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While I was busy getting in shape for the swift approaching studio recording, and moving objects in my apartment solely with the force of my voice, an awaited mail dropped down like a nuclear air strike in my inbox. It stated that the exclusive summer show, and premiere gig for THE UNGUIDED, is now confirmed and announced! So the honor to take this vessel on its virgin live voyage will entirely be in Getaway Rock Festival (Gävle, Sweden) hands! We couldn’t be happier than to just place this prestigious task in their very trustful cradle. Clear your schedule the second week of July, buy yourself a ticket, and attend this magical event with us. Let’s make this premiere a day to remember. Let this premier stand for a new beginning, and a symbol of what has joined every one of us together during all these years. Besides, GRF is one of the leading festivals in Sweden, and has advanced to that in the impressive duration of only a year in existence. I expect an attendance from fans around the world the size of the pilgrimage to Mecca (hehe). The army of The Unguided, that’s your que. Now, deploy!

Get on your way to Getaway!

Speaking of premieres, I will have my own little live premier with my other (and new) band Faithful Darkness, where I’m officially now a permanent and proud member! We will celebrate this unholy alliance in a fearsome sea campaign and sink the boat Rockbåten M/S Harmony Battleship style. This particular craft is anchored in the harbor of Helsingborg, Sweden. And the piracy will take place on the 25th of February. We’ll be the sinking ship’s band and play the following songs: Fast I sink, Afterlife, Alive?, Stay awake (and abandon ship), among other appropriate songs before we swim to safety. Of course, we would very much like YOU to attend on this very “safe” intimate, and before all, wet evening! Read more here and here.

I had my first rehearsal with the guys in Faithful Darkness just recently. The chemistry was awesome, and I’m not even talking about how it sounded! Both parties agreed that we want nothing else than to take the opportunity presented before us, and see exactly where it leads. We will immediately continue the work on the follow up album to the debut In Shadows Lies Utopia. We will also immediately start the vocal recording of three already finished songs, and get them mixed just to showcase the sound of the band with me behind the mic. I feel strongly for their music, and this will undoubtedly be a very interesting collaboration, which I’m eagerly looking forward to! Here you find our Website, Facebook and Myspace.

Somewhere in Denmark...  

As requested, I launched my own Official Facebook Fan page a couple of days ago. You can find it here. Feel free to add, and abuse me with whatever messages you see fit! The morning after I created the page I woke up to this:

And you ask me about my ego?

Same phenomena I ran into logging onto my World of Warcraft account the other day where I’ve been absent since The Shattering:


My Troll elf rogue Harbinger is as of now level 83 and is hacking his way through all the monstrosities housed at the trembling grounds of Deepholm. He does not like the fact that he has to replace the awesome purples with horrid blues to reach significant item level, but he’ll survive.

I’ve received a lot of requests if I could better showcase what accessories and gear I ornament myself with, so I’m going to expand on that right here for you:


1. POLICE clock: Glory
2. POLICE clock: Axis
3. POLICE ring: Sonic
4. POLICE necklace: Razor
5. POLICE necklace: Megalodon
6. POLICE bracelet: Legend
7. Personal silver ring: "Mind"
8. Personal silver ring: "Soul"
9. Personal silver ring: "Heart"
10. POLICE bracelet: Riot
11. POLICE bracelet: Element X 
12. POLICE bnecklace: Venom
13. POLICE necklace: Rebel
14. Oakley sunglasses: Oil Rig 

And once again, I had fat fingers and emptied my spam inbox by mistake… And once again I’m certain there were valid e-mails in there, so please excuse the mistake, and resend any e-mail that you did not receive reply from around 26/1. Also Nathan, you got virus…NOW, HANDLE IT!

And they said Mac was safe...


Metal Trails
Written Interview:

FAQ Mark X:
I forgot the roman letters in my last FAQ, my apologies.

Q: I just wanted to know what the song 'Psychic Suicide' is about?? Was it based on a past relationship of yours?? Why do you attribute Love to Suicide?? Well it is one of my all time favourites.....

