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Men på gåstbacken hörs vår klagan

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First and foremost I just want to thank everyone for the support in the upcoming EP invaZion! There are a lot of fans placing pre-orders and they have kept coming in strong during the weekend. We are really grateful for your continued support! As you might have notice we take care of this release entirely ourselves, without any label backing us up. There are a couple of reasons for this really. One obvious one is that we saw no reason to sign onto something where the band, its name and market value is exploited to gain an economical advantage for an organization, which is not ourselves. When the rewarding work invested back in the band, could simply be done by the band itself. After Hell Frost we got a good view of where we are. Meaning we could step up our game when it comes to writing a new deal. And yes, we might have touched the upper edge slightly, but at this point there’s not looking to be retrogression in this band’s growth anytime soon. So we came to the conclusion; why the hell shouldn’t we? I think it’s important to show labels that they are the ones that need the bands in this time and age. Not the other way around. invaZion is a statement for all the bands that are doing their own thing under their own conditions. Whoever placed that pre-order, is also drilling a deeper hole in this corrupted business, where bands are being used and labels are getting the doe out of it. So once again, thank you. This is an unmapped jungle for us as well, but we are extremely eager to machete our way through it, together with you, and your immense support in this band! 

Pre-order invaZion here.

"We are hanging by a heartstring"

Preview of "Singularity" and "Eye Of The Thylacine"

Today is great day in many aspects! This also happens to be the 2 year anniversary for me and Ella! We celebrated it with breakfast in bed, a long walk in the old town of Stockholm and some shopping. This evening we’ll just spoil ourselves with all that life has to offer and mulled wine hehe. I love you my little fallen angel <3


Don't lose your cool!

Jango Fett blessed our anniversary

Lunch in old town

Bought new boots (Björn Borg) and gloves

Song of the day: Thyrfing – Digerdöden


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