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Long time no see! Can’t blame me for not blogging though I guess, seeing that I’ve been busy cross checking Santa Claus at Xmas and launching rocket devices at the moon during New Years Eve and everything in the boarder lines of that in between. At least I managed to edit an Xmas special for you guys during Christmas Eve being slightly tipsy from the holiday schnapps. If you missed it you can find it here:

The Unguided X-mas Special

Just to warn you, this wall of text will make any other wall of text from me look like a carpet edging, have fun! :S

As promised here is the SINGLE artwork for the upcoming two track release from THE UNGUIDED made by the very talented graphic artist Kuang Hong from China, Beijing (You can find his website here). Hong is an artist that I’ve utterly adored for nearly seven years and feel I have a lot in common with him on a personal level. As a matter of fact, I’ve tried to use his services for Sonic Syndicate back when J.A.Aranguren disappeared but sadly things got out of my hands. So, unwillingly, it got revised. There was nothing stopping me this time around though, so it feels good to finally follow that path.  And, I’m strongly looking forward to a long lasting work relationship with Mr.Hong:

The Unguided – Nightmareland

The first award in the tattoo contest has been sent out and received. I’m currently waiting for a picture from the winner, Alex, where he is in complete ecstasy and abusing his new inventory and wardrobe. The clothes from Denied as well as Power Shift/Enclave (Yes Enclave... since Roger and Roland have mislaid thier Power Shift threads, sigh… hehe) is still intact as the second and third award, so there’s still time for you to harbor any available awards. We are also trying to figure out a new award for when this one is complete. It will be a bit more under 18 friendly for the younger fans out there. (If you are new to this blog and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about look back two blog entries and you can find the competition instructions.)

tatto awards
Tattoo competition

Also, there has been a lot of questions for where I bought Rogers Xmas gifts (A Crusty demons and a Throwdown shirt) and the answer is over at nZANE clothing & tattoos in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you live nearby Gothenburg, please show your support for awesome clothing and a good friend of mine and check Kristians store out! Among others, he is housing the brands: Sullen, TapouT, Dethrone, Xtreme Couture, Wax, Affliction, Sinful, Throwdown, Hustler, Crusty Demons, Black Market Art, Lowbrow. He will also have heavily reduced tattoo prices and something extra for people who will tattoo THE UNGUIDED crest for the competition which is extremely generous of him.  If you are from Sweden and want to read about my visit to the shop, there’s a Swedish blog entry on his site here.

Mr.nZANE himself

My right hand and web wiz, Emil, has once again made a little something for you guys and there’s now an official fan site up and running called, THE ARMY OF THE UNGUIDED over at:
There you can digest exclusive news and progress about the project. Also, be sure to plunge right into the discussions at the forum and find likeminded friends and foes. Also, the whole request for me to draw tattoos and get autographs from us in THE UNGUIDED deal will be handled from there at the REQUEST section of the page. Any mails sent to have been entered into the database, so you have not been forgotten if you did it that way.

I’ve hit the days in between Xmas and New Years Eve sale hard, and it certainly hit my wallet even harder back but here are some items  that I’ve purchased lately:

New inventory

1. nüvi® 1490T Garmin GPS : I feel a little less unguided!
2. New CDs : So far the new ENGEL have made the biggest impact on me.
3. Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It: Mattifying powder, optimal for hair volume. I always start with this doing my hair. Too work some volume up after showered and dried hair.
4. American Crew Fiber: A product I’ve used for over five years. To get some more textures, shape and spikes into the hair.
5. PROFFS Super Strong HAIRSPRAY:  The only hairspray I’ve ever used. It’s cheap and gets the job done. After I have applied the fiber product, I use this for hold and some finish shine.
6. New shoes: For the New Years Eve party in Stockholm. Stockholm were apparently too good for skate shoes (Didn’t matter if I had a million pairs) so I had to buy myself something a bit classier...
7. Jacket: Bought a cheap jacket too for the same purpose. They couldn’t stop me from wearing a Sullen shirt with skulls under it through together with black jeans hehe.
8. T-Shirt: Sullen LOST SOUL shirt bought on nZANE clothing & tattoos

I’m also back on Facebook, and my profile is here. That’s the real deal! If you did add this one. It’s a fake one unfortunately. I would love to get some help reporting and shutting his/her ass down. Even if I’m back on Facebook, it doesn’t mean you can add me. I only add people I’ve met/or have some kind of real life connection with, sorry. If you feel you are in that category please be sure to write down a few lines about whom you are. If you send mails via Facebook to me, I will read them BUT for now I will NOT reply there. Best way to get in touch with me and be sure to get an answer is still:

During the day after Christmas Day, DEAD BY APRIL played in Falkenberg. My entourage and I obviously attended this event too.  It was a good show! I’ve seen them a couple of times now during various festivals, and I must say the new singer is growing into the role. A huge improvement from when I saw them last summer, stage and vocal wise. Good to see Pontus back on the guitar, and Jimmie’s screams never cease to amaze me.


