero and see to your own selfish desire to extend your e-peen through high YouTube traffic. There’s not much to word about what is wrong and what is right, I think you all understand the substance here. If we were a touring band, I wouldn’t mind it at all, and I never cared about it in Sonic Syndicate. In fact, you are all familiar with my mentality regarding illegal downloading of music since I’ve touched the subject before. However, this case is a bit more unique seeing that we’re dependent on one thing, and one thing only, which is record / digital sales. The situation is unlike most other bands since their main revenue comes from merchandise sales or show money. Please respect that if you respect
the band and its founders, we will in-turn respect you and provide you with the music you want.

One million views on your video can still not make up for a failed life

The YouTube crusade is still a successful, ongoing campaign with me in the lead. And fortunately I happen to have 616 scouts bringing everything to my attention. I’ve embraced Lars Ulrich hubris on this one. Seeing how well it went for his band, I’m trying to apply this on The Unguided. This is, however, only to feed my own satisfaction and because… Well I can. I like seeing the text “This video is no longer available hence copyright claims of Richard Sjunnesson” on clips. Gives me butterflies in the belly! It works a bit like this: Random internet hero upload the full songs on YouTube -> I send the e-hero an e-mail implying that he/she is an idiot (in a most friendly manner of course) and recommend the immediate termination of the clip -> The e-hero refuses to shut the clip down (In most cases they’ve been cooperative though, and I’m grateful for that!) because he/she is a marketing genius and knows what’s best for the band and therefore intends to vigilantly “spread the word” -> I send a notification to YouTube -> They take it down. It’s THAT simple!

Fuck Napster and FUCK BuddahEMS! 

Bandit Rock Radio had an exclusive premiere of the radio version of “Pathfinder” on April 1st at 9 A.M. I also attended an interview for the program “Rivstart” with Bollnäs-Martin April 9th early in the morning! A link to this event can be found here.

Bandit Rock Studio

Martin and I discussed the fuss around The Unguided, and the creation of the band. I also addressed many questions that haven’t been somewhat of mudskippers until now. It was a very interesting interview! I’d like to thank Bandit Rock and Martin for having us.

Doing what I do best; talking bullshit

Fort knox security

Nervous label representative

Brothers of Metal

Also be sure to support your favorite band and wish for “Pathfinder” to be played at Bandit Rock Radio here.
Din Önskelåt:
(The song you want to hear “The Unguided – Pathfinder” would be appropriate in this field, also be sure to write out a few words why you want to hear just this song.)
Ditt namn: (Your name.)
Din epostadress: (Your e-mail.)
Submit <- PRESS, WHEN DONE!!! ;)

The branding of the army is still going strong even though the tattoo competition is over! The latest unguided victor hails from Spain and has inked the unguided crest on his leg, which seems to be a slavish followed pattern by the tattoo courageous fans. Mario Galan, we salute you! Mario has been awarded with [email protected] e-mail address as well as the rank of  “Champion” on the Army of the Unguided forum. Why don’t you all use some of that good manner of yours and send an e-mail to tell him how awesome he is? In fact I’m going to do it right now!

Mario, Champion of the Unguided Army

Mario, you're awesome!

Since I was over in the US and visited a multitude of museums a cultural hunger has manifested itself in me completely, and I felt a burning desire to sate this thirst also here in Sweden. Conveniently enough, my lovely girlfriend lives a stone’s throw away from “The Swedish Museum of Natural History” in Stockholm. Here are some pictures from the day. 

The Swedish Museum of Natural History

A map of where you should NOT build nuclear power plants

You again!

Red eyed bird with carnivore teeths, conclusion: MAXIMUM EVIL

Predator trophy

I like this deer hunters far right contribution to the collection

Reins of the Black War Elekk


Retarded Laddergoat

Narwhals - The Jedi of the Sea 

Recently extinct animals, 0-1 to humanity

You're not fooling me with that shiny light!

The Fourth Kind

A polar bear in his natural habitat, meaning NOT a jungle


Checking out Swedens only IMAX

Foxy! How do they mount them in mid-air?

The "falcon" got falcon punched


If that’s not going to turn him to the Prince of Darkness, I do not approve! 

After the museum, we got more Swedish cultural action over at IKEA. We we’re to equip her apartment with some new stuff. Mostly mirrors >=)

A hard working woman observed by a equally hard wine-drinking man

After the though job with the mirrors & wine, we celebrated with waffles!

A lot of you guys have asked who the drummer and the bassist of The Unguided are. And at this time we do actually have dedicated musicians to vacate these posts. We have provided them with secret identities. Why, you ask yourselves?  Well… so they are unable to gain fans I assume. I’m sure you will have the opportunity to get familiar with them once we release some videos, and we’ve made our first live appearances.

A few of you have mailed me personally regarding complications of “The Unguided – Nightmareland” jakebox EP delivery, mostly problems with delays and postman mauled packages. I guess it’s impossible to eliminate all potent deviations when it comes to human controlled logistics, and I’m not surprised some of you suffered complications. I’m really sorry for this inconvenience! I mean it must be a hell of a hard job for post offices around the world to deliver a package from point A to point B after more than four millenniums of experience and practice in earthly postal systems. Especially when there’s an address and name and everything on the parcel!... As you understand, this is completely out of our hands once we leave the packages to the post office. So the blame is entirely on them. Despotz are doing their best to help the affected few out. I would like you to contact their support directly if there are further problems, not my private mail since I won’t be able to do anything myself anyway. Their support mail is: [email protected]

The Evil Postman

Roger recently started to blog for! Check his first entry (in Swedish) out here. He will continue to keep that blog updated with his thoughts and very twisted views of the world, so bookmark that right away!

Unguided It Up

And, Christoffer, friend, stop try to get innocent Russian girls drunk, pretending you are me. We discussed this before!

Poor Svetlana

Finally, a lot of credits to “Princ3JaMaL” and his awesome “RICHroll” on April Fools' Day! I think we all welcomed a smile on our face during the infectious YouTube battle! Sure made my day, check it out here.

Send Q&A questions to: [email protected]

Q: Will you guys come up with more merch in the future that I might have a better chance of getting?
We already have three different t-shirts designs done as of now, and I’m eagerly waiting for a forth one to be finished by J.A.Aranguren. When that’s done I will post a preview of them all here, and on Facebook for you to decide which one should go to print next!