A: Let’s just call her blue eyed fiend from now on, shall we? Since it has been on the table quite a few times now, it’s about time we define it. I also did not realize how many songs I’ve based on that particular story and girl until you guys started to ask questions about it. Anyways! I broke up with her, not for any particular reason other than for the fact we grew apart, and were not compatible anymore. I was, however, deeply entangled emotionally to this individual, and to disconnect was not as easy as I thought it to be. We got involved in a sort of limbo, where we went back and forth into that relationship, wounding each other severely while doing so. Eventually, I met someone else. She was like a carbon copy of the blue eyed fiend visually (this was not the red eyed friend however, hehe). She came from the same sort of drama as me too; so, just replace the blue eyed fiend with some random dude and me with her basically. So, it was natural for us to seek comfort and support in each other. But my feelings did not root in her as they were supposed to, so I hammered a nail in the coffin as well. My reference to love and suicide is not that I wanted to take my life in angst, hence some love story; it was just that the whole situation was extremely mind exhausting and felt like a psychic suicide. Suicide, because of the simple fact it was no one but myself who propelled my mind into unfavourable thinking cycles. And the whole “I don’t care for you anymore, so why don’t you fuck yourself” deal was intended to be a fun twist in it. I didn’t mean to be rude, I merely suggested why don’t you fuck yourself, cause I sure as hell I isn’t going to do it anymore.

Teddy Suicide

Q: Also If you were to record songs From WRTN with Roland again which songs would you do??

A: Clearly the songs Roger and I wrote together. Plans are for People, Break of Day, Dead and Gone, Heart of Eve, and We Rule the Night.

Q: I was listening to my recommended radio on and 'All About Us' started to play.  It got me thinking, what prompted Sonic to re-do a song by t.A.T.u and whose idea was it?
It was Rogers’s idea and he was very persistent in his will to record this. I was not too fond of the cover and I know I was very upset in the studio when we got to this particular song because I thought it was a horrible idea. I even called him up and angrily implied in a yelling language I wasn’t going to do it in a million years. But he somehow convinced me, and the word was that it was supposed to be treated as a Japanese bonus of some sort. As if? Never trust anyone… It ended up on the retail version while awesome tracks like My Soul in Black and Freelancer got to be bonus tracks. I would have picked another cover, and still would hearing the result of All about Us.

Fake lesbians

Q: The names of the songs on the EP. Is the 'Green Eyed demon' like the third part to the other two Eyed songs 'Red eyed Friend' and 'Blue eyed Fiend' ? Just Curious cause it would be cool :)
Blue Eyed Fiend and Red Eyed Friend were never connected lyrically just joined by the titles. Same fact applies on Green Eyed Demon. It will handle a very troublesome emotion called jealousy.

Green Eyed Monster = Jealousy / Envy

Q: You posted in an earlier blog an early suggestion of the Only Inhuman artwork cover. Did any of the other releases also have an alternate version/suggestion you could show of?
Yes, there were quite a few for Only Inhuman but I don’t own the rights to that art in anyway. So, unfortunately, I cannot show you. LOAD didn’t have any alternative art.

Q: You said "Waiting for You to Wake" was basically a heavier version of "Burn This City", how so? Where was it the same and where was it different? Lyrics/structure/tempo etc... ?

A: I did not say it was a heavier version of Burn This City. I said it was; “heavily rearranged vocally”. Look alive, soldier! The transformation from WfYtW to BTC was pretty extensive. Drums, and guitars were rearranged. The “breakdowns” in the chorus were put there instead of open chords, also some guitar harmonies were introduced. Roger also wrote keyboards to it (Except the techno synth in the pre-chorus, which Peter Tätgren wrote). The lyrics and vocal arrangement were revisited in the chorus / pre-chorus. I found that odd because the lyrics for the verses remained unchanged. The old lyrics had total different content than the update, so it occurred to me as a straggly cut and paste job and no significant meaning, but what do I know? That’s about it!