The New Year’s Eve party was wild! First off, I thought it would be a boring dinner-and-I-have-to-be-polite-in-the-royal-capital-of-Sweden kind of deal but after a few hours, even the stiffest people managed to lose their ties and mount it around their heads as Rambo bandanas. To provoke, I even wore make-up, which called for a lot of eyeballing in the beginning but didn’t at all have the violent effect I was looking for. It’s not like I’m the kind of person that would back out from a good argument, but there was none of that. Later on though there was some friction when a guest (not me) voiced the fact there was bad music there, (which very much sounded like something I would do under influence and was also a true observation but still... it wasn’t me). This called for a very unnecessary male testosterone pumped fistfight hosted by an English hooligan, some blood and ultimately woman’s tears. I was not a part of either since I was busy feeding guests with chocolate cake however…

New Years Eve Madness

As for the January release, there has been a convenient development, which calls for a slight delay (February). I hate to bring bad news, and I’m very sorry for that but it is indeed a convenient development, and in the end it will be better for everyone. The production will be a proper studio recording instead of a half-assed homemade recording just to showcase the sound. More information about this in the next blog but I do think even if you have to wait a bit longer you will be more pleased of the outcome which is what is most important. The producer/mixer is a familiar face, I can guarantee that. You guys also managed to crash the server due to too much traffic on THE UNGUIDED site. (That’s why the site was down a couple of days.) Good job troops!

To every question there is always an answer.

Q: But Roger won’t do concerts with you, will he?
A: Yes he will, if it’s fine with you of course? Hehe. Sonic gigs will have priority over the THE UNGUIDED gigs, however.

Las Vegas
Just a random TU in
Las Vegas pic to showcase
how inseparable we are!

Q: I was wondering if you were ever going to be coming to the US with THE UNGUIDED? It would be great to see you live!
A: We have talked about a premiere gig during the summer. This will take place most likely in Sweden for the convenience of the logistics. For now, however, this is just that… talk, I mean. Going to the US feels quite far on the horizon as of now, but it’s not totally ruled out in the future if the offer is to our liking.

Q. Do you still play WoW?
A: As of now you could call me a sober game addict. I have not played WoW since The Shattering. And it’s simply because it is impossible to fit time into my schedule. Even if the days could house 48 hours I would still not have time for everything that I’ve planned lately. Sooo… Expansion any fun?

Q: I’m a huge fan and want to get a mail forward However, I can’t get a tattoo because I’m 14. Could you make it possible to sign up on the website or your blog?
A: I want the forward mail to be somewhat exclusive, and something not all people can easily obtain. We will host future competitions which will be more friendly to those under the age of 18, as I stated earlier in the blog.

Goes for TV1000 past
midnight as well

 Q: I have a question or two. Is the new band going to be similar to Sonic in most aspects?
A: Probably old Sonic, not new Sonic in any sense. Of course there will be elements you couldn’t find in the old Sonic music too. Roland, for example, will get more space to be the brilliant guitarist he is, which will call for more solos and tasteful shredding. All the people I showed early samples of the new music stated that they clearly recognized Sonic in it.

Just curious, what does the rest of the Sonic band think of you leaving?
A: Most of them are probably just as happy too see me go as I was leaving them.

Q: Do you already know this Hungarian ‘Denied’ cover?! It’s amazing ;-)
A: Now that’s brilliant, haha. And I didn’t see it before! Thanks for the heads up. I have to Google translate the lyrics! Or wait…

Q: First of all I want to say that I truly admire you work, vocal talent and that you've given up Sonic for your own ideals, plus I'm FUCKING GLAD(!) that Roland joined The Unguided! The question I want to ask is if there is any possibility to buy T-Shirts you had in Jack of Diamonds, Denied and the one with Manipulate and that skull (I'm not exactly sure if it's Affliction T-Shirt). To be more accurate, I don't want to buy your T-Shirts, just the same as you have. If hope to hear from you.
A:  The shirts in JoD were purchased at NoFear in Stockholm. The collection they are from will probably be hard to find now, since they’re a few years old but the brand is NoFear. The shirt in Denied was purchased at the same place, and is also a NoFear shirt. The shirt with the “Manipulate” wording and the skull is actually Roger’s shirt, even if I borrowed it during some photo sessions. (Yes, we are the same size in clothing, hehe.) It was purchased at Carlings in Sweden, and the brand is, “Just A Fucking T-shirt.”