Q: Can I ask a personal question? Do you feel more happy now without Sonic Syndicate? I think you and Roland did that band J
You can find the answer to that question in the Q&A here.
Q: I know I asked you this question before, but I'm still wondering, why I didn't get the autograph yet. I'm sure that I put my name in the first week you get this request function on the site, but still didn't get anything... Is that really taking such a long time?
Everything is still stored in the database over at And I will attend and see to this when time allows me to do just that. As of late, I figured it felt a bit more important to get the release of the EP out in time and everything that came with that. Next time you ask, I’ll put the blame on the album ;)

Could you please give me Roland’s unguided e-mail, because I want to ask him a few questions about his haircut (like which styling cream/gel/spray he's using and if he could take pictures from side and back his head)
Interesting! CC me in that, will you? I'm dying to follow this world revolutionary event as it goes! [email protected]

Q: Just a
quick question in this video of you playing Wacken and Blue eyed fiend (What necklace does roger have on, I figured id ask you as I believe I’ve seen you wearing them. It’s almost like a dragon tooth. If a name/brand/link could be supplied would be amazing
That necklace got some similarities to my own POLICE Razor necklace, but it’s not the same brand at all. I’m not sure what it is to be fair. He had it for ages. You know what! I’ll ask him about it.

And here is Roger’s answer: 
I bought my "Dragon tooth" on festival in Sweden called Hultsfred almost ten years ago, and have been using it almost every show I have done since then. On one show I rocked too hard and the necklace got cracked in two pieces, but I used my electrical mad skills and re-solder it together again. I have no clue what name/brand it is. Probably just a piece of cheap crap but for me it means gold.

Same brand? Yes/No

Q: Gah, Richard! A Vincent Valentine figurine?! You bad, bad boy! Have you been watching anime?!~ :D Very, very good!
FF7 best game ever hello?! Vincent Valentine top 10 coolest characters in the WORLD!

Vincent Valentine

Q: Is there any way to do guest vocals on your new album of the unguided? Would be awesome!! Can also give you a sample of my voice! I can do shouts and screams!*
No. If your name isn’t Klaus Meine, or better yet, Jon Bon Jovi, don’t bother!

"Rock you like a hurricane"

Q: What does the #000000 in "My Soul in #000000" mean? Why is it sometimes translated to "My Soul in Black"?
The hexadecimal color number for “Black” is “#000000”, I’m a nerd remember?

Q: Here Richard got a live 
Ok, I admit it. My name is Thomas Oliver and I’m the White Ranger of MMPR. I thought all evidence of that was destroyed long ago as it’s connected with my shady past but as you did find this video I’ve decided to come clean. I lost my “White Tiger-Falcon Power Coin” in a game of Texas hold 'em through so there won’t be a lot of morphin here around anytime soon unfortunately.

The White Power Ranger

Q: I want to ask you a… small/big favour? o.0 here it is.. to finish my English lessons at school (yeah I’m 15 years old ehh...) I have uuhm.. To speak with my English teacher about an… subject? About whatever I like to talk about.. here it is.. I have to bring a text of the length of 1 A4 about anything I like .. I wanted to do it just about metal but than came with the idea to do it about The Unguided, my question to you... if you will write me like.. A long mail (a4) with stuff about sonic syndicate the break up and of course the awesome start of The Unguided! I know it's a lot of work (if you type fast not so long haha) but it really means something to me and it's an awesome thing to talk about with my English teacher so I have to pass my exams...
No, I won’t do your school work… That would be really unfair to the other kids! Besides isn’t what you’re looking for already in this blog?

Q: How long did you have contact with Roland since he left Sonic? How did you guys come up with the idea to start a new band?
Find the answer in the FAQ here.

Q: I’ve started with screaming vocals in a band, I’ve done it for half a year and I would need some help on how I do it to sound good?
There’s some guidelines in this FAQ here and here that’s all I can offer at this point.

And it goes on and on and on...

Q: Now, I have a question, is in your mind to make a song with The Unguided in Swedish? I mean, I think it could sound great because.. Its your language, and Swedish is a language that it really rocks!! and.. ok, its true that English is an universal language and a lot of people can understand the lyrics better, but I don’t know it could sounds really, really, really great in Swedish. ORIGINAL. ^^
I don’t think I ever want to do a whole song in Swedish. I want everyone to understand what we are on about in the lyrics. But bits and pieces, sure! It is a beautiful, not to forget, a powerful language.

Q: Richard, why do you insist on taunting me with your infrequent posting? I know you're busy, but you DO have a release date for Nightmareland, so most of the work must be done. It's not just the music I want to hear about. How's life? Are you talking to anyone from the old band? What about that new girlfriend of yours? Faithful Darkness? Any little bits of information, I'm sure we'd all be happy to read about.
Just blog more often, man!
A: Ohhhh you wouldn’t imagine! In fact my to-do list is scaring the living hell out of me. I’ve solved that problem though by not looking at it altogether. I don’t even know how it will be possible to work it off during a couple of human life cycles as a matter of fact. Luckily, I’m inhuman, so I’ll be fine! Now when the EP is out we jump right into ALBUM pre-production with THE UNGUIDED. Since this blog is the least beneficial work I do, I must spend time on it when time allows for it. I know Mars (The month, not the planet.) was pretty dry (of water) as far as blog entries went. But I gave you two of them in less than a week at the end of the month to make up for that, hehe.

Life is good! Thanks for asking ;) As for my old band interaction, I wouldn’t say I’m talking with any of them frequently except for Roger of course, but most of us are on good terms. I’m head over heels in my relationship, and we just hit the four months without killing each other checkpoint. Faithful Darkness is going a bit slow as of now seeing there are no upcoming gigs booked, and there’s an inconvenient deadlock between us and the label which we are trying to get out. Also, The Unguided release has taken a lot, if not ALL my attention, lately. Still, we are doing pre-production of songs for upcoming album with Faithful Darkness. Things are moving, just a bit slow.

I would love to blog more often but if I did that I would have no life at all to blog about, to be honest. And I would probably burn-out in the process, hehe. I’m keeping it a bit casual as of now, I still consider it fun and I don’t want to suppress that feeling.

Q: I want to ask yourself sometimes like it goes for you then in such a way, and how does it go in Roland? I have one if she asks to you if you methode would betray:P how you and Roland screamen and growlen have learnt would be really great from you.
Oo Google translate much? Well I sure hope “it” doesn’t go into Roland at all :S

Q: Fast question! Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?
Answer to question in this Q&A.

