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Wasn’t lying when I said I’ll update this bitch a bit more frequently. Just watch this hat-trick, BOOM! What just came in is that; Mr. Kjellgren is finally done with the masters for the ultimate “Hell Frost” box and he will hand it over to me personally tomorrow at “Rockstad: Falun” (He’s going to tear the stage apart with “Bourbon Boys” tomorrow as well.) He promises that the pre-production songs sound terrible and that all the volume levels are exceeded to the maximum with distorted results, OH-RAH! This box of mess will be sent to print immediately and then be on its way to your hearths in a couple of weeks. Like that is not enough, I just saw a picture from the 11 Frames crypt and it looks to me that they are doing some brutal effects for the coming “Betrayer of the code” video. Go see for yourself here.

I just got home from the barbress. She said she’ll make me look tasty for the gigs, but instead she put me in some kind of devious device.

There have been some mails regarding the recent photos from the “BOTC” video shoot and instead of letting your curiosity consume you. I’ll just slap a picture up here of all the cool gears, I’m wearing hehe. I got myself a new POLICE watch called “Dominator”. Some pimping red leather gloves (figured since the guy on the “BOTC” artwork has blood on his hands, I obviously don’t want to be inferior,) the “chemical wedding” + “The Unguided dog tag” deadly necklace combo AND of course everyone in the band is wearing the latest “Sullen clothing” shirts. Now you know! See you tomorrow and on Saturday, don’t forget the signings. WE’LL HAVE PUNCH AND PIE AS ALWAYS…

Song of the day: Insomnium - At The Gates Of Sleep


"BOTC" Rich Gears
I wanted a haircut, she fried my brain. TRUST NO ONE!


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