NoFear Stockholm

Q: Also will there be more songs like Enclave and My Escape? I liked hearing those in between all the brutal songs :P
I would suggest examining the FAQs more closely because I’ve talked about this before… but here we go again: If we feel it will add anything to the dynamic of album we will welcome a ballad. If we think the material will be varied enough, and stand on it’s own we don’t think it will be necessary. We are not going to do a ballad just for the sake of doing a ballad and compulsory name it, “The Ballad,” or something.

Q: How will these new 'the unguided' tracks be distributed? Through a MySpace, your blog, iTunes, or what?
A: We are working close with Umbrella Corporation to infuse a virus with the sonic waves of the songs very much like the T-Virus and let the plague spread throughout the world… The two song release in February will be handled both digitally (read: MySpace, iTunes etc.) and physically. The physical release will be a little extra for the hardcore fans, and a digital copy will be the way to go if you want a cheap option.


Q: Roland is very lazy, or very busy, 'cause he's not really answering any mails?
He’s extremely busy with his work and family. It’s generous of him too even provide you with an e-mail address seeing how limited time he has at hand. But I can assure you he read everything and eventually you will get your answers. Patience is your friend.

Q: Anyways, CLOSET!?? You were recording vocals in a closet? ;) haha !
A: Well I believe it’s better to stay in the closet than to get out of it :S Roger helped me track vocals a couple of days ago for a guest appearance for an upcoming band, and it works fine. The acoustic of old clothes is apparently very appealing.

It starts with a friendship

Q: Can you post pictures of the other Fallen Angels demos artworks?
A: Your wish is my command!

Fallen Angels - Extinction,
Black Lotus & Fall from Heaven

Q: Question popped up on my mind; which song you haven't performed live on your way with SS? Or which you have? Whatever is the shorter list
I had to ask Roger about this because I was not entirely sure but here you go:

Love and other Disasters:
Hellgate: Worcester
Damage Control
Dead Planet
Mission: Undertaker
My Escape (Once in Stockholm)

We Rule the Night:
Black & Blue
Miles Apart
Leave me Alone
Dead and Gone
Perfect Alibi

Only Inhuman:
Freelancer (Just once)

Eden Fire:
Every track from Eden Fire has been played during Fallen Angels days and pre-Only Inhuman days.

Q: How many hours have you spent on music?
A: That question is as abstract as a painting by Picasso, and I don’t know how it ever would be possible to measure that by a long shot.

Oh Look, a squirrel!

Second, (since you might not read this until after Christmas (?)), did you get the PS3 and in that case what’s your PSN name?
A: Seeing that I broke up with the one that would most likely give it to me; hell no… I’m looking into buying one myself, though. Mostly for the Blu-ray.

Q: Third, just to get a bearing what the first album will sound like, which of the SS albums will it relate to the most (music/lyric-wise)?
A: Hard to tell since the album is not anywhere near finished. Spontaneously speaking, I would think Only Inhuman. But that’s not based on any fact, only speculations.

Q: What WoW server do you play on?
A: Once again, this is found in an earlier FAQ. Even a link to my armory should be there. As of now, I’m very inactive, though.

Q: It seems that Sonic Syndicate did the exact same thing as Linkin Park did, what is it exactly that is happening? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about: Linking Park went from underground to mainstream and now they are making very VERY shitty music. I would like an honest reply, if it’s possible.
A: I wouldn’t remember when Linking Park was anywhere near underground, really. Seeing when I got in contact with them they were already huge. I guess the answer you are looking for is spelled: Money in both cases.

Still dies.

