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The Unguided
official Facebook page reached 5k fans the other day, as the unguided army continues to mobilize. We’d like to thank everyone for their support! This is an undeniably swift build up for the band and its half a year in existence.

Next achievement 10k! 

Linda Åkerberg has provided The Unguided with highly professional retouch work, from the unworthy spawn of our own novice photo session. Linda is not an unfamiliar entity to the band, as she has done stunning work for us many times before in Sonic. If you are interested in using these high quality pictures they can be downloaded here.

The Unguided 2011

The Unguided 2011

Unguided Axe Wielders

"I don't deal with psychos. I put 'em away."

I’ve recently suffered through my 27th birthday. It was painful and remorseful in everyway but at least there were a few kind souls that made this dark day less grievous. These people are (but not limited to) my lovely girlfriend Ella, who soothed my agony by giving me much love, care, and two tickets to Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in HELLsinki, Finland. Yes that’s right! We are going on a journey to the land of a thousand lakes to experience my favorite band, Blind Guardian, together. Something I haven’t found the time to do in ten years. Best birthday present I ever had, thank you very much you amazingly you!

Best birthday present ever!

My trusty web-master and internet operative, Emil Larsson, gave me a clever digital birthday gift in World of Warcraft. Namley; “Assassin's Chestplate”! With its item level of 359, it’s undoubtedly the most valuable item I have in my possession (digitally that is). Very generous of him! It’s behavior like this, which grants him to check out new songs before the average scrubs get to do it. Keep up the good work, Emil!

Assassin's Chestplate

From Michaela Eriksson, I got a long very warm hearted mail which was an extremely beautiful read, equally beautiful was this fanart painting by Petra Karlsson! Whether it is the skilfully executed craftsmanship of the artwork that makes it so beautiful, or it’s simply the motive itself, the story does not unravel.

Birthday fanart

Another one from Renata Lino

David Rask & Andreas “Adde” Larsson sent me cookies and fudge, I’ve already devoured it all to show my appreciation! You two certainly know how to pat-a-cake and are initiated in the fact that the love from a old man goes through his belly hehe.

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

The rest of my friends and family gave me liquor. And loads of it! Their sense for a friend in need and his urge to sink this very sad day into oblivion’s lowest grounds couldn’t have manifested itself in a less convenient way. I was provided with the most powerful tools to shatter any remaining memories of me getting older, and MAN was I going to use them. But before that; Birthday cake and coffee!

20+ Birthday cake

The birthday feast

Cake & Beer

The birthday loot

Roger & Fanny

The birthday love

Two gringos

Capital Beer

Great big birthday hugs

Lillpacket and his adherent appendage

Legendary shave

Also, my humble thanks go out to the hundred and hundreds of fans and friends that congratulated me on this day via Facebook, mail, and SMS. You rock my world!

Great big hugs to all of you!

I went to the movies the other day to check out Pirates of Caribbean - On Stranger Tides. I have to say I expected nothing, since I was deeply disappointed of the sequel. I early noticed the absence of Orlando Bloom, which was however something that made me all excited, and immediately also ascended this movie to the best out of the four with little to no competition. He is possibly the worst actor in the history of FAG (The Film Actors Guild) and should be restricted to shutting the fuck up, having pointy ears and dispatching arrows at high velocity on Uruk-hai. If ANY appearance at all in motion picture, that is! (After all being elvish was something he did surprisingly well, and I’d like to think his convenient lack of dialogue in LOTR worked to his advantage.) If anyone at all could give Mr.Bloom a good run for the money (as the worst actor ever) it would possibly be his co-actor Keira Knightley. Both of which have been happily excluded in this new pirate move. Good thinking Rob Marshall or whoever did the casting, a huge step for a better world have been taken! Now, just sit back and let Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz show the unworthy ones how it’s really done.

The second only good thing that ever came out of Orlando Bloom

Speaking of elves, I’ve finally reached level 85 on the deadliest of the deadly, the magnificent rogue: Harbinger. I’m slowly getting him geared. I’ll be extremely casual however but I’m enjoying the new content!

The deadliest of the deadly

I’ve also bought myself some new footwear, first pair of Converse I ever owned.


posted a new Crank It Up blog the other day where he gave out confidential information about The Unguided. Naughty, naughty boy! Check out his Swedish blog here.

Other than that there is not much to word about. Ella and I are trying to warm up for Tuska and Finland by spending bigger parts of the days in the sauna, to master its delicate art. She also noticed that the numbers 616 are represented in my own social security number. Something I surprisingly was unaware of up to now. Some scary shit right there! However, we have now booked the flight to Helsinki, and we’ll arrive closer to midnight the 22/7 and fly home again in the afternoon of 24/7.

