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I will never be the son of man

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Big cogs are turning in the unguided machinery! The upcoming extended play is on the way and with it two steaming fresh tracks. A mind boggling question we’ve got from you guys, a couple of times now are; how this exquisite new release will be distributed? We’re not working with any label, at this point in time as you know. Meaning the EP will only be obtainable via our official web shop and live shows. It will both be an option with solely the EP, plus one bigger package with some other fun items in the usual manner. To celebrate these exciting times we’ve also made a t-shirt design to bridge the gap between Hell Frost and the coming EP/ALBUM era.  The Invasion shirt can be purchased already at the official web shop! The design is made by Helen over at


The invasion has begun...

The Invasion shirt available here

Also don’t forget to vote for The Unguided to play at Metaltown 2013 here.


This weekend I and Ella have a guest in our family. The Cane Corso dog Strega! Since we both are too busy to have a dog fulltime. The Hamberg family, who are running a Cane Corso kennel, was generous enough to let us lend one of their wonderful dogs to us, over the weekend! Visit their website and read more about this lovely and very characteristic breed of dogs.

Strega Della Nerezza (Witch Of Darkness)

Two wonderful little witches!

Kitchen towel casuallities

Since the dog now is resting from a long walk, I’ll relax a bit with my barbarian in Diablo III!

The riddle... of steel

Song of the day: Sparzanza – The Fallen Ones


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