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Another demon claws his way to the surface

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The release date of the highly anticipated THE UNGUIDED - NIGHTMARELAND has been set to 1 April 2011! As of now you can pre-order the release over at Despotz records web shop.


Nightmarepackage I
"Nightmarepackage I" : Strictly limited edition, including CD, t-shirt & signed poster

Nightmarepackage I -
Will include The Unguided – Nightmareland featuring the songs Green Eyed Demon and Pathfinder wrapped up in a very exclusive “Jakebox” packaging concept (if you are not familiar to the design, check this site out.) The cover artwork features the extremely talented Chinese artist, Kuang Hong, and the layout design was done by the well-established and skilled Brazilian artist, Gustavo Sazes. This first edition is numbered and is strictly limited to 616 copies. This package also comes with a The Unguided t-shirt designed by Gustavo Sazes (that particular t-shirt design will ONLY be printed exclusively for this 616 limited release and NEVER go to print ever again after this is sold out. If you see anyone wear it, you know for sure he/she was one of the 616.) In addition, it comes with a Nightmareland poster signed by the three of us (manually of course). You can order from anywhere in the world and be sure to get it on the release day! Link to pre-order of Nightmarepackage I here.

Exclusive The Unguided - Nightmareland t-shirt

Nightmarepackage II – Same as above excluding the T-shirt, which makes it 13€ cheaper. Link to pre-order of Nightmarepackage II here.

Nightmarepackage II
Nightmarepackage II

So go ahead, be one of the dedicated 616 lucky ones, and be sure to get your very own copy at the release date, wherever you may live in the world!

Let me share some thoughts that have been weighting my mind concerning this particular release. You’ve grown to know that whatever I do, and whatever project I involve myself in, I want to stay closely connected and down with my fans. I’m pretty sure this came across in plenty of occasions. For example, when I’m posting numerous events about my private life, as well as answering most (if not all) your thoughts, questions, and concerns via the blog FAQ, or directly on my Facebook fan page. I do all this, and invest bigger parts of my life doing just that because you guys are extremely important to me! You are crucial, if not fundamental in my very existence. The fact is you are the single only reason why I’m in the position I am today. If I had the chance and opportunity to get down and dirty with my idols, or role models, back when I was younger I would literally give my arm for just that. I’m in that position now! I can give something back to you. Hear me out when I say I will continue to do so until there’s no breath or heartbeat left in this body.

The Unguided – Nightmareland
is not only a two song EP, it’s a statement! It embodies the essence of free minds and free music. A being not tied down to anything at all but the creativity of three likeminded souls. No middle hands, no commercial procedure, or plan of action, and no one but the musicians themselves calling all the shots. This is how the art of music was originally intended; this is how it all started and how it all should end one day. But to stay true to oneself comes at a price. That very price manifests itself in the way I that I have to do the job of 10 men myself, and spend almost every conscious hour of the day involved in my vision, and put priority on that over sleep, loved ones, and other very functional thing in my life. I’m extremely sorry we had to push the release. But I can guarantee you that the time lost was well spent, and it will be beneficial for you in every way possible in the end. I mean I could have uploaded the songs myself at a random torrent site right after the studio. But it wouldn’t favor the project and its long-term survivability, as you understand. I also wanted so much to give you something special, something in return for everything you have given me throughout the years and also something exclusive for the hardcore fans. The Unguided and myself are not getting anything, or very little, in personal gains for this release. I’m just looking to get around (just about will do!) in life financially and put food on my table. If I can satisfy our mutual interest by delivering awesome and limitless music to you, and not in any way living the high life but to just actually live, that’s a sacrifice I would make any day in the week.

With that said, I want to encourage each and every one of you, if you support this mentality and if you support free music. Place your pre-order and show just that! It will be worth your while. Your money will set the fundamental ground and hasten the pace in which we can record the full-length album, and deliver it back to you. It’s an investment not only for us but for you. We are not in any way strong in capital; we are as dependent on you as you are dependent on us. So let us feed off each other and make this together. If you managed to be one of the 616, that (together with the unique t-shirt) is an honorable symbol of knowing you’re one of the 616 that laid the foundation of future endeavors and albums of The Unguided. You are as much part in this as we are as members in the band. Thank you for your support! You make me proud each and every day, and you are certainly the one and only reason why I care about doing this to the extent I do it. You put the HARD in hardcore ;)

Pride, Honor and Glory!