Q: MORE SOLOS PLEASE! You guys are capable of solos! I’m sure it'll make your songs better!
A: I hear you bro! And Roland certainly hears you ;)

Q: In your blog you wrote this: “Q: Are/were you the only one in the band disappointed with the album? A: Nope.” My question is (although I’m quite sure I know the answer): who else was disappointed, too?
A: I take no interest in name-dropping as of now. The backtrack and I were probably most upset since my vocals were underplayed. I had to do a lot of track skipping to even be able to listen to the effort. And the backtrack because he got overworked. He was never in any trade union, poor fellow.

Q: Where do you buy your awesome necklaces?
In Sweden I order/buy POLICE accessories at Klockmaster.
Buy @ Klockmaster

Q: When Roland quit Sonic why did you even get yourself a new singer? Couldn’t you go back to the original line-up with just you? I believe Sonic Syndicate’s future would have ended differently.
A: Yeah me too… total spontaneous disaster comes into mind? ;) Hehe, nah, it did cross my mind. Somehow, I thought maybe Robin (with some help from the backtrack) would be able to shoulder the clean singing, and both of us could invest in singing lessons. Bringing new people into the band is both weird for chemistry and economy (since another one has to lift a salary from the band.) The general opinion was to get a new one or disband. I guess all of us were too economically dependent on the band to take that risk which is kind of ironic now, I assume. I know for fact it wouldn’t have ended like this if we did that, though.

here's something I’m dying to know! Do you or anyone in the band love football? And if the answer is yes, what is your favorite team? XD
A: The music saved us from sports! Roger used to play soccer for a long time. He actually gave it up for the band. I only watch soccer and hockey world cups, and mostly because it’s such a public ceremony. To be fair, I think it’s pretty meaningless to see 22 people chase a stupid ball.

Football = Handegg!?

Q: I just realized you guys don’t have a record label. Are you looking for one or are you going to keep the unguided “low key?”
A: A familiar label from our past will handle the release in February. What position we get ourselves into after that only time can tell. I do think there will be hard for a lot of labels to meet our demands through and we have no problems with keeping it underground taking help from old friends in that case. 

Q: What I think is that Turn It Up was a weak attempt to create another Pussy by Rammstein but the German guys I think were completely sarcastic about making a video popular yet superficial with such a simple tools and they were partly parodying bands like the ones who create Turn It Up sort of videos. And the Turn It Up video with these fake artistic "shocking" thoughts is pretty lame.  What do you think?
A: That’s quite accurate that the controversial theme of the Rammstein video was a driving force in that production. It was a promotional coup obviously, but what is not now days? The band had little to do with the administration behind it, and we did have very limited information about the plot or what we were to do in it before filming. Looking back on it. I didn’t really find it that bad. I hate the song with all my guts. And that’s why a lot of negativity is tied into to the whole scenario. I had no problems with filming it though, and quite enjoyed the whole production since it was a very educational day for me with my growing interest in the subject (video production that is, not nudity… which is something I don’t mind either ehm.. yeah you get the point.) The paradox that I thought was peculiar in it was that WRTN was aimed at a young audience and that music video is clearly not. I do think the director and crew did a good job with it, and it was a fun and entertaining day. I even got a bit tipsy, shame on me. And it looks like I can play acoustic guitar, which is as absurd as me playing that fiddle in My Escape.

Q: Also what do you think when you look back on pics like this
Is it lame? Were you thinking of it as a sign of vanity or coolness, as a promotional tool, or that’s nothing? Whatever is your answer I'm not trying to be offensive or anything, I like you anyway :)
A: Whatever gets on internet tends to stain it forever, eh? Hehe. That would be from 2003. We had a whole day of shooting pictures, and of course what we used was the one shot when the photographer asked me to show some skin. No thoughts were wasted into this ,and I don’t mind or care about it really. I just wish I would have had used different underwear since the ones I had were bought at the (in)famous, hideous department store Gekås in Ullared.

Underwear bought in Ullared...

From reading your blogs, you’ve seemed pretty harsh (but fair) about your previous band. I’ve also read that you doubt Sonic Syndicate will go back to its original sound, but would you have any regrets about leaving the band if Sonic Syndicate went back to being heavy again?
A: Not one split second. Even with the original sound, that band would still not be what I’m pursuing in my life, since it’s too controlled by external sources and hardly any likeminded people. I would, however, not hesitate to appear live with them to help out if they ask, or want. Playing live with them was never a problem. I don’t think, nor see, them to need me as a steady member in the band ever again. And, I guess a lot of the things I’ve said sound harsh, but really, they’re not. It’s just the truth from my point of view.