Q: Can you recommend to me some death metal bands?
There’s one band and one band only you’ll ever need and that’s The Crown! Especially the “Deathrace King” album. Total Satan anarchy motherfucker! Well Amon Amarth is brutal as well. Check out “Versus the World” album.

Q: So, my friends who listen to old rock and metal, say that screaming in songs is retarded, vulgar and its like pigs dying so they make fun of it. I dunno xD I just say they listen to pussy music! :P Well no, I do try to explain that screaming can be very tiring and hard and you need to put your heart into it. It's a way of vocalism. I'd like to ask you for some feedback on this, or a proper way to explain it to them. Since you do screaming vocalist yourself.
First, get yourself new friends! Secondly, explain for your new friends that screaming vocals can only be appreciated if you are sufficiently capable in the head and open for liking it. Actually, I think you have to grow into it to be able to enjoy it at all. It does sound retarded, vulgar and in some rare cases, even like a dying pig for the untrained ear. But for the trimmed ear (No I’m not talking about Evander Holyfield) screaming vocals can capture emotions that are hard to evoke with any other vocal technique. Lay the foundation of this mentality for your new friends from the start and you’ll be good!

Trimmed ear

Q: Was it hence of Nathan the music of Sonic Syndicate got more popish, or was it the whole band that didn’t want screaming vocals?
A: What rock have you been under the last 7 months? Read the first couple of entries of this blog and I’m sure you’ll have your answers.

Looks familiar?

Q: When will The Unguided tour?
Answer in FAQ of this blog.

Q: is there any chance that you visit us in Croatia.. you have lot of funs here.. or is there any chance that we will se you on Brutal Assault. Please answer
I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun there! We won’t activity be looking for gigs ourselves however; your best shot is to have Brutal Assault contact us with a meaty offer so we can use our big red APPROVED / DENIED stamp.


Q: On sonic syndicates MySpace their are photos on their from the love and other disasters tour but their isn't any photos of Roland at all why is this? Also did you ever miss Roland when you went back on tour after he left?
We decided to remove them since we had to work a new singer in; much in the same sense as my pictures is getting removed from the WRTN era now (God bless!). Of course I missed Roland on tour after he left. During our time in the band it was him and me that were the closest to each other, save for my brother.

Q: I wonder if your album will hit the stores or something since I’m not one of the 616. And I really want one!
It’s not an album, it’s an EP. Get it right! And no it won’t come out in your local grocery store. We will however print a jewel case for the people that missed out on the 616 limited jakebox edition. The jewel case will be sold through Despotz records web shop, much like the 616. Actually… EXACTLY like the limited EP. But it won’t be limited; it will be a print on demand kind of deal. 

Q: Will you play Metaltown? :D
A: No

Q: Still only one question remains for this time - any other Russian fans?
A: I don’t know, Are there? Please leave a comment here so we can go to the bottom of this mind fucking mystery!

Tanya, a THE UNGUIDED fan?

Q: I wonder if I can buy a Fallen Angels CD? I don’t know where to get hold of one but I’m really interested in buying one!
There’s an answer to that in this FAQ. And I’m not selling! To be fair three vital pieces of my soul disappeared in the give away of three “Fallen Angels - Extinction” demos in the tattoo awards. But they are in good hands in the top ranks of the army of the unguided. I’m sure they treat them like they where their own children…. right? RIGHT!?

Q: A couple of us on the unguided forums were wondering what the meaning was behind the lyrics of “Crowned in Despair”? Would be brilliant if you could clear that up for us bud!
That song I wrote out from a relationship Roger had a long time ago funny enough and not one of my own. I felt she was treating him bad, so I wrote the lyrics out from that. I wouldn’t want to expand more detailed on it because it’s really none of my business. If you want to make it easy for me, and if I were to describe her in one word I’d say; BITCH!

Crowned In Despair

Q: Also, if you could be such a nice person for a fan ...... you got the tabs for red eyed friend? I'm struggling learning it especially the solo! haha :) Please?
For tabs on the song bug [email protected] and for the solo [email protected]

Q: have you heard about bands such as; Bring me the horizon, Asking alexandria, Escape the fate, Of mice and men, We came as romans and not to forget, the Norwegian band KVELERTAK :D ? If you have, what do you think of that style of music :) ?
I’ve only heard Bring me the horizon. Bought their latest album and think it’s quite tasty! I’m not familiar to the other bands. Might have heard Escape the fate once or twice but can’t really place them in my overloaded memory bank.

Q: Ok I have an idea for the forum: Put all of the 616 member’s usernames in a special color and identify that they are one near the rank and does the fact that the tattoo contest is over mean you'll enact my idea of the forum contest? Will the winner get to be a moderator?
That sounds like one hell of a job. How are we to control if you where a licensed 616 agent or just a prankster? We wouldn’t want to risk giving someone outside the 616 a SPECIAL colour now would we?! Horrid thought indeed! Something I most definitely would lose sleep over. I’d say if you got your fancy agent number, why not slap it into your avatar picture or signature on the forum? The winners of the coming contest will gain the rank “Centurion” if they have a forum user name, an and something more depending on if they are 1,2 or 3 in the competition. The winner will not gain moderator privilege on the forum.

Q: How can I use the font on the logos and website where it says army of the unguided?
The font is called: “L’Elf Noir du mal” and was used for the “Eden Fire” release back in 2005, and now as well on “Nightmareland” EP. Emil found the font again since I lost it several years ago. Can be downloaded here.

: Just a random question that's on my mind for some time... What is this "Eden Fire" thing on Denied's chorus? Is some kind of metaphor or a direct reference to Eden Fire album?
(or none of those, maybe...)
A: “Denied” is based on the same subject as ”Jailbreak”, ”Enhance my nightmare” and ”History repeat itself” from the ”Eden Fire” album. Actually the EF songs sets the story off and “Denied” and “Enclave” concludes it. Therefore I put an EF reference in the song same goes with "Aftermath" where the second verse revolves around the chapters of EF.

Q: Will ”Nightmareland” be avalible on iTunes?
(or available digitally anywhere?)
It’s both on iTunes and! And probably up on your favorite torrent site as well: link
iTunes link

Q: Und weil du ja etwas Deutsch sprichst wollte ich fragen:
Guckst du "Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother" und "Southpark"?
Ich liebe diese Serien und gucke sie natürlich(!) nur auf Englisch.
Ich möchte einen affe gesessen mit mein slange. Das is spaz, Achtung! Ehm, I’ve not seen BBT and HIMYM but I’ve sure studied South Park a lot!

