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The funeral of our world

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So much stuff going on lately, even I have a hard time to keep up to date with everything. But I’ll try to touch them most relevant subjects in this blog entry, and also bore you with some unnecessary topics.

The Unguided - Hell Frost
General's Armaments package (also known as Package 1 in some cultures) is sold out via the Despotz web shop. Great success! That means once again the 616 faithful people that ordered this will be having a special edition of the album, 1 GB ammo-USB necklace/keying thingy with the TU logo on the side (loaded with the album both as MP3 / WAV and PDF booklet), 7 colored print (front & back) Hell Frost t-shirt AND a signed (by all 5 of us) poster sent their way in the coming weeks. Congratulations and thank you for your most astonishing support, once again!

Hell selling out

The General's Armaments package sold out within three weeks, so a lot of people unfortunately missed out. So, what’s left for them except sitting in the corner in a cone of shame? Well there are a few viable options actually.

Option No.1
The retail jewel case edition excluding the 11th bonus track of Hell Frost (release 30 November) is now available at a campaign price over at:,, Sweden Rock Shop, and

"Hell Frost" Jewelcase CD

Option No.2
The digital version of Hell Frost available via iTunes already a week prior to the actual release (exclusive iTunes release set to 22 November). You can find it here.

"Hell Frost" Digital iTunes Release

Option No.3
Still hungering for the limited jakebox special edition of Hell Frost with the 11th bonus track? Until it’s sold out and never goes to print again it’s available here:,, Sweden Rock Shop, and

Limited edition jakebox CD

If you can’t wait for the album, the already released (26 Oct) album single “Inherit the Earth” is for your disposal here.

The Unguided - Inherit the Earth

You’ll find the lyrics in the last blog entry and the single artwork is once again made by our very talented friend, J.A.Aranguren (Eden Fire, Betrayer of the Code).

"You can breathe but the air is running out"

The Unguided
is now officially a five-piece band as John Bengtsson (Sonic Syndicate) and Henric Carlsson (Cipher System, Lavett) joins as fulltime members. They are warmly welcome into this dysfunctional family, and I hope the fans will (when they get the opportunity) welcome them onboard as well!

The Unguided 2011

By the end of last month this five-piece machinery of wayward souls teamed up with Patric Ullaeus to make the first music video for the debut album. Some of us have worked with Patric on seven(!!!) different video productions previously, so it was safe to say we were in very good and familiar hands. It’s not an overstatement that Patric Ullaeus and his associates are the best at what they do in the world, and it felt extremely good to have such flawless professionalism at our service once again.


The song we decided to visualize was “Phoenix Down”. It’s a dynamic and fairly accessible song, which we felt would represent the band in a good way as an introduction video. Also it has been one of the fan favorites in our live set as far as we could tell. The video is a performance-only video shot in Gothenburg at Revolver Studios. It shows the band in an energetic discharge, clocking in on almost 4 minutes. A video recording is not a new thing for any of us, and therefore this was a fast and painless procedure. We even had time to shoot some pictures as the five-piece band we are afterwards! The release date for the video is not set just yet. If you want to check more of Patric’s incredible work, be sure to visit:

The Unguided In The Revolver Studios from Patric Ullaeus on Vimeo.

At nZANE gearing up for the video

Hank the hunk taking it away

Monster Energy to the left, Mic to the right

Rock 'n' Roland killing his guitar

Johnny boy pointing at the sky

Familiar face

The fifth The Unguided gig is set in our hometown, Falkenberg, once again. It’s under an event called “Annandagsrocken 2011,” which has been an annual event here in Falcon Mountain, since as long as I went to school here (and probably before that as well). It’s highly prestigious for us to be able to honor this gig with some local culture together with bands we’ve grown up with, and loved with all of our hearts. So I guess it’s once again time to rally the 616 to get your fine asses down to the west coast of Sweden again to do what you do best; attend our gigs, hehe. Besides The Unguided, you’ll also be able to see A Silent Escape (former members of Union Square), Spark! (The industrial band we featured as a cover song on “Hell Frost”), What Tomorrow Brings (The band of Kristoffer Bäcklund and Christoffer Andersson. Kristoffer was the drummer in Eden Fire. Christoffer Andersson was my replacement vocalist who appeared on the We Rule the Night tour of 2010), and finally The Rains (Old schoolmates and friends to all of us). It will surely be a night to remember, so I hope to see you all there! You can find more information & tickets here. Also be sure to join the Facebook event here.