The Unguided is not the only band I’m involved in at maximum speed. No no no! My fellow men in Faithful Darkness and I just recently released our first song featuring my vocals. This utter madness can be found here:

Consider this song another “FUCK YOU!” Chris Harris, you clueless piece of shit!

Download “Faithful Darkness – Hate Injection” MP3 (256kbit/s) here and Guitar Tabs here
(You can also find the lyrics in the YouTube info text attached to the song!)

I recorded the vocals in a friend’s studio called “Sällström Audio” in Halmstad – Sweden. My vocals were recorded through an Amek 9098 pre/EQ, UA 1176N compressor and Shure SM7 mic. Jonas Kjellgren mixed the song at The Abyss. If you like what you hear be sure to spread the word!


I also had my premiere gig with Faithful Darkness in Helsingborg – Sweden 25th February! I would like to thank everyone who took their precious time to come out and show us their support! It was a magical evening, and very nostalgic for me. When the gig was over I realized what I’ve been missing out in my life the past couple of years. In fact, it made my mind wander off to places where I haven’t been in a long time, and it felt thoroughly good.

Rockbåten M/S Harmony - Helsingborg - 25/2 - 2011

Photos © Frida Warnerbring, Rockbåten M/S Harmony - Helsingborg - 25/2 - 2011 

Faithful Darkness just recently booked a show in Copenhagen supporting Marionette (19th March) at the venue “The Rock”. I’ve played at “The Rock” on many occasions with Sonic and even Fallen Angels further back in time, and it’s a place I’m eager to go back to. In fact, I did my first Danish show with Fallen Angels there and I did my last Sonic Syndicate gig on that very stage. It’s not hard to understand that I’ve invested a great deal of sentimental value into that particular venue. Rest assured, I will destroy that stage once again with the weapons of Faithful Darkness! If you are planning on coming, join the Facebook event here.  

Roger and I have decided to go back and revisit the old songs from 2003 “Fallen Angels – Fall From Heaven” demo. Meaning: “Betrayer of the Code,” “Inherit the Earth,” and possibly, “A Curse of a Gift,” and make them into The Unguided songs! These songs will be included on the upcoming LP. And they will possibly have their very own chapter “Eden Fire” style to separate them a bit from the new material on the album. Something fun for the oldschool fans, I hope! I’ve heard an instrumental version of the new “Betrayer of the Code,” and it’s insane!

Betrayer of the Code 

If you are an active forum user over at Army of the Unguided fan site, maybe you’ve seen it has recently implemented a new feature that you will gain ranks depending on how many posts you do. This is a feature that has been asked for, so my slave Emil generously made that happen. Thank you Emil! The winners of the tattoo contest, Alex and Robin, have been granted their proper rank, something that will be unobtainable for other people. I’ve seen to myself that the ranks are based on the honor system of horde; if anyone has any objections and problems with that, I would just like to say this… FUCK YOU! Hehe. I know all of you are not gamers but hell you need to wake up from that ignorant and boring state of yours and see what’s really important in this life, the “real” world, my ass! Emil is also now busy with doing the website for The Unguided which most likely will be launched in synch with the 1 April release of Nightmareland.

For the Hor..Unguided 

I’ve recently found pictures from a couple of very crafty fans that have done clever acts of tribute to honor The Unguided! This one fan wrecked his car by putting The Unguided logo on the back windshield. Very dedicated! Thank you for sending in those pictures to me. Also, a fan has been busy manufacturing a The Unguided mug. Seriously, I would die to drink my morning coffee out from such badass porcelain! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Crafty little creatures

Also a truce has been declared between me and Karin! About time! Don't you think? She was actually over at my apartment briefly on a coffee and we talked everything through and decided to put all grudge behind us.

Friendship, Friendship again

I’m leaving for the US in a couple of days, and will be away for about a week, so don’t expect too much activity during that time. But everything is set in motion now and should be run smoothly!... Still here? Pre-order that bitch right away! Don’t risk being left without that awesome limited edition package when all the other kids are playing with theirs ;) If you run into any problems at all regarding the release or pre-order don't hesitate to mail me directly at [email protected]


I did this FAQ before the release day was established, to confuse you, I kept it as it was originally written. Enjoy! 

