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Hey fellow blog readers!

In this entry I will basically only focus on my recent US trip, while I have it fresh in my mind and to combine everything would just be endless reading. So no FAQ or very much band related stuff at all here! That will take place in next entry; in next blog I will also release the lyrics of “Green Eyed Demon.” Consider it a little sneak premiere before the EP release!  I guess this is entry is mainly for me to file memories, since my ability to remember things is horrible, and I need to write stuff down fast to even remember them at all (I’m surprised I even remember my own birthday). If that doesn’t sound interesting, stop reading now! This trip and its outplay is of great value and importance to me and consist of memories I’d like to keep close to my heart until the day I perish. Fortunately, I took over a thousand pictures that I can lean back on as well, in terms of memory accumulation, hehe.

All right! My uncle Robert and I decided some time ago to take a trip somewhere to spend some well deserved quality time together, and turn a random city upside down. After some thoroughly thinking we decided that New York City seemed to be an appropriate place for some Swedish mayhem! We booked the trip for 9th – 15th of March.

America, Fuck yeah!

Day 1:
Slightly after midnight, I plunged towards the inland of Sweden with my trusty Volvo S40 to collect Robert. I’ve been working the early shift, so I was feeling kind of drowsy from closing in on the “24 hours without sleep” mark. His hearth is located in the deep, deep woods of the west, so I had to travel through these elk filled main roads to get him before the airport. Driving on wild beast heavy roads and being sleepy was a deadly combination indeed, and I did my best to sharpen my senses. Once successfully getting Robert onboard, we also made two additional picks ups. Two friends of Robert’s were going on the journey as well.

Miles outside Gothenburg I had to surrender to my sleepiness, and let someone else drive to even be able to make it to the airport “Landvetter.” When I woke up again, we were to unload the car and make for the airport check-in. When we were done with the check-in and security control, we settled in for some airport breakfast. I had a cheese and ham sandwich along with morning coffee, while Roberts’s friends, Sundin and Janne, only had a liquid breakfast—impressively enough, and earned my respect right away.


Mr. Richardan

We were flying with Air France and going to NYC with a connecting flight through Paris. So far so good! Once we got to Paris, we were picked up by pre-ordered transportation, which took us to the valid gate since the relay time of the arrival and departure was insanely trimmed. This transportation, however, never showed up. We threaded our way through the immense airport but this only made us more lost and we found ourselves located in the wrong terminal. We desperately tried to communicate with the original inhabitants and staff of the airport. This was futile since everything basically got lost in translation. And somewhere down the road I think they spoke French to us while we answered back in Swedish. This would NOT give us the route to the proper gate what so ever. We demanded to speak with the manager. And while working our way through an impressive amount of managers (even the manager of the manager etc.), we realized we were going to miss the flight to the US anyways. This madness had to stop! Finally, we flexed our Swedish muscles hard in front of the French aviation staff. Apparently, that was all that was needed to kick some dust up! They instantly put us on another plane departing a couple of hours after the original flight, upgraded our seats, and ultimately gave us a voucher. A voucher worth a sandwich and a beer (YAY!), very generous!

"Electronic devices prohibited of use during flight!" Luckily my cam is analog...
The voucher paid for ALL this

More importantly it ESPECIALLY paid for this



Once on the plane to JFK airport in New York, we had to find a way to kill eight hours while also traveling six hours back in time. Between the airplane food intervals—which actually were surprisingly pretty delicious—I watched “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” That was a waste of 113 minutes that I’ll never get back, unfortunately. But since we were going back in time, I consider it something that never happened.  For the rest of the duration I focused on my iPod, red wine, and cognac. It was enough wine to put me to rest for a significant time of the flight actually. The others in our company played “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” without pauses against each other for the whole flight. Very persistent.

Time traveling

Xbox controller in seat, CHECK!

Interesting single-serve food

Let the FEAST begin!


Hydrating dessert


Late afternoon we arrived at the JFK airport. We took a taxi to the hotel Milford Plaza (Yeah the Chelsea Hotel booking got lost in the logistic unfortunately). This 1,300-roomed hotel was awesome as well though! The Milford Plaza was the largest hotel in NYC on its opening in 1928 and has a great deal of history to it. The location is also priceless, seeing you take a step outside and you’re basically standing on Broadway and Times Square.

A safe flight calls for an "snus" ceremony 

The Milford Plaza

In the belly of the beast

Robert and I shared room, and I did my best to get the room 616 but eventually we ended up at 549, which was close enough! Not much more was done in terms of effort during the first day, other than immediate jetlag mending.

