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Xin chào!

Breaking news! The Unguided live crusade this summer will not end with the premiere appearance on Getaway Rock Festival. No, no! We’ll unleash this force yet again, and this time we’ve made it extremely convenient for ourselves. As a matter of fact, I’ll be able to crawl from my own doorstep to the stage; this insanity will namely take place under the scorching sun of our very own hometown! On the 26th of July the toll bridge of Falkenberg will burn in unguided flames during the annual Grand Rock event. This will be an exclusive summer gig on the west coast, and the second ever live appearance from the band. Get your tickets today, and bring us everyone!

Join the event on facebook here.

Falkenberg in unguided flames 

Not to be forgotten is the swiftly incoming Getaway Rock Festival. We are loading the live gun with as much madness we can possibly fit in the chambers. We are itching to hit the stage and flex our new artillery of mass destruction in front of the riff-raff.

Weapon of mass destruction

A very mysterious website has emerged on this link,, I’d suggest people to keep this site under strict surveillance. Remember, remember, the Sixteenth of June, blood tears, treason and plot. I see no reason why blood tears, treason, should ever be forgotten...


My beloved and I are now way past the PONR after successfully flying over the half year’s mark on the 2nd of June. We celebrated this with wine and tacos on the balcony! We are in for a most magical summer on the west coast, where we will spend a major percent of time on the beach, working on our tan. And the rest on the apartment balcony being slaves to Bag in Box wine.

Over the PONR with the LOML Bergshamra <3


Tacos & Rosé wine balcony celebration

Beach night swinging

Brallan & Börje

Rambo & Rhambo


Resurrect at graveyard

"Doubt that's where I'm going when I die"

Tacos on a stick

Oh, by the way, I got this very interesting mail the other day:


Dear Bnaanmnp Ha3apob, 24th of March I was working my afternoon shift as an electrician in Falkenberg, Sweden that’s almost 3000km away from Saratov in Russia. You must have mistaken me for someone else.

People never cease to amaze me…


Send your questions to: [email protected]
Q: Are you laughing at this old answer and this new answer on your blog?:
"Yes, I like screaming females, but I dislike female clean singing very much. Well, there are a few exceptions, of course. The gritty voice of a man appeals more to me. Now that sounded mighty gay but it’s the truth."
"Q: The Unguided go to Spain?
A: That seems like an awfully long walk, don’t you think?"
I always laugh at my own jokes. Always.

Q: Old blog Q&A:
"Q: When can we see you on tour?
A: When the planets align!"
New blog: "Next month the planets will align for a secret unguided event. I advise you to unsheathe your favorite Sharpie marker, and make a huge red crosshair around the date 20110616!" Hmm...
The plot thickens! To explain this mess, it could be different planets aligning for different events. It necessarily doesn’t even have to be the same galaxies! Let’s say there’s one batch of planets in the milky way that are supposed to align for the touring to commence and another accumulation of planets aligned in Messier 31 for the top secret event at 20110616 to be triggered. Food for thought!

Andromeda galaxy

Q: I think you speak English brilliantly for a non-native English speaker, but I've seen you use the word "literary" where "literally" should have been used. Do you still make that mistake?
Well, I entirely can’t take the credit for that mistake myself even If I wanted to, since I write everything in Swedish and just Google translate it. So, LITERARY, it’s that is the cause of this hideous error of errors.

Q: What's your ringtone?
A: “Marimba” from iPhone standard ringtones. I seldom have the sound on my phone activated though, so I get plenty surprised every time it rings. Those few occasions when I mistakenly have flipped the sound switch on, I mean. If this happens I usually stare angrily, basilisk like at the closest person and insist that they should leave their cell phone sound off to not stir today’s vibrate-based society. I’m more of a vibrator kind of guy if you know what I’m saying.


Q: Did you ever call yourself Richard "Jesus" Sjunnessoonn again? :P
A: In all Faithful Darkness related contexts yes.

Q: You once annotated a blog picture "Your soul's going to burn in the lake of fire". (I'm reading old blogs I never read.) Was that a draft lyric for Green Eyed Semon?
More like Iron Maiden - Can I play with Madness you fucking spastic.

Can I play with Madness

Q: I was just curious as to the English pronunciation of Sjunnesson?  I have been wondering for awhile how to pronounce your name and I'd hate to be butchering it! :P

Q: I was looking on the internet to find out some kind of the black bracelet you use on this picture at right hand. But I cant seem to find it. Not even in the police store : / would be nice if you could give me the name of it :).
That’s actually some H&M crap I bought on tour. I wouldn’t want to sweat down my precious Police accessories!