Q: Do you have an Xbox 360? If you don't, you should get one (and add me)!
A: I do own a 360, I use it very rarely nowadays though simply because I don’t have time. And whenever I have time for games I tend to spend it on WoW, hehe. I bought the 360 back in 2005, and we had our fair share of precious moments together indeed! Guitar Hero : Metallica was probably the latest game that tied me to it. My live user name is “lestatharbinger,” and I still pay for that monthly but I’m never really online. I guess Gears of War 3 will change my view of this matter though, hehe.  

Chainsaw-bayonet engage!

Q: Why did my teacher yell at me for drawing The Unguided symbol? Doesn't she know it’s more important than anything she's teaching!?
A: Your sense of priority is correct. Obviously, that symbol is more crucial than her aimless teachings. The fact that there was probably more thought going into that very symbol, than thought spent on her entire education underlines it even more. Proceed with your doodling!

symbol doodle

Q: Can't wait for the next songs being released from the unguided, any ideas when? :D
A: It just recently went to print, anytime now we’ll get a fixed release date!

Q: I'm not really much informed about what led to Sonic Syndicate's change, so I'm guessing the other members we're aiming to a different music direction. If so, what did you do to prevent of that mistake happening again?
A: Quit the band? In The Unguided it will never be a problem because we are three people that are totally in the same line with everything we do.

Three Wise Men

Q: I heard about some band formers making the new members sign a contract that they'll always follow the formers music direction, and if they refuse to... they most probably get kicked out? What do you think about that?
A: Really? Why did I never think of that… hehe. To be fair, I think a band should be more organic than that. There should be room for debauchery of course, and no sneaky contracts should ever counteract that. Music is a living essence, and so are the members in a band. Neither external people nor contracts should ever influence that.

Q: I also have another question.. About the autograph&tattoo design requests on your fan site. I submitted an autograph request but I didn't really get any confirmation that it was sent, just a blank page with numbers and all the information I’ve put in. Does that mean that it was submitted, or there was some kind of mistake?
A: Blank page you say? Sounds like a confirmation to me ;) I think the whole request function has been a bit buggy because I’ve received a lot of upset mails about it. But I also think everything has been stored in the database because I’ve been keeping somewhat track on that and it’s still stacking up requests. It’s just at this time I’m not able to sit down with it and work everything off. The fact that the EP just went to print will buy me some time though, so we’ll see what happens the coming weeks.

Q: Well, first of all, I can u tell how I can improve my guttural ;) 
A: No

A situation like this...

Q: you should make Nightmareland cover posters.
A: The limited edition version of Nightmareland will come with a poster. 


Q: I'm trying to growl some songs from Heaven Shall Burn. This pretty good I think, but every time when I finish one song, I have to cough allot. Is that normal? To defend myself: I just can’t scream, so I'm just growling, and I think growling doesn’t fit to Sonic songs, otherwise I would of course practise growling on them. Their just made too perfectly to spoil them ;)
A: I know my technique was straining for the throat when I first started with it as well, and I did my fair share of blood coughing before my throat grew to understand I won’t really stop abusing it. So my throat built other defenses for the vocal misuse other than just making me cough more. Somewhere I think it realized it would kill the body if it were to lose more blood. And yes, I’m exaggerating… I did cough in the beginning though… Once or twice.

I have a question for you. How the hell did you get so ripped? I tried with gym but it wasn’t very effective. Do I need some special diet or I should stick to normal?
A: I don’t get it... How the fuck do one get ripped by not spending a significant amount of time on gym / cardio? And how is it NOT effective!? What diet you should go for is very much dependent on what you goals are really. If you should stick with your normal diet is dependent how a “normal” diet is viewed in your life? I mean in some cases eating at McDonalds three times a day is a normal diet? I’ve restricted my diet to tuna, cottage cheese, pasta, eggs, and chicken. I’m not trying to get big, I’m trying to outline my contours and push my condition. If you want to get big, you have to eat a lot, and right! It’s like building a house, without material, there won’t be much house building will there now?

McDonalds Diet

Q. In a former blog you mentioned that you want to get some THE UNGUIDED t-shirts printed. Is this plan still alive? If yes, have you already got any ideas where and when they'll be available?
A: One merch design done by Gustavo Sazes is coming in the coming days. I think J.A.Aranguren is working on one as well. Anne Kathrin Schöner (who did the painting in my living room) has also supplied us with a t-shirt design. If Leah Eropkin finds time in her schedule, she will probably do one as well. Everything will most likely go to print! So there’s a development there, yes. 