The Sjunnesson lair

Close but no cigar!

Day 2:
Robert and I both fired up at 4 a.m. and found it utterly impossible to sleep more because of the Swedish time difference. We got dressed and headed out on the streets. This early hour on a weekday morning is probably the most hibernated state you will ever experience NYC. The sun was slowly going up but it was still somewhat dark outside, and there were only a handful of people outside stressing out to get to their place of work in time. We found a Starbucks just a block from the hotel, and by experience Starbucks is probably the closest to Swedish coffee you can enjoy in the US. I mean, if you put a coin in a cup of coffee you should NOT be able to still see it. However, this is not the case for most of the US coffee, unfortunately. In Sweden we call that tea, as a matter of fact! Hehe.

NYC 4 a.m. or Falkenberg 8 p.m. !?

Tea time

We successfully consumed the coffee, and also abused the free WiFi to find something nearby to eat. A classic American breakfast was on the schedule! We found ourselves at a place called “Westway” a few blocks away. We both ordered the breakfast deal called the “Lumberjack.” Coffee, orange juice, pancakes, and two eggs with bacon. The pancakes with syrup and butter were probably the most blood clogging stuff I have eaten in months but it was delicious indeed! Since we were over here on vacation, I thought we might as well super size everything anyways. So, I had no intentions of holding back.

Never taken for granted!

What does this have to do with trees?

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to rendezvous with the rest of our company, who just woke up, and begun to stake out the rest of our day. The first objective was to head out to an Apple store and buy a birthday gift for Roger. We selected the one closest to Central Park, which is rumored to be one, if not the biggest, Apple stores in the world and took a cab there. This apple store was immense indeed, and made its equivalence over in Sweden look like dollhouses. The place was crowded, seeing it was the day before the iPad 2 release. But still, Robert managed to obtain a “Magic Mouse” as a birthday gift to Roger.

"Four in a row" with cars, anyone?

Fruit store

On the way back to the hotel we had another coffee pit stop and also saluted a statue of “Dante.” He looked awfully well, considering he had been through the nine circles of hell. Good job friend!  We also checked out “Time Warner Center” by the Columbus circle. I found myself at a Borders shop, and bought two books. Stephen King “The Gunslinger,” which is the first book of “The Dark Tower” series (I’m really looking forward to follow the main character Roland(!) on his quest to find the Dark Tower hehe). I also bought Anne Rice “Pandora / Vittorio, The Vampire” which is two standalone books tied to “The Vampire Chronicles” books, which was strangely enough insanely hard to get my hands on here in Sweden. It made me happy they were available here!

Nice HELL-tan you got going there Mr.Dante!

The Columbus Circle

Time Warner Center

After this, Robert went back to the hotel for a well-deserved siesta. While Janne, Sundin, and I struck Times Square full on to inhale this spectacular circus of illuminated madness. It’s magnificent, indeed, and the only neighborhood in New York with a zoning ordinance requiring tenants to display bright signs, hehe.

Times Square

I felt safe

Epileptic much?

What's up with the strange parking spots!?

To moisten our throats and soothe our hunger, we found an eating-house called “Heartland Brewery.” We combined lunch with their freshly brewed beer. I had an Indiana Pale Ale and an HB Burger. The burger was pretty uninteresting but the Ale was really good! After lunch we took another walk around the Times Square area until we eventually found our way to an Irish pub in the Hell’s kitchen neighborhood. I drank (ate?) some Guinness as we lingered here for quite a while. Free WiFi, so I took the opportunity to call home as well.

Heartland Brewery

I stole this

Heart(land) Attack on a plate

Amen to that bro!

Irish Pub

Can I have a knife and fork please?

Went back to the hotel to rest with some quality American TV, and continued to mend my jet lagged soul. Robert and I decided that after some rest we’d head out for a Pizza slice and go to the cinema. It was the same day as the midnight premiere for “Battle: LA,” so that worked out smoothly.

When I woke up, we threaded down to a nearby Pizzeria, got ourselves a couple of slices of Pepperoni pizza, which we devoured instantly. It was still a bit early for the midnight premiere, so we decided we’d just counter that with another movie before “Battle: LA,” and made our way to the AMC Empire 25 theatre. This was a huge cinema complex! We browsed whatever was available for us, in terms of movies, and selected the movie “True Grit” as a starter on this rainy evening. I ordered a medium coke as well. I received a bucket full of coke the size of my head(?). I don’t even want to know how many oz it contained, and I certainly don’t want to come across the large version.