H&M crap

Q: I’m wondering if you are going to play Grand Rock in Falkenberg this summer?
That’s right. More info about this can be read in the blog.

You Only Eat Tacos? In your twitter only read tacos, taco, taco, blog, taco, taco, beach, taco, WoW,taco, Rioja, more tacos ... etc 
ONLY eating tacos is taking it a bit far. But yes, I’m currently having a taco based diet. I’m not eating it that much though, just seven days a week.

Taco, taco

Q: I don't think you've answered this before, but anyway, why exactly do you hate Turn It Up so much? For me personally, I don't exactly like the song, but I don't think it's the worst song on the album. That dishonour goes to Miles Apart.
The deadly combination of a few fundamental factors in the song is where my deep seeded hatred originally emerged out from. First and foremost; the tune reeks of bad musical composing. The structure and simplicity of the song could have been written (better) by a forth grader. The horrid brain-dead lyrics are awful, and on top of that, it is sprinkled with the lamest and most annoying chorus melody ever written (Recycled My Own Life chorus anyone? Didn’t really help that the two songs appeared back to back in the running order of the album either). Hope that answers your question. Don’t get me wrong, I do respect the people that like the song! I just think they are… pardon my French; FUCKING RETARDED! ;) As far as Miles Apart goes, I loved the pre-production of it, I don’t like how it was tortured and twisted beyond recognition in the studio, which makes out the sorry excuse of a song that’s on the album today. Lake of Fire > Miles Apart.

Q: What are your views on homosexuality (the state of being homosexual) and homosexual marriages (whether or not you'll allow them when you become world leader).
I think Freddie Mercury was a great man.


Q: You play WoW but have you ever played Warcraft (Warcraft 1: Orcs & Humans, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne). And have you ever played/heard of Defence of the Ancients (DotA).
I bought Tides of Darkness when it hit the market and was a huge fan of it. Both the game and lore won me over instantly, I was previously a big fan of Westwood Studios; Dune II: Battle for Arrakis but Blizzard totally opened up a new dimension to real-time strategy games with Warcraft II. I remember we had to upgrade our family PC (486-processor, 33MHz, 4mb ram) to be able to even run it hehe. I discovered Orcs & Humans after I fell in love with the sequel and had my fair share of that as well. And of course I was a huge enthusiast of Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. I never played DotA however.

Dune II

Q: Learn to play guitar man!!! I'll teach you! I'll also like to teach the lovely Ella. To play guitar.
If you care for your life, I suggest you not to teach her anything at all. I’m extremely jealous, and last thing we need is another dead body showing up in the alley. Once the hulk is out, there’s little you can do to contain him ;)

Q: Can your girlfriend English speak? If yes, she good as I or you?
*Turning green*

Hulk out

Q: Tell me all the bands/songs that you did guest vocals for. I only know "Snowstorm" (<--- epic).
So far Snowstorm by Hollowcall is the only one released to the public. But there’s stuff for other productions coming eventually. I’ll announce it in the blog once it’s public.

Q: Horses have four legs, not five. Richie, I am disappointed.
Oh yes of course, silly me. I’ve must have been thinking of a Zebra.

Eight legs

Q: I have to admit u guys looked pretty awesome in the pics of your first photo shoot and i was wondering I you could tell me what you're wearing in the pic you title "I don't deal with psychos. I put 'em away."
I’m wearing a Sullen t-shirt called “Mother Roses”, Oakly “Plaintiff” shades, Police “Megalodon” necklace and a fake “leather” plastic jacket from Jack & Jones, which I don’t know the name of.

Q: I was reading your blog the other day and I saw that you're also playing WoW and I was wondering if you wanted to give me your e-mail so I can add you on WoW xD
The mail can be found in this blog. But be advised, I don’t add people I don’t know, well on realID.


Q: I was listening to Pain's new album and I noticed the song leave me alone is on the album!
Its lyrics are partially same as in the original from Sonic Syndicate. The music itself is very recognizable too. I was like I know this song just after I heard the intro! I'm interested to know how did it end up in Pain's album?
Peter Tägtren wrote the song originally. A little gift to the band from the legend himself, you could say. We tweaked it and reworked some of the lyrics to fit us better, and that’s the version you find on We Rule the Night. I’m not fully updated on what happened next, since it’s after I left the band but apparently he wanted to use it for his album too. His version is slightly different as well, so no one minded it much I assume. After all it’s his song; he should be allowed to do what he wants with it.

