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In my darkest hour

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This peculiar day of 12-12-12; The Unguided reached 20K "LIKES" on Facebook full on! To celebrate this we decided to have a Xmas sale on some t-shirts in the web shop. Check the discount out here. Thank you so much for your lovely support!


The Unguided goes 20K!

"Print screen or it didn't happen!"

Achievement ;)

I also got a package of EP’s delivered to my door this evening. They are looking absolutely amazing! If you didn’t pre-order, you are sure as hell missing out! Fix the problem here.

Waiting for you!

Song of the day: Nocturnal Rites – Still alive



  • Mikael säger:
    2012-12-13 | 19:04:26

    Richard! Will you please bring Marionette with you on your upcoming tour with dEMOTIONAL?

    Svar: I think it will be hard since 3 bands is already a bit much.
    Richard Sjunnesson

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