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Enforcing balance in act of lunacy

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Hej svejs!

There’s a lot of confusion out there with the recent development. I’d like to take the opportunity to shed some light on this!

The Unguided
won’t be able to play Sonic Syndicate songs during our live gigs. Sonic Syndicate songs include everything found on: EF, OI (+ THE GILDED DAGGER), LAOD (+ FREEMAN) and WRTN (+BTC EP).

Here we go again...

Why? When Roland left Sonic Syndicate he got a very inconvenient contract—much like the one Satan himself is handing out to collect souls—from the management. Unfortunately, he signed this contract (not with blood however, thank goodness!) after thinking it was standard procedure (and so did the band as a matter of fact) and thereby signing away his rights to the songs, or any involvement with anything connected to Sonic Syndicate at all.

This means the contract itself hinders him to perform any Sonic Syndicate related material. Any violation of the terms in the contract could result in a lawsuit if any Sonic Syndicate members (Karin, John, Roger, Roland, Robin, and myself) choose to process against him that is. Keep in mind those are the ONLY people that can process.

Since we wouldn’t have enough finished material for our first live appearance with The Unguided, we figured it would be convenient to lean back on some old Sonic Syndicate material, seeing those are the songs me and my brother wrote 100% anyway. Plus the carefully selected songs would never be played in the current Sonic Syndicate ever again (To state the obvious; It’s hardly My Own Life or Turn it Up that we would be looking to play, if that’s what people thought.) Another bearing variable was that it would be a huge album spoiler to finalize and play too much material from it, pre-release. So, we found a way around the conditions by writing a counter contract. Thus providing Roland with a license to perform the songs. All we needed would be signatures from everyone present at the time the contract was established.  So far so good, right?

Eden Fire

Only Inhuman

Love and Other Disasters

It’s clearly written in the booklets of EF, OI and LAOD that I and my brother wrote the songs 100%

Karin and John signed this contract instantly, and obviously everyone in The Unguided did so too. Someone failed to comply, however. In fact, it comes as no surprise at all to anyone that my very own cousin, Robin, would never sign such contract, even though an inoffensive truce was established between both camps (Sonic Syndicate and The Unguided) in the last few months. With a motivation consisting of solely ill will, he considers it a matter of principle to not sign this contract, and thereby eliminating our chances to deliver Sonic Syndicate songs at live shows.

So, these are the rules we have to align ourselves with. To play Sonic Syndicate songs during The Unguided gigs would have been a temporary solution until we established enough of our own material anyway, and nothing else. And as said; we would solely be looking to play older songs, the songs which Robin himself wouldn’t even touch with a pair of pliers (even less contributed to write.)

I know this comes as a disappointment to a lot of you who were looking forward to hearing Sonic Syndicate songs with the original singer setup but it’s totally out of our hands. Until we get that last signature there’s really nothing we can do. We in The Unguided don’t see this hindrance as a major obstacle, however. We see it as a great challenge since we immediately have to banish ourselves to the writing board, finish up, and rehearse a lot of new material. Keep in mind, we’re NOT Sonic Syndicate we’re The Unguided with all the properties that comes of that. Thus The Unguided’s upcoming live appearances will consist of entirely our own material.

FAQ regarding this matter:
Further questions to: [email protected]

Q: If you want to play Sonic Syndicate songs why did you quit the band in the first place?
A: As stated above and before, it was a temporary solution. Besides the songs we intended to play would never be played in the “new Sonic Syndicate” anyway. So the fans ONLY chance to hear the material at all with the songs proper vocalist duo would be through The Unguided. Both Robin and the management pushed for pre-WRTN records to disappear. For example; “Eden Fire have to die” was a direct quote from the management. This escalated surprisingly fast as well. Towards the end of my time in the band, even songs from OI and LOAD were too “metal” to be played live according to them.

Q: What about Fallen Angels material featured on Eden Fire?
A: The only Fallen Angels material we would be able to play without a contract breach would be the “Fall From Heaven” demo. “Black Lotus” and “Extinction” both appear on “Eden Fire;” so they count as Sonic Syndicate songs.