Q: So in this picture. The caption states ""Rich" Finally got my hands on that sexy shirt ;) I'm one of the 616 \m/" And there were 616 available to the public... Does that mean that there are actually 617? Or more? Sweet Jesus...
How silly this even may sound I did actually order one of the 616 packages myself. I always do that! Whatever expenses YOU get to suffer through, I sure as hell want to inflict on my private economy as well. There is no I in TEAM is there now?

Q; What are you screaming in the beginning of Green Eyed Demon (00:13) i don't understand the words
First lyric line of the song: “Another angel falls”. Check your ears, it’s perfectly understandable! :P hehe

Q: Will you give us the Lyrics for Pathfinder in your next blog? :)
Done! They are also to be found at

Q: Drum assistance: John Bengtsson? John was your drummer? Are you in good terms with him? You said you haven't any problems with him but you said also that you aren't serious if John thinks the same about you.
Yeah! Jet Lee recorded the drums; John assisted him with massage, as well as holding him back when he tried to dropkick the China cymbal during several occasion under the session. And in the real world Roger wrote the drums firsthand but then we asked John to look them over and put his own magic touch to them. We are on good terms yes, and I believe it’s mutual.

Strong so he can hit the snare harder

Q: Who did play the bass?^^
Jonas Kjellgren nailed the bass on the songs. Five minute job for him! He’s so good he nailed it faster than the actual song durations.

Q: I have one question, Is it you that sing in this song?
That’s correct! That’s one of the songs we are remaking for The Unguided now as well.

Q: Can you or have you tabs for one or maybe both songs? It woot be so great to play this songs on my Guitar.
Ask Roger at [email protected]

Q: Hey do you think I would ever be able to meet you? Your like my freaking idol and you have inspired me. That would be awesome! I live in Texas so I would have to go on vacation in Sweden in the summer. Maybe I could pack peanut butter and jellies and take a UPS truck to your house.... That would also be awesome! On a serious note, do you think I could actually meet you?? You are my hero like no joke!! It could be a scheduled playdate....
A: Come to Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle / Sweden 7 July and we’ll high five, TWICE! One high and one low five. And then we gorge ourselves in peanut butter and jellies out from each others belly bottoms!

You know what time it is...

Q: I saw in one of your blog posts you mentioned you liked the new Rise Against album-just wondering if you could expand on that? It just seems so odd that you would like that genre because it seems pretty far off from everything else you listen to :s
Rise Against is like one of my favourite bands since I bought Siren Song of the Counter Culture back in 2004. Have bought every album since! Love the vocals, lyrics and the music is quite good as well. Even if I’m not all into that political propaganda I think Tim McIlrath addresses a lot of valid issues in his lyrics and captures them in a clever way with his raw voice. His lyrics in combination with his gritty voice were what won me over to like Rise Against. Their latest effort “Endgame” is going hot in my car at the moment.

Q: When you did your first gig in Apelskolan, I remembered that you specifically said that Carl-Axel was your source of inspiration (haha). Was it because of the thousands of vocabulary homework that makes you just want to hug him ;D But epic performance otherwise, it was way better when you just performed songs from Eden Fire. Apelskolan-Gamma for life!
Carl-Axel whipped me into good shape with his English teachings and set the foundation for my lyrical career. I’d say I owe him a lot. A thorough but righteous teacher! If more teachers would be like him today I’d say kids would get more out of school than they do now.

Righteous as a Paladin!

Q: But the main reason why I write this mail is an idea: The songs Red Eyed Friend and Blue Eyed Fiend didn't only match because of the colour but also because of the similarity with Fiend and Friend (also In Flames played with that in their song F(r)iend) so my suggestion: The next "Eyed" song could be names "*Colour* Eyed Angel", then there would be 2 matching "Eyed" songs by Sonic Syndicate and two of them by The Unguided.
I’ve already drawn up some lyrical ideas for a new “Eyed” song, be very certain of that. Actually that was planned before I even wrote Green Eyed demon that I wanted a contrast to it in the same sense as Red Eyed Friend and Blue Eyed Fiend.

Q: Do you have any tips for me how I can lean to scream/growl?
Once again! There’s some guidelines in this FAQ here  and here that’s all I can offer at this point.

Q: Are the numbers on the packages in the same order as the packages were ordered?
That means the first who has ordered his package has the number 1 and so on..
A: No! That would not be very logistically logical. EP No.1 could as well be the person that ordered last for example. But I do think the record label is sporting all the sneaky numbers as 1 and 616! Or do we have the 616th one in the fan midst? Let me know! (Poster numbers does NOT count)

Q: Did Roland do the solo on pathfinder?
Yes! He made that up in like ten minutes. Brilliant!

Q: Since I have huge respect for you and the band I removed the YouTube clips of the songs! But when is it okay to put them up there again? My thought was to share the music you do since not everyone could get hold of one of the 616 copies.
Let us handle the marketing and I’ll let you handle the listening, ok? When there’s no pressure on the digital sales (which there still is) or official videos featuring the songs, I wouldn’t mind YouTube clips anymore. As of now I do mind it. And if I see clips on YouTube that is just high quality rips, including download link and no reference to iTunes or Amazon where people can buy the tracks. I will take action towards it. People not getting hold of one of the 616 copies is not an excuse since the upcoming jewel case and iTunes / Amazon is available to everyone. 

Q: Tad drunk what was the song green eyed demon about for you on the surface it seemed to be about Nathan, Robin or leaving Sonic maybe all 3 bet people aren't leaving you alone now eh?
Green Eyed Demon is not about any individuals in Sonic Syndicate or people connected to the band. It is, however, about an individual.

Q: hey Rich, I’ve decided to do a biography on my favourite vocalist of all time, being you. Could you please send me some info about yourself like where you grew up, DOB, childhood and teenage years, and any other cool things about you? I will be sure to send you the PowerPoint presentation when I’m done. Thx so much
I’d love to help, but there’s really nothing cool about me. I was rocketed to Earth as an infant around 1984-05-28 by my scientist father Tor-Björn, moments before my own planet’s destruction. Then discovered and adopted by the Sjunnesson family in small village called Ätran on the west coast of Sweden. Very early I started to display superhuman abilities, which upon reaching maturity I resolved to use for the benefit of humanity. Well, something in the lines of that.

