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And pierce that ornate shield

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Roger just finished recording the rhythm guitars, for five new The Unguided songs, with Jonas Kjellgren in the Abyss studio. And just to let you in on some information and our design for the future. Some definitive plans are that the entire album will be mixed in Studio Fredman in early 2013. More vague ones are that we will release a two track EP to pave the way for the album, just like Nightmareland did for Hell Frost. Right now the plan is to release the EP ourselves, without any label, as a package option on our own official web shop. It’s possible the EP release will be out already 2012, but I won’t just yet promise anything.


Anyhow; Good job Roger!

First step towards the new album

Roger shredding it up

The sausage man

Song of the day: Dark Tranquillity - Terminus (where Death Is Most Alive)


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