Q: Why did Magnus Svensson, Andreas Mårtensson and Kristoffer Bäcklund leave? And do you know what they're doing now?
Magnus was asked to leave because was not exactly what we were looking for as far as style and musical preference was concerned. Andreas Mårtensson and Kristoffer Bäcklund were asked to leave due to their lack of interest in the band, and abusing our trust in terms of not showing up to rehearsals among other things. They are all admirable people, and there is no bad blood whatsoever now days. We are all on very good terms! Magnus Svensson is a PLC-programmer from what I understand. He even helps me out occasionally with Internet-related technical issues, which is really his area of expertise. Andreas Mårtensson will be graduating soon to become an art teacher. Other than that, I’m not quite updated on his personal life. Kristoffer Bäcklund is the singer of a local band called What Tomorrow Brings, and also a colleague of mine at work.

See what tomorrow brings

Q: Is there a way I could get "The Unguided" logo's font?
The Unguided logo was custom made by Leah Eropkin, and it was never crafted out from any font reference but from an illustration sketch she drew herself. If you want the logo in vector graphics you can download it here.

Q: In the making of WRTN clip. What's the name of the song at 11:25?
A: Aftermath, the verse.

Q: As I re-watched the initial video you made to reveal Roland as the secret entity, I noticed something I previously missed.  Roland crossed out a can of Kronan (can't blame him though, snus should not remind me of pickles) and showed his lovely can of General.  Do you happen to use it as well or is it just him?  If so, what are your favourite brands?  Anything specific you would recommend me trying out?
I don’t take snus, smoke cigarettes, or anything else that is directly harmful to my body really. My standing exception would be alcohol (which I don’t utilize that much now days either, and really strong liquor is healthy!...). If you want to involve yourself in an in-depth discussion about snus I guess you are better off mailing Roland at [email protected].

A NO go!

Q: My question is about the music videos by Patric Ullaeus. I have seen all of the ones he had worked on with Sonic Syndicate, and I enjoyed them all, but there were detrimental sound effects in Burn This City and Jack of Diamonds, specifically in Burn This City, when the news reporter interjects. Were those added in as an afterthought? And will you be including sound effects in your Unguided music videos?
A: Bravo on thinking out the most random question ever! Haha. Mr. Ullaeus added the sound effects in JoD and BTC, yes. They have their function in the videos, and I kind of like them. If the next person wants to add sound effects to a video for The Unguided, we wouldn’t mind, of course.

Q: I wanted to know if you think songs need to rhyme. I noticed that a lot of the EF lyrics did but the other albums don't. I have always felt that rhyming constricts my creativity as a poet. What about you?
I’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about this very subject throughout the years as well. I’m pretty confident in my lyric writing and vocal arrangements as of now, so I don’t find it necessary for them to rhyme in order to give the songs a flow and structure. In the past I put a lot of effort into making lyrics rhyme and therefore cornered myself many times with stupid words instead of meaningful words that would add substance to the content. I try to do it occasionally now as well, but if I feel the rhymes are just a batch of stupid words, I simply don’t go with it. The most optimal, I guess, would be to both house the rhymes while keeping the deep meaning of the lyrics. Maybe I’m just getting lazy over the years, who knows?


Q: What’s your standpoint on downloading of copyrighted material? Both in terms of you doing it yourself and when others download your material?
My view of the matter is that Sonic Syndicate would have been nowhere near where they are today without downloading, and illegal file sharing over the Internet. I have a very optimistic view of it, seeing that money from a band often doesn’t even come from record sales. I never really had anything against it either. Downloading is a inexhaustible well of exposure for up and coming bands, and I think it’s really up to the record label to work with the “problem” instead of working against it by raising the CD cost, or what other absurd action they choose to enforce. In the end, the labels will lose the most money, not the bands. I mean the kids will still show up at the live gigs, and they will buy the merchandise because you can’t download that particular experience. So by all means, download away! If you like the song / album, and it’s digitally available for a small fee lets say on iTunes, or whatever format you prefer, I strongly encourage purchasing it. In the end, that will make life easier and more convenient for everyone. Also, not overpricing digital formats of the music is surely a step in the right direction for labels. Support it if you support music.

I download myself. You steal my music, so rest assured, I will return the favor! Hehe. What I do though, which is a bit unique to a lot of other people, is that I download and listen to the album, and then I will also buy it (physical or digital) if I like the particular effort. Most likely it will be a psychical copy because I like to have it in my car. I mean, ask yourself why should you buy a bad product? It’s like selecting a tomato in the grocery store and then you realize it’s rotten. Would you even consider buying it? Hell no! Why should you do that with music then? There’s an infinite amount of crappy music out there. I don’t want it anywhere near my life, so I find it necessary to make quality spot tests so I know I invest my money into good products and nothing else.