Annandagsrocken 2011

Bandit Boat 12
was really mental! We all had an awesome time and the gig was really cool. I mean, you never know what to expect when you play the second day when everyone is hungover, or just too drunk to be able to leave their cabin. But you guys rocked the living shit out of us! The delicate line of 616 troopers was intact, sporting the front row as they’ve done on all gigs now, giving us your all. It’s such a delight for the eye to experience. Thank you once again! And thanks to everyone that fought off their headaches to check us out (and probably acquired a new one), heroes nonetheless!

The Unguided Bandit Boat XII 12/11 LIVE Set list:
1. Pathfinder
2. Phoenix Down
3. Serenade of Guilt
4. Betrayer of the Code
5. My Own Death
6. Iceheart Fragment
7. Green Eyed Demon
8. Inherit the Earth

Photo by: Micke Andersson

Photo by: Micke Andersson

Photo by: Micke Andersson

Photo by: Micke Andersson

Photo by: Micke Andersson

(More live photos to come in the next blog!)

I also had an interview early, early that morning on Bandit. So right after I checked out Rise to Remain the first day of the boat (good to see them again and catch up some with junior Dickinson!), I freely went to sleep, hehe. I just had time to meet up with some friends, drink a few beers, gorge myself at the dinner buffet, and chitchat with various familiar people. I was utterly too exhausted, so I needed to catch a few z’s to be able to get up to sound check on day 2, which was the important show day for us. Hope everyone had an amazing boat trip, and that you did stupid shit that cost you your soul!

Suspicious Roland and Pat from "Sleep to remain"

Super eager band!

My heart at place <3

We brought our own photagrapher, like bosses

Henric's mating expression

Our temple cabin of love


Boat buffet

Lactose warfare

Meeting up with the boys

Party people

...Meanwhile on the balcony

The merch is set,

The stage is set,

And Roland is... just Roland

Happy times!?



Aftershow party in the suite

Game over man, game over! Thank you 616 ;)

If you live close to the Gothenburg area, 17 December is your lucky day! The Unguided will visit nZANE Clothing & Tattoos to do a “Hell Frost” signing. The store is open between 12.00-20.00 and we’ll be signing from 14.00-15.00. Write this down in your little calendars, and we’ll see you there! For more information g here and be sure to join the Facebook event here.

nZANE signing in Gothenburg

Roger has been extremely busy with the Crank It Up blog, and wrote two entries in less than two days. He’s very capable! Unfortunately, they are in Swedish, but I’m sure Google translate will sort that problem for you in a very accurate fashion(?). Here is the first blog entry and the second one.


We also had an interview with Peter Iwers (In Flames) and Fredrik Stenberg at Bandit Grovmalet the other day! You can stream the interview (In Swedish once again) here: Part 1 & Part 2. Don’t forget to “LIKE” their Facebook page here.

The Unguided at Bandit Grovmalet

What else? Oh yes, I attended the Machine Head, Bring me the Horizon, DevilDriver and Darkest Hour tour some weeks ago in Stockholm. Had a good time! I unfortunately missed DD and DH, since I came out too late. However, MH and BMTH was really good. I’m not fan of either and am not very active in checking out their discographies to be fair, but in my book BMTH owned that place, PERIOD! I really love the latest MH single too. But in the end, BMTH was massive and kind of blew everything out of the water there.

Arenan - Fryshuset

Bring Me The Horizon

Such a daredevil that Oliver!

"We will never sleep", something, something

Andy Sykes and Simone

Machine Head

Ten Ton Hammer!?

Who might you be?

Recently, I bought myself some new Marc Jacobs shades and also got a pair of new jeans. Felt I’ve been a good boy and needed to spoil myself.

New shades

New jeans

The Army of The Unguided, World of Warcraft guild on the server Outland has reached level 3 and now has 32 members. Everyone is welcome to join the fun in Azeroth on the horde side. My character is called Harbinger if you want to have a chat!

Join the unguided army!

I’ve had this blog for more than a year now and it’s getting HUGE in size. When I’m scrolling through some of the content, it’s hard to comprehend how much information and data I’ve squeezed into it. I was reading some old entries and it’s fantastic to see how the band was built from just a name idea, to being moments away from releasing a debut album. It’s also weird how drastically my own life has changed as well during this period of time. A year is not a long time, but scrolling through all these entries, I’ve grown to understand it has been an extremely busy and hectic year. Just to celebrate the 1 year blog anniversary, and since it’s getting all hell frosty outside I’ll post some fun pictures from the summer:

Celebrating midsummer with a wolf


Morris Åleri?