Q: Which songs did you intend plan to play from Eden Fire?
A: What we had in mind was Jailbreak, Soulstone Splinter, Prelude to Extinction and possible Crowned in Despair.

Q: Did Nathan sign Roland’s license but not Robin?
A: He didn’t have to. He had nothing to do with the rights to the songs we are looking to play. This has little to do with the current Sonic Syndicate at all, as a matter of fact. This should not affect them negatively at all. It’s Robin personally that should be held responsible.

Q: Will Roger stay in Sonic Syndicate after this event and when the summer tour is done?
A:  I don’t know. He has a good relation with John but he doesn’t even communicate with Robin anymore. If Robin starts to cooperate there’s still hope I guess but it seems like a long shot at the moment.  Roger helped him so much with all sort of things during all the years. With like; gear reparation, contract details and money (he even built bigger parts of his guitar pedal board) and this is how he gets repaid? Luckily for Robin my brother is more forgiving than I ever was. Worth mentioning is that Roger has nothing against Karin or Nathan either.

Q: Family feud?
A: Yes, it’s a vendetta among my brother, Robin, and me. It has been raging on for years, and has “finally” reached its peak. For example, after the release of Only Inhuman, Roger and I looked to release a limited edition “Eden Fire” pack (Since the budget was weak on the initial release) with a proper booklet of lyrics, photos from the era, and the demo versions of the songs included on the album, among other goodies, who exactly do you think put a stop to it? Management and we even negotiated this and his argument against it was that Robin would never support it.  Who do you think was the biggest factor why Sonic Syndicate never played much Eden Fire material throughout the years at all? That’s correct, my dear cousin Robin. I’ve tried to be diplomatic on many occasions, but my patience with him is long gone. There is no such thing as extenuating circumstances anymore. He will regret this, and be very certain I’ll see to that myself.

Q: Is the new The Unguided material better than Sonic Syndicate?
A: Yes, by a landslide ;) 

Robin Sjunnesson was merely a setback!

Black Lotus photoshoot 2003

Fallen Angels 2003

Parthey 2004

Family drinking 2004

Recording of Black Lotus in Studiomega 2003

Fallen Angels celebrating Xmas 2003

Pool 2003

More pool 2003

Outside the studio 2003

Fallen Angels gig somewhere in Sweden 2003

Fallen Angels gig Rockstugan / Halmstad 2004

Fallen Angels Gothenburg 2004

Guitar posers 2003

Drinking buddies 2004

Powerslide 2003

Guitar training 2004

"Uffes källare" Växjö 2004

Good riddence little cousin...


  • Andreas Mårtensson säger:
    2011-06-25 | 20:09:20

    Haha vilka sköna gamla bilder. Jag har själv en del gammalt material om ni vill ha.

    Tråkigt det där om kontraktet, jag tycker inte om att ni inte kommer överens, och kan tänka mig att Robin saknar dig mycket.

    Men sköna bilder!

  • Magnus Svensson säger:
    2011-06-27 | 08:52:32

    Har faktiskt inte en enda bild från den eran, så det här var en frisk fläkt av nostalgi. Jag skulle inte ha något emot om man fick se fler :) .

    Som Andreas skrev så är det jäkligt tråkigt att ni inte kommer överens. Robin kan inte mutas med en flaska JD då?

  • Joel Enbuske säger:
    2011-06-29 | 04:42:08

    Så jävla synd >.>

  • Anonym säger:
    2011-07-11 | 23:19:06

    Tråkigt att en egens kusin ska sätta sig på tvären. Har en svag känsla av att de kan bero på avundsjuka..

    "Uffes källare" Växjö 2004 - Jävla synd att man inte var insatt till 100% på den tiden. Hade varit kul att få se er i början

  • David Rask säger:
    2014-02-05 | 16:14:37

    Känns så konstigt att tänka sig att jag endast gick i lågstadiet under tiden ni började spela! Önskar jag kunde få sett bandets start när eden fire fortfarande spelades...

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