Q: I would be very grateful if you wrote down your diet from the last few weeks.
A: Whole wheat pasta, egg, mulled wine, and love. Lots of the last!

Mouth watering? Thought so!

Q: I'm really looking forward to The Unguided! I can't wait for the songs to come out. So PLEASE, won't you tell me what genre it will be exactly?
A: Polka metal with a twist of jazzcore.

Q: Syndicate: who sings the clean vocals on Jailbreak? From what I read on your blog, it's not you. There are rumors on the Internet that is was Roger or Robin, or even Roland, and that leads me to my second question: the Eden Fire Booklet lists Roland as a guest performer, what does he do on the album? Jailbreak doesn't sound like him singing...
A: Once again… Go back and read the other FAQs, most of the answers you seek are already there. And, how I love interweb rumors! Roland does the clean vocals on Jailbreak, that is correct. He did clean vocals on Jailbreak, Enhance My Nightmare, History Repeats Itself, and Lament of Innocence.

If you had to attempt it, would you have attempted the clean vocals in some of your songs with Roland, especially Enclave?
A: Why would I when he is as awesome as he is at what he does?

Wasn't me...

Q: Also, what was the meaning behind Hellgate: Worcester? My friend and I have been wondering this for a while. One rumor we heard is it was about the people at one of the band's concerts a few years ago at the Palladium in Worcester, MA and how much they did not like the band.
A: True! It was the December 1st of 2007, to be more exact. Second bigger tour we ever did was with Amon Amarth in the US. Our hit-“metal” didn’t yield very well with their br00tal Viking death metal, nor their fans. Briefly after our set begun that day the entire pit sat down flipping us off, which was kind of entertaining. We just played on, and couldn’t really care less. We would get paid anyway, and saw it as a bad day at work, I guess. When we wrote LOAD later on, I wrote a text about it as a satire to the event. It’s utterly absurd if you take it serious, so don’t. F.Y.I I love Amon Amarth, and they handpicked us to support them. Maybe they should have asked there fans first, hehe.

Amon Amarth tour pic

Q: When I saw the THE UNGUIDED X-Mas Special, I was wondering where you did get the Crusty Demons shirt... I've been looking for a long time now on the interwebs but was never able to find where to buy it, seems like they are all sold out... Could you tell me, where you got it? (:
I got it first hand from Crusty Demons as an endorsement shirt. Try

Q: "Enhance my Nightmare" on Eden Fire, one of my favorites I must admit, like the lyrics a lot and the combination of vocals it has by also having Karin’s vocals as well as Roland’s and yours. My question here is what do the lyrics refer to, or what meaning to they have. I would assume a relationship might be wrong though. Ps: Also noticed some reference to the bible in the song or at least towards the story of Adam and Eve, shown in the first verse and pre chorus such as: "Walking the Elysian fields From the tree the snake watches you or "We both ate from the serpent's tree". I liked that a lot about the song as well.
A: It is about unfaithful drama in an old relationship, and the process of letting go of two people that were deeply entwined into one another. Actually, the same person is used as reference in, Blue Eyed Fiend, and many other Eden Fire and Only Inhuman songs. I would consider that relationship my first confrontation with the topic, and view it as some sense of real love, including the backsides of it. This period in my life was very inspiring and enlightening for me.

Q: Well, my question is, could you give me your thoughts and opinion on, “The Gilded Dagger,” and is it possible that The Unguided will sound similar to it?
A: I think Peter Whichers did a good piece of art with that song. I love the intro. I like the lyrics I wrote to it as well, and it could easily have suited the Only Inhuman formula of lyrics. I do think the vocal arrangement in the chorus could have been slightly more hard hitting and creative but then again the musical melody was structured kind of tricky so it was hard to work around. I love the vocals of the outro. As far as similarities with The Unguided, the music was not written by any of us. But the lyrics and vocal arrangement is typical Roland and I.

Q: So, I watched the video for "Turn It Up" (more like "Turn It Down" or "Turn It Off", lolz). I assume you were still with Caroline when the video was released; what was her initial reaction to the video and how did she handle it?
A: I was a bit nervous over this myself because I know she wouldn’t look at it light minded, and called her right after production to explain the situation. She was upset but later on she understood it was something the profession called for, and if I would have been a movie star she would have to confront that feeling more or less everyday. There was a scene featuring me making out with one of the girls, which she had insight on as well but it was never featured in the actual video. That was the hardest part for her, I believe. I think she took it better since I called straight after the production and explained the situation to her, rather than just if she would have tubing around coming across the video.

turn it down
Turn it Down

Q: can u give me a tip/how to scream proper? I’ve been dying to scream on my favorite sonic syndicate song: Red eyed friend, which reminds me of my lil sis who passed away a couple years ago, anyways.
A: I’m deeply sorry for your loss. In regards to your question, I’ve made some simple instructions in an earlier FAQ posting, and that is all I can provide until some pressure is revealed of me.