Richard Sjunnesson

Q: How do you find it you doing all the screaming vocals now? I remember reading that Roland will only be doing clean vocals as screaming kind of effect his voice. Either way the songs are coming out excellent :D
I don’t think screaming vocals would affect his voice but he hasn’t done it since he left Sonic Syndicate. So we rolled with this formula on the Nightmareland EP. There’s no decision of what we do in the future however. I find this cool though! The little parts I had in Sonic Syndicate was a walk in the park compared to what I have to shoulder in The Unguided and Faithful Darkness now days and I feel I’m developing that as well.

Q: Also, how do you find your screaming has changed since Fallen Angels? I mean listening back, I find your vocal now much better than then. They come out more aggressive, louder and clearer (in a good way). I’m not saying that Eden Fire was bad, because it wasn’t, but I find your recently albums and performances more fluid, I can hear the vocals over the music more and your screaming is well. AMAZING :)
I’ve developed my technique a lot during the years and it was not nearly as refined as it is today during the Fallen Angels and Eden Fire days. But some like the old and some like the new. I know this is better for my voice and feels more natural so that’s what I’m going for. In the end it comes down to doing this and sustaining it during a long, long periods of my life and then I want to stick with a technique that I’m comfortable with.

I have noticed that in your family there is a deep passion for naming the boys something that starts with the letter “R”. Richard Sjunnesson, Roger Sjunnesson, Robin Sjunnesson, Robert Sjunnesson (Roland Sjunnesson?). Is this a family tradition of yours?
Roland Sjunnesson? How do we solve that!? Possibly could force my sister into marriage with him or something. I think the “R” deal was a deliberate scheme in the family, yes.

Q: Do you guys need a third guitarist? I work for food and shelter, and I’m pretty good at guitar hero too ;) nah, I’m not… BUT, you guys are a huge source of continuing inspiration! Keep it coming!
Not interested! What we do need is a manager that takes 20% of all our income! You know where to find one of these?

Good manager

Q: Are you going to aim to have an album out for the unguided by the end of the year? Or do you thing that with recent delays for “Nightmareland” that it’s likely to come out next year?
If the album doesn’t come out this year it will not be because “Nightmareland” was delayed. The only delay I possibly might see is financial reasons for a big production like an album. So it’s largely dependent on how much we can gain in digital sales and jewel case sales. Meaning the ball is in your corner as well. Actively spread those iTunes & Amazon links around and phase this up! We are still aiming for a 2011 album release. Whether that’s realistic or not is still under consideration.

Q. I’m asking if I would be able to join the web team that I just heard about on YouTube, I think it would be a fun experience for me!
We’re always looking to expand our web-team with competent people. If you are interested, mail something about yourself and what exactly you could do for us to [email protected]

Q: I am a poet/lyricist and I can say that you’re my idol for writing stuff. When did you discover your talent for song writing?
As far as I remember I always enjoyed writing. And over the years I’ve progressively become better at it as well. I’m a dreamer and spend a lot of time trying to figure out shit. Life is my biggest inspiration.

How has school treated you?
Good! I was sick of it the last three years though and found it more interesting to chase after girls and getting myself in trouble than to solder circuit cards however.

Getting in trouble > Solder

Q: In a drinking contest between you, your brother and Roland...who would win? O.o
I’m pretty confident I would lose. Roger probably second and Roland would be king of the hill by a landslide.

Q: Are you fans of Bullet for My Valentine ?
A: I really enjoyed “The Poison” album. Had a lot of good moments with that! But after that it felt like they went into a downward spiral with every album they released. Last effort I’ve not giving much attention at all to be fair. I’m not a fan no, I’m a fan of “The Poison” album if any.

Q: If you had to someone in your lifetime who would it be?
If I had to, what? Kill someone? I would seal Jar Jar Binks fate right away with a Desert Eagle.

Q: Do you want to be a character in Mortal Kombat? What would be your finishing move?
My custom made Mortal Kombat character would look like one of the creatures from the “Nightmareland” cover artwork (Raziel?) decked out in Scorpions outfit. Blue colour setup would probably be optimal but Scorpion > Sub-Zero obviously. The character would have a “soulstealing-ice-kunai” finishing move! Multiple ice kunais attached with chains would shoot out from the back of the character; spawn style and impale the opponent. Absorb his soul; freeze his blood and ultimately haul in the enemy to be shattered with an inhuman shriek at close proximity. The shattered pieces would then be used as ice-cubes in a Piña Colada for the character to enjoy after the “Fatality!” wording fades.

Scorpion Rulez

Q: I'm a guitarist so.....what would in your opinion be the best solo you ever heard?
A: I never was a huge solo fan; it’s something I’ve learned to enjoy later in my musical journey. I never disliked them or thought they were unnecessary in anyway, but I guess I’m just a more vocal kind of guy. A solo that struck me hard and I still does thinking about it is “Iron Maiden – Afraid to shoot stranger” around 02:44 if that counts as a solo. I prefer melodic, emotional solos with more vibe over shredding out of control ones.

Q: Will THE UNGUIDED be collaborating with Hollowcall in the near future?
Nothing planned as of now but I’d gladly help them out myself with guest vocals for upcoming stuff from the Hollowcall camp. Had great fun with the last session! And I think the song came out really good.

Q: Who wins in Guitar or Roland? :S 
Me, obviously! I think the fact that he’s a guitarist will betray him in that game and it’s easier for non guitarist to just follow the dots like a dribbling retard. That will work to my advantage!

Q: Any comments about Japan? 
The recent events have affected me a great deal. And I think these kinds of disasters will pick up rapidly during our lifetime. There’s already a recorded obvious up going trend of these happenings which is really scary. My view of nuclear power is that in a way we are trying to play God. Containing powers that we don’t really have the means to control is something I consider being lunatic, not to say blatantly stupid. I don’t care how much megawatt we pull out from these reactors when they all are competent destroyers of our planet. What’s more stupid than that is to put nuclear reactors at / nearby continental margins which is unstable to begin with? Now that’s mankind in a nutshell, portraying her convenient short-term “solutions” at its best. I feel greatly for the innocent people in Japan being exposed to this catastrophe and the ones that suffered loss of close and loved ones. I’m not even upset anymore over that you get all the cool bonus songs on album; you deserve it for having a government that can’t take care of its people in a proper way and structure their industry to your and the planet’s favor.