Food, food, food and more food

For a crap film they sure spent money on the promotion

"Medium" Size Coke

“True Grit” was pretty cool! Guess I enjoyed “No country for Old Men” better but Hailee Steinfeld surely did an awesome role as “Mattie Ross.” I was still suffering a bit from jet lag, so I kind of feel asleep at times, which is a common feature trend when I go to the cinema—expensive sleep some would say, I assume. Right when the movie was over we went back into the reception to buy two tickets for “Battle: LA.”

New Pirates coming up, early sign!

Eletricians, NYC don't have them

During “Battle: LA” (or should I say Independence Day II) I slept for the longest durations. But I still managed to maintain full understanding of the plot. I’d say if you only watched the trailer of the movie you would probably do just that as well, and see all the “best” parts of the film. This movie was beyond redemption, and earned its bad reviews ten times over. The best part of the movie was probably when they dimmed the lights in the auditorium and someone screamed, “Quite now, I’m filming!” and that was not even a part of the movie, Now that’s bad!

Disappointed, we headed out in the rain and back to the hotel for some sleep.

Swedish weather

Day 3:
I woke up a bit later this morning. I found out by the morning news that Hobgoblin from the new Broadway musical “Spider-man: Turn off the dark” got injured from a safety-wire related accident. This forced them cancel all upcoming shows. Unfortunate for me! I was a bit interested in seeing that musical, actually. My well wishes to Hobgoblin and his recovery!

/soothe Hobgoblin

We were in for some breakfast hunting again! The luck had descended upon “Chevys Fresh Mex” this time around. This was a restaurant chain of Mexican-style casual dining. Too bad the food there was outrageously horrible. But my hunger still made me sink a whole plate of… whatever it was when I ordered.

Not SWE approved


After the traumatic Mexican experience, we were on our way to the Fifth Avenue Apple store to point and laugh at the endless iPad 2 queues. Release day was today and apple enthusiasts had camped out at the store the whole night, according to some. This kept us entertained for a couple of minutes, and then we decided to head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is also located on the Fifth Avenue.

Metrosexual people with dogs

The sun honored us with its presence

Central park! It looks "greener" in the movies

We started to walk along Central Park but then came to understand that it was quite a walk, so we hired a taxi service. Not a cab, but a cyclist with a “chariot” gladiator style! This was as much a near death experience as the old Romans arena games but it was still good fun. We reached the museum eventually, scared to pieces but alive.

Spartacus mounting his chariot


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The museum was magnificent! We started our visit with some “New Greek & Roman” galleries (Found the same chariot the cyclist had, slightly older manufacturing year though) and then right into the gallery for “Oceanic Art,” and some “Native North America art” on top of that. Actually, we spent awfully a lot of time here reviewing almost every exhibition available. My favorites were the Egyptian one and of course the Arms and Armor collection. Sickest thing was probably in the Sackler Wing in shape of “The Temple of Dendur.” Hear this out: They fucking moved a two thousand year old temple from Nubia, Egypt in Africa to a museum in America!? I mean it’s not a fucking LEGO they were dealing with. That must have been one HELL of a project. Impressive!

Spartacus found his old helm!

Greek Cujo

Ceasars living room

Gollums forefather

What's your game?

Bought a new classy weapon safe for my elk hunting dad

The original concept model of "Statue of Liberty"

Ancient nerdrage

Gilded angel

The New American Wing

A sphinx

"The Temple of Dendur", Do it yourself IKEA edition 


If I ever die, I'd like one of these! Take note close ones.

Anubis and some hot egyptian chick

(Put random Pharaohnic rulers name here)

Tier 1

Welcome to the gun show!


Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Properties of "The last Samurai"

Upper right facemask used by Tom Cruise in TLS


Nice selection of Hillebards

Teir 5

Teir 6

Tier 7

Not sure about you but the item level of these looks pretty shit


"The Angel of Death and the Sculptor"

Jesus, The UFC fighter

Jesus, The bum...

She should feed her boyfriend more often

After the museum, we took a cab back to the hotel. I also made a fast visit to the Chruch of Scientology nearby the hotel to purchase their “bible,” “Dianetics,” for my girlfriend. They wanted me to buy a whole starter kit, including all sorts of suspicious items, in addition to signing over my apartment (and soul) in Sweden to their order, but I declined and said I was only in it for the book. I figured it’s about time she found herself a decent religion featuring aliens! Don’t ask me why but she has been acting all weird lately, and has been marathon watching Tom Cruise movies.

