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My queen forever I’ll be a slave to you

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Dobrý den!

The faithful day has arrived! 20110616 is upon us, and so is the digital single release of THE UNGUIDED – BETRAYER OF THE CODE at iTunes. Further information and anecdotes regarding the song can be found at Be sure to show your favorite band your most spectacular support and purchase the exclusive "betrayer package", including a new t-shirt and signed poster. Make us proud! Also, help us by sharing the site on Facebook, and be sure to share your thoughts with other unguided fans at the official fan page:

First full artwork by J.A.Aranguren since Eden Fire 2005

I saw some of your were trying to figure out the lyrics on the teaser. You were doing quite a good job with it, but I’ll help you out further:


God damned us

My voice uncovers, reveals your hidden secrets
My songs, they spellbind and brainwash feeble minds
On and on I traveled lonesome roads
In the savage garden of our world
But what am I, where do I come from?
Little did I ever know…

This is the end of everything
(the end of everything)
This is the end of all you know
(this is the end of all you know)


Dream after dream portrayed twins in terror
Their emerald eyes and flaming hair
One of them was blind
The other walked forever silenced
My queen forever I’ll be a slave to you
We’ll never be dead to the world again

Bane of the fallen king, victim of her change of heart
Burning fledglings everywhere and the end of men’s brutality
Blood tears they cry
As they combust in flames
She must be kept
Even though it was all her doing
Enforcing balance in act of lunacy
Now she stands with me (She stands with me)
Empower me with your blood

“Be my angels in a new world order”
The divine offer we declined
A primal force of vengeance; The Queen's Fall
And the speechless one saved us all
She fed on the mind and heart of the damned

"My queen forever I’ll be a slave to you"

So, what does this random release of another full song mean? Well, the most interesting part of it is probably the obvious fact that THE UNGUIDED album recording has started but remained unannounced up to now. Here are a few pictures of the previous studio session and the recording of Betrayer of the Code:

Prison break

Victorious guitar hero

In the making of phat solos

Scream recording

Brief BBQ break

The guitar reveals hidden secrets

Faithful Darkness will enter The Abyss studio in less than a week to record the drums for the upcoming album Black Mirror’s Reflection with Jonas Kjellgren. We have seen the first rough draft of the cover artwork made by the Australian artist Simon Ward and it looks tasty! It gives off the same atmosphere as the debut album, In Shadows lies Utopia, did in the past. He’s working on a new website and merchandise for the band as well. We also just recently had a photo session outside the rehearsal room in Höganäs – Sweden. Here are some preview pictures of that:

Photo: Ella Tangled

Photo: Ella Tangled

Photo: Ella Tangled

Faithful Darkness will also be featured on this year’s Helsingborgsfestivalenby the end of this month (29/7) in Helsingborg - Sweden.We’ll enter the stage at 23.30 on the “Trumstock” stage. If you are going to attend, check out the Facebook event here for more information.

FD @ Helsingborgsfestivalen 29/7

I recently got tagged in this very stunning picture made by Mavelin Alves. Some crazy skills there! Be sure to check her deviantART page here for more art and also pictures of Roger & Roland as well.

"By the dark hearts of my kind..."

I also bought more toys from Japan. Illidan was feeling a little bit lonely, so I decided to put him against Arthas to see how that would play out.

The Lich King in his paper citadel

Arthas Menethil

The betrayer in his black paper temple

Illidan Stormrage

I'm expecting to see this soon...

The unguided friend Vlad Ostashev from the Motherland itselfhas honoured the band by tattooing the crest on his leg. He’ll receive an mail and the “Champion” rank on

The leg of Vlad Ostashev

Other than that, there’s not much to word about. I’m spending time in Falkenberg, and had a brief visit in Stockholm the other week. But I’ve mostly been stationary in Falkenberg, where I’m enjoying Swedish summer. Right now, however, I’m currently on antibiotics, which apparently makes me sensitive to light. Because of this, I’m sorely doing nocturnal deeds, which suites me just fine...

Swedish summer

Swedish summer

Tegnérlunden in Stockholm

Sällström Audio in town...

...and with him the military showed up. Downtown - Falkenberg.

Lill packet devoured by Ika i rutan

Nocturnal deeds

Don't even ask...

And never forget, I’m a ninja, and a God...

Gray fox

Send your questions to:

Q: Has it been decided yet if you guys will record your Getaway festival performance yet or is it still in talks?
There hasn’t been any professional arrangements for this yet, and time is running out. So, I doubt it will happen. But you never know!

Q: If by any chance is there a website where you get your police accessories from if there is I would like to know please.
I usually don’t buy them over the internet, so I don’t know. From what I remember, I bought maybe one Police necklace at That’s it. But I noticed you can purchase them at their official website here.

Police accessories

Q: Starcraft?
Yes, I was extremely into the original Starcraft by the end of the ‘90s. It’s probably the game I’ve spent most time online at ever, save for World of Warcraft, and maybe Quake and Quake II. I preferred Zerg back then. Also, when Roger and I were living at our parents’ house we played Starcraft all the time basically, with a shitty 56,6 dial-up modem. And every time someone had to make a phone call it disconnected internet, which lead to us going berserk in the house. I’ve merely started the campaign in Stracraft II however, but once I get some time I’ll try it out more. Roger is utterly lost in space on it.


Q: When will we see the first music video? :)
That’s not determined at this point, unfortunately.

Q: Will The Unguided come Hungary in the future?:D
I’ve answered your question in this blog.