Q: Do you like curry and roti? 
Roti? Is that like Pita bread? I do like curry, never had in combination like that I believe. Can you fax some over?

Q: What is your favourite game in the whole world? I nominate Call of Duty 4. 
I guess I have to roll with World of Warcraft since it kept my attention for 6 years. I don’t know if that’s just sad, but to be honest it has given me a lot and I love Blizzards games.  I’ve had my best virtual moments ever in WoW during all my years of gaming. Even if I didn’t play for quite some while now I know I will again. It’s like that with that game isn’t it? You don’t ever quit, you just take shorter/longer breaks and then the urge comes back hehe.

Q: I have a simple request.....look on the world map....try to find Trinidad and Tobago just to know that you have fans all the way here. HINT: Caribbean (Yeah I know you can just Google it lol)
I salute you Islander from a very distant part of the world! I’ve goggled your lovely islands and they both look fabulous. If I go on vacation there can I crash on your sofa?

Packing my bags

Q: So where did you get the inspiration for Green Eyed Demon's lyrics? 
Same Ol'! Relationship drama! In this case revolving around jealousy.

Q: After the release of Nightmareland when can we expect complete world dominance? And r u making an album with Faithful darkness?
The world dominance part is up to you really! We want dedicated fans. Go find them for us! Break them down, brainwash them, and build them up to be one in the unguided army. We will together do this world to a better place hehe. We’re doing pre-production of a new Faithful Darkness album, that’s correct.

Q: Hi, Richard! You wrote your fan from Russia. You know that you are loved and respected. Your visit to Russia leaves an indelible impression. I have a suggestion for you. I think all fans of Russia would like to hear the new album Nightmareland song, sung in Russian. That would be just super! On behalf of all Russian fans ask you about it! Well? I hope your deal! Good luck!
So we have Russian fans after all?! Case closed, mystery solved! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m sure all Northpoleic fans would like to hear it in... whatever language they now talk. Doesn’t mean we can enter the studio every time and record the vocals over and over in different languages. We’ll be sure to sub-title the album for you. Good luck right back!

No breakdance?

Q: I had one more forum idea for maybe since the forum has gotten a good amount of members we could have different divisions of the army as in something
like air force, marines, snipers, ground forces. That would be pretty cool in my opinion. Sorry to waste your time.
Please don’t waste my time... just kidding! >=) I think it’s a cool idea with different divisions. But I do want everything to be in line with whatever artwork and such we have now. My mind would be very disappointed with me if we were not to stay on route with the current direction. These ideas sound a bit too “modern” to complete that criterion in my book. But then again there are only two kinds of divisions and people. Either you are one of the 616, or you’re NOT one of the 616! It’s as simple as that.

Q: Have you ever seen Karin in the nude?
Yes? How was it?
You should be ashamed of yourself and have your head examined. I saw her as my own sister in the band. She probably saw us naked all the time though! That’s what we liked to do, run around as the lord himself created us backstage and yell four letter words!

Q: And will there be instrumentals of the EP?
We kind of had an idea of that for the jewel case. But we scratched that for two reasons. Reason number one being that we didn’t want to have the jewel case to include more content than the limited 616 edition. Reason number two was that if we would do instrumental versions a new master would come with that, and to manufacture a new master would be more expensive than printing up a whole batch of jewel case CDs. So it would kind of undermine the whole idea since its purpose is sorely to gain money towards the album production. Maybe we release them digitally in the future, who knows? WHY DON’T YOU WANT VOCALS ON THE SONGS ANYWAY?! HURTING NOT ONLY MY OWN BUT ROALAND’S FEELINGS AS WELL YOU EMTIONLESS MANSWINE!...

Q: I want to buy your Nightmareland EP, but I missed the 616 copies at Despotz Records. If I buy your two Songs at "" as an MP3, will you get the money? I want to support the band, that´s why I asked.
All purchases on iTunes and Amazon will benefit the project and the album production. The money comes right back to us.

Q: When can I get a new CD of your EP, because it feels just better if I have something to watch on :)
Jewel case version!

Q: Onwards to my question: Gigs! Will you do any gigs in Karlstad or nearby? When!?
A: There are no gigs booked for THE UNGUIDED except for the Gävle gig at Getaway rock festival as of now.

Q: When does the album come out?

A: When we can pay for the production of it. Meaning spread the iTunes, Amazon purchase and Jewel case order links!

Q: How did you meet Roland and how'd you start screaming?
Read the FAQ here about info regarding how I and Roland met. I started with screaming vocals 2002 and there’s a point about how I commenced my screaming carrier in the FAQ here.

Q: Really looking forward to the full-length release... Anything you want to tell us about that? Are these two songs going to be on it? Have you written any new material? How is it going with the re arranging on the old tracks? Sorry man, I'm super excited about this!
Green Eyed Demon will probably be on the album, in a new mix I assume. We want the EP to be somewhat special as well, so we don’t want to put both songs on the album. We have tons of new material that we are working through now, doing pre-production and whatnot. The old Fallen Angels tracks are going to be re-worked heavily. I’ve recently done vocal pre-production on “Betrayer of the code” it and its miles away from the original demo. It’s featuring clean vocals as well. Roger did a huge musical facelift on it and I’ve done the same with the vocals. I’ve saved some parts here and there to still make it recognizable however for any diehard fan. The lyrics are almost completely rewritten save for the pre-chorus and start of chorus. But it’s based around the same theme as the original. It was really interesting to write out from that formula and it felt like a bit of a time travel for me. I’m looking forward to do the two other tracks as well!

Time travel

Q: I'm a bit confused concerning THIS Sonic Syndicate release...  ? As far as I knew, the single version if Burn This City in 2009 was released as a single, not the album version in 2010?
That’s definitely the album version of “Burn This City” listening to the preview. I think BTC was still considered an “album” single with the video and all 2010 even if we had done a race with the single back in 2009 when it was originally recorded.

Q: Who was the one playing drums on Nightmareland EP, because I've seemed to read John Bengtsson somewhere?
John looked over the drums but he did not record them. Jet Lee played the drums on the EP. For you who are not familiar to Mr.Lee, I can reveal to you that he’s is featured in various martial art oriented and violent movies. While not being a professional session drummer he’s namely very dedicated to his side job as an actor. Be sure not to miss his upcoming blockbuster “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”! (Remember where you read it first!)