Ladies night at Mickis place, Being a man and all; I somehow got an exemption

Improvised engagment

Other information is that Ella and I have now moved into our new apartment in Stockholm. I still have my apartment in Falkenberg, and I work down there as well, but I spend al my spare time in Stockholm basically. It’s going to be great to set up the new apartment, decorate it the way we want it and make a crib of our own out from it. I really feel at home in the new apartment!

Home MII

Last but not least, I’ll be leaving for Slovakia in about a week from now. I’ll be touring with Amaranthe for two weeks as a placeholder singer for Andy (their screaming vocalist) on their ongoing Hammerfall support tour (tourdates out here). Andy is going to take some time off for personal reasons (more detailed information to be announced on their official networks I suppose) and he asked me if I could back him up, which I’m gladly willing to do. I’m a big fan of the band and it’s always wonderful to help a metal brother in need out! So if you live in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Spain or Portugal and have tickets for the Hammerfall headliner with Amaranthe as support, SEE YOU THERE!!!

Hiding on tour during "Hell Frost" release!

What’s your opinion about pandas by the way? Sjunnesson like them.

Kung Fu Panda


Send your questions to: [email protected].

Q: What is your religion?
A: As stated previously in my blog I’m neutral to religion. Meaning I have non-religious beliefs. Some say that’s atheism, but there are some differences on the definition of atheism, so I rather just say I’m neutral. I’m a member of the Swedish church by birth and you could say I like some of their traditions. I don’t think more or less of any religion and encourage people to believe in whatever they want. In the end I’m the one and only God anyway, hehe.


Q: Does the unguided plan to come to Japan?
A: Japan is always topical! We’ll see what happens. “Hell Frost” will be released in Japan in January so would be cool to do some shows to promote it! We had a short but intense trip there last time with Sonic Syndicate, which left a big impression on me.

Q: Will The Unguided - Hell Frost for download on ITunes or be Available in Germany????
A: I don’t think there’s any region limitations on the iTunes and Amazon release, so yes. Here’s the link to and I believe this is the German iTunes link.

Q: Could you maybe release this intro track in your concerts on your next single? To give it a kind of concert feeling, because your intro track is also awesome and the recorded live gigs are not a such good quality, so I'm not getting satisfied enough ;)^
A: No, intros on CDs suck. They have a huge atmospheric function live but on albums people usually just tend to skip them anyway. Attend a live show and check it out in action instead, hehe.

Intro -> Wrong!

Q: Will your vocals be included on the new Systematic Slaughter EP? Someone said it to me but I had to double check if it’s false information.
A: I did guest vocals for them a while back so I guess, so yes.

Q: I
s “Hell Frost package 1” limited to 616 or are there more?
A: The “General's Armaments package” was limited to 616 in the Despotz web shop with the t-shirt and everything. But the limited jakebox edition with the 11th track is available at some other places as well and is NOT restricted to 616. It’s still limited in the sense that when the first batch sells out, it won’t go to print again.

Q: How do I know I’m one of the 616? I missed out on the first one, but ordered package 1 as soon as it was available, would be really cool if I could be one of the 616 this time around!
To be really certain you’re one of the 616 we have to measure the midi-chlorian level in your cells. To rank in as one of the 616 you need to have over 30,000 midi-chlorians per cell.

Only 20,000 MC/cell, not a 616

I was just wondering what the size of the Hell Frost poster will be (the one that comes with the package). I would like to frame it once I get it so I just wanted to find out what the dimensions are before I bought the frame.
A: As said before, it’s 70x50cm, like all the other posters you’ve ordered from us.

Q: Have you listened to Machine Heads' Unto The Locust yet? What you think about it?
You maybe got your hands on Corey Taylors' book, Seven Deadly Sins? Some serious stuff in there.
A: I can’t say I’ve ever been a big Machine Head fan, but I really like their new single “Locust”. I have not yet checked out the new album, however. Lately I’ve been listening to their old stuff more since Ella is a big MH fan and the band is growing on me. Saw them live with BMTH, DevilDriver, and Darkest Hour the other week, and I enjoyed them. Have not read Corey Taylor’s book, but I’ll be sure to check it out when opportunity knocks.