I saw that you are an Iced Earth fan and I wanted to know: How much do you like Iced Earth? And also what's your favourite Iced Earth album (lyric and music wise)? That would be all for now :) Thanks!
Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands actually. I’ve followed them since Something Wicked This Way Comes, and I have their complete discography in my collection. I’ve both met Matt Barlow and Jon Schaffer during various occasions, one being Qubec – Canada when we opened for Nightwish (Iced Earth was direct support.) I’ve exchanged some words with Tim 'Ripper' Owens as well, during my touring years. Wacken 2007 I bumped into him if my memory serves. I was fairly disappointed with the The Crucible of Man, and I must admit The Glorious Burden and Framing Armageddon came out stronger in my book, even though I prefer Barlow’s vocals.  My favorite albums are Something Wicked This Way comes and Horror Show. But Burnt Offerings and The Dark Saga are not far behind. Lyric wise I would say Something Wicked This Way Comes, mostly because of my deep love for the "Something Wicked" trilogy. But Horror Show has some really great moments as well. Damien and Dracula is beast for example! It will be interesting to see what Stu Block can archive behind the mic on upcoming albums.

Iced Earth

Q: I love all the Fallen Angels songs and most of Sonic Syndicate (first 3 albums). I want to ask you, why did you change from those epic true melodic death metal vocals from Fallen Angels to this more metalcore-kind vocals? I really prefer your old vocal. Any thoughts of changing to that kind of vocals in the future?
This was addressed in this blogs Q&A.

Q: How long is your armpit-hair?
About as long as your hippie mom’s.

Your hippie mom

Q: Which laxative do you like most?

Q: Are you still a virgin?
Of course, I save myself for marriage.

Q: Why does it seem that you are on vacation or drinking-trips all the time rather than working on the goddamn album?
To work on the album we need studio time. Studio time costs money. Do the math! Support the band by purchasing our shirt and CD. Buy the songs digitally or even better, both! It will speed up the process. The more we can earn to invest into the album, the sooner you’ll have it. Until then, I’ll have a drinking trip vacation ;) Show us what you got on “Betrayer of the code” will yah?


Q: Since you have a Volvo S40, which is exactly the same as mine (Mitsubishi Carisma) except for the looks (developed and produced together in Netherlands): Do you still have the standard sound-system in it? If not, what did you change? If so, do you like the sound of it? ^^ I still have the standard one in it and I quite like the sound for Metal and Rock… \m/
Yeah I have the standard sound-system, and I kind of like it.

Q: How do you survive the baaaaaadly smelling taco-farts?? More importantly, how does your girlfriend??
If I fart, it smells peach.No one ever died from peach. She’ll live.

Smells good

Q: I've had about five of my questions published on your blog. Is it that I ask good questions, or you're not as popular as we all thought? (Totally joking. Fuck yeah Unguided \m/ )
Don’t flatter yourself.Every question sent to gets published in the blog. I try to answer everything that you guys send in--as you can see by the batch of moronic-time-wasting questions here above. Instead of answering directly by mail, it’s more effective for me to sit down and answer them all when I do have time and publish them altogether. It also serves the purpose to eliminate getting too many repetitive questions from wondering minds, as they already can gather a lot of answers from this “database.” So don’t you dare feel special ;) hehe. And no, I’m not popular. I have 2k friends on Facebook, James Hetfield has 99k! I’m WAY behind.

Q: First off, Jack of Diamonds. Random fans on the video or friends of yours? Details how you could get there and where it was shot and stuff like that?
Friends and family of the band were featured in the JoD video. It was mostly filmed outside Varberg. More precisely; Annebergsbanan, a racing track just outside Varberg. You can find the location here. The rest was shot at the Revolver Film Company studio in Gothenburg or at other locations in Gothenburg.

Jack of Diamonds
Q: Any album title known yet? Ideas? How about the Cover Art of the debut album?
Album title is decided upon, and album artwork is already done.Both, however, are extremely classified information.

Q: You mentioned Roland was the second choice to join SS. Who was the first one who didn't answer?
There was never a second choice of singer to join SS. There was, however, someone originally in mind to do the clean vocals for Eden Fire. This particular guy was Patrick Stenborg. Now he’s the singer of the Falkenberg based band, A Silent Escape.

Patrick Stenborg

Q: I see some improvement with technical guitarring since Roland came in. Awesome job overall.. Drums?
Roland is doing all the solos, and Roger is doing all rhythm and leads on the recordings. I also think Jonas Kjellgren did some minor parts as well. I guess it’s a combination of technical solos and that’s there’s actually space for these kind of things in The Unguided, which makes it resonate more in the way you describe it. This was certainly not the formula we had in our previous constellation. Jet Lee is still doing the drums with a little help of John.

Q: After the Jewelcase version of Nightmareland was released I decided to order this one too.. Don’t know why.. Maybe to support you? well, there came this picture within that said "Justice" and there was a riding knight.
What was the deal with that?
This sounded very odd to start off with but when I saw the picture you attached I understand what the dealio was, hehe. I guess Despotz have a surplus of stickers in their stock, so you got a little gift.


Q: The chorus of Enhance my Nightmare is magically beautiful. And I’m curious what inspired you to write that/the song. I’m one of them that like lyrics and I must say the lyrics to Eden Fire are phenomenal! I remember when I heard the album first time and it houses a very, very special place in me, much thanks to the lyrics!

A: Ah, the constant topical “Blue Eyed Fiend” again! I never seem to get away do I? The first three songs of Eden Fire revolve around the same topic. Enhance my Nightmare, in particular, handles unfaithful drama. In this case a mutual deceit. The lyrics treat how the sensible decision of staying away from each other is sometimes harder than originally expected.


Another question. I don't know if someone asked this (to fucking lazy to look through all your blogs) but any chance for a surprise appearance from both you and Roland at a SS concert? 
If you are too lazy to look through the blogs, I’m too lazy to answer your question. At least for myself I’ve answered this before. Regarding Roland you’ll have to ask him