Q: I scream in a band called Monolog
. Everything we ever recorded is made in my little home “studio”. What software and synth do you use for the synthtracks in your songs? I also became very interested in the vocal trix Jonas Kjellgren used in his studio. Is this a secret or would you be able to share? Also how much better does the SM7 work on screaming vocals compared to what I use a SM57.
Fire Roger a mail about the synth question: [email protected]. For my vocals on Nightmareland Jonas used SM7 -> Pre-amp (Focusrite I think) (HW) -> Distressor (HW) -> Massey CT4 (SW) -> Bomb Factory BF76 (SW). There was probably some SW EQ, De-Esser and reverb involved as well but I don’t remember what we used and where in the chain it appears. I have no experience of screaming vocals into a SM57 so I can’t really be objective there. But from what I’ve heard it works smoothly, especially live. For the studio I would however prefer the SM7.

If Kilmister use it, You don't question it!

Q: Have you ever thought about buying a ps3? I mean, it would be AWESOME to play ps3 with you.
I expected to get one from Santa last X-mas but I kind of fucked that up by being an evil callous man, so it didn’t happen. I’ll try to get it down for my wish list for the coming X-mas, though. I won’t buy one I think. It would just collect dust anyway! Well, I’d use the blu-ray every now and then.

Q: I was wondering, will Sonic Syndicate and/or The Unguided merch, like t-shirts, ever come to the North America (prefer California)? I have been wanting a shirt for two years now :)
A: Why the hell would I care if Sonic Syndicate merch reach Cali or not? As for The Unguided merch, I think you will be able to order it worldwide once we get that up and running. 

Q: The grey hoodie you have in the pictures from the studio and also in episode 1 of The Unguided TV. What brand is that? Where did you buy it? Do you have any link to an online-shop where I can get it?
A: The grey hoddie is called “Liberty Etch” and is from the brand Zoo York. I bought it back in 2007 when we toured with Amon Amarth in the US. I did some Google search on it but only found this page where it’s sold out.  I mean it’s as old as the trees really so I guess it will be hard to find. You can buy mine for the right price ;)

Statue of Incarceration

Q: I know you write almost everything yourself but did you write the Dead Planet lyrics? They show a real deep concern about the planet and I was just where you stood on the subject.
A: I wrote the lyrics for Dead Planet, yes. I wrote them after I’ve watched Al Gores, “An Inconvenient Truth,” actually. I like the idea how he’s actively raising awareness of the massive environmental problem, and wanted to apply just that on my own lyrics. If every single individual would try to pitch in and help with whatever method is available to him/her. I think the destruction of this planet would yet be reversible. But rest assure that is subjected to change if mankind’s mentality towards the planet won’t deviate from its current route pretty fucking soon. Whatever we want it or not it affects us all and if I can write lyrics about just that and make people wake up from their chronic and ignorant brain disease that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Earth Hour coming up, SORT IT OUT!

Q: I know you've said that the band won't be doing any extensive touring due to Roland not enjoying it. Is it safe to say that you won't be making a trip to Australia? 
A: As I’ve said in every blog since we revealed The Unguided, if the offer is right we’ll do anything since we’re sluts like that! After all you have cute Kangaroos! But then again you also have the box jellyfish, which is really concerning; in fact it, could kill a touring band and its crew in matter of three minutes.

I kill tour, steal earnings!

Q: T
he other Richard Sjunnesson Facebook page is just for family and friends, isn't it?
A: There’s nothing fooling you is it? 

Q: Are you capable of screaming in Swedish? I know Roland did it in an old band he had called Inhale.
A: Nope! My screaming vocals are limited to English… and Latin… !? Why would I not be able to sing in my mother tongue? Actually I think Swedish is a very powerful language, and I’d like to try some stuff with just that in coming The Unguided songs.