Warming up for Finland

There have been a lot of questions about if more Sonic Syndicate members will join The Unguided, I’ll let them answer this themselves:


Send your questions to: [email protected]

Q: You said to email you to plot against my parents. Are we going to kill them?
No, we are not going to kill your parents… I was more thinking you send me cash (You don’t happen to have some fucked up currency that I can’t exchange right?) in a super secret letter and I send you the EP when I receive it ;)

Wierd currency

Q: Not sure if someone already asked you or not but where do you come up with the lyrics? =o
I think I’ve touched this numerous times before in the blog, but I use my life as my biggest source of inspiration to my lyrics. I also get very inspired by other lyricists, books, movies and games. You can read me expanding on the subject a bit more in the Q&A here.

Q: I was wondering, those zombies(?) on the cover of the EP, do they symbolize someone like you, Roland or Roger? Or are they just undead ones? :)
Clearly, it’s five unguided “zombies” leaving Nightmareland to pursue their dream hehe. All we know so far is that these five creatures (most likely undead) are from the army of the unguided emerging in the wintery landscape of Nightmareland. It could very well be a reference to me, Roland and Roger and the two other musicians in the band. Your own imagination is the only restriction. The creatures’ purpose, quest, and significance are yet to be revealed. To me it looks like they have been around for quite some time and that they are set out to do some real damage for sure. Why they have been awoken or who/what their master are, is unsure at this point. 


Q: Can I get the Unguided LP in a store or only on Amazon download and the PayPal thing? I think PayPal Sucks. So that’s the reason why I don't have a 616 Shirt. But when the stuff comes out I want to hold it in my hand a scream: “THE OLD POWER IS BACK!” (If you know what I mean)
I fail to see why there is so much hate towards PayPal? I use it daily and I consider it being very convenient. Anyway, there are no set plans as of yet but I do think there will be a wider distribution on the album than on the EP.

Q: What happened to your love for decapitating allied heads and instead go PvE like all the other newbie’s do? And can we expect you to join our army again grieving poor PvE scum with your troll instead your girly expansion crap character? PS: Come fucking classic instead!!!
My bloodlust for decapitating alliance scum somewhere succumbed together with the outdoor PvP of Tyr’s hand in vanilla. And I figured it was high time to retire as I was running out of storage space to deposit the already collected hundred of thousands alliance heads from the merciless High Warlord push (114700 honorable kills to be exact). And regarding the race change from Troll to Blood elf, I believe you understand that I had to withdraw to a hidden identity to not let my past endeavours echo into the present and be disadvantageous to me. It was for the greater good Liye! I miss you, you Belgian maniac. I might come classic if I find some spare time which seams pretty unlikely through so don’t hold your breath.

Past endeavours

Q: My poster has three beautiful autographs on the right places but under Roland’s signature there’s a weird text written: “Ardbeg”. Now, what the hell does that mean? I was really surprised when I first opened my package and saw this. Maybe I should ask Roland about it?
A: The constant plotting from the man himself does not seize to surface does it? I guess the three hours of poster signing session didn’t come across as amusing as writing the names of his favourite single malt whiskey brands under his signature. Because that’s exactly what Ardbeg is; a single Islay malt Scotch whisky.

Q: Will there be a pre-order on the full album, and a limited edition?

Q: Will the Fallen Angels songs become bonus songs on the 616 limited edition of the album, it would be really nice!
It’s not even decided whatever we’ll limit the special edition of the album to 616 copies yet. But the Fallen Angels songs will not be bonus songs; they will be included on the album. They are too good to be used as bonus songs even if that’s the formula we rolled with in Sonic.

Q: I’d like to recommend a band called Falconer, they are wicked! Here’s a Spotify link to them.
I actually own the first two albums of theirs, I remember me being quite fond of them back then. So this was indeed a bit of blast from the past. Haven’t really kept up with their progress but as I saw they are to release a new album, I’ll definitely check it out. I like this song.

Q: Since Trivium did it, and since Slipknot did it, it's now The Unguided's turn to do a "Master of Puppets" Metallica tribute. That's not just a request. (Insert dark stare here)
*Lethal, Cujo rabbid, darker than black stare back* If anything, there’s more likely to be an Iron Maiden cover than a Metallica one. And there’s more likely to be own songs than any cover at all so this is really a meaningless and a highly illogical discussion.


