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Vanished is the light we had

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O.M.G two entries in two days, that’s a new world record. Too bad the Olympic Games are over. Speaking of which; I successfully managed to evade those 17 days of tormenting horror, WITHOUT watching anything at all, of that silly event. It was indeed tricky to filter out whenever it was on radio, but I figured it out. Job well done! Anyways, I just had my dress rehearsal for this week’s shows. Alone… in my car! Yes, moving to the other side of the country has certain drawbacks. It kind of completely terminated the luxury of having a full band rehearsal. I however more than trust the mighty lords in the band to make an excellent job in Falkenberg, during their orchestra practice this very evening. SO when we eventually meet up on the Rockstad: Falun stage, we’ll be an unstoppable force of unguided-critical-nuclear-bombardment.

I haven’t got the opportunity to introduce our prospecting drummer yet! Richard Schill, is an excellent drummer specimen indeed. And we actually toured the west coast together for about a decade ago when he was in the death metal band “Vile Scar” and me and my brother wreaked havoc with “Fallen Angels”. The last couple of years he have been busy in the extreme-metal band “Shining” from Halmstad however. We welcome him in our midst with open arms and hope you guys will cheer him in proper during our upcoming shows.

Song of the day: Insomnium - Daughter Of The Moon

Richard Schill(ing) in the middle, as a SIR!


  • TimmyJ säger:
    2012-08-14 | 19:18:46

    Cool another R for the band. Can't wait to hear new stuff from you guys.

  • CERT-8 säger:
    2012-08-14 | 20:45:16

    Thanks for beeing back with your blogg! :)

    Christian aka CERT-8

  • leah säger:
    2012-08-15 | 01:20:50

    YAY! NEW BLOGS! love it, richard!

  • Kronos368nz säger:
    2012-08-15 | 01:28:43

    Like TimmyJ said, another R for the band! Awesome stuff Richard, keep us posted on the happenings of the band!
    Also, nice english you have there!

  • CJ säger:
    2012-08-15 | 02:56:06

    Wow I had to try to learn the language lol but I got it yay can't wait for more stuff :)

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