"All are welcome!"

We teamed up with Janne and Johan for dinner this evening. We craved for a classic American stake house. We found one nearby the hotel and spent some hours there. I ate my own body weight in meat!  The only mistake was the duck liver starter, which was disgusting. I also had a Budweiser with the meal to follow the American theme of the evening.

In accordance with the custom of those times

Rate my poo?

Weapon of choice

"For those who are about to be devoured, we salute you!"

"Spike Rake"!?

Safely back at the hotel, my mind shut down instantly to digest all the food. 

Day 4:
A beautiful spring morning! I woke up a little bit earlier than Robert and pursued breakfast on my own. I actually went back to “Westway” to get myself some “Lumberjack” action on this day as well. Those pancakes were indeed awesome! Back at the hotel, Robert was awake, and we decided to take a cab to the GE Building at the Rockfeller Center to get an all-over view of Manhattan from the observation deck at “Top of the Rock.”

GE Building

Once at the foot of the building, we waited for Janne and Johan to arrive, and killed time in the NBC merchandise store. This 259m tall construction housed the NBC studios as well. We we’re both very entertained by “The Office” merchandise in the store.

Foot of the building

We successfully met up with J&J and made our way to the top of this gigantic skyscraper. Up there we we’re in for a majestic view! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. After a while, the dizziness up there was too great to master. So we descended down to the very basement and found a neat Ben & Jerry’s. Robert and I had a little coffee and ice cream break here. I was not brave enough to try the massive “Vermonster” deal infused with 8430 calories. But I had something along the lines of that.

Top of the rock

NYC north side

NYC south side

Obligatory tourist picture!

They forgott a number, fuckers

Ben & Jerry's

Lactose grenade

Next up was some SoHo shopping! I googled a store there featuring Affliction clothing. I wanted to buy something for my brother’s birthday, and figured this would be suiting. Robert and I took a cab there, and to my disappointment their selection of Affliction clothing was very limited. All of the sizes were XL or XXL. Fail! We regrouped at a Starbucks to use the free WiFi, and to get an overview of our location. We found the original Adidas store, and another Apple store nearby and headed towards them. On our way there, we walked by a trusty Volvo 240. What a paradox it was to see this Swedish classic vehicle with an American number plate.

Define "Unnecessary Noise"? Can I NOT sing here!?

Swedish pride in NYC

In the Adidas store, we both were admiring their new Starwars + Adidas collection. One of their staff members walked up to us and asked if we liked Starwars… In response to that, we just stared at her in a moronic fashion. I mean, who the fuck doesn’t like Starwars!? I bought myself two shirts, and a leather shoulder bag with the text “The force is strong in this one” and a big silhouette of the “Death Star” on the other side. Robert bought a hoddie and new Starwars shoes.

We headed on towards the Apple store, and found this one as crowded as the one by Central Park. I spotted an Oakly store right next to it and bought myself new shades.

We took a cab back to the hotel for some rest, and enjoyed some beef jerky that Robert purchased before we headed to Times Square again. This time it was to pay a visit to Toys R Us! A humongous store with three levels smacked with toys. I was looking to give my lonely Vincent Valentine action figure (which I bought in Japan) some company. Browsing this store made me 7 years old again. I took a picture with a “real size” Optimus Prime,  and mingled with Spider-man and Ironman.  I also said hello to the huge T-Rex, and drooled over the endless of shelves of Starwars toys. I, however, found something very disturbing! A corner with not only Twilight merchandise featuring all kinds of their FAGpires, but also a whole shelf filled with Justin Beiber dolls. I sensed a disturbance in the force and hurried from this area with swift steps. This was probably the best thing to do before the pyromaniac in me took control of the situation. I bought a WoW ghoul miniature called “Rottingham” as well as a Berserker Predator featured in the latest movie “Predators.”

Thank you!


My eyes cought AIDS and ran out from my skull 

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Say "Hi" From me to Hobgoblin!

Me and Prime

War of Stars

Go Go Power Rangers!

"I think I'm a clone now"


Spider-man and Ironman had underaged groupies

We headed out to find ourselves another bookstore. But we found an HBO store instead! I considered these vampires a bit more tolerable in my mind. I bought a “Fangbanger” slip for my girlfriend. Solely for the purpose that I knew it would piss off “True Blood” fans back at home. We also saluted “Sponge boob Square Pants,” who was giving out hugs outside the store. We returned safely to the hotel to take the rest of the day off.