Q: I came across this lyric in Hellgate: Worcester - "Don't you get me wrong, 'cause I'm still impressed by the bastardization between a horse and a spider", and was just wondering what you meant by it! Was something lost in translation, or is the bastardization between a horse and a spider just something I don't understand? :P
I guess I was referring to Oden's retarded horse; Sleipnir. In my defence, I didn’t really like the song musically so didn’t put much effort into those particular lyrics (cause I’m unprofessional and childish like that hehe). I guess I meant that spiders have eight legs and so does his mongrel animal and that was somehow impressive. But it’s not, it’s just stupid. Horses don’t have eight legs! They have five legs, like all other ungulates.

Spiderhorse; Sleipnir

Q: I've tried to watch you’re The-Unguided YouTube-Channel and couldn't watch the Video "The Unguided TV S01E01". The problem is (and that's what YouTube said) that I'm from Germany. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is interested in your music and your doing and really want to watch your videos as well. Is there any possibility for your future videos to NOT block them for other countries? That would be great ^^
It’s blocked in Germany hence of reasons addressing in this FAQ. If you believe it was intentionally blocked in Germany by us in The Unguided you sir are a failer. Also if you want to download the video and watch it there’s a direct download link in this blog, where it was initially announced. It turns out all your questions have previously been approached after all? That’s because this blog is the key, the answer book, THE ORACLE! Treat it for what it is (your new bible?) and you will be saved of unnecessary confusion and before all save me from ignorant time consuming questions which I could be using answering legitimate questions and not nerd raging like here <3

Q: Since so many people has been asking about your opinion with different
bands/artists, I thought I'd do the same. What do you think about Nordman? ;) Also, I found this Finnish masterpiece last week
, what’s your thought about it?
It’s funny you ask, I was a huge fan of Nordman as a little angry boy. I got hooked on “Vandraren” when it was played to destruction on radio in Sweden, and bought the album. I like his gritty voice. Also the song; "Laglöst land" was and is still ace. Regarding the Finnish masterpiece... yeah.. It gave me a bouncy feeling ;)

Q: In the Unguided, you are the one who's having most contact with the fan base, and you're pretty much "the guy in charge", that's the image I've got. Even though I don't doubt you all work a lot with the music. Is this bothering you or the rest of the band? Or does for example Roland enjoy it?
There’s no one in charge of the unguided. We’re unguided remember? We do all the decisions together. I indeed do a lot of networking for the band and I write stupid blogs yes, which probably makes the most active in terms of band related work in that area. But we all have our different responsibilities and areas of expertise. One alone would not function without the other two elements; it must be the three of us. We all just put in the time we feel we can afford to keep it fun for everyone. I think all individuals in the band are enjoying this environment greatly.  

The three of us

Q: What's the thing you miss as most from Sonic Syndicate?
Q: You wrote on your blog that you will play old SS songs at Getaway, wont there be any copyright issues?
We’ve solved this. 

Or this guy solved it for us

Q: You have done a few guest vocals for a few bands (I hope they'll be released soon =) ), is there any chance these lyrics will ever leave your lips live?
Nothing is impossible; if they are looking for some live guest action I’m sure up for it. 

Q: You said that you wrote all the lyrics on LAOD. Well I’ve read a lot of your lyrics carefully and I just noticed that the lyrics of Fallout contained a lot of encouragement and was a lot more direct to the audience than all of your other lyrics and it’s odd from you. Did you really write it? If yes, why is it so different?
I wrote Fallout yes. It’s about musical differences and how people should try to keep their mind open before they carry out their final judgment. I believe you live a richer (I like that word) life if you can grow to appreciate more musical shades and not limit yourself entirely. I tried to apply this on WRTN, but a shit album remains a shit album.

Q: I’m another guy who doesn’t want to get his parents involved in getting the album and that is why I missed to be one of the 616 though I was amongst the FIRST few people who read your blog. I don’t even care if I get only a digital release and no physical copy but I want to pay for it.
The only way I see to pay and don’t get my parents involved is an SMS-donating system. Is there anything like that?
There’s no such thing as a The Unguided SMS-donating system. There’s however an unguided sperm donation arrangement were you all can contribute if you wish to make a deposit. Read the first answer of this very Q&A for more information regarding your question.

Donate now!

Q: This one is a theoretical question: Now since you and Roland are not in SS would it be possible for you to cover SS songs and release them on an album? Because that would be quite weird to cover your own parts not to speak about Roger who would be in the same band he covers. What do you think?
Why in hell would we want to studio record songs we already have recorded previously? If there will be any covers there will be live covers and it’s not really covers anyway since the people in The Unguided wrote the music, lyrics, and vocals for them. Theoretically, they are covering our songs! ;)

Q: Which Star Wars trilogy do you prefer, the classical or the prequel?
The classical > the prequel, ALWAYS! But I must say I think they did a good job with the prequels. Especially the second and third one, where Jar Jar Binks character couldn’t cause as much damage.



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