Q: Will “Hell Frost” be out on Spotify? And do you guys get royalties from Spotify from the songs you own and upload there?
A: That is not determined at this point. The bands and labels get a few bens for every song that gets played on Spotify (with the emphasis on a few). And since it’s pretty insignificant some labels pull out their artists, for example, Century Media. I, on the other hand, like Spotify! It’s a step in the right direction. It’s a perfect example of an element working with the problem instead of against it.

Q: Did you guys use analog mastering or digital mastering for Sonic Syndicate and The Unguided?
A: We’ve used digital mastering for Hell Frost. Eden Fire and We Rule the Night were also digitally mastered. I would be surprised if any of the other albums are analog masters, but I can’t say for fact they aren’t since they were processed in Germany, without our presence. I’m not entirely sure what methods they used. Analog is pretty inconvenient, so my bet is in favor to the digital side though. Fallen Angels – Extinction demo was analog mastered with tape-recording, and everything! Old school stuff.

Old skool

Q: Is there a possibility to get the melodic plugins for the keyboard. So i could mix with it, in Guitar pro 6. ;D Thanks, you’re awesome!
A: Since I can’t provide you with a legit answer, you’ll have to ask my keyboard and GP6 support operator over at [email protected].

Q: Would you release the first single for Hell Frost on Oct 27. That’s my birthday and that would literally be the best birthday present anyone’s ever given me. A video would be a nice addition too. ;)
A: “Inherit the Earth” was released on the 26th of October, so it wasn’t that far off right? You’ll have to wait for the video a bit longer though. Maybe it’ll be a nice Xmas present, who knows?

Q: I was wondering when you and Ella were going to have a bunch of little Richard the Unguided's running around? Lol
A: Work in progress. If I know the world right though, it will be a bunch of little Ellas running around ,and I’ll have to buy a weapon of choice to protect them from the cruel world. And I also know this cluster of feminine entities will conspire against me as well, so I’ll be facing both external and internal encumbrance, which utterly leads me to the fact that we’ll probably just wait a bit with the whole hatchling matter.


Q: Hello mister Richard! I am a very big fan of you and I have just a question. Where did you buy this ring sorry for the English I am French.
A: It's master Richard for you! The ring I use in the “Contradiction” video was either bought in the US or at a tattoo fare in Gothenburg. I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t find the exact one but here’s a selection of “spinner” rings similar to that one.

The contradicting ring

I wanted to congratulate you and The Unguided on completing your debut album! I can't wait to hear it and will buy it the day it comes out! You and Roland are very talented and I own all the material that contains your guys' incredible voices! You and Roland are such a great inspiration to me as a fellow metal vocalist. I'm also a project studio owner over here in the US. I read that you're favorite mic for the studio is the Shure SM7B. I love that mic! However I also sing as well as scream and I love clean Roland's singing comes out in the mix. With that said, do you know what mic Jonas uses on Roland's voice in the studio? I know you mentioned it was a Rode mic, I was just wondering which model since that company makes several great mics that are usually very affordable. Thanks for the time Richard and once again great work! I can't wait to hear more from you and The Unguided!
A: I’ve mentioned it before in the blog, but the microphone we used for Roland’s clean vocals on Hell Frost is RØDE NT1 and ADK A-51. We used RØDE NT1 for Green Eyed Demon, Pathfinder, Betrayer of the Code and Inherit the Earth. And we used ADK A-51 for the rest of the songs (The NT1 exploded, sort of). All screams recorded with Shure SM7B. Good luck!

Q: Got a question about the release of Hell Frost. I have already pre-ordered the CD, but for the people who don't get the opportunity, I was wondering: Will there be an iTunes version?
A: Yes, the iTunes version of Hell Frost will be released 22 Nov. You can find a link here.

Q: In the jewel case Nightmareland EP (by The Unguided), I saw the line "I have to keep moving" in the GED lyrics. Am I stupid or are those lyrics not present in the song?
A: You’re stupid… No, actually, I’m stupid! Hehe, in the musical gap after “people’s silence,” there used to be a whisper with those lines. But we figured it was more effective without the whisper. I simply just forgot to remove the lyric line from the text when I sent it to the designer.

Silent people

Q: Was my innocence ever an excuse?

Q: Which song is "You are running out of miracles" from? I bet many are asking this same question.
A: It’s from “Serenade of Guilt.”

Q: What made you choose "L'Elf Noir du Mal" as The Unguided's Hell-font. What were some of the other optional fonts considered?
A: No, I wanted the exact same font as we had for Eden Fire. I didn’t know where to start looking for it since I lost it years ago, but Emil found it for me somehow. Hero!

