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Scattered pieces for their jigsaw puzzle

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According to the Maya people, there’s now four days left of this era. Meaning; the planet is probably swiftly heading towards its inevitable end, this coming Friday! But whilst fire and brimstone will be raining upon us, The Unguided has seen to that the invaZion package is coming together neatly and will be delivered to the survivors on time! Orders that were placed up to today will be sent out this week and orders that are coming in during the week will be sent out after Xmas. If you didn’t pre-order your copy already you can still order it here. After this week the package won’t be available anymore. We might sell the products separately via our web shop, but they won’t keep their current; very reduced price.


invaPack is coming togheter

Check the preview out here!

Yesterday me and Ella checked out The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and I do think my expectations was somewhat lowered by all the bad criticism it have received. I however was very positive surprised and also pleased with the outcome of this movie and actually rate it equal to the LOTR trilogy, if not above. I enjoyed it greatly!


Low expectations

Look, it's that hitchhiker dude!

Today I also received the STAR WARS – The Complete Saga. An early Xmas gift for myself! Even if I own them all on DVD and possibly on VHS as well, I still had to check out what this blinking Ewok and Darth Vader “NOOOOOOOOOO” is all about.



Song of the day: Elvenking – Jigsaw puzzle


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