Q: Do you think Spotify is a good way to promote oneself? Did it pull more people to Sonic?
A: When I first heard about Spotify, I thought it was too good to be true really. It was so simple and convenient. Clearly, it was everything the market screamed for. A legal software taking advantage of every law loophole there was to bring free music to the masses. Very clever! I think it’s an awesome way to promote a band, and I wish it was around when we first started to record demos. Whether or not it pulled more people to Sonic is hard to define, seeing that we were already quite big when it launched. But everything adds up, doesn’t it?

Q: Pre-Only Inhuman. Did you ever expect in the band that it would actually go as good as it did back then? I remember a discussion on the old Sonic forum where you hoped to be support for In Flames because they were “big in Sweden.”
A: Not really. We were just making music, and having fun with no expectations at all. I was more of a dreamer, taking interest in the artistic side of the aspect. I was never after anything else than to feed my own inspirational hunger by being creative. Travelling around in Sweden with friends, playing heavy music live, and having a good time—a very unproblematic state of well being. As we grew, along came the administrative bullshit, which spoiled a lot.

Q: I was surprised it was a heart the cyborg-vampire-angel (That was what you called her right? ^^) on the Eden Fire cover was holding. I always thought it was the forbidden apple of Eden!
Interesting, I never thought of it that way. Maybe José did, I’m not quite sure. It makes a lot of sense, though! It probably could go both ways, seeing that it’s art, which has limitless interpretations. I don’t think a heart would be quite as good to chew as the apple of knowledge, however. Or, well, if you were a cyborg-VAMPIRE-angel you would probably prefer the heart.

Apple of knowledge

Q: What is (was) your relationship with Nathan? I read your blog and it look like you don't like the guy and didn't like him from the start.
Incorrect, I did like him. As a matter of fact, he did have a big impact on my life as a friend initially. I think with time in the band he grew pretty confused and insecure which made up for a few distasteful choices from his side. But I don’t blame him for everything that happened at all. Somewhere, I guess I can even find in myself to have acceptance for him again, despite whatever I have written here previously. Even if I’m a hater, I just remain a hater for short bursts and periods of time. In the end, I just want everyone to be happy and have a colourful time in Teletubbyland!

Kinky-winky with friends

Q: Second, since I'm a bass player, is Karin good on the bass?? I mean if she can really play some hard stuff like slap or something because I never seen her without pick....From my experience, pick style on bass is the easiest way of playing.....
I wouldn’t know. I’m a singer. What the fuck is a bass anyway, some kind of fish?

Largemouth Bass!

Q: Last question, will The Unguided have some good bass lines?? Because (sorry if this is insult, it was not meant to be) I think the bass in Sonic was kind of easy, straightforward and it didn't even shown in the music so much....I think you did great music back then!! But I really missed some bass parts.....but what the hell, maybe there's a problem with my ears!!!! :)
I’m sure there will be extremely-technical-super-advanced-macro-quantum-physic bass lines in The Unguided. We are just not sure who will nail them down yet. We are evaluating different alien life forms from random planets that suggestively could handle this kind of precise procedure with supreme accuracy without having ones brain explode (brains in some cases, since a selected few of them have two heads). I’ll keep you updated, Mr. Basslover guy!

Q: I’m just curious when will the first single/album be released? I literarily can’t wait!

A: Single, ASAP! As for the album we aim to record after the summer. So that would be anything from August 2011 to like, well December 2012? Actually, now that I think of it, 2012 won’t work since that’s the end of the world. So let’s try to keep it 2011, shall we?


Q: How will you make it without a drummer?
A: Did Elvis Presley need a drummer? No! Did he make it? YES! I rest my case.

Q: Do you have any other upcoming collaborations coming up? I think it'd be awesome if you did some guest vocals for Disarmonia Mundi's upcoming album?
I have a few, yes. Nothing I can speak of at this point. I’d love to be a part of the upcoming Disarmonia Mundi album. I didn’t even know they were recording anything new? I doubt it will happen but my door is always open.

