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So if anyone forgot the fact it’s Xmas, here’s a reminder. So far I’ve had a glorious Xmas. Apparently I’ve been a good boy and to say that I received awesome Xmas gifts is a heavy understatement. My wife to be, is very observant and has followed the vague trail of crumbs, I’ve moderately placed after myself the past year.  For example; she picked up the fact I’m a fearless barbarian in Diablo III and thoughtfully bought me both a new mouse and mouse pad. Just so I can continue slay demonic beasts even more vigorously. Rumors say the clicking efficiency of this new mouse is over 9000(!!!) She also realized the fact that I’ve got a growing urge to get back to drawing again, so she caught me totally off guard with this Wacom – Intuos5 pen tablet. Kuang Hong (Hell Frost, invaZion) have promised to give me private lessons and a tutorial, in how to use it hehe. I also got a calendar, stuffed with photos and highlights of the past year, really sweet. She’s definitely the best! I love her with all of my heart <3. So what did I do, to make up for all this? I got her a Canon EOS 60D. Since she always complains; that she would kick equally much ass behind the camera, as in front of one; if she in fact had a proper camera. Guess what? Now she does!


4th fire of the Adventogram was finally lit

My wrapping fail; to the left.

So much WIN in one single pic!

A Canon EOS 60D attached to Ella

I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm thinking; HAMMERTIME!

As far as band stuff goes, the invaZion release has been really successful! You can still find the lyrics to the songs in this blog entry. We did a small Xmas special video for you guys. And since Roland promised his family a phone free day, I had to improvise that part! You can view the clip here:

Nokia 3210? FO REAL!?

There’s also a Xmas greeting from me in this video via, check it out:


We also had some guests over the other day. Ella made Xmas food like the pro she is, for the occasion. We’ve both been really busy with work, the band and her photo sessions lately, so it was good to finally meet up with friends and chill out a bit. You know, just watch Nyan cat for 10 hours straight and all that sort of fun stuff you do with friends.


What is it? What do you smell? MANFLESH!!!



Swedish Xmas food

Mikkis trying to hide from being an international blog celebrity

10 hours of Nyan cat

Benji selling his "time traveling" shares, after watching Time Machine

Reaction to 10 hours of Nyan cat; very individual!

Anyways, merry Xmas everyone!  

Song of the day: Misfits – Dig up her bones


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