Q: Will any of the 3 released songs have vocal re-recording? Does "Hell Frost" have any guest vocals?
A: No, vocal re-recording on the 3 already released songs. No guest vocals except for Peter Tägtgren screams in Pathfinder. We were running out of miracles… and time, unfortunately. I don’t think any of you would agree on waiting for a 2012 “Hell Frost” release? Since that’s the year of the successor album of The Unguided anyway, can I get a hell (frost) yeah?!

Q: How many music videos are planned so far?
A: 11. Don’t know really. It’s depends on how much we want to spend on it really, and obviously the fan demand. I guess our priorities now will be to collect income for the next studio recording EP/ALBUM. But save from “Phoenix Down” I’d love to see at least two more videos.

Q: Are you disappointed that you had to release the album's name before the Facebook page acquired 10000 fans?
A: Haha, not really. It was set unrealistically high to make you sweat and work for it. I don’t think we’ll even hit that before New Year’s Eve. But it would be a nice surprise if we do!

We'll get there eventually, no rush

Q: Finally, is Hell Frost limited to 616 packages? If not, what number is it limited to?
A: Hell Frost jakebox edition is NOT restricted to 616 packages. However, it’s limited, but to how many copies; not even I know. The “General's Armaments package” (Package 1) was limited to 616, however. Meaning; the ammo-USB will be rarer than the actual album.

Q: Finally (part 2), have you taken any interest in DOTA 2, Blizzard DOTA and/or WoW "Mists of Pandaria"?
A: No, no, and yes. I was sitting at home chilling following BlizzCon with a beer actually. It was the day before the video recording of “Phoenix Down”, so I had cleared my entire schedule. Diablo III, SCII – Heart of the swarm and Mist of Pandaria all look amazing (and I would not expect less from Blizzard.) Frankly, I’m looking forward to all of them! Just don’t know when I’ll have the time to play them all, hehe. I’ve never seen so much panda topics on the Internet since the founding of WWF back in 1961(eh?). And by looking at the community’s feedback after the announcing of MoP, it appears an already endangered species got even more endangered. The best question was when someone asked the developers if it would be voiced over by Jack Black, hehe. To answer your question, yes! Harbinger, my ruthless rogue will be level 90 when MoP hits us and I’ve yet never tried DOTA.

Jack Black?

Q: Finally (part 3), does The Unguided have any plans to make use of Fallen Angels' "Meastitia" at any point in time?
A: I’ve brought this up with Roger for Hell Frost but seeing it’s not in any of the songs, I’ve must have failed. I’ll be more persistent and convincing upon the coming album. It will be used eventually.

Q: I read on the official TU page on Facebook a question, where you asked with who you should tour..? I thought you are not going to tour haha?? Come To Egypt!!! By the way here in Egypt most of the people listen to metal and everyone knows Sonic Syndicate but not The Unguided yet :S ... And they wish that some band would play in Egypt... xD
A: Well they WILL know when The Unguided destroys the pyramids with unguided missiles launched from Sweden! Hehe, with that Facebook question, we’re just curious to see what bands you would like to see us go with. The mentality in the band is still not to do any extensive touring.


Q: I noticed in your blog that you bought some wintercaps at nZANE and thought the white cap was really cool! How much did it cost? Or did you buy it on the webshop?
A: I bought it from Mr. nZANE himself in the store when we collected some clothes for the “Phoenix Down” video recording. I don’t know what I paid. It was rock star discount I believe.

Are there any common parts of the new and old lyrics of Inherit the Earth or is the new one a completely new one? If there are, which are those?
A: Let me see. The songs lyrical theme is the same, mankind and its individuals fucking up the planet. The original Fallen Angels demo says “Go” in the beginning and then continues with an “All right” (in a Dark Tranquility rip-off kind of way.) In The Unguided version I preserved this but the scream goes “Go, All wrong” instead, to have a bigger meaning with the lyrics (mankind fucking up the world, everything is erroneous). Actually, the only text similar to the original is the second verse of the new version. The rest is completely new. It’s more about the thematic meaning being the same deal in the song. Not about literally having the same lyrics.

Q: You said The Unguided will remake Betrayer of the Code, Inherit the Earth, and maybe The Curse of a Gift. Since The Curse of a Gift wasn’t announced to be on the album does it mean that it will never be made or will you keep it for a future project?
A: The Curse of a Gift was musically beyond redemption, and will not be made into a The Unguided song. I was thinking on making a lyrical thematic song (King Midas) on the same subject but it would not really have the same effect as BOTC and ITE, so I scratched that.