Q: I noticed you missed a few songs from the "What do you think of the songs from WRTN" question from a few blogs ago. Specifically: 'Beauty and the Freak' and 'Leave Me Alone'. What do you think of those 2 songs?
A: I left those songs out because I didn’t like or dislike them, which was what the question asked for. I prefer LMA over BatF. But I don’t think there’s anything special about either. You could say album filler songs from my perspective. Sometimes you have to slap something “meh” in there so the “wow” material will penetrate more.


Q: What do you honestly think of Nathan as a vocalist?
Trying to be really objective here… I think he has superior pressure to his clean vocals. They are really loud in volume, which is a big advantage for him. He has a good, touching feeling to his voice with an undeniable beautiful clang. Certainly by far the best option we had in terms of trials for Roland’s spot.

Q. First of all, I want to tell you that I'm glad that all The Unguided project is going smooth! As you can imagine, we can't wait to hear how it sounds! You might want to release a few seconds clip just for us to get a taste of what is coming? Hype us all! :P
A: Sure! Listen to Eden Fire, Only Inhuman, and Love and other disasters and you get all the clips you could wish for ;) Hope I got you all hyped up now!


Q: Another question -something I'm just curious about. When you said that by listening to Sonic through Spotify you get a tiny amount of money I wondered (wonder, the most misspelled word in the questions of your last FAQ lol) if this is applied to the members of any band, or is something that happens in a certain situations like yours.
That’s really dependent on how their contract looks in terms of song writing, and how it’s shared among the band, label or management. Usually it’s 50% to the song writer and 50% to the text writer. But in Sonic we did split it equally among everyone in the band.

Q: I was wondering since you're not planning on touring, it would be nice if you could get to Graspop in June (24-25-26)
A: Tell them to mail us an offer then. We are not by any means going to actively shop around for festivals and gigs. If they are interested in having us, they do best in voicing that fact in a mail to us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Q: I've got a question about touring. I heard from a friend and even learned it the hard way that some pretty famous bands even HIRE people to pick up some delicious female groupies for their after show parties. So you as kind of a boy band, did you ever come to enjoy that "phenomenon?" What do you think of this groupie-thingy?
I think it’s pathetic. If you need to assign people to pick up girls for you, then that’s one butt ugly band indeed. But yes, I’m aware of the “phenomenon.” I can’t relate much though since I can’t say I ever had much of a problem with the opposite sex. Not even before the band, as a matter of fact, hehe. Besides, during most of the time in the band, I’ve been in steady relationships, so never took much interest in the whole groupie-thingy. And I don’t even think I could ever find it in myself to sleep with a fan, and never did. So if you now want to score points with me, the wisest thing to not do on the first date would be to rattle off lyrics flawlessly from random songs in my career. As a matter of fact, I’m in on of the best relationships in my life to date, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. So points scored would be nullified anyway, sorry!


Q: Just found
this video on YouTube. It looks like it was on TV. Didn't you feel a bit weird when you stood there just waiting for the chorus to scream about four words? Watching people might have thought you are some kind of background singer.
A: YEAH STUPID CLEAN VOCALS, HUH?! Actually I didn’t really care or mind it. I wish I would have brought my PSP for the jobless parts, though.

Q: Do you know Nova Rock Festival in Austria? Are there any hopes you will play there? ;)
Same answer as the Graspop question. I know what Nova Rock is yes, I’ve played there twice.

Q: Have you ever heard of the (maybe pretty unknown) groups "The Sorrow" and "Haste the day"? If yes what is your favourite song by them?
A: I love The Sorrow and we have played various festivals together, and also had a brief X-mas tour with them. Good guys and good band! Didn’t check their most recent release out, but Origin of the Storm and Blessings from a Blackened Sky stayed the in my iPod for the longest time. The Daggers Thrust and Where is the Sun? are my favorite songs. I’ve stumbled upon Haste the Day, but never actively listened to them.

the sorrow
The Sorrow

Q: Would just like to say first of all, I'm glad you left you Sonic Syndicate to pursue your own musical interests, not that of the label and going radio friend some say, but I just found this photo.
on whilst listening to Pre-WRTN Sonic and wondered if you could explain this photo-shoot. I love the expressions on all of your faces, especially yours and Robins. I was just wondering about the story behind it.
A: If I remember it right, we had a two-day photo shoot for LOAD, and we tried everything from serious to unserious at many different locations to get a wide variety of photos. This particular shot was done at a junkyard in Stockholm, and there isn’t much of a story behind it. We probably took hundreds of photos at that junkyard, and that one happened to come out pretty funny and good.