Q: Explain to me, what really the difference and maybe why there is a difference between BURN THIS CITY EP and REBELLION EP? That just confuses me all the time... As I bought the Rebellion Pack it clearly states BURN THIS CITY, and as far as I've found on the Ethernet I can't seem to find the exact REBELLION EP, help please?
I will walk you through this confusion! “The Rebellion Pack” is BURN THIS CITY EP and LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS LP wrapped up in paper and plastic together. There was never a Rebellion EP.

Q: Could you explain what exactly Nightmareland is? As this is a subject you've now dedicated a whole EP to in The Unguided and in Sonic Syndicate as well (?). Do you have a story behind this place? "We are laving Nightmareland to pursue our dreams"? Or is it just as simple as going through a though time, or is it more complex than that?
I don’t know what the fuck it is, but I’m sure as hell leaving it! Just kidding ;) It’s a bit subjective since it can have different meaning for different people. It also had different meanings to me during the times the two different songs were featured, but they both deal with the same metaphoric word “Nightmareland”, something I considered tied to negativity. “Rebellion in Nighmareland” is not in any sense the same “country” as the issue I refer to in the “Pathfinder” lyric line: “When I found the passage out of nightmareland” for example (Even if PF is the lyric sequel to RIN). I guess that line had to do with me leaving the band. The fact that I left the band opened a lot of doors for me in terms of functionality in my life. It even paved way for my current relationship. The “Nightmareland” in the outro of “Pathfinder” could mean a couple of things. I guess one obvious one would be me and Roland both left the band to go after what we thought was more meaningful musically and to do that in a healthy convenient environment. The other one could be me and my current partner both left two bad relationships to make on good together.

To sum this up:  To me it meant all the negativity I was living in during the time. For example the deal with the band and an unhealthy relationship, it caused me a lot of unfavorable emotions and made me unhappy. In RIN it was a desirable, yet consciously dysfunctional state I was refereeing to. The EP cover artwork portrays the unguided army leaving the cold harsh wastelands of “Nightmareland”.

Q: How did it go with the video shoot with Patric, did it ever happen/is it ever going to happen?
We are working with someone for an upcoming video most likely it will be “Green Eyed Demon” to start with. We want to do videos for both EP songs. The current director is not Patric. We would gladly work with him in the future though.

Q: Who were the musical COMPOSERS on Nightmareland? I know that you are the lyricist, but was it all Roger behind the main composing as usual, or did Roland contribute more than usual this time around?
Roger was the main composer. But we all brought our ideas to the songs. Roland composed the solo. It was pretty much how we usually work in our own organic way.

Q: Live performance... will Roland sing AND play the guitar live, or will you guys recruit a session member for that as well as the bass and drums? On that note, anyone in mind by now for the summer festival your playing in Sweden?
Roland will multitask and both sing and play guitar live, I’m looking forward to that. It will be awesome! We will have session members for bass and drums. But they will probably be fixed “session” members. We have both a drummer and bassist set for the summer festival.

Q: Have you signed a deal with Despotz Records for the full-length as well, or was it only for the Nightmareland release?
Not yet, but we will be doing that. They have taken good care of us and let us do exactly what we want. They handled this EP release without any penalty points and I’m sure they will do an extraordinary good job with the album as well.

Q: Just wondering that you think of the Norwegian rock/metal/hardcore scene? Have you heard of any of these bands (I will not even include Dimmu Borgir for obvious reasons).
In case you haven't heard of them I'll put a YouTube link under:
I will listen to all this and rate it on a scale to 1-5. 1 = TERRIBAD, 5 = TERRIGOOD:
Sanity Shed 
2/5 (That video made me lol)
Benea Reach 3/5
The Box of Mothers 2/5 (Love how they film how people are leaving their concert)
55 Escape 4/5 (That dual vocal setup made as much sense here as having two vocalists on WRTN)
Quiritatio 2/5
Torch 4/5 (I recognize those guys, I wonder if we played with them live)
In Grief 3/5
Betablok 2/5
Acid Garden 3/5
Kvelertak 2/5
Keep of Kalessin 4/5
Insense 3/5
Taliban Airways [my music teacher, lol] 2/5 (Lol indeed)
El Caco 3/5
Pravus 2/5

Sanity Shed, Betablok, Quiritatio, In Grief, Pravus and Acid Garden are some really good local bands. :)

Q: 55 Escape has a harsh and clean singer like The Unguided and Sonic Syndicate. Although, their harsh singer only is there to say a word or two in each song. What do you think of that? I don't think it's good to have a full-time harsh vocalist if his only part is to sing "hey, yo" or whatever...
He should find himself a new job.

Find a job you love

Q: Another question that came to my mind when I read the inside of the EP and realized that Roland also played the guitar. Who did the guitar solo in Pathfinder? Roger or Roland?

Q: I’ve tried to find Fallen Angels songs on YouTube but it’s not working very well for me, please advice!

A: Fallen Angels – Fall from heaven (2003), Black Lotus (2003) and Extinction (2004) can be downloaded here (64,7mb).

Q: Have you heard the new Hollywood Undead album "American Tragedy"? (if yes) What do you think of it? And what do you think about the departure of Deuce and the arrival of Danny?
Oh I missed out on this one. Was not out when we toured with them back in 2009. Listening to “Been to hell” on Spotify now, sounds pretty cool! So the clean singer Danny is a member now then? As far as I understand he was just session vocalist for the tour we did. Liked his voice though! Can’t tell whether I prefer him over Deuce or not from just listening to one song. “Swan songs” were pretty solid after all!

Q: First: How is to work with the mighty Peter Tagtgren? I think he is a genius, and I really love his vocals on Pathfinder!
That was a little dream of my own coming true actually! I’ve always loved everything Peter done from Hypocrisy, Pain to Bloodbath and I’ve looked up to him for as long as I remember. Whatever he touches turns to gold! And “Pathfinder” was not in any sense an exception on that rule. His vocals on “Pathfinder” were a bit of a hit/run deal for him I guess. He was busy mixing the upcoming Pain album “You Only Live Twice” while we asked him to put some of his screams on our song. So it was a fast drive-by screaming from his side hehe. But it meant a lot for me!


Q: I would like to ask you how and where I could buy t shirt and album of the unguided (are you really Richard Sjunnesson, the former harsh vocalist of sonic syndicate? is this really your personal mail?).
The t-shirts we recently printed were sorely for the purpose of the limited 616 edition of “Nightmareland”. But there will be more shirts in the future, don’t you worry about that! I guess the fact your mail ended up here answered your other questions.

