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This blog became quite a mission, that’s why I never update it hehe. I’ve however relayed strategy and will be doing shorter entries on a more frequent basis. So there won’t be any more walls of texts unless it’s Q&A entry time. I will keep those for everyone's pleasure.

As of now, I live in Stockholm. The capital of Scandinavia, if you will! I’ve left the west coast behind and I’m now more or less a fully fledged zeroeighter. Regarding The Unguided we have Rockstad: Falun and Summer Breeze shows coming up this week, which will be brutal! Also brooding in the pipeline is the “Betrayer of the code” music video. Going through its post production phase now and will be released 19/9 according to plan. The postponed collector’s edition of “Hell Frost” which is undergoing its final mixing phase is however delayed a couple of weeks and it’s hard to give an exact date at this point.


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Helloween - Victim of Fate

Born to live forever more
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