Q: It's pretty obvious that you kind of hate the WRTN night material, so did that make it harder to be more energetic live and in videos like turn it up?
Not really. One of my terms for staying in the band for as long as I did was to play the majority of the songs from WRTN that I actually liked, and that was what happened. So, the final set list for me in Sonic was limited to two songs I couldn’t stand, which were Turn it up and My Own Life. In My Own Life I simply walked off stage, and on Turn It up I admittedly died a bit on the inside every time. But seeing that I got to sing Heart of Eve, Rebellion in Nightmareland, Plans are for People, We Rule the Night, and Break of Day, and it wasn’t too bad. I actually considered it a pretty good trade. I never think it had any influence of my stage presence. It was more like I felt like these was the last gigs I had with the band, so I should give it my all anyways. But if you look at the performance shots of the Turn it up video I would say I look really uncomfortable with that, so it does shine through. But performing it live was not a problem.

Q: Could you show us the lyrics to Green Eyed Demon & Pathfinder?
Sure! When the songs are out…

Q: Is your scream a "fry scream" or a death metal growl, or possibly a hybrid of the two? Is it something else? I'd like to know how it’s classified so I can learn it.

A: It’s a “Westcostian-glass-shard-gargle-fry-growl” type of scream. Rumors say when Conan the Barbarian speaks he use the technique without even using the technique(!!!!)


Q: just wanted to ask you something about copyrights and stuff. Is there any problem if I use The Unguided pictures, as profile pictures, for example for MSN, Facebook, ICQ etc.? Because my main goal is to spread the word about The Unguided, the last thing I want to do is get into fights with you, hehe.
A: Spread the word by all means necessary, son! You will never get in trouble from our side. We will just appreciate the effort you put into it.

Q: In an earlier FAQ someone complained about Roland being "lazy" because he needed a bit to answer the e-mails, which of course is a bit bold, as he has a family now. But seeing that Roland is really busy with his family, Roger with touring for SS, most of the work is left for you I guess, and even if you said Roger sends some ideas for lyrics and stuff, I’m pretty sure that you’re doing most of the works concerning lyrics. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re the one who’s doing most of the work, so I guess you should change your name to Richard "Workhorse" Sjunnesson! :P I’m actually really glad to see you working on this project with such an enthusiasm and ambition, I’m sure it will pay out!
A: Roger sends ideas for lyrics? Never heard such an absurd thing in my entire life. Roger hates lyrics! He thinks it’s wasted space between guitar parts. The lyrics are entirely my creation in The Unguided. However, we will all invest the time we feel we have into The Unguided to keep it at a fun and motivating level. At the moment, I probably have the most time available to spend on it, so your assumption does have some credibility.

I speak fluent shyriiwook

Q: Will there be a launch concert for the album you will be releasing with The Unguided? I assume it will be in Sweden and I would love to travel there (I’m from the Netherlands) for it!

A: I think we all would love to do something exclusive and special for the album release in terms of a live appearance when it comes to that. And, yes, it will most likely be in Sweden so get your rain jacket and elk shotgun ready.

Q: I was wondering how I can get a physical copy of the CD and where I can order one with out them selling out and been as rare as the fallen angels demo's?

A: As said before, I will provide you guys with where you can purchase the physical as well as digital copies when the time comes.


Q: How's the unguided been doing coming along with the new debut album? I know the Nightmareland EP is coming out soon, but just wanted to know if you’re doing any other stuff recording wise now or just focusing on the EP. Can’t wait, it'll be worth it :)

A: Before we decided what two tracks we were going to record for Nightmareland, we did pre-production of several other songs that will end up on the album eventually. But now we mainly focus on the two songs selected for the EP. I’m currently also busy with recording vocals for Faithful Darkness.