Q: Will the album “We rule the night” by any chance will be on iTunes if you have any clue because in “Revolution, baby!” your screaming is as always amazing!
It is already one iTunes, you can find it here? It could be restricted to some countries though. I know it’s not out in the US physically so if you are from there maybe it doesn’t show up there for you.

Q: Anyways, to get to the point. It'd be amazing if you guys could release tab sheets for the intstruments of Nightmareland! Just a small hint, and I'd love it if it'd happen ^^
-> [email protected]

Q: I'm a huge fan of ex Sonic Syndicate, you and now of The Unguided. I've listened to the preview of the Nightmareland EP and it sounds really good! Nearly better than old Sonic Syndicate! ;) I am interested in having a physical copy of the EP, but unfortunately I've not managed to be one of the very lucky 616! Is there any opportunity to get the EP in another way? If so can you please tell me how?
There’s a jewel case “Nightmareland” EP being put out as we speak! Just follow this blog and I’ll keep you updated. If you want direct news follow my official fan facebook or The Unguided official facebook.

Q: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nuclear Blast doesn't own the rights to the Fallen Angels demos, do they? If not, I'm sure both me and the whole Unguided Army would love to see a release of all the three demos separate or as a compilation on Despotz! Is this anything that could be possible or already in the works?
Sonic Syndicate and Pivotal Rockordings own the rights to the songs featured on “Eden Fire” which would mean we can’t do shit with the “Black Lotus” and “Extinction” demos. “Fall from heaven” was never re-recorded however, and that’s why we have decided to revisit them now.

Q: Faithful Darkness, the name. Could you explain why they removed the extra l that used to be in FaithfulL Darkness, explain please? Difference and stuff..
That was a typo from their side. I think they even registered “” hehe. Or maybe it was a Marianne Faithfull tribute. Both are equally stupid!

Faithfull Blondness

Q: Do you know about Wacken metal masters? it is the chance for a young band to make it to wacken open air! You should check it out here. what do you think about it? Would be cool to see you guys in Wacken (because I’m not able to see you in getaway rock festival...)
If they don’t mail us with an offer we’re not interested. It’s in particular uninteresting to go via some kind of demo band contest to play there.

Q:  I've been looking all over the internet but can't find any place that sells your necklace (Number 4: POLICE Necklace: Razor). I think it is really cool and would like to buy one myself.
Can't find it on Klockmaster. Would appreciate a direct link. Hope you can help me out :)
Found it at here.

Q: Dude, how should I say green eyed demon and blue eyed fiend in swedish, this google translator sucks... :DDD
Grönögd Demon

Q: I have a question how did you learn to Growl would you be nice to write it for me because I want to be vocal in a metal band too
There’s some guidelines in this FAQ here and here.


  • björn säger:
    2011-04-14 | 01:58:59

    Går inte att välja ju :Q båda har sin charm ,pathfinder har ett skit skönt solo, medans green eyed demon har bättre gitarr riffs,

  • heishell säger:
    2011-04-14 | 06:39:21

    Comment? Ok.

    Russian fans are uncountable as an army of the horde, fuck, yеah!

    \../, >_< ,\../

  • Alex säger:
    2011-04-14 | 13:10:16

    Håller med Björn jag, det är sjukt svårt att välja men jag tror ändå att jag tycker att Green Eyed Demon är aningen bättre. ;)

  • Ricsi (Santa Syndicate) säger:
    2011-04-14 | 14:26:50

    I love both tracks but Green Eyed Demon in the first place. The intro is really mind-blowing. Roland's voice at 0:15 - that's fucking magic. The chorus is great. Just like Pathfinder's chorus and I like the solo.

  • Anonymous säger:
    2011-04-14 | 21:39:26

    I like Green Eyed Demon much more..

    Heres my critical:

    Green Eyed Demon is more melodic and the solo is a new and interesting thing, but I think it works well. I think that in the quest to be epically BRUTAL on Pathfinder and on the EP in general you lose some of the epic symmetry that you and Roland have down so well. That being said I don't think that more soft vocals are needed but I think that a better combination of the two would be ideal. I understand Roland did guitars but I feel like The Unguided does to his voice as SS did to yours. Roland is an fantastic guitarist but It seems like a waste to neglect his fantastic voice as well. Other then that it [the EP] is perfect. 4.9/5

  • AmexV säger:
    2011-04-15 | 19:22:48

    Ricsi, thats Rich not roland :p

    i think Pathfinder is the better one it's a 5/5 and GED is a 4/5 it gets a bit to weak at the end =/

  • Alexander0125 säger:
    2011-04-16 | 04:34:02

    How about Misanthropic Coil,a remake of that on this upcoming album?

    I came into SS because of that song The lyrics,the guitar and especially the vocals WILL I GET MORE OF THAT?

  • Tompa säger:
    2011-04-17 | 02:36:28

    It's impossible to choose seriously. The intro and the guitar-riffs are better in Green Eyed Demon. But I find the outro and chorus better in Pathfinder.

    I guess I must choose Pathfinder, as I am able to identify my own life with the lyrics so god damn precise. It feels like you've portrayed my life ^^

    Summary: Pathfinder 5.0, Green Eyed Demon 4.9

  • Anonym säger:
    2011-04-18 | 00:10:55

    I think Pathfinder is the better song, because i like the change between clean vocals and screaming

  • Anonym säger:
    2011-04-18 | 02:38:25

    I think Pathfinder is the better one, because i like the change of clean volcals and scream.

  • Vagohid säger:
    2011-04-18 | 16:09:24

    Both are very good but I would choose Green Eyed Demon. Its lyrics are incredibly awesome and it has just got itself in my head.

  • Ricsi (Santa Syndicate) säger:
    2011-04-18 | 19:10:16


    I mean the another angel FAAAAAALLSSS part :) The clean vocals by Roland.

  • Mikaela säger:
    2011-04-24 | 22:31:47

    Det gick bra.

    Jag mötte honom i gårkväll och han var i sitt livs form.

    Och between oss bloggare, han verkar jää-äävligt sympatisk!

  • AmexV säger:
    2011-04-26 | 02:31:16

    there are no clean at 0:15 just rich beeing awesome

  • Tom/Zlimpy säger:
    2011-11-18 | 20:59:19

    "Sjunnessonprenounciation.mp3" <- Epic

    "Foreplay, you're doing it wrong" HAHAHAHAHHA

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