Giving strangers great big hugs

End of the day beef jerky

Day 5:
Today we headed over to Staten Island because I wanted to do a drive by of the Statue of Liberty, since I haven’t been out there during my touring years. On the way back from the ferry, we got a good view of the south point of Manhattan. It looked majestic! We also got a good look at One World Trade Center (called Freedom Tower, initially), which was being raised where the previous two towers were standing. This skyscraper is going to be 541m tall, and will be the highest building in the US when it’s done 2013.


Manhattan south side

We took the subway back to Times Square to eat pizza breakfast. After breakfast, we took a cab to the American Museum of Natural History. This is where the movie “The Night at the Museum” was partly shot. I was such a huge Dinosaur enthusiast when I was little, and the thought of this place having something called “Fossil Halls” made me greatly excited.

More food!

The American Museum of Natural History

Can I tempt you with a throat lozenge?

I paid admission to this guy

While inside, we headed right into the dioramas, which is the most renowned and beloved exhibition at the museum. The most fascinating fact of the dioramas is that it is stuffed with wild animals in staged setups of their natural inhabitance. From this, I’ve come to realize that many of the environments and animals represented here no longer exist, or have been extinct by the doing of man. So, I guess this exhibition was not only a travel across continents but also through time. It was a sad fact indeed, and mind-blowing in every way at the same time.

Surrounded by lions


My sister had her own dedicated cage

Ostrich Omelet

When the eagle cries

We also attended the IMAX Theater inside the Museum. It was showing “Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World.” Aside from the huge screen, I was not very impressed at all. The CGI was pretty dire, and the only thing cool about it was that it featured a Prognathodon, which is a 30 ft. long aquatic murder machine weighing in at 1 ton. A creature that is pretty rare by the coastline of Falkenberg.

In Rose Center for Earth and Space, there was an exhibit called “Journey of the Stars,” which was a space show where the visitors seats were placed in circles with a huge circular 360* screen over their heads. This movie exhibition featured extraordinary images from telescopes on the ground and in space. It launched us into space and time to experience the life and death of stars in our night sky (including our own Sun). This experience alone could have done the Museum trip worth its while, very stunning!

Space, the final fronteir

After this, Robert felt a bit tired and headed back to the hotel. I only saw a fragment of the museum so far, so I decided to stay behind and check the rest of it out. I mean, I didn’t even see the T-Rex yet! I shot through the different floors and all the exhibitions until I reached the fourth floor and the “Fossil Halls”. These halls reached me in a very emotional way. I’ve spent a significant time of my childhood drawing dinosaurs, reading all about them, collecting toys, and learning each and every name of these ancient creatures. Something was weird though. I’ve looked everywhere for the T-Rex and Raptors but they were nowhere to be found. I mean I could understand how the sneaky raptors could evade my falcon vision. But how the fuck does one hide a T-Rex from me? I examined the museum map further and finally found a wing I had missed. The center attraction of this hall; a T-Rex fossil specimen, breathtaking stuff indeed!

Not amused!

Hi Easter Island Moai!

A little warning to people with no sense of direction, this museum is HUGE! 

Greenscreen CGI


Can be yours for 400$ !

Sorry dad, someone beat you to it!

"Hello Kitty's" ancestor

Dead Alliance Mount

"No, I'm not a dentist..."

A mobile garden umbrella

Fossilised tank

Brain much?


Ahhh! There we go, Mr.Rex

Fan picture with the T-Rex


After an extensive time viewing of all prehistoric fossils, the museum was coming to a closing, and I felt my life goal was coming to just that as well after I’ve been able to rest my eyes on the T-Rex. I promised my girlfriend I was going to buy her a book and seeing on my way back to the hotel I was going through the Columbus circle. I decided to pay a visit to the same Borders bookstore. I also tried to find Frank Herberts’ “Dune,” but it wasn’t available, sadly enough. I bought “The Catcher in the Rye” for Ella though.