How did the classic Sonic line-up (Only Inhuman and Love and Other Disasters) meet? I know you and Robin are cousins, so that's relatively easy to figure out, Roger's your brother, even more easier to figure out seeing as you've been around him long enough to know he is and isn't a long lost brother. So how did you meet Roland, Karin, and John.
A: Karin I first met when she did an interview with Fallen Angels for the local newspaper. Then when we were looking for a new bassist (on the pub obviously) me and Roger bumped into her and asked if she wanted to come onboard. John and I went to the same senior level school, and I was also very familiar with his band DØDZ. John did always somewhat show interest in the band and when our drummer left, I called him and he joined the band. Roland I met first time in the studio recording Eden Fire. We wanted a guy to do some clean vocals, especially for Jailbreak. The guy we first had in mind didn’t pick up his phone. So the studio called in a local capacity, meaning Roland. So it was really a coincidence. When we did the pre-production songs for Only Inhuman we called Roland to use his services once again. With the pre-production songs we got a contract with Nuclear blast. This meant touring kind of started as well, and to do justice to the songs it would be convenient to have Roland in the band. Karin called Roland to ask if he was interested to be a fulltime member, which he was.

How did the band originally hear about Nathan before the Burn This City EP? Was it through friends, a show you guys saw in England and The Hollow Earth Theory was playing, or he just showed interest in the band following Roland's departure?
A: He filled the application formula for the open singer spot, which got sent in to our mail, he also mailed our manager direct. He linked us up with the video “Transmission,” and that was really the first time anyone of us saw and heard him. Later on he sent us the entire album from THET. I showed Roland the “Transmission” video and he also considered the vocalist was something worth our while.

Q: How come the band did not decide to get a keyboardist after Eden Fire?
A: More members? Really!? Less effort without one, and less mouths to feed. Especially since we had really bad experience from the one we had pre-Eden Fire as well in terms of professionalism and showing up to rehearsals.

What more evidence do you need?

Q: What do Swedes think of the appeal of gummy candy Swedish Fish?
I love it! You’ll definitely going to find a lot of fish in my candy bag hehe. Now that can be viewed from a couple of angles right? 


Q: I do have a question as I’ve noticed on your Facebook page about a number of limited edition, exclusive copies as you put it, held back to 616. I was wondering, where I could purchase, or place an order for one of those.
A: Anytime now!

You've mentioned your favorite bands and artists a few times, what are some of your guilty pleasures when it comes to music you like listening to?
A: Hmm I’m not really ashamed of any music I listen to. I guess I own a Fall Out Boy album, or two.. Forgive me father, I have sinned…


Q: What inspired you to be a singer, or a screamo person or whatever the hell you are? =p
A: A late night radio show with Dark Tranquillity live from Kåren in Gothenburg, and Mikale Stanne’s vocals inspired me to become a screamo person or whatever the hell I am.

Q: What do you think you would have done if you hadn't become a musician? =o
A: Graphic artist, tattoo artist, or a writer most definitely. I turned my back on art to pursue my musical dreams once upon a time to be fair—something I’m dying to find a way back to whenever my life allows for it.

Q: Do we have a release date for the EP yet? I really really cant wait :D
A: Funny that! You’re not the only one…

Q: I’m listening to Strapping young lad at the moment, what do you make of them? :DA:
Can’t say I’ve listened to their stuff a lot but I respect Devin Townsend very much! I’ve ruined many potential pop oriented parties with the song “Shitstorm.”

Talented & Handsome

Q: When reading the blog I saw the reference to Zebras In America, I love Freddy got fingered / Tom green lmao what would you say was Tom Greens Funniest Sketch? I’m a big fan and would love to know, must be something to do with being 27 I think lol
When I first bought Freddy Got Fingered I watched it constantly over and over for like three days. That man is a genius and that movie is a milestone in humanities history! I can’t pick a scene I love more than any other seeing everything is just brilliant. 

I've got a question for you, out of your years of touring on both headline and support tours, which band/s did you enjoy touring with the most?
A: Dark Tranquillity and Deathstars, by far!

Q: First of all: Delay till March/April... you do want to cause some amok shootings do you? :P When will you be able to give us a final release date?
A: I blame Canada! Please don’t kill innocent people…

Among other things...

Q: Another question which I had in mind for a while now, (hope its not as random as the couple of last ones, hehe) is about the meanings of your lyrics in general. When you write a song, do you have ONE meaning/story/theme shown in this song, and only this one, or do you leave space for speculations? Because I often find myself being very accurate in interpreting your lyrics, and when I try again with the next song I am just completely wrong....
A: Before I write anything at all I always decide a direction for the song and keep the lyrics true to that. Many times I give out subjective content which can be interpreted in different ways, and that’s really up to you to decide what it means to YOU. I don’t want to limit your imagination and speculations in any way so a lot of times I open many doors but I never really close them all. That’s when your own mind should kick in and tie together the lose ends. Paint your own picture, so to speak, out from the received information. Be involved in the creativity, and the living variables of the lyrics. Whatever way that picture is rendered in your head, that’s the meaning of the song! And I would never dream about disappointing or ruining that very picture by giving out MY own accurate meaning of the song. 