Q: Will the buying method of the albums change in the future or will it always suck like this? (What I mean here is for example you walk into a shop, ask for a The Unguided album, the shopkeeper gladly gives it to you, you pay for it in cash and everybody is happy.)
Paying with credit card sucks so much that it’s more like a deep throat. I asked the four best friends of mine, my parents and some of my classmates and none of them owned a credit card with the capability of sending Euros from them. My heart is already in pieces that I can’t buy the album even though I have the money for it.
A: Who doesn’t have a credit card in the 21st century!? Amish paradise that way ->

To be fair, you can tie your PayPal to any bank account in the world, you don’t NEED a credit card, you just need PayPal. If it pulls money from your bank account directly, or your credit card, it doesn’t matter? All solutions are good ones, save from the bad.


Q: I've got to say that when i write lyrics for my band, i try to reach to reach the very same heights as your lyrics stand. Both content and your style of writing are mind-blowing. Your vocal style amazes me beyond the Eden fire and across the frosty wastelands of the Nightmareland. When the ground you beneath feels as if it will crumble, know this you have fans that will back you up no matter how hard life gets.  When you fall there shall be people to catch you.
A: Thanks dude! Jumping from the balcony right now, you’d better be down there!

Q: When we saw you leave Sonic Syndicate we all knew it was for the best. Then I was sad to see you go, but when I saw you join The Unguided I was glad. An artist stuck in cages, is not truly alive. To know the man who made me want to follow my own dreams finally was free, that truly inspired me.
A: (Automatic SKYNET manufactured answering machine): “Richard has died from a height-related accident. But I’m more than capable of answering for him since he backed up his entire brain onto my memory bank, Johnny Mnemonic style. I believe Rich would have been pleased with the information given in your message."

Q: I really want to have the same passion for music as you do, one day I hope I will achieve a scream and growl that Is somewhat close to your level yours created through of hard work and dedication.  I’m proud to be Scandinavian, long live the scream and growl of the Viking’s hehe.
A: Machi…vikings will Inherit the Earth!


Q: I think it would be cool if you guys in The Unguided had a concert together with What Tomorrow Brings. Even though I most likely cannot see the show, it would make me very happy.
A: Looks like your wish have been granted! The next gig of The Unguided will be with A Silent Escape, Spark!, What Tomorrow Brings and The Rains, check it out here, buy tickets here.

Q: I’m writing you because I want to know if there is going to be released another edition of "HELL FROST GENERALS ARMAMENTS PACKAGE" available in any time soon, because I have just noticed that it is already sold out :( and I just got the money to buy it. I cannot believe that I missed it out because I did not have the time to buy it earlier; I’m really disappointed for not get to have one of those packages.
A: To slow for love! If three weeks is not enough for you to solve the money issue there’s no much we can do, since other people will beat you to it. You can still get the limited edition album here though.

Q: Inherit not on Amazon, Why not? I hate apple and iTunes ><
A: It was a bit of an iTunes digital thing to honor Steve Jobs. Look what you did now! Upset his ghost and all. He’ll haunt you will all sorts of fruits and use them hurtfully. I think Hell Frost will be on Amazon in an Mp3 format as well (I’m not entirely sure) and that’s the same version as the single sound-wise, so no worries! You’ll get it eventually.

Don't upset the Apple

Q. Hello Master Richard, will Sir Roland be doing any harsh vocals for any of the songs in Hell Frost? If nay, then why be? And if so, what is the music titles called? And also, do you plan on creating full harsh vocal songs like those on Eden Fire and if nay, then why be?
A: Hell-o padowan random person! This has already been discussed plenty of times in the blog, and I don’t intent to go through it again, so please continue to read the other entries. I know this blog is beginning to get huge in size, but it’s absolutely crucial to not miss out on life depending information like this! The closest Roland comes to harsh vocals on Hell Frost is the middle-eight of “Collapse my Dream” and possibly the ending “Everything burns” in “Green Eyed Demon”. There’s no song with only screaming vocals on “Hell Frost” but it’s possibly we’ll find this formula in future albums. Like an anti-ballad type of thing!

Q: Was wondering if you will ever consider touring England??
A: Considered. Not likely, though. Festival? SURE!

Q: Could I get the lyrics to Inherit the Earth? It’s madly good!
A: It’s in the last blog entry. It’s RIGHT THERE!