Q: Roland sometimes had a hard time to get up to the high notes in for example Jack of Diamonds when he performed live. Did he try to train his voice to reach the notes?

A: I think lot of times and he would be perfectly fine reaching for the notes but he simply just didn’t risk it. Seeing he’s a very skilled musician, and has a huge sense of pitch, I guess it was a case of self-preservation. If he felt he had a bad day, he would rather be safe than sorry, so to speak. I guess, according to musicians, going down an octave and staying on pitch is more forgiving than trying to reach the note and fail. As far as I know, he did not have any professional training behind his voice and was all self taught. In the middle and by the end of extensive tours, without proper vocal care your cords tend to get to be a bit worn out. And at the time, I can’t say Roland or myself put a lot of time and effort into vocal care. Clean vocals are way more sensitive, and easier to damage compared to screaming vocals (lacerated cords obviously sound better in terms of screaming vocals, hehe). However, when we were tracking vocals at home, he sounds amazing now. I can tell there are no traces of heavy touring left in his voice.

Q: I have a serious question to ask. Why are you and Roland, Roger, and anyone else in The Unguided so badass? Is it genetic or did you guys earn it?
It’s just as self-explanatory as to why Chuck Norris is badass, why there’s cheese in a cheeseburger, and as to why the sun circles around the planet… wait a minute :S


Q: I would like to do the hairstyle you do that's pretty much a fauxhawk, but part of your hair is down. You know the one in the Denied video for example. I was just wondering if you have any good pictures of it and if there is anything you would recommend when going for that hairstyle. Thanks!
A: It was not really hard to archive that result. I washed and dried it, and used American Crew Fiber to shape it. PROFFS Super Strong HAIRSPRAY to stabilize. 10 minute job! Here’s some picture from the time:

2007 Only Inhuman Rich

Q: I have a little question for you. Is it possible that the song The Gilded Dagger can make a live appearance in The Unguided? I've been hooked on the song for some time now and it would be great to hear it live!
A: Because of legal reasons, that’s unfortunately not possible. I actually thought you were on to something here that I never thought off. But I read up on it, and it’s not doable.

Au revoir



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    Fan va gött inlägg!

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    The person who asked about the thing he/she missed on Kronan snus should watch this:

    skip to 3:14

    miaauw! Snackan ruined it all. :P

    Greets, Melanie

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    2011-02-07 | 14:34:16

    Nice, du håller dig upptagen min vän. Medlem i nytt band, unguided och så blöjfabriken. När ska du ha tid med juristen och oss andra kärlekar? :S

    Snart kommer jag hem! Käss att du inte svarat på våra regelbundna mail :( Nåväl, hur av mig när jag är in da fbg.

  • Sonic Syndicate SUCKS!!!! säger:
    2011-02-07 | 21:16:02

    Kan du hälsa FD runt från Erik och Rikard=) + adda mig på MSN har typ inga som är inne:( själv e jag typ alltid inne om jag inte e i skolan men jag var på vad jag tror var eran sista konsert med ss (för det var väl den i hbg på the tivoli med Faithful Darkness som förband.)

  • Carro säger:
    2011-02-07 | 22:11:53

    Ses i Gävle! :D en öl eller fler? ^^

  • Luigi "Silenzio" D säger:
    2011-02-08 | 12:05:10

    Richard you're the best singer and guy ofw :D

  • Ellison Fernandes säger:
    2011-02-09 | 09:32:11

    Hey Rich,

    I agree so much with what you said about downloading music and actually buying what you really like. I do the same.

    All the best for The Unguided, can't wait for the EP...cheers!!!

  • J-P Niskanen säger:
    2011-08-16 | 21:49:56

    Hi Rich!

    Any idea if there's going to be more TU-shirts for sale? Or where I could buy one?

  • Linn säger:
    2012-03-18 | 19:23:00
    Bloggadress: http://hemförsä

    Intressant sida! Det märks att du gillar att blogga!

  • Rich säger:
    2012-03-29 | 03:58:30

    Linn, :D

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