Q: I follow your blog daily and I wonder if there’s a releasedate for Nightmareland? I’ve listened to the previews on youtube to destruction and I’m eager for the release!

Q: Beeing a badass metalstar and all with the best screaming vocals in the world. How come you dont have any fucking tatoos man? If I were you my entire body would be coverd
A: I’m too much of a perfectionist to find out what I would be able to wear in terms of art on myself until the day I die, and actually endure it. That’s why I never had anything inked on myself. The Unguided symbol is pretty fucking close on making its mark on me, though.

Stay awake!

Q: I'm aware this is a very trivial question! But are you friends with the band Zonaria? Or have you at least heard of them? Your public facebook account appears as a friend with their guitarist Emil Nyström. If not perhaps he is a fan of your work? Hehe.
I speak with Emil occasionally yeah, and I like their stuff! We used to be on the same American label.

Q: Where do you buy all your Crusty Demons clothing? Do you know any good website which sells Crusty Demons products? And finally is that hoodie, in the following link, also Crusty Demons hoodie and where did you bought that?
 I love the artwork of Crusty Demons. I think you also like 'em, eh? ; ) Do you know any clothing brands which have artwork like Crusty Demons on its clothes? Nothing to do with music, The Unguided etc. sorry about that, but I'm just curious and interested :)
A: I’ve got all my Crusty Demons clothing as an endorsement. Check out and see if you can find what you are looking for! The hoddie I have in the picture is called: Crusty Demons “Smoldering hood.” I do like them very much, yeah, hehe obviously! If you are looking for similar clothing also, check Sullen Clothing which is another brand I love! 

Sullen Clothing

Does one have to be a good lyricist to be a professional vocalist? I've put some serious consideration in heading towards the direction of being a professional vocalist in a metal band. So I’m asking this question, because I’m wondering is it possible to be a vocalist without being able to write lyrics? or is it a necessity? 
A: Not really. I guess it helps but there are a lot of professional vocalist that just sing, and are not involved with any extensive text processing. Roland for one, he’s a professional vocalist but not a lyricist for example.  

Q: Is Roland going to be performing screams along with clean vocals in the Nightmareland or upcoming albums from The Unguided?
A: I’m not really sure. In the songs on Nightmareland he doesn’t do any screaming. But it was not really intentional. I guess that’s because he didn’t do that for a long time. But it was not an intentional formula or something like that. I guess it’s favorable for the voice if you set a direction for it instead of doing all kinds of different techniques. I’ve heard significant changes in many multi-technique vocalists example jumping from clean singing to screaming affecting their clean vocals in the wrong way in the long run. We’ll see what happens. I’m open for whatever, really. If he feels he want to focus on his clean voice and let me handle all the screaming I’m fine with that.

Q: What happened with the old singer of Faithful Darkness? Why did he leave?
A: I’m not extremely updated on that, and to be fair I didn’t really take big interested in it either. My loyalty is with the guys in the band because I saw potential in their music and they are good people. And the word I got is that he left for personal reasons. I don’t know a more specific reason as to that. According to some, I left Sonic for personal reasons. So maybe an angry hate-blog will pop up on the internet anytime soon from nowhere where he throws all kinds of garbage on me, fuck knows? ;) Anyways, I do respect Erik and his work in Faithful Darkness. His voice is beast!


  • Anonym säger:
    2011-03-08 | 12:21:42

    Why do you need an visa or mastercard to buy the new album? I immediately tried to order the album as soon as you posted it on your site, but i can't buy it since i don't have visa/mastercard :(

    is there another (legal) way to obtain the album?

  • Renata Pieni säger:
    2011-03-08 | 12:30:48

    I only have 2 things to say: I've already pre-ordered "Nightmareland" and I'm so happy for you, both for all the plans/projects going on and your re-friendship with Karin =)

  • björn säger:
    2011-03-10 | 23:55:31

    Längtar som f*n tills 1 april!. Men varför finns inte love and other disasters på spotify!? :-(

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