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It have been more than a week since I last wrote here! The main reason being; that I spent my entire last week on-call at my job. Meaning; I’ve been in Nynäshamn for a week. And pretty much been busy with everything else, save for the blog! So I’ll try to wrap up what I’ve been up to.

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So, I and Ella had a guest two weekends ago in the she-dog, Strega! A magnificent Cane Corso. We both actually grew up with dogs. But at the moment, it doesn’t fit our busy schedules, to get a dog ourselves. So we were lucky to borrow one from the Hamberg family, over that weekend. And she was the nicest dog ever! Even if people we met, took big detours around us to avoid being attacked(?) by this wonderful little creature. Silly humans!


Two dogs?

Ella Vs. Strega


I'm-the-hungriest-dog-in-the-world face

I found a new parking spot while walking the dog

We made a visit to Drottningholm Palace

Exhausted dog

The entire last week I spent on-call as said. Even if I have an apartment in Nynäshamn, I’ve spent my entire weekend in the hearth of the Petersohn/Sundqvist family. They have been super nice to me and it really feels like a second home! I’ve mostly been up to all sorts of mischief with their two youngsters. A lot of Mario Kart and ping-pong tournaments hehe. The week just flew by in a blink of an eye! I’ve also met this gentlemen Robin in Ascend yesterday, who might be (if possible) and even bigger game enthusiast than myself. He got a very impressive collection of classic games.


Father and son

Nynäshamn is actually pretty nice!

Alvin went mayhem on this huge rock

And cleaved it in two!

Loving the stillness here

When I got home I had received a couple of new cool stuff. The Invasion shirt which basically sold out in no time! And also a new winter jacket. I know its Canada goose and you guys might think that’s fucking disgusting. Truth be told me and Ella bought similar jackets just to do that… disgust people. So they can point and yell:
and then we make an evil grin while they get smited by the mighty lords of the void and instantly vaporize. Sort of.

New EP on the way!

New jacket

Song of the day: Gojira – Vacuity


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