Q: Been reading every single word on your blog, and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it. I would be sad if you quit blogging as the puzzle falls into place. Are you thinking about keeping the blog up, even though it was intentionally created to clarify unanswered questions from the fans?
A: To be fair, I started the blog initially just to voice my opinion about what happened with the band and me. But I’ve grown pretty found of it, and will keep on blogging for sure. According to the hits I get, it seems to be mutual.

Swedish bloggers

Q: I know you like a lot of types of metal. But do you also like female voices (screams)? Like “The Agonist,” “Arch Enemy,” or “Otep?”
Yes, I like screaming females, but I dislike female clean singing very much. Well, there are a few exceptions, of course. The gritty voice of a man appeals more to me. Now that sounded mighty gay but it’s the truth. 

Q: W
ill you inform us about your procedure with concerts, because I didn't really understand what you're going to do. Just festivals? I’m confused a little bit ._.
A: You will be kept updated be very certain of that! THE UNGUIDED will as planned be a festival / random gig kind of band and not do any extensive touring. That’s our view of the matter now.

Thanks once again for your time, and I will update a bit more frequently now since the holidays are over! 


All the best



  • Mikael säger:
    2011-01-09 | 18:56:17

    PS3? Lägg pengarna på en ny tv istället. Första platt-tven!

    / Driversdog #1

  • Jim säger:
    2011-01-09 | 20:07:02

    Legacy Of Kain... naf said....

  • Nils säger:
    2011-01-09 | 22:23:09

    Härligt inlägg :)

  • Jesper säger:
    2011-01-10 | 00:08:06


    Härligt skrivet :)

    Om det är okej så länkar jag till din blogg på min egen och sprider ordet omkring :)

    //Jesper från Kiruna

  • Johan F säger:
    2011-01-10 | 05:49:39

    Säger detsamma! Härligt att höra att du har haft det nice. På en av festbilderna så ser man dig och en brud och ni håller varandras hand på bilden? Kvällens godbit eller bara en tjejkompis? ;)

    BTW. Galet snygg artwork Mr.Hong gjorde!

    Längtar som fan till man får höra dom 2 låtarna!

  • Rich säger:
    2011-01-10 | 11:30:17

    Jim: Legacy of Kain <3

    Johan F: Jo eller flickvän? :>

  • Johan F säger:
    2011-01-10 | 13:36:22

    Haha sweet!

    Där ser man, inte dåligt Rich;)

    P.s Det är najs att du gillar my hood(Stockholm)! Jag hoppas fan inte att du är med på massa mingelbilder ifrån Stureplan. Haha Skämt å sido!

  • John! säger:
    2011-01-10 | 15:14:05

    Tja där!

    Snygg banner bild du har där uppe ;)

    Undrar vem som kan ha tagit den ;)


    hör av er om man kan fota någon mer gång!

  • Pieni säger:
    2011-01-10 | 16:12:48

    You will dispatch the physicall single beyond Sweden, right? 'Cause I want to buy one, not the iTunes format =P

    And by the way, the fake profile has been shut down already :-)

  • Jim säger:
    2011-01-11 | 11:21:33

    @ Rich: You prefer Blood Omen Or Soul Reaver??? I think Reaver has more depth :P! Its my favorite one... I hate though eidos didn't finish the story after defiance...

  • Rich säger:
    2011-01-11 | 11:50:51

    I think I always liked Soul Reaver more. Raziel > Kain any hour of the week ;) The story seams more clever in Soul Reaver but I must say I was glued to the first Blood omen until It was over and was a fan ever since. Defience was ace. I hate the fact that The Dark Prophecy was cancelled.

  • Adde säger:
    2011-01-12 | 14:01:22

    har kollat din blogg varje kvart ända sen nyår (pga LÅTARNA!)när kommer dom??!!

  • Vigge! säger:
    2011-01-15 | 22:34:55

    Gillade hårsprayen! ;) och vart äre man skriver frågorna te dig!

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