Q: What shirt did you wear for The Unguided full-band picture you uploaded on your Facebook profile a while ago?
A: Sullen Clothing, always Sullen Clothing! That’s the shirt I wore in the upcoming Phoenix Down video. It’s slightly modified with scissors, however.


Q: Like half a year ago you wrote that you and Systematic Slaughter were working on a song with you in the guest vocals. What happened to the song? Did you or they even release it?
A: I think they are just about to release it frankly. I’m not sure. What If I ruined the song and they can’t release it all!? MY GODNESS!

Q: I was wondering when we will get your new CD in the mail if we preordered it.
A: You’ll get it around the release day! Well, if Hyperion and the Epirus bow don’t shoot down our homing pigeons.

I blame Hyperion

Q: I pre-ordered this limited edition from Amazon.

Do you know, if this is the same edition with the bonus track we were able to order from Despotz? I hope so.. (;
A: It’s the same version, with the bonus track and all. You fucked the system!

Q: As I was pondering on my throne, I dare to ask, were you planning on having an ice theme for Sonic Syndicate if shit didn't take its course? Because I looked at the art for Fallen Angel's Fall from Heaven album and the art has two sides, one being all fire and red coloring. And the other being ice with blue coloring, or are you more mysterious than I thought and planned absolutely everything making it look like Sonic Syndicate was the fire side and The Unguided the iced side and then after you finish The Unguided you'll finish tale by returning to Fallen Angels? FOR THE HORDE!
A: Not really, I haven’t been involved in the artwork of Sonic Syndicate since Eden Fire. I don’t think that would change, as my time in the band would progress. As some of you remember The Unguided logo had a red appearance when we first saw it. Then when I cracked the whole Eden Fire/Hell Frost idea, I revised them all with blue to make them fit the icy theme. But I’ve always been a big fan of contrasts and connections and the “Fall From Heaven” artwork, which I drew myself, and it is a perfect example of that. There are plenty of tales of the Fallen Angels and their plotting in the world, some of them might be known in coming lyrics, who knows? I’m trying to tie everything together neatly, there are some lose ends, which I’m getting to with upcoming illustrations and lyrics. The answers will come eventually!

Q: In Hell Frost artwork, was it an Illidan Death Knight?
A: No. This menace eats guys like Illidan and poops out the remains on nearby Death Knights. Kuang did amazing work with his appearance, and the story of this character has just begun as well.


Q: Do you have plans for a South America Tour?
A: Not really.

Q: Just curious. Do you like/listen to post-hardcore bands? Like Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember, Abandon All Ships and e.c...
A: No, No, No and… No. It’s not that I wouldn’t like them if I checked them out; it’s just that I didn’t get around doing that just yet. Not sure if I ever will either.

Q: Oh btw check this Ukranian band out. They are very young and they already have signed to Summerian Records, and this winter they're having full-time tour in America xD cool ha? :P
A: Cool band, nice energy. Best of luck!

Q: In the Psychic suicide pre-production version, who does the "... Because I have them too it cured my contamination to speak of each other's misery" after the first chorus? It sounds pretty dark/death knight for Roland
A: That’s me actually. I’m a Death Knight, I’m known among my enemies by the name “Killbinger”. No seriously. It’s me while doing my Darth Vader impression.


Q: I don't know if anybody has asked this question, I have been trying to find it on your blog.. But will you plan on releasing the 12th (hidden) track or will you instead put it on the next TU album just for teh lulz?
A: Try harder! It was information regarding this in the last entry. It will be on the next TU album or EP.

Q: In the music video for Power shift were you actually tearing into the newspaper or were you just pretending with a green screen? I really doubt a wall made out of newspaper would be stable but anyway :D
A: They had actually made an entire wall with newspaper. I was pretty impressed as well! There aren’t any green screen shots in the video at all (there are some CGI sure, with the bullet and shit, but no green screen). Unfortunately, we only had one shot on breaking it and making it look good. Oh the pressure!

Wall of News

Q: I just wanted to ask you... How would you start to make a demo CD and how would you make the song for the demo CD?
A: Get yourself a computer, a mic, and software and start recoding. That’s what we did on “Fall From Heaven”, it sounds shitty but at least we made a demo out of it. It’s not hard to build a fairly viable home studio nowadays, and it doesn’t need to be very expensive either. Digidesign’s Mbox and Pro Tools is a great option!  We pre-produce everything with The Unguided in Pro tools LE8 and Mbox2, for example.