Back at the hotel, Robert and I decided to get some NYC Sushi! We took a cab to a place called “Damo” nearby. The sushi was really good here! I liked how the pieces were a bit smaller than average, it doesn’t make it as overwhelming like the average Joe sushi place. After the sushi, we headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

Prognathodon Sushi apparently

Day 6-7:
This day was the last one of the trip. We decided to celebrate a successful trip with breakfast at the Hard Rock café on Times Square. I had a legendary 10 oz burger clocking in at 1551 calories. I was pleased! We also made a custom I.D. tag necklace for Roger’s birthday. I also bought a Billabong t-shirt for Roger at Times Square. After that, I hit “Toys “R” Us” once again to get a “Sauron” bobblehead for myself, which I had my eye on the first time around but never got around to buy. Since I’ve been a good chap, I also wrote not one BUT four(!!!) post cards. This was a first time ever event coming from me, so I figured it would be decent to actually get some stamps to send them out at home to family and friends. We took a cab back to the Rockfeller Center where we saw a post office. Also, Robert wanted to buy some “The Office” merchandise from the NBC store. And I found a GameStop, where I bought another gift for Roger in the shape of “Final Fantasy XIII” for PS3. We also headed into the Apple store to buy an iPad 2 for a friend. They were sold out, of course. The Apple staff confidently promised the past Friday there was no chance in HELL they would sell out. Fruit business going well these days, apparently!

Hard Rock Café TS

Cymbal lamps! Why did I never think of that?!

Another heart attack going down

Wall of Guitars

Scott Ians Simpsons custom guitar

Hell bent for leather

Steve Vai leather, Roland was impressed

Custom dog tag machine!

The Unguided som satan!

Church of St. Nicholaus near Rockefeller Center

I bid you farewell Times Square!

After this, we checked out from the hotel, took a cab to the JFK airport, and boarded the flight home. Since Air France fucked up the trip, we also got our seats upgraded on the way home. In addition, we got access to their extremely pleasant lounge, and its buffet. Luxury is an understatement! I slept nearly the whole duration on the flight home, except for the connection in Paris, which was smooth this time. We landed safely at “Landvetter,” close to Gothenburg at Swedish afternoon the day after.

My life in a Jean-Claude Van Damme bag

Airfrance longue

Food buffet


Villians at the Paris connection

Right before Swedish touchdown

When I set foot on Swedish soil it was hard to grasp the surreal feeling of what we had experienced. Nevertheless, it felt good to be home with a great deal of new impressions. Shortly after returning home, I repacked my bags and heading to Stockholm to spend time with Ella.

Here is a list of the items I managed to get my hands on in the US:
New shizzle

1. PS3 Game: Final Fantasy XII, b-day gift for Roger bought at GameStop at Rockfeller Center.
2. Dog tag: Manufactured at Hard Rock Café on Times Square, a b-day gift for Roger from me and Robert.
3. Book: J. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” bought for Ella in a Borders store at “Time Warner Center”
4. Book: L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics” bought for Ella in the Church of Scientology nearby Times Square.
5. Book: Anne Rice’s “New tales of the vampires” compilation book featuring “Pandora” and “Vittorio, The Vampire” bought at Boarders at “Time Warner Center”

6. Book: Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger” first book in “The Dark Tower” series, bought at Boarders at “Time Warner Center”
7. Action figure: A “Berserker Predator” from the “Predators” movie bought at “Toys “R” Us” at Times Square.
8. Action figure: A “Sauron” bobblehead found at “Toys “R” Us” at Times Square.
9. Action Figure: A “Ghoul” featured in WoW called “Rottingham” bought at “Toys “R” Us” at Times Square.
10. T-shirt: An Adidas shirt from their Starwars collection.
11. T-shirt: Another Adidas shirt from their Starwars collection.
12. T-shirt: Billabong T-shirt from the Billabong shop at Times Square.
13. Slip: A “True Blood” based slip purchased at the HBO store for Ella.
14. Shoulder bag: A leather shoulder bag from Adidas Starwars collection.
15. Shades: Oakly “Plaintiff” series shades, frames: “Polished Chrome” and lens: “Chrome Iridium”
16. Souvenir: A Statue of Liberty souvenir.
17. Coffee Cup: Times Square coffee cup for Mom, since she doesn’t drink coffee.

Sincerely Yours,


  • Silvana Breur säger:
    2011-03-25 | 20:09:28

    It seems you had a great time in the US of A.

  • Ryugu säger:
    2011-03-25 | 23:53:08

    i can't imagine i read through all of it.. (after looking at the scroll bar..)

    Sounds like loads of fun :p, prob is.. now i wanna go too xD

  • Dom säger:
    2011-03-26 | 08:51:40

    How the hell would that thing be a slip? oO for a three-legged "woman"? ;) looks more like a tanktop, doesn't it?

    But it seems you had a great trip! Food looks delicious!

  • Alexander säger:
    2011-03-26 | 11:52:30

    I LIVE here and i never have that good of a week :p

    Shoulda went to the Chrysler muesem I here the DeLorean from BTTF is there.

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