Q: Sweden is a silver medallist in hockey. My congratulations!!! I know that you are kind of god and "plans are for people" haha but... What are your plans for summer?
Sports in any form or shape sucks donkey genitals. But hey, thanks! ;) My summer will consist of my girlfriend and I spending time on the west coast trying to practice alcoholism on the beach and working our tan up! During the evenings we’ll BBQ tacos on the balcony and well… still practice alcoholism. Midsummer we’ll celebrate in Stockholm at her parents place and the absolute peak of the summer will be our trip to Finland and Tuska Open Air Festival to see Blind Guardian.

"...Forever I'll be a slave to you"

Q: Why are you such harsh to Sonic Syndicate? Sonic Syndicate: Especially your lyrics, music, you guys were inspiration of my life...really!!! Please, even if you are kind and don't show that to us. I must be idiot to demand this from you but it's kind of uncomfortable :( Forget last 2 awful years with SS....and remember first 4 years.
“Please, even if you are harsh…be kind” Perfect logic right there, sir! I’m not harsh; I’m voicing my opinion and utilizing the freedom of speech. If you don’t like the line of talk in this blog, don’t read it. It’s simple as that! Maybe this is more cuddly and to your liking? Anyways, I don’t intend to be harsh towards anyone at all. I might be a bit of a dick, with a big sense of malicious delight, yes. But in the end I’m just trying to answer questions given to me in an honest manner. Sometimes, believe it or not, the reality of things is harsh. What goes around certainly comes around in most cases. I’m not exactly planning on going to heaven either; I’m simply just trying to open people’s eyes to the truth.

Q: I just LOVE all the bonus track of Sonic (except Perfect Alibi).....I even prefer some bonus tracks than usual songs out from album. The most favourite songs are Freelancer & Ruin. Which bonus tracks do you love most?
You’re not the only one. There are quite a majority of people who prefer the bonus tracks to the album tracks, as a matter of fact. My favourites would be; Mission: Undertaker, Dead Planet and Heart of Eve.

Bonus level

Q: But what I wanted to know .. who drawed the big portrait [in your living room] and do you have drawings painted by yourself? :) Drawing is my passion and I always want to upgrade my horizon :) !
Your first questions were addressed in this blog and here’s some doodling by me. I’d love to spend more time drawing and I really want to improve in it, but it’s something I can’t find time clearance to do right now.

Tattoo doodling

Q: Do you hate all sonic syndicate songs now? If not, is there any that you like from WRTN?
Why in hell would I hate a majority of songs, which were written by my brother and me? Far from it! There’s some stuff I have a hard time with on Love and other Disasters, and I despise the majority of We Rule the Night. But everything else I still enjoy. In the FAQ of this blog I addressed which songs I liked/disliked on WRTN.

Q: Why 616?
This was addressed in the FAQ of this blog.

Number of the Unguided

Q: My girlfriend and I were thinking about going to Falkenberg the 26th of July to watch your gig. We we’re curious to know if there’s any chance to wish for a song in your setlist? If it’s not to much to ask for could you play My Escape? We got in touch thanks to that song, thanks to you.. it would mean everything to us!
That’s all cute and stuff BUT I could guarantee you that Sonic Syndicate ballads are probably the last thing you’ll hear on a The Unguided gig. I’m sorry, but I could answer this already at this point and it’s not going to happen. Only reason why we would lean towards some Sonic Syndicate songs during the live show is because we don’t have enough material in The Unguided yet. We will slowly bevel out any remnants of that once we establish better foot hold with the bands own songs. And if we are to play Sonic Syndicate songs it will be songs that represent and capture our current sound in a truthful way. Meaning: not My Escape.

Q: Why did you start using leather gloves? Was it because you get a better grip on the mic? Or is it because you want to (like I do) look like Sylvester Stallone and say "Hey Yo Adrian!" or something ;)
Because I watched Jared Leto use them on their 30STM gig during Download festival 2010, hehe.

Pink leather gloves


  • Magnus den store (Gävle) säger:
    2011-06-06 | 17:37:31

    "Sevenson"... Muahahaha!

  • Vigaren säger:
    2011-06-07 | 21:29:55

    Monsterfett med gig i falkenberg! Kommer direkt och röjer! !!!!

  • Luna säger:
    2011-06-09 | 18:14:46

    Congrats to you and your girlfriend~

    Though...why the Viet at the beginning of your blog there? XD

    Seriously didn't expect that.

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