Q: I ordered Package 1, and I was wondering, when are the packages being sent? I just noticed the iTunes album releases on the 22nd, does that mean we get them before then, or after?
A: They are being sent out before 30 Nov. The iTunes release is a week prior to the main release to give iTunes something exclusive. In return they do an exclusive feature on us. It’s a marketing type of thing, and not intended to backfire on the most dedicated fans that ordered Package 1, for example. And we’re sorry if that’s how you see it. But on the other hand you’ll get better musical quality wrapped up in awesome special edition, a super rare USB stick, signed poster, and a great looking shirt to go with it which will never again be available. So in the future when those hard drives for the ones ordering the iTunes version fail, you can still proudly wear your physical necklace for decades and decades, and know you did the right thing, hehe.

Q: Will there be a Hell Frost vinyl version for us lunatics that like that format over the CD format? Also, any plans on gigs in Gothenburg in the verge of next year? I’ll most likely miss out on the Annandagsrocken event since I’m a seaman.
A: There are no plans on releasing Hell Frost on vinyl unfortunately. I’d love to see the artwork on a picture vinyl, so it might be possible in the future however. There are no shows booked for Gothenburg early next year as of yet. We landlubbers will try to maintain order after Xmas while you’re securing the seven seas then. See you next time!

Vinyls are fun!

Q: I was in Oslo when you had your Malmö gig so my question is simple; do you guys have any plans on coming back to Skåne? I had the opportunity to hear your brutal voice with SS in Malmö, and also when you honored our local talents in Faithful Darkness in Helsingborg. But I really want to see you and Roland, like the good old days and the perfect radar pair so to speak.
A: We are planning out beginning of 2012 and festival summer right now, so just is patient and I’m sure there will be stuff coming your way!

Q: Will you put Hell Frost on Spotify?
A: Not determined at this point.

Q: Will you send out Package 1 before or will you try to restrict to the release day?
A: Answered this before in this Q&A.

Q: Is any chance of getting the CD "Hell Frost" + the t-shirt on page after its release??? ... Thanks!
A: You can get the album on here, but the t-shirt won’t be available there. It’s sold out in the Despotz web shop, and will only be found at our gigs as merchandise.

Q: I’m curious how you muster to scream so much in all the songs? Does it not hurt your voice? What do you have to say about all the hate against Nathan, just because he replaced Roland? I think people should get over it. I’m so tired of people thinking the band gets worse when someone leave or gets kicked out.
A: I’ve decided to not answer this question to favor the current considerable atmosphere. I’ve learned to embrace various methods to tranquil my rage. A perfectly innocent pencil just had its back broken.


Q: Any plans on making a The Unguided Hoodie?
A: There are always plans! We are now putting together yet another package to be sold through Despotz web shop. Your feedback and input is of great value to us! So what do you say? Hoddies, lighters, guitar picks, wristbands, BATTLE AXES!?

Q: Do you have any favorite American actors? Also what do you think of Leonardo Dicaprio? Matt Damon? Liam Neeson? Any female actors?
A: I’d say my favorite actor is Christian Bale. I think Leonardo and Matt are fairly good but Liam outplays them both any day in the week. Female actors, I’ll just shut my mouth about that to maintain domestic peace.

Q: Do you enjoy the Harry potter series? Do you like the books, the movies or both? What about the actors for the movies? (If you've watched them)
A: I’m not a huge fan. I enjoy some of the movies and the production of them. I haven’t read the books, and I can’t say the acting in the movies is mind-blowing in anyway.

Q: Do you like candy? (I know you mentioned before you eat healthy food so I'm not sure, but I wanted to ask anyway since I love candy)
A: I love candy, but since Ella hates it and just think it’s a recipe to get fat, I’ve stayed away from it as well. What’s the point eating candy alone anyway? I’ve lured her into eating ice cream from time to time though. That’s about it.

Q: Has there ever been a point in your life where you wished to be alone for a while? Or do you prefer other peoples’ company during those times?
A: Ehm, I suppose. I’m a bit of a lone wolf at times. I tend to shut myself in and just get all philosophic and dissect the meaning of life and what’s beyond. But I guess it’s more about meeting the right people in your life, that don’t push your buttons in the wrong way. I don’t have an urge to be alone since Ella and I got together really. I do like spending time with myself but she gives me space for just that as well in our relationship. There’s nothing wrong with being Larry Loner and I guess I’ve come up with my most brilliant ideas when being solely with myself.

Lone Wolf


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    Good Job Rich¡¡¡

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    Just heard it for the first time at Bandit last night at 2am, love the song